Friday, April 21, 2017

The MASON TEMPLE = "illuminati" = a GIANT PONZI SCHEME! Titus Frost EXPERTLY DECODES the "MYSTERY" - behind the SATANIC CULTS which RULE America & the Western world... they are BIG, elitist GANGS who have NOTHING to teach.. besides what is already available in public documents

 Titus Frost brilliantly decodes the "the MYSTERY Cult  SECRETS" behind the Masonic Grand Temple in Washington D.C.... and explains that all of the  "Secret Organizations" - like Skull & Bones, Cap & Gown, and even the hardest-core forms of  SATANIC  "illuminati"  child rape, orgies, and human sacrifice cults are nothing more than PONZI-SCHEMES... which suck in low-level members with promises of "power" and becoming "illuminated" - but they teach NOTHING that is not already available in published documents;  all they are is ELITIST GANGS, offering perks, power or rewards to members based on the strength in numbers or whatever influence and favoritism the gang can exert for its members...  NOTHING "illuminated" about it, just pure gang favoritism exerting influence in secret. WHEN PUBLIC POLICY is determined by LYING  GANG MEMBERS... that is CRIMINAL CORRUPTION & obstruction of justice

...harnessed to the facts that the most wealthy, powerful elites are jealousy resentful about losing their powers, and will spend fortunes to maintain their elite & privileged status... even if that means participating in CRIMINAL, MURDER CULTS.
screen-shot: the MASONS, Skull & Bones, Cap & Gown,
 and all other "mystery cults"
up to the Satanic 'illuminati
are merely PONZI SCHEME hierarchies
that must suck-in new members
 to reward and empower the previous members. 

 Even the wealthiest "elites" join these MURDEROUS CRIMINAL, SATANIC "mystery cults" that are "TOTALLY INSANE" and believe they are ENTITLED to DETERMINE PUBLIC POLICY behind a veil of  secrecy... LIES, BRIBERY, & EXTORTION, the ultimate goal of which is the  DESTRUCTION of civil society,  "SATANISM" attempts to EMBRACE, SEDUCE,  and SUBVERT everything that is good.. and turn it to foul vile waste.

...a system of DESTROYING SOCIETY that  actually, work tremendously effectively as BLACKMAIL OPERATIONS, sucking in unwary new recruits as using the "Roofies" DATE-RAPE drug to DRUG freshman congressman, judges, reporters,  banks, insurance company, or other financial officers and other vulnerable but potentially lucrative new targets - who find themselves waking up NAKED  in bed, being videotaped, either with naked children.. or CORPSES  - the innocent victim now SUCKED IN to a LIFE OF CRIME, or his/her life, and that of his family & children will be DESTROYED in the most vile, heinous, horrendous, and terrifying ways possible