Thursday, April 6, 2017

President Trump's 'MAGA' - MAKE AMERICA GREAT agenda Is Being UNDERMINED by insiders... and by HIS OWN FAMILY !!

wow. terrific insight in this one very short  paragraph: despite entire legions of   mega-billionaires funded "evil flying monkeys" appartchiks and, literally, ARMIES of  DEEP STATE PRIVATE mercenaries & hired assassins  all directed & determined to bring down the Donald Trump presidency....    it now appears that the fatal element will be... his own nominees & officials... 
the greatest threat to President Trump's Make America Great presidency - is coming  from his own family?!!   
Steve Bannon is a learned nationalist with a deep understanding of what’s going on in the worldGen. McMaster is a NEO-CON beloved by Bill Kristol and other NEO-CONS. [9/11 perpetrating and/or whitewashing TRAITORS] Jared Kushner is a 36-year-old open-borders globalist [orthodox, fundamentalist jew]  Ivanka is New York liberal pushing the global warming hoax and the equal pay for equal work myth. 
If both Ivanka & Jared Kushner are helping tear down the NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY,  
END to Neo-Con + neo-Liberal, Mossad + SAUDI agitated ISLAMIC TERROR ARMIES
 and mass Islamic migration DESTRUCTION of WESTERN EUROPE & AMERICA agenda... ...then they are also helping to push the nuclear, sky-net, & bio-war  World War III  global extinction of humanity agenda.  
   And even more astoundingly, amazingly, ironically - it may be that the sanest counsel President Trump might be getting is from .. jewish billionaire patron... 
" longtime Bannon confidante  Rebekah Mercer"?!! 
Well, NO ONE who is SANE (i.e. awake & informed) WANTS to see their home city, their home country, and the entire world terrestrial bio-sphere turned into a nuclear, eternally radioactive hell-hole like Mars..  as anyone who reads this blog knows, there is insanely more proof to our contention that the world is today run by "satanic" connected, networked billionaires run death cults  and their Likud "illuminati" set up & run private, nuclear armed genocidal racism  state (israhell) who want to DEFILE and DESTROY everything they touch - including life on earth - than we can possibly keep up with

A much younger DONALD TRUMP & his JEW NY CRIME empire kingpin...
 & mentor ROY COHEN:  "he BRUTALIZED people for you" 

 The secret behind Donald Trump: Donald Trump is not only is he a generic product of the JEWISH OWNED & CONTROLLED political/financial/industrial  EMPIRE that is New York city -
(which controls the entire U.S. industrial/financial complex, and thus the Washington D.C. U.S. govt. and military complex) but he was TAKEN UNDER the WING by his Jewish homosexual CRIME LORD lawyer & fixer of a mentor, ROY COHEN.
  Roy Cohen was an intimate confidant of  "RED BAITER" JOE McCARTHY - and while NY & Hollywood elitists would wage a multi-decades campaign to smear McCarthy's  "Red hunting" as an out of control LYNCH MOB - the COMMUNIST THREAT was always REAL - once the "red terror" COMMUNISTS get a toe-hold in a country, THEY START to MURDER, ASSASSINATE, TERRORIZE... and MASSACRE their enemies - which is ANYONE who opposes them.  

In one of the most insightful articles we have ever read on the internet, NY conservative author Mike King nominates turn-of-past-century JEW BILLIONAIRE JACOB SCHIFF (the Rotschilds global financial crime empire's lead lieutenant, or front-man, in America) as THE MOST INFLUENTIAL, which is to say POWERFUL MAN IN U.S. history.      

 funder, incubator, & director of  Trotsky's Red Army Communist Commissars KILLINGS of TENS of MILLIONS of victims in the former Czarist, Russian empire... funder & essentially founder of the INDUSTRIALIZED, genocidal JAPANESE imperial army, navy, & air force - 
probably, as a Rotschild lieutenant, the most murderous man in human history

JACOB SCHIFF - genocidal Judeo Supremacist Jew billionaire, chief American lieutenant of the euro/jew Rotschilds world ruling financial dynasty - HAD the POWER to MAKE & BREAK AMERICAN PRESIDENTS - back at the turn of the last century.   ALL American history books which overlook this vast financial & political power are obsolete, and need to be rewritten.
In the 1912 election Jacob Schiff was able to DESTROY the REPUBLICAN TAFT PRESIDENCY - which would have been re-elected in a LANDSLIDE - but Schiff bribed, cajoled, and seduced former puppet president TEDDY ROOSEVELT to run for a third, out-of-sequence presidential term, against his own former protege & successor Taft.   In to his SPLIT REPUBLICAN VOTE of 1912, Schiff and other wealthy NY Jews SELECTED and groomed politically unknown Princeton University President, the RACIST Virginian from an autocratic family WOODROW WILSON to lead the Democratic Party - and win the election in a landslide, because Teddy Roosevelt's "Bull Moose" independent campaign siphoned off so many millions of Republican votes from Taft's re-election campaign.    JEW BILLIONAIRES were able to turn the 1912 U.S. presidential election map FROM SOLID RED to SOLID BLUE - almost overnight.
    A CENTURY LATER, 99.9999999999% of Americans are CLUELESS about this vast, history changing,  Great Depression  economic sabotage  & 2 world wars instigating powers

 PAUL WARBURG - the "godfather of the Federal Reserve" and thus the god-father of the GREAT DEPRESSION, 8 million Americans killed in premature death from extreme trauma induced by social dislocation from financial/ ECONOMIC SABOTAGE - was a Jacob Schiff protege & partner in crimes. Jacob Schiff, as we have written repeatedly here, not only funded, incubated, hired, led & directed the mass-murderous Jew Commissars behind the so-called "Communist Revolution" - but he also FUNDED & BUILT the entire INDUSTRIALIZED, 20th century Japanese army, navy, and air force essentially out of thin air - to KILL RUSSIANS and destroy the Czarist, Russian empire.  Thus jew billionaires like Schiff, Waburg, (Rotschilds, Soros, and all the others) can fund & finance 2 seemingly DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSITE political ideologies - "internationalist, for the workers & common man" COMMUNISM and blatantly racist, feudal, genocidal JAPANESE imperial, elitist, warlords & nobles run military conquest - both for the same purpose: TO EXTERMINATE WHOLE POPULATIONS and enslave the survivors to the mega-financiers behind the industrialized debt machines


 "Global Warming" is a LYING MYTH pimped by GODDAMN-SACHS,  DEEP STATE Jew millionaires, billionaires, & trillionaires to create a GLOBAL DICTATORSHIP based on government appartchiks  TAXING businesses - and people - for consuming oxygen (and producing carbon dioxide).   We KNOW this meme is a LIE, because the "globalists" ARE SABOTAGING SOLAR PANELS and the universal adoption of hybrid & electric cars.   In the sunbelt, the surface area of a 2 car garage will power the average home of a family of four - electricity produced during the day is sold in to the electric grid, and homeowners buy that electricity back at night, when everyone is home using it.   If the entire roof of an average home were covered with solar panels - the home would become a NET ENERGY PRODUCER.  JEW BILLIONAIRE autocrats are SABOTAGING this very LOW-IMPACT REGENERATIVE, sustainable, nearly free ENERGY SOURCE - because the Financial autocrats'  life-blood is  RESOURCE EXTRACTION i.e. OIL!
    While JEW TRAITOR RAT  GEORGE SOROS - leading an un-dead army of anti-humanity Cultural Marxist apparatchiks on behalf of his SATANIC "illuminati" ROTSCHILD  Jew TRILLIONAIRE MASTERS - is  hiring armies of  faux, fake, PRETEND "environmentalist" groups to agitate for CARBON TAXES -  he, Soros & the rotschilds - are IN BED with SAUDI genocidal  Wahabbi, head-chopping GANGSTERS trying to ELIMINATE rival sources of energy to JEWS & ARABS owned OIL - and they are TRYING to MAKE THE WORLD and entire human race DEPENDENT on the fossil fuel OIL & natural gas  that THEY control.
= pure evil, pure lies, pure hate hypocrisy,   propagated by armies of well-intentioned but DELUSIONAL "liberals" & "environmentalists."

 Our above brief discussion on the SOROS, ROTSCHILDS,  DEEP STATE, billionaires & DUPED "liberal"/enviro activists doesn't even mention SABOTAGE of  ELECTRIC CARS as a the next step in UNIVERSAL transportation improvement.  AMERICAN RAILROAD LOCOMOTIVES transformed from coal-fired STEAM to diesel-electric ALMOST OVERNIGHT back in the 1930s - within a decade or two, because diesel-electric was so vastly superior....   DIESEL-ELECTRIC = "hybrid"!   After DECADES of the MEGA-FINANCIERS owned oil (and media!) industries SABOTAGE of  ELECTRIC CARS - hybrid and ALL ELECTRIC CARS are now HERE, TODAY, and getting better by the month.   But the CRIMINAL STATE FINANCIERS who AGITATE for "carbon taxes" - REFUSE to demand and agitate their bought & owned political whores enact laws MAKING  ELECTRIC CARS the new NATIONAL STANDARD.   America's small truck manufactures keeps putting out carbon spewing, gas guzzling  passenger trucks that compete with each other for "macho" bulldozer like bragging rights...  yet EVERY FLEET MANAGER in America would prefer LOW GAS CONSUMPTION HYBRID or electric trucks - the OLIGARCHS & oil companies have SABOTAGED that option, you have to take your Ford F-150 DOWN TO MEXICO to get it converted to a gas-electric HYBRID !!!

"GLOBALISM" is a blatantly GENOCIDAL,   
JUDEO SUPREMACIST ruled world dictatorship,
 run by insidious, central-bank owning Jew trillionaires - supported by the entire diaspora of wealthy, powerful, & connected Jews all across the world. 
   NO one on earth, with the possible exception of the biggest  organized  nations/empires like the U.S.A. and China (and Russia - a very short list!)  can possibly compete with the billions of dollars the Jew financiers can dedicate to their latest conquest - and the secret to their past success, now consolidated, is that by using MILLIONS in BRIBES they control BILLIONS of dollars of govt. spending.... now they can use BILLIONS in BRIBES to control TRILLIONS in govt. spending.   
 NO organization on earth can withstand facing competition when the opponents 
- well organized, deep pocketed, ferociously
 determined international Judaism -
 can unleash BILLIONS of dollars in BRIBES to subvert & seduce that organizations own members -   much less media, academia, cultural (even churches!) and other powerful govt. or private officials who hold life or death powers over the goals, membership, or control of  assets  of that organization.  

Amazing: the greatest threat to Donald Trump's presidency - in a political environment where SOROS, Rotschild, GoddamnSachs, LIKUD (et al) JEW BILLIONAIRE financial predators & "Deep State" wars & private armies running totalitarian apparatchiks   want to TEAR DOWN AMERICA and make the jews-only state of ISRAEL the new RULING EMPIRE of the world -
 appears to be coming from HIS OWN FAMILY.
 As an ORTHODOX, fundamentalist Jew JARED KUSHNER is born and raised in to a culture of "HEAR, O ISRAEL" - a blatant call for a NATION (israel) WITHIN ANOTHER nation (America, the U.S.A.) to COME TOGETHER... to WAGE WAR on the host nation...

For six months now, we've been writing about how the GLOBALISTS - the Soros, GoddamnSachs, Neo-Cons, neo-Liberals, ADL, SPLC, AIPAC, B'nai B'rith  Jew billionaires, millionaires, Rotschild trillionaires, Jewish controlled & ruled media, entertainment, and "DEEP STATE" entrenched, multi-billion dollar govt. agencies  (and even academia),  and including  rank & file diaspora "israel UBER amerika" Jewish voters,  are ALL TRYING TO TEAR DOWN the Donald Trump campaign & presidency - because the jew billionaires and fundamentalist activists who run & control the U.S. govt. and especially its corp. media and DEEP STATE entrenched spy agencies REGARD AMERICANS in exactly the same way that New York JEW BILLIONAIRE JACOB SCHIFF and his hired, genocidal JEW COMMISSAR THUGS like Lenin, TROTSKY, Sverdlov, Kaganovich, and thousands of other mass-murderous commissars REGARDED RUSSIANS, Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians, Kazakhs, Ukrainians, Georgians, and other hapless ethnic groups in the destroyed & hijacked former Czarist Russian empire:  AS SLAVES if not "goyim" VERMIN to be butchered, massacred, terrorized, and disposed of - with as much violence, hate, TERROR and depraved dehumanization as the "Judeo Bolshevik" 'Soviet' regime could get away with.
Yiddish speaking, fundamentalist ORTHODOX JEW COMMISSAR LAZAR KAGANOVICH -
Stalin's right-hand man and alter ego, Trotsky's fratricidal sworn enemy... and organizer of the 1932 "HOLODOMOR" INTENTIONAL, DELIBERATE STARVATION of  UKRAINIANS.
The Ukrainian people were  DERIDED as 'peasants', CRIMINALIZED as 'kulaks'
- they were the FARMERS behind  centuries of  COSSACK WAR CULTURE
but these fierce & independent warriors  were NO MATCH for JEW COMMISSARS
leading the INTERNATIONAL, billionaire Jews funded
Kaganovich's 1932 "holodomor" INTENTIONAL FAMINE, massacres, mass-executions, terror raids, &  mass DEPORTATIONS to slave-camp, DEATH CAMP GULAGS was not the first JEWISH ORCHESTRATED TERROR WAR on the Ukrainian population:
TROTSKY had led a similar FOOD CONFISCATION & MASS STARVATION war against the Ukraine population back in the early 1920s, during the Red-White Civil War
following the 1917 "Communist Revolution" 

Good short bio of one of the world's most mass-murderous killers of all time, Lazar Kaganovich.
Corrections, or not mentioned in this brief bio: Kaganovich was born raised a Yiddish speaking ORTHODOX JEW -
and would remain so, quietly celebrating jewish religious days with his family - throughout his entire murderous career and into his retirement (by the grace of his former protege and coup surviving successor Krushchev, Kaganovich was SPARED the TORTURE & EXECUTION that he would have meted out had he taken over after Stalin's death and Krushchev been ousted). His father was a tailor, not a shoe-store owner - Lazar learned the cobbler (shoe maker) trade, and moved on to working in large factories - where he quickly rose to the top as both foreman and party apparatchik during the early "Communist Revolution" days.   Never formally educated, Kaganovich had survived COSSACK RAIDS which spared Jewish men - who were seen as productive assets to Russia's economy - but KILLED ANY JEWISH WOMEN they found - Jewish women being regarded as a THREAT to Russian nationalism and the Russian people.  Having seen his mother and sisters survive these terrifying Cossack  raids only because of a primitive early warning system that allowed them to hide in ditches covered with branches  - a sophisticated if primitive form of INTEL even in rural, peasant Ukraine - Kaganovich, LIVING UNDER THIS TERROR THREAT, learned to HATE & DESPISE UKRAINIANS, RUSSIANS and (as typical with all fundamentalist - or not so fundamentalist Jews!) CHRISTIANS in general.   He would go on to PERSONALLY LEAD the EXTERMINATION of  20+ MILLIONS VICTIMS, as Stalin's right-hand man, brother-in-law, and alter-ego.
 Ironically,  Kaganovich came to this MOST POWERFUL MAN in the entire "Soviet" Communist empire because he hated and was snubbed by... a FELLOW JEW!  LEV BRONSTEIN, aka LEO TROTSKY was born & raised from a WEALTHY JEWISH FAMILY, literate & educated, and had mentored by racist, genocidal euro-Jew millionaire ALEXANDER PARVUS (aka Israel Helphand)  - and then SENT to NEW YORK city where he was further tutored by THE NY JEWS under another RACIST, GENOCIDAL  JEW billionaire - JACOB SCHIFF.    When TROTSKY was sent back to Russia in 1917 to FOMENT the COMMUNIST REVOLUTION, he looked down upon, and snubbed, the brutal but useful Kaganovich as nothing but a rural peasant.   JUDEO BOLSHEVIK/marxist "Communism" is NOT about "the Workers' but about the COMMUNIST PARTY ELITES - the JEWISH ELITES!
  Kaganovich HATED & RESENTED TROTSKY for the snub - and would soon get his revenge.  As front-man dicator LENIN was dying - STALIN was looking to make his next move, TROTSKY, the brutal commander of the Red Army that had put Lenin in power,  was clearly the next in line & heir apparent for Lenin's role as absolute party dictator.  But the wily Stalin had been grooming Party officials and placing Communists apparatchiks whose jobs & careers depended on his patronage - and STALIN FOUND A WILLING ALLY in Kaganovich, who hated Trotsky.   IT WAS A MATCH MADE IN HELL - STALIN would be the NON-JEW FACE of the "Soviet Union" - while the ORTHODOX JEW KAGANOVICH would be PERSONALLY DIRECTING Stalin's PURGES, and would PERSONALLY RUN the  10-20 MILLIONS killed "Holodomor" INTENTIONAL FAMINE, mass-executions, PURGES, and MASS DEPORTATIONS to slave, DEATH CAMPS GULAGS until the day Stalin died - according to Kaganovich himself, HE PRECIPITATED Stalin's death by hear-attack by jamming some heart-attack inducing pills down Stalin's mouth, as the ill, paranoid, and increasingly isolated Stalin was preparing to launch his next purge: AGAINST the VERY JEWS, party appartchiks that had been the backbone of his murderous regime!  

  THE SAME DYNAMIC - MASS-MURDEROUS "Deep State" JEWS hiding behind "selected" or appointed or  purges-surviving apparatchik officials who DIRECTED the MASS-MURDER DEPOPULATION famines, deportations, massacres, and executions of MILLIONS of victims in 1920s-1980s 'Soviet Union' are RUNNING the SAME SHOW - backed by the SAME euro, NY JEW BILLIONAIRES - here in America today