Sunday, April 16, 2017

Our Schools are NOT Teaching our Children "Moral Values" - They are INDOCTRINATING our Children in DEGENERATE, PSYCHOPATHIC, dog-eat-dog, Winner-takes all (judeo supremacist) HATE, CONTEMPT & LOATHING for humanity behavu

5 decades after lecturing us Americans about how it was OUR FAULT for not doing enough to "STOP HITLER" and the Nazis before World War II,  the EVIL TREASONOUS JEW PIGS are BUM-RUSHING AMERICA & EUROPE in to WARS of EXTERMINATION against SYRIANS, IRANIANS, RUSSIANS, GREEKS, SWEDES (french, brits) and everyone else on their vile stinking hit-list... 
 and the EVIL JEWS  have EMBRACED EVERY  "state security Uber alles" ATROCITY of Hitler's Nazi's. Goering's GESTAPO ("state police") and Himmler's SS - 
they TOLD US that WE SHOULD EXPOSE THE DEATH CAMPS!" but now the EVIL, TREASONOUS JEWS DECLARE WAR on OUR WHISTLE-BLOWERS, and side with the MASS-MURDEROUS STATE CRIMINALS, their Treasury looting and their warmongering...
every Jew temple in America & Europe is a CESSPIT of  TREASON and IN BED with SAUDI TERRORISTS genocidal insane degenerate, CHILD RAPING VERMIN FILTH
We Americans had better RETURN to the
CHRISTIAN IDEAL - of even powerful leaders &
to "the prince of peace";  SUBMITTING
 to the ideal of
- because the Judeo Supremacist traitors'
 a  CONQUERED SLAVE population"

model  is driving our political, financial, 
& nuclear armed military systems
towards WARS of EXTERMINATION against 
everyone on the vile, stinking, evil Jews' hit lists...
they are driving  us all to global biosphere collapse 

 nuclear war self destruction insanity

As tens upon hundreds of millions of Christians in America and across the world
 celebrate the spirit of "HE HAS RISEN!"
- the resurrection and TRIUMPH of ETERNAL LIFE over death -
 we present the excellent below video that explains
 how AMERICAN & European CULTURES have been HIJACKED by a DEATH CULT
- a  judeo-supremacist, SATANIC DEATH CULT to be precise - 
that is driving  America and the entire western world in to a Pavlovian, rabid,  RAGE & hate filled, degenerate, depraved,  fear, loathing, scorn, contempt, perversion, predatory sexual & psychopathic culture 

...the vile, RACIST, GENOCIDAL, uber-hypocrite, WARS PROFITEERING, LOAN-SHARKING, nations hating genocidal psychopaths are dragging us all to ruin by  suicidal self-destruction insanity.

but first, this chart is near genius!    And explains the seemingly mysterious behavior under-girding  35 to 50 centuries of  Judeo HATE, anxiety, fear, loathing & hypocrisy that has now TOTALLY HIJACKED, via the JEWISH OWNED & CONTROLLED corp. WHORE media (and allied government & "ngo" propaganda agencies): 

 This simple but profound chart compares the origins of MESOPOTAMIAN religious & cultural outlooks 
("Mesopotamia" is Greek for "land between the rivers" and originally designated the fertile, alluvial, but often desert plains between and alongside the Tigris & Euprhates rivers, where they cross present day Iraq and empty into the Persian Gulf, but the term "Mesopotamia" has grown to include  
  present day Iraq and the  Persian Gulf up those Tigris & Euphrates rivers to Asia Minor, (present day Turkey) and south again to Syria & Occupied Palestine.

 EGYPTIAN religions and cultural outlook... but the writer, a Christian, fails to see that the Hebrew, jewish "holy" (sic) bible upon which Christianity developed... is based on the  cynical, selfish, fearful,  anxious, hear & now, "SCHEMING to get today what you will lose tomorrow"  MESOPOTAMIAN model... whereas the EGYPTIAN social model of HOPE & FAITH in the afterlife - DESPISED, CONDEMNED, SCORNED & DETESTED in the Hebrew, Judeo bible - is far closer to the model of  Easter's celebrating the RESURRECTION & TRIUMPH of LIFE OVER DEATH that millions celebrate today!

EGYPT vs MESOPOTAMIA:  IDEALISM,  eternal life, & the spirit of the law 
vs paranoia, skepticism, anxiety, fear, hate, & loathing; 
resulting in the SELFISH manipulation of the  legal system for the benefit of one party,
 not just against the aggrieved other party, but against society as a whole...
"the CHOSEN!"  MASTER RACE ideology
crowds out ALL CONCERN for our mutual humanity...
and is a path to mutual suicide self-destruction
in an age of space-age weapons wielded by intellectual idiots
 who have no more philosophical development
than a cannibal reptile... or a selfish 2 year old

 MILLIONS of Americans had better come the realization that their political system - and their political, military, industrial, financial, congressional, academic, and even cultural' "leaders" are DRIVING US to MUTUAL SUICIDE SELF-DESTRUCTION - and REJECT that model forcefully and emphatically - or we are all going to get to experience NBC puppet of jew billionaires media whore BRIAN WILLIAMS delight at "the beauty" of missiles reigning death & destruction down on us all.


The ONLY "values" being taught to our children - by our schools, by "the establishment," by their own indoctrinated parents & families are precepts of   JUDEO RACISM & HATE:  JUDAISM SEES itself - JUDAISM sees ALL JEWS as members of a racially pure & distinct WAR TRIBE bent on ETERNAL CONFLICT and towards the total SUBJUGATION, extortion, enslavement, and EXTERMINATION of  ALL peoples around them...  even when Jews travel to distant corners of the earth, they may APPEAR as "peaceful ambassadors" - "SHALOM" the jewish greeting means "PEACE" -  but they are actually aggressively genocidal imperialists,  colonizers who will as soon as possible set up  what amounts to JEWS ONLY ENCLAVES in that host nation, tribe, or peoples... and, as soon as enough of those JEWS ONLY ENCLAVES (jewish communities in different cities & regions in that now targeted host nation) become, in the aggregate, POWERFUL ENOUGH - as always, they will REVERT to GENOCIDAL JUDAISM.... and OVERTHROW the existing ruling class - by massive subversion, revolution, &  civil war if they can't stage quick palace coup - and, VIOLA!  the PSYCHOPATH JEWS who CLAIMED to "come in peace" ("shalom") - are once again EXTERMINATING another peoples !!
  THIS - JUDEO HIJACKING via the monstrously well-leveraged "MONEY POWER"  - is the EVIL   HATE, SLAVERY, DEGRADATION, murder, mass-murder, dehumanizing, humanity loathing, people hating,  SCORN, LOATHING, & CONTEMPT for the human spirit that is genocidal Judaism -  THE "moral force" now driving the Western, Christian world to death, destruction, global species extermination and human suicidal self-destruction

"HE HAS RISEN"-  as millions of American celebrate  the return to life of Christ from a tomb this Easter Sunday
(a late bronze-age, early iron-age metaphor for the rebirth and regeneration of precious agricultural crops germinating to life from seemingly sterile, non-living seeds, the necessary prerequisite for human life in all cities and "civilized" societies, which in turn is an expression, or metaphor, of the hope living in each and every one of us that we can somehow surmount death and the ceasing of our own life spirit)  

...we note that this may be the last such Easter celebration we citizens of the world enjoy  before the "Neo-Con" & "neo-Liberal"     or the JEWS owned & controlled  Rethuglican + Demorat politicians, and the insane Jews' wholly owned    Bush Clinton Bush Obama Trump presidency drives the American to LAUNCH WORLD WAR III by having  the U.S. military invade  Syria, Iran and  war against Russia...

 ...and  we pause for  a moment to examine just how such a small but powerful minority of  nominally "AMERICAN"  but AMERICA HATING JEWS can DRIVE ALL of us to COLLABORATE in their insane plans for the mass MUTUAL SUICIDE EXTERMINATION of us all - and it is as simple as INDOCTRINATING OUR CHILDREN in a system that APPEARS to be "moral values" based on the surface - in our churches, our schools, our day-care centers, and even in our homes around that modern fire-place, the TV family room - but a system whose UNDERCURRENTS, as the above video explains,  are the diametrical OPPOSITE of the "peace, love, & cooperation" theme they PROJECT on the SURFACE, for just below the surface our children are being INDOCTRINATED in a strict system of OBEDIENCE,  where the ferocious pursuit of  MONEY, status, & POWER  replaces HUMAN VALUES and any notions of  sympathy, empathy, and compassion for others....
     where to EXHIBIT CRITICAL THINKING will see you OSTRACIZED from those around you - where to question the "OFFICIAL NARRATIVE" will see you CONDEMNED as a "CONSPIRACY THEORIST"  and metaphorically STONED TO DEATH, the "modern" CULTURAL OSTRACISM the new, "kinder, gentler machine-gun hand" version of  BEING STONED, HUNG, or BURNED AT THE STAKE for being a HERETIC - a "non-believer" - a NON-BELIEVER in vile JUDEO SUPREMACISM and all it's disgusting related psychological baggage and cultural horrors!   including JEWS CELEBRATING the KILLING OF CHILDREN EVERY YEAR as the centerpiece of their faith "religion" - this PSYCHOLOGICAL DISEASE has INFECTED HUMANITY, and is now driving us all to the ABYSS of LIES, HATRED, CORRUPTION, DEGERATION, and the DEFILEMENT of humanity

 "WINNER TAKE ALL" - extort, ENSLAVE... and EXTERMINATE the "goyim" sub-humans around you: JEWISH HATE & LOATHING for all humanity is the ONLY system of "values" being taught to our children - which explains why "progressive liberals" consider themselves "progressive" and "liberal" - even though our prisons are BRUTE RAPE FACTORIES, a trend of METASTASIZING perversions, "anything goes" degenerate behavior, and AGGRESSIVE SEXUAL EXPLOITATION of  our children becoming ever more "mainstream" in cultural institutions -  IT ALL GOES BACK to a "religious system" which VIEWS ALL OTHER PEOPLES on earth as SUB-HUMAN VERMIN to be exploited or exterminated

NBC media whore BRIAN WILLIAMS = puppet intellectual SLAVE of jew billionaires who own NBC - a textbook example of  the DEGENERATION of the HUMAN SPIRIT:
humans murdered at a distance (by NEO-CON JEWS' directed U.S. military missiles against Syria)
of NO CONSEQUENCE, not even a moment's thought!
  THE EVIL JEWS who WAILED about  America & Americans "NOT DOING ENOUGH!" to prevent the plight of Jews in Europe & Eastern Europe being rounded up in to Nazi Concentration Camps.....
.... have now turned the ENTIRE MIDEAST, and indeed all of Europe, the British commonwealth countries, AND AMERICA (and the whole world) in to ONE VAST CONCENTRATION CAMP slave/DEATH GULAG system - where ENTIRE SWATHS of humanity can be WIPED OUT,
simply by having the (jew owned & controlled) corp. media & govt. propaganda system WHITEWASH the victims OUT of the 'news'...

Whenever you see the EGYPTIAN GOD OSIRIS
- usually dressed in white, signifying a mummy , 
often with a face of green symbolizing the vital & critical bounty
of  agriculture & plant life that fed human bodies and allowed human life - 
of LIFE TRIUMPHING OVER DEATH, i.e.  of  the afterlife.
Here Osiris is portrayed seated on a throne RULING the AFTERLIFE,
 as his son, HORUS the hawk-headed   

PRINCE-GOD (left) beseeches his father for orders.
 The story of Jesus Christ is thus a blend of the stories of  both Osiris
- returned to life from the dead, killed by the treachery of others - with the story of Horus -  PRINCE of the RESURRECTION & VITALITY of EGYPT
 (i.e. the only part of the world that counted for ancient Egyptians)
 a land where the just & righteous would live their lives and seamlessly
transform in to eternal souls under god
(s)  in the afterlife.
and POWER over others -  
i.e. the WORSHIP of MAMON! -
and with NO CONCEPT of JUSTICE in the afterlife, 

you are free to perpetrate as many atrocities you can get away with...
in the name of  g-o-d of course.  

Egyptian "Book of the Dead"  - despite anglo/american/JUDEO   vilificationthat it is a demonic death-cult,
the "Book of the Dead"  actually represents simoly
or TRIAL of an Egyptian soul in the afterlife:
the huge, coiled snake seen  
so prominently in this picture
 is the DOOM that a soul will suffer -

eternal oblivion - if  he does not pass judgement.
i.e. the Egyptian concept of  RESURRECTION,  JUDGEMENT,  HELL

PRECEDED  JUDAISM  (much less Christianity
) by at least a thousand years