Saturday, April 8, 2017

JUDAISM is a LIE: THERE WAS NO "covenant" because MOSES, much less JACOB & ABRAHAM are ENTIRELY FICTIONAL CHARACTERS - "GOD" did NOT "chose" the JEWS, they are SELF-CHOSEN by their CREATED, fictional, sky-god deity. You can ONLY be Jewish by LYING about the past - JUDAISM is MOB RULE, run by SWARMS of LIARS!

Widely respected archaeologist and ancient bible  history 
expert,  the very  Jewish professor  Israel Finkelstein
 explains a DOZEN DIFFERENT WAYS that true, logical, science based archaeology proves that the alleged ISRAELITE "conquest" of the "promised land" under Joshua and his Jewish armies -  as related in the bible's Exodus story, never happened
it is an ENTIRELY FICTIONAL story.  

 is a SUBJUGATED nation, why
Americans are a SUBJUGATED people:

Our discussion of  virulent "chosen by g-o-d"  JUDAISM... our discussion of  "why"

 is important is because... the LIES which allow powerful Jews, Christians, Islamic Jihadis,
 and others 
to  KILL in the name of the 
"one true god" 
is not only the root, or core, of the  "judeo/christian" culture   
but this MYTH based belief system 
is also  the all powerful, all ruling 

- even as JEWISH run GROUPS like SPLC and others will sue the pants off of any Christian display on public property in the name of "separation of Church & state" - THEY
 their all encompassing judeo supremacist social/political order
and "CHOSEN!"  MYTH down our throats!  

 It is this subtle by pervasive DOUBLE STANDARD -  TRILLIONS  of American tax-payer + WAR MACHINE DOLLARS  PROPPING UP  FIVE MILLION LOUSY STINKING FILTHY CHILD MURDERING  JEWS in Israhell.... while the jew owned SPLC SUES OUR PANTS OFF for even a hint of  expression of America being a Christian based nation!  
we AMERICANS have been emotionally & logically  NEUTERED to NOT FIGHT back!  
    against the BLATANT HYPOCRISY, the smug arrogance, the IN YOUR FACE JUDEO DOMINATION of our financial system, movie studios, music machine, pop-culture, academia, "news" media, public discourse..... 
to NOT  speak out against the SERIAL ATROCITIES, high crimes,  PERVERSIONS, or  degenerate,  blatant criminal racketeering  perpetrated by "our"  government  officials -
 by the "Neo-Cons," by the  GLOBALISTS "elites" and by  their   
"trillions $$ for wars & vast, secret government "black operations" -  crumbs, prisons, and SHATTERED ENVIRONMENT & society for Americans"  
 corp. whore media pimped agenda.
There NEVER WAS any   "covenant" between "g-o-d" and the Jews, 
 MOSES & Joshua, 
much less Jacob & Esau,  much less 
 ABRAHAM, Isaac, & Ishmael  
NEVER EXISTED as individual humans -  they are all  ENTIRELY FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.
 "GOD" did NOT "chose" the JEWS, 
they are SELF-CHOSEN,
 basking in the reflected light 
of their CREATED, fictional,  sky-god deity.  
You can ONLY be Jewish by LYING about the past: 
JUDAISM is MOB RULE, run by SWARMS of LIARS,  unfortunately bent on EXTERMINATING everyone they ever come in to contact with.  
below video: 
the TRUE origins of  monotheist Judaism: like everything else about Judaism, and like everything else about all other human tribes & races, JEWS LEARNED and picked up the distilled wisdom of those peoples they encountered and lived amongst... 
Jews COPIED the temples, priestly hierarchies...
long before the Hebrews arose or Judaism came into being 
- the pyramids were built 1,000 YEARS before
 Joseph or Moses were even CLAIMED  to have lived in Egypt -
the Egyptians, Sumerians, and other cultures had established the basic SOCIAL HIERARCHY   
which was necessary for all settled cities:

  people require food, 
there is only so much food to go around, 
so you MUST HAVE a social hierarchy to assure constant, stable food production,   and a stable, systematic distribution & sharing of that food - otherwise, some people will starve, and will tend to revolt and assassinate rulers when they have the opportunity... and minimally fed workers won't be able to learn other vital & complex trades.
The essence of JUDEO SUPREMACY 

is to TAKE what other people have learned & 
 accomplished -  without giving them a lick of credit,
 and, indeed, Nazi style, attempting to ERADICATE them, 
both from life and from the historical record. 
...Jews COPIED the temple hierarchies, writings and 
(Phoenician based) scripts, best agricultural practices, best military practices, best cultural practices, and (infamously, according to the bible)  desires  for a military and royal ruling class from the successful peoples and especially from the successful & great empires around them and who they traded with -
 and in particular the early Hebrews adopted wholesale the MYTHS and belief systems of those contemporaneous and earlier peoples who lived around them or came before them.  

 the Jews, in writing their very typical for the Bronze age ethnocentric vision of the world
(the universe, and their role as "god's chosen" in that universe) -
also perfected a scheme whereby they could MAINTAIN their racist hatred, loathing, and resentments 
of those of different races and cultures around them 
- while living in and among those cultures for years, for decades, sometimes  even for generations! All while  POSING as loyal members of those differing cultures and tribes.  

 So ,  as brilliant as Jews can be, their culture which seeks to ERADICATE the influence and contribution of those who came before them is based on HATE and LYING - 
 - and when they live among other people,
 POSING as loyal allies, but looking forward to the day 
when they can USURP CONTROL 
- and EXTERMINATE their neighbors - that is also a LIE.  


The great improvement of MONOTHEISM 
- worshiping "ONE TRUE GOD" instead of worshiping many different gods 
is that it allows many thousands or even millions of people across vast distances in space and time, to worship in similar ways, 
with similar themes and prayers - this is a very UNIFYING force.

 UNIFYING FORCES are of great assistance when trying to overcome divisions from internal squabbling or outside forces.
English historical fiction writer Bernard Cornwell does a fantastic job of writing, in his "Saxon Chronicals"   series about  how brutal Christian warriors in Dark Ages Britain overcame even more brutal dark-age pagan Dane invaders (Vikings) to create an anglo/saxon based empire we know of today as England (Britain, the United Kingdom). The stories are written from the perspective of an anglo/saxon youth kidnapped and raised as a pagan Dane, but who, through the vagaries of fate and personal alliances, ends up helping the hypocrite Christian priests he mostly scorns if not despises ultimately conquer the Danes he loves!    From the opposite end of the literary scale, English historian PhD Dr. David Starkey, in an hours-long BBC series titled simply "Monarchy" - also  explains that same great attraction Christianity held for England's pagan kings: they could coordinate the people living under them, and more importantly assure the loyalty of their men, through such elaborate rituals as being "chosen by god" by being anointed by priests where the men, warriors and officials under that king would all plead their loyalty in unison in a  great ritual.  
While such rituals couldn't guarantee a king the loyalty of his men during a string of military, social, or economic failures, having a non-warrior church hierarchy  devoted to maintaining support for that anointed king - & 100% dependent on the king's success to protect them from pagans like Viking marauders - did act as a very unifying, stabilizing, and normalizing influence compared to Dark Age warlords whose only attraction was their warrior prowess and the booty from battle. 
 On the other hand, The GREAT TRAGEDY of MONOTHEISM is that it allowed high priests, leaders, and nobles (much less "anointed" kings & emperors) to RUTHLESSLY  eradicate - murder, kill, eliminate! those with differing beliefs based on the accusation of  HERESY.    

This BRUTE INTOLERANCE existed  IN JUDAISM centuries before the Catholic Inquisition - or even the Council of Nicaea in  which ordained one specific form of Christianity as the official state religion of the   Roman empire  in 327 AD - specifically gave Church leaders the power to have their opponents condemned &  executed for nothing more than THOUGHT CRIMES,  i.e. heresy. 
It is DUMBFOUNDING that JEWS can "WAIL!" about "the holocaust" -  while they CELEBRATE their bible which contains such brutal passages as the  STONING to DEATH of an OLD MAN... for the "sin" of gathering sticks on the "holy day" - so to light a fire, so he wouldn't FREEZE TO DEATH on a cold night in the desert during the "Exodus"!    

don't follow whichever rules the Judeo elites/priests/ruling class care to impose - even trivial ones! 
like prohibiting the work of  building a fire -
to allow a person not to freeze to death! 

 HOW can Jews WAIL! about "the holocaust"  
when they APPLAUD a story
 as "the word of g-o-d" because it is in the bible
TO DEATH for trying to build a fire
 to keep from freezing to death?! 

Penalty for Violating the Sabbath  
Numbers 15:32-36 
32 Now while the children of Israel were in the wilderness, they found a man gathering sticks on the Sabbath day. 33 And those who found him gathering sticks brought him to Moses and Aaron, and to all the congregation. 34 They put him under guard, because it had not been explained what should be done to him.35 Then the Lord said to Moses, “The man must surely be put to death; all the congregation shall stone him with stones outside the camp.” 36 So, as the Lord commanded Moses, all the congregation brought him outside the camp and STONED HIM with stones, UNTIL HE DIED.

According to this DEHUMANIZING story 
at the very heart and core of the entire Hebrew, Jewish bible, 
  G-O-D is a TRICKSTER, 
he is  like a SADISTIC noble or ruler - who is always LOOKING for an EXCUSE to PUNISH those under him.
i.e.,  "G-O-D puts GREAT BURDENS &TRAUMAS upon his people"...
- first SENDING A FAMINE upon Jacob's ("Israel's")  land, forcing Jacob to send his sons to Egypt  BEGGING, beseeching  for food - then making the Jews unwelcome in Egypt 
when they quickly become a MENACE to the native Egyptians;
 then putting them through the whole "Exodus" trauma... 
...THEN TELLING an OLD MAN to FREEZE TO DEATH in the cold desert night - because he will be EXECUTED as a SINNER if he lights a fire! 


(who are already wealthy beyond middle-class American "financial security" dreams)    

so FEROCIOUSLY COVET & want to STEAL the pennies & crumbs from working class and poor Americans... precisely because the JEWISH BIBLE & religion ENCODE a DOCTRINE calling for the  EXTERMINATION of  non-Jews... 
...with as much ferocity, EXTREME PREJUDICE, terror and horror as the Jews can summon & perpetrate! 

We are NOT being "anti-Semitic" by writing this - because the CHRISTIAN  "New Testament" bible is ALSO based entirely on fiction 
 it gives us NO pleasure to CONFRONT the  belief system of a BILLION Christian believers - no matter how fictitious or fictional the Christian bible story is -  much less is it  pleasurable or rewarding to CONFRONT the belief system of  millions of  Jews - many of whom are rich &  powerful and command entire armies of   government bureaucrats OR HIRED PRIVATE MERCENARIES - and whose entire lives have been devoted to SEARCHING OUT and DESTROYING their perceived "enemies" - which is ANYONE WHO EXPOSES  their JUDEO HATE, covetousness, and lies!    
  However,  our task to CONFRONT the MYTHS & lies of  BOTH CHRISTIANITY and JUDAISM are a matter of grim survival
because both Christianity & Judaism are now  bent on SUICIDAL SELF-DESTRUCTION,
because while the great improvement 
of Christianity over Judaism was it allowed 
NON-JEWS  to ENTER the  faith of "the one true god,"   
    JUDAISM makes NO such universal, humanitarian, accommodating, and proselytizing effort to "save" 
 non-Jews.... quite the opposite, 
the bible repeatedly references NON-JEWS as "PREY" 
to be... hunted down, killed, & 
 (metaphorically... if not literally!)  DEVOURED

The grim "genius" of  the treasonous "American" Jewish diaspora's illogical, irrational, relentlessly LYING cultural stranglehold on American press, media, academia, government, financial system, and above all our POLITICAL NARRATIVE and our very way of thinking
 is that... 
to believe in the New Testament
 you MUST believe in the Old Testament, 

 particularly in the story of "REDEMPTION from SIN" 
by a  FATHER god-figure who once CONDEMNED humanity  (the Adam & Eve story,  "the fall from grace") 
but who - first via the Noah's ark story; and later by the Exodus, and above all by the "covenant" with Abraham, 
SAVED "his chosen people" - if only in stages - from oblivion.  

  While the Jews did NOT invent the concept of the 

"ONE and ONLY god" - that dubious honor  goes at least to Pharaoh Akhenaton, who lived hundreds of years before Moses is alleged to have lived, and  who PURGED the temples of Amun and Egypt's other polytheist gods in favor of his "universal one true god" the sun-disk Aten - 
  - the Jews were the first to harness that notion 
of a ONE TRUE GOD  to  universal literacy 
(at least among Judeo elites and property owners - previously, literacy had been confined only to intensely educated scribes)
based on a vastly simpler to read and learn, PHOENECIAN  BASED ALPHABET.   This combination of   UNIVERSAL LITERACY, a tightly refined cultural narrative or script,  
and the Jews typical of the times,  tightly honed sense of RACIAL CONFLICT AGAINST OTHER TRIBES, when blended  with their ability to BLEND IN to other tribes when conquered or engaged in trade with peaceful or distant  neighbors  has proven to be a spectacularly powerful social strategy.

The entire set of bible Abraham to Solomon stories are essentially CAMP-FIRE STORIES - retold around campfires by an articulate and  entertaining scoutmaster who gets more practiced with each and every retelling - until he becomes so adept at telling the stories the young scouts listening to the stories are mesmerized - or crawl off to bed with nightmares. 
 In particular, the Hebrew bible "conquest of Canaan Valley" stories are LOOK BACK stories, compiled in written form HUNDREDS of YEARS after the alleged battles and family feuds - stories compiled, polished, and put in to final form only while the Judeo elites were in EXILE in BABYLON, or after the return of some portion of those exiled "elites" under Persian King Cyrus the Great's great amnesty granted (for the Jews to be freed from captivity in exile) shortly after 538 B.C.