Monday, April 3, 2017

JUDAISM is a LIE... JUDAISM IS HATE... JUDAISM is THEFT!! Judaism = TREASON, the "PASSOVER celebration" is a RITUAL that reenacts KILLING the non-Jew neighbors' CHILDREN EVERY YEAR....

JUDAH, and northern Israel, were VASSAL STATES 
of the ASSYRIAN EMPIRE - and before that, the EGYPTIAN or HITTITE empires ruled the region around Syria & Palestine.  The entire bible is a fictional series of "LOOK BACK" stories that attempt to demean, trivialized, demonize, or whitewash out of the story altogether all other peoples of the region - using a god cult based on all the best established prevailing practices of previous cultures & religions. 
Jews didn't latch on to MONOTHEISM, the belief system of  "one true god" 
- being a tribal god exclusively of the Jews and the defining element of Judaism - 
 until the Babylonian captivity of 587 B.C. - relatively modern times by the standard of the ancient Near East & ancient Egypt.  ONLY by IGNORING the record of the real, ancient past, ONLY by BULLYING your way past the facts and historical record can you arrive at the notion of a "chosen people" - THERE WAS NO "compact," or "COVENANT," between G-O-D & Abraham BECAUSE THERE WAS NO ABRAHAM;  and there WAS NO "EXODUS to the promised land" because there WAS NO MOSES, nor was there ever a JOSHUA who conquered the Canaan Valley - it is all HISTORICAL MAKE-BELIEVE,  a series of CAMP FIRE STORIES that were retold & refined over decades and & centuries;  a MYTHICAL NARRATIVE that was polished and re-polished OVER GENERATIONS to have the best emotional impact and most unifying tribal/national theme - but close examination of those compiled-over-generations stories REVEAL INCONSISTENCIES and TRANSPARENT FALLACIES that highlight that the entire work - the body of the bible, especially the first 5 books of Moses - are PURE, INVENTED FICTION 

The EXODUS story is the binding glue of Judaism - yet it is an ENTIRELY MYTHICAL, FICTIONAL story, created on a grain of truth but embellished to create an exciting, reaffirming, and compelling narrative that would bind one specific group of people (the Hebrews) to their religious and allied political (noble) leaders.
We recently read a passage 
(and wish we could find it again to credit the author &  quote it more accurately)
 that explained that the source of  &  enduring persistence throughout history  of  the  PRIEST class, or  ruling religious HIERARCHIES & ELITES   and TEMPLE administrations  or bureaucracies  to support those priest classes,
    is that there is wealth and power to be had by CONTROLLING large  groups of people  by a political system founded or based on a religious precepts.  
  We will attempt to illustrate the origins of temples as the uniting force for city-states long before anyone heard of the Hebrews or their tribal god, Yahweh.  But whereas the Akkadian, Semitic culture which moved in to and ultimately displaced Sumerian culture gave credit and appreciated the refinements of civilization that Sumerian culture had developed generations before the Akkadians moved in  Judeo culture set out from the onset as a system of FEAR & LOATHING of all predecessor tribes and cultures - a result of the Hebrews being conquered and then, ironically, the nobles and elites being spared and given a relatively luxurious exile and confinement in Babylon, where they swiftly picked up on the accumulated wisdom of the ancient world - while WALLOWING in ENVY 
("envious malevolence" to quote Churchill's brilliantly insightful term)

  Thus, ironically, although the Jewish captives were relatively well treated by ancient standards... the Israelites, or proto-Judeo elites were given the LUXURY of WALLOWING in HATE & LOATHING for their captors - something the much more brutal Assyrians would NEVER have afforded their captives - who were essentially tortured & executed for daring to speak their native languages on the spot!

Those who say "TALMUDIC JUDAISM" much less the even more recent "KHAZARIAN JUDAISM" are
"original Judaism"
 are completely missing the point - and REAMS
of evidence to the contrary in the bible itself!  
See the
or  Daniel Morgan's BIBLE ATROCITIES 
which notes "words having to do with killing significantly outnumber words
having to do with love in the bible" or
CRUELTY & VIOLENCE in the bible as starting points... 
or  the to EASE IN to the  CONCENTRATED, AWFUL, VIOLENT, MASS-HOMICIDAL, genocidal, misogynistic, and RACIST passages of the bible
with at least a tinge of tongue-in-cheek humor

JUDAISM was FOUNDED on HATRED & LOATHING for ALL other peoples - LOATHING & CONTEMPT for the "less civilized" races or nations (e.g. the Edomites who allegedly descended from INCEST between Lot and his 2 daughters, a story REPEATED when the descendants of JACOB  are CONTEMPTUOUS of the descendants of his own brother, ESAU, and again when the descendants of Isaac's half-BROTHER ISHMAEL are DESPISED - do we see a pattern here?!) and FEAR, HATRED, and MALICE for the more developed, powerful, or civilized empires around them: the hated & reviled EGYPTIANS, the FEARED and barely mentioned ASSYRIANS, and of course the hated & reviled BABYLONIANS & PERSIANS - and that was before the GREEKS, ROMANS, SPANISH, TURKS, Western Europeans, Russians, and Americans took up the gavel of World Supremacy that the "arrested development" JEWS believed was RIGHTFULLY THEIRS.  

There are lots of excellent political commentators out there,  slowly but surely chipping away at the Orwellian, fake, false, fantansy "DEEP STATE" narrative that literally inverts reality, making dictatorship and manufactured consent appear to be "freedom & democracy,"  making WARS of GENOCIDE, destruction of nations, &  "ethnic cleansing" extirpation of whole populations APPEAR to be "humanitarian interventions"  - but none of these fantastic commentators (with very few exceptions, like the Alfred Schaefer video "Noam Chomsky: GATEKEEPER & CONTROLLED OPPOSITION" [of the Zio-Nazi deep state]  

Even as many of the best, most informed of  new independent news aggregaters, commentators, and independent video news & commentary producers come to understand that JEWS & JUDAISM stand behind most of the crimes, failures, national or global INTENTIONAL SABOTAGE & mass-murder policies afflicting the world today (sites like SGT Report, TIR, some of the more independent contributors at, many of the best investigative journalism & Trump supporting conservative, independent sites like The Still Report, David Seaman channel, and almost all others STILL FAIL to understand that JUDAISM is an INHERENTLY PREDATORY, adversarial religion based on an ENTIRELY FICTIONAL bible story that is so thoroughly INDOCTRINATED in to Western Civilization, western culture psyche that even intelligent, active, independent people across America and the world simply can not see the many inconsistencies and impossibilities that reveal the bible is an entirely man-made story - and furthermore, that most of the stories which make up the bible were compiled after the "Jewish Exile" to Babylon after 587 BC, when Babylonian King Nebuchadrezzer conquered Jerusalem, killed rebellious king Hezekiah's sons, and took the blinded Hezekiah and the highest ranking Hebrew elites back to Babylon as not only  captives, but living in a relatively luxurious confinement as noble hostages who were intended to enrich Babylon's already "multicultural" empire which was considered the ruling center of the world at that time - much as New York was seen as the "multicultural" ruling center of the world in the post- British empire era.  MUCH of the bible was written up BY JEWS - nobles, priests, & scribes - LIVING IN BABYLON after 587 B.C., and as such they were "LOOKING BACK" on all the ALLEGED stories of the "Exodus" which had happened, ostensibly, some 500 or 600 years earlier, and the Joseph and Abraham stories which would have taken place even more hundreds of years before that.   One or two generations - 20 or 40 or so years - is plenty of time to get important elements of big stories completely wrong (here it is in "modern" America, and a mere 16 years after the 9/11 2001 terrorist attacks, the ENTIRE "ISRAELI CONNECTION" story has been all but WHITEWASHED OUT of the American psyche or public narrative - despite 2 times 110 stories of heavily reinforced concrete towers turning to PULVERIZED DUST in just 6 seconds each, a physics and physical world IMPOSSIBILITY of the government's story of  "office furnishings fires started by jetliner fuel explosions" were the only cause of that catastrophic destruction - and volcano-like pyrotechnic flows of hot gas and dust roaring down Manhattan streets as the towers exploded) - so WRITING UP the bible "LOOKING BACK"  600 years to (alleged) events from the legendary past is plenty of time to get important details wrong - or MAKE UP ENTIRE STORIES altogether.    

 We will ease in to this discussion of JUDAISM as FORGERY, PLAGIARISM, & THEFT - TAKING the BEST from EVERYONE around them, without EVER giving a LICK of credit  much less appreciation, consideration, or respect - 
 with this SIMPLY BRILLIANT video by Youtuber 43alley that shows - in a dispassionate, even-handed, and non-confrontational way - that the bible's  NOAH's ARK story was based on a HALF DOZEN similar "Great Flood, only ONE human family spared" story - one preceding another all the way to the most dimly lit pre-history tribes and settlements along the Euphrates & Tigris rivers in "Mesopotamia" present day lower Southern Iraq.  
Whereas even the relatively benign and predictable  NILE RIVER in Egypt would flood predictably but for infrequent out of control floods;  the TIGRIS & EUPHRATES rivers would overrun their banks in raging fury fairly often - WIPING OUT ENTIRE SETTLEMENTS often with little advance warning.  
  Like the MYTHICAL GODS who were "imagineered" as the anthropomorphic, HUMAN PERSONIFICATION of  fickle passive then enraged rivers, the rivers were BOTH LIFE GIVERS... and LIFE TAKERS.  

 What's important for our discussion is that 
the ONLY WAY you can believe 
that the JEWISH bible "Noah's Flood" story  is the original 
- is to IGNORE all the preceding stories!  
Just like believing the earth is flat... and the center of the universe

WHEN YOU WORSHIP YAHWEH, the god of the Jews... you are essentially worshiping ASHUR, the god of the ASSYRIANS...  it is the ASSYRIAN EMPIRE that the Jews LUST AFTER to recreate today ("Greater Israel" may appear to be based on the Babylonian or Persian empires... but they were based on the ASSYRIAN empire).
  There is a Youtube bible historian who claims that Yahweh is based on MARDUKE, the BABYLONIAN all powerful tribal/empire god...  but MARDUKE  may have been a mighty and ruthless conqueror, but HE WAS TOLERANT of  other gods & goddesses.... whereas the ASSYRIANS were INTOLERANT of all other cultures.
YAHWEH would do ASHUR, the all conquering, brutal tribal god of the Assyrians one better: 

while ASHUR TOLERATED LESSER gods, as long as he was acknowledged as supreme...
YAHWEH would not share ANY of the glory or power with lesser gods, he was as INTOLERANT as the ASSYRIANS were of other tribes, empires, & peoples! 

 they MAXIMIZE the SUFFERING of slaughtered animals... you know... 

like ASSYRIANS  TORTURING their prisoners & captives  
(in the name of their god & king/emperor, of course) 

The only culture we know of that is anywhere near as DRENCHED in BLOOD and TORTUROUS SACRIFICE to (the) god(s)  is the AZTECS - not the Mongols, not the Nordic Vikings or other Dark Ages pagan tribes - NONE demanded so much CONSTANT BLOOD SACRIFICE as the JEW TEMPLE or the Aztec temples

 The BIBLE ITSELF contains many germs of truth that CONTRADICT the overall BIBLE NARRATIVE itself!

 In EZEKIEL Chapter 16, the Jewish bible scribes are putting themselves in the place of G-O-D  and CONDEMNING their own followers in  JERUSALEM. 
  Using the  metaphor of an adulterous wife, 
the JEW PRIESTS & SCRIBES are accusing their fellow Jews of being HARLOTS & WHORE-MONGERS
   - and, ironically, in INSULTING their own flock, 
the priests expose a germ of truth:  JOSHUA and the Israelites ("Israel" was the 2nd naming of Joseph's father, Jacob
did NOT conquer the Canaan Valley in a rush of warriors who spent 40 years in the desert after "the EXODUS from EGYPT"  - 

rather, HEBREW & JUDAISM developed in situ,  growing spontaneously from among the many other tribes, cultures, & ethnicities that existed just miles inland 
(the Canaan Valley and highlands) from the much traveled, much contested eastern shore of the Mediterranean... which also happened to be prehistory mankind's avenue of migration from Africa to populate the entire world - very well traveled, very contested, very historical lands - that the JEWS seek to IMPOSE their FALSE, FAKE, faux, LYING  pseudo-historical narrative on, editing, airbrushing, WHITEWASHING, ELIMINATING all other prior peoples OUT  of the picture. 

Saying to the JEWS in JERUSALEM  
(using the first-person "voice of  g-o-d" voice) 
"YOUR ORIGIN & YOUR BIRTH ARE OF the LAND of CANAAN... your father was an AMORITE and your mother a HITTITE"
 is actually some historical truth slipping in to the racist, hate & loathing for their neighbors 
Jew bible scribes' pseudo-history bible narrative!

The Bible LIES !!   
  The JEWS of the 'EXODUS' under Moses could NOT have "FLED EGYPT to Palestine" - which was an EGYPTIAN CONTROLLED territory, or series of vassal provinces, 
for hundreds of years before AND AFTER the alleged time of Moses!  
Nor would the Egyptians have tolerated a large, hostile tribe hanging out in the Sinai desert, threatening to loot all trade caravans heading between Egypt and the Near East.

 The ONLY way you can believe that the bible is a true, historical record of the past is if you PUT BLINDERS ON and BULLY YOUR WAY PAST the historical facts of what really happened in the region, substituting RELIGIOUS DOGMA for independent, objective research 
   - exactly as the CATHOLIC CHURCH INQUISITION declared it a CRIME to believe that the earth orbited the sun, 
  when, based on ONLY FICTIONAL religious readings of the bible, the Church maintained that the entire universe orbited the earth

Yahweh - the Jews "creator of the universe" racist TRIBAL GOD - may well originally have been a local tribal deity, or national god,  by the name of "YHWH" of the MIDIANITES.    

As with everything else of the collection of disparate peoples who would become the Hebrews - runaway or purchased slaves, traders from Egypt, Syria, Assyria, Babylon, Anatolia, Phoenicians and other tribes or cultures  from the many coastlines of the  Eastern Mediterranean -  they took the best practices of the peoples & cultures around them - the Phoenician based script, the cults of temple worship, temple bureaucracies, and priestly hierarchy;  the trade and diffusing of knowledge from neighboring cultures, and even their own tribal deity Yahweh - FROM the PEOPLE AROUND them and those who came before.  
It is quite amazing how a few chapters of  INVENTED Judeo, 
BIBLE FICTION - everything from Adam to Jacob/Israel, Joseph, Moses & Joshua - BLOTS OUT the real history from which the Jews developed.