Tuesday, April 18, 2017

AMERICA under MURDEROUS JEWS is AS BAD as NORTH KOREA under the MURDEROUS soft, fat little dictator Kim Jong Un.... AMERICANS are TOO STUPID to NOTICE

As STUPID, cowering Americans across the media & across the nation GUSH over the RACIST, GENOCIDAL little CHABAD  jew crime-mob heir running, ruling the Trump White House like an unelected Jewish/amerikan Caesar Commissar...
 or GULAG commander ruling over the disposable slaves.... 

...Americans, who are TOO STUPID

an AUDIT of the economies killing 
so-called "Federal Reserve" 
(or even demand an audit of "our" OWN GOLD in Fort Knox!); 

    ...Americans who are TOO COWARDLY to realize that "our" CIA is spending BILLIONS of "our" taxpayer dollars
FUNDING TERRORIST ARMIES to KILL MILLIONS of people in the Mideast - so JEWS in israel 
(in europe, & in america)   can STEAL IRAQI OIL,
 SEIZE Syrian lands, exterminate IRANIANS
 and seize THEIR oil, too   
to set up a JEWS ONLY EMPIRE to rule the world.
 Americans who are TOO STUPID & COWARDLY 
to realize  that our  JEWISH MASTERS have  
ALREADY, COMPLETELY turned us in to
 stupid, lobotomized COWARDLY, 
such that  we can no longer connect some very simple dots
Run for Your Life: The American Police State Is Coming to Get You!!
IS AS BAD as NORTH KOREA - either one can KILL YOU ON A WHIM !!!  

 For those victims "accidentally" MURDERED in a brute encounter with police HERE IN AMERICA
(as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has been documenting for years) 
 the end result is NO different than being murdered by regime goons in North Korea! 

 EVEN ALEX JONES, the best & brightest and most widely reaching of sentient American "alternative media" producers   REFUSES...  FAILS to explain 
that THIS IS the JEWISH WAR to SUBVERT,  then SUBJUGATE... then EXTERMINATE stupid Americans 
- and now they, the RULING CLASS JEWS  
are JUST TOYING with us,
with the recent "KUSHNER COUPfait accompli;

 soros/wolfowitz/libby, RAHM EMANUEL 
CLONE RULING the  "U.S." White House... 
 or, hell, they can just launch another massive FALSE FLAG attack like they did on 9/11... this time a NUCLEAR CRUISE MISSILE or "suitcase nuke" FALSE FLAG nuclear ATTACK... or maybe just have an israeli submarine sink a U.S. aircraft carrier and BLAME North Korea, Syria, or Russia...
    then,  overnight, the "SOFT" jew POLICE STATE DICTATORSHIP  TERROR WAR ON stupid Amerikans 
     here in America will EXPLODE in to RIVERS of BLOOD - 
 "Operation JADE HELM" will expose it's fangs,

   govt. MASSACRES and BOMBINGS and INTENTIONAL STARVATION (if not nuclear-war & bio-terror mass-killing) 
 RED TERROR PURGES of tens of millions 
of Americans WILL BE UPON us... 

  Yhat is ALWAYS the LUSTED-AFTER "end game" for Jews upon entering a country filled with a new dominant - but soon to be subjugated & exterminated tribe or host peoples;
 and, after 2 centuries of hospitably hosting jews here in America, OUR time to be KILLED OFF by PLAGUES or Jew perpetrated  massacres - like millions of Russians, Ukrainians, Latvians, Lithuanian, Poles & other victims learned to their horror back in the 1920s and 1930s under 
(*posing* as "for the workers & proletariat of the world")
 is now at hand, 
 See the Jewish "passover" celebration
 - where vile Jews CELEBRATE the (mythical, fictional) KILLINGS of EGYPTIAN CHILDREN every year! - 
-  or see the "Purim" festival - which celebrates the alleged massacres of  75,000 Persians & other ethnic nationals within the Persian empire; 
the bible spells out very specificallythat JEWS who DO NOT CELEBRATE the MASSACRE of PERSIANS (in this also  fictional "Purim" or "Esther" story)   
  to BE JEWISH, you must be PREPARED 
to MASSACRE the non-Jews around you 
- YOUR FORMER friends, neighbors, business partners, and "fellow citizens" -

the moment the opportunity arises WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE, violence, and MALICE aforethought... 

   and THAT driving social directive 
 is the DOMINANT social/political/economic FORCE
 RULING stupid, clueless, disposable Americans today.
  That  is the grim, evil UNDERCURRENT 
driving the social, media,  POLITICAL "NARRATIVE"  
which TALKS about 
 on the seemingly calm, peaceful, benevolent,  and tranquil American cultural surface... 
  but just below the surface of the seemingly placid,
 peaceful river 
the RAGING UNDER-CURRENT is SNATCHING CHILDREN in to horrific and murderous SEX SLAVERY,   
and if that is too "conspiracy theory" for you, 
 no reasonable person can deny that OUR PRISONS 
have become OPENLY MASS INMATE RAPE & dehumanization gulags;  
  and as the "Police Are Coming to Get You" 
article we highlight explains
 and THAT is exactly how  "the system" - the "establishment" - the evil PEOPLE (sic) RULING America want it !!!
   THAT is what the demonic Jews RULING our system 
abject SUBJUGATION of  disposable Americans,
 the way the JEWS CAN BOMB PALESTINIANS in Gaza at any time & wipe out entire apartment complexes full of civilians hiding in dread;  civilians  INCINERATED & VAPORIZED in a flash with huge AMERICAN SUPPLIED BOMBS 
- as evil JEWS CHEER, 
and as LOBOTOMIZED Amerikans are too stupid to realize that THIS IS the "desired outcome" for... STUPID, LOBOTOMIZED, DISPOSABLE Amerikans, too!  


WOW !! The DEGENERATION and lobotomization and SUBJUGATION of AMERICA - by Racist, genocidal, humanity-loathing Jews - is so advanced, so complete, so thorough... that STUPID AMERICAN don't even notice that THE UNITED STATES IS NOW WORSE than NORTH KOREA !!  "How can that be?!" you ask?   SIMPLE!
  Today we get a story over at PrisonPlanet.com  - one of the very best, if not the best "alternative media" news, discussion, and analysis sites in America not completely bowing to the corporate media or "globalist" script - that says  NORTH KOREAN SOLDIERS who MOCKED their nation's chubby, hereditary dictator Kim Jong Un for being crazier than his father or grandfather NOW FACE EXECUTION - and that probably  DOWNPLAYS or whitewashed  the story, because whenever the North Korean regime executes anyone - it is ALWAYS considered for "TREASON" - and it is USUALLY accompanied by WHOLESALE ARRESTS, TORTURE, & brutal EXECUTIONS of  family members and associates as well!

 BUT - HORRORS! - another story shows that AMERICA IS EVEN WORSE!    At least the North Korea system will accuse you of a crime before killing you - HERE IN AMERICA,  STUPID AMERICAN UNDER JEWS NO LONGER HAVE ANY RIGHTS! - they can be ARRESTED by BRUTAL POLICE at ANY MOMENT, for ANYTHING....  and BRUTALIZED, "inspected" and  accidentally killed by police with HAIR-TRIGGER trigger fingers - or maybe a victim will be just BEATEN TO DEATH by a MOB of cops doing their masters bidding: LETTING the "goyim" SLAVES KNOW, in no uncertain terms, that THEY ARE SLAVES,  they are THE PROPERTY of the GODDAMN-SACHS, ROTSCHILDS, CHABAD  orthodox JEW MASTER RACE -   so when you see the police coming,  ASSUME THE POSITION, LET THEM ANALLY PENETRATE YOU, and behave like a GOOD Pavlovian DOG - or they may "accidentally" KILL YOU !!

We've said it 1,000 times here in the pages to The Jewish Wars: JEWS regard NON-JEWS as NOT EVEN FULLY HUMAN - fundamentalist, orthodox Jews don't even regard their own wives, daughters and mothers as fully human! -  they regard us all as "goyim" as  BEASTS OF BURDEN - subhuman SLAVES at best, as  VERMIN to be exterminated and "liquidated" with extreme prejudice at worst, in the same way Jews celebrate the bombings, killings, kidnappings, murders, and property theft from Palestinians in occupied Palestine... and we have been saying that THIS JEWISH VIEWPOINT has TRUMPED Christianity and American Constitutional government as the ruling force and political narrative here in America,  because STUPID AMERICANS  REFUSE to look at the very simple facts, STUPID, clueless, useful idiot & collaborator Americans REFUSE to notice that ALL the corp. WHORE media corporations - ALL OF  THEM - are OWNED BY JEWISH BILLIONAIRES,  and that this is no accident: if a non-Jewish news or media company starts to make waves - starts to get noticed, starts to get attention, starts to gain a following or make a nationwide impact - the powerful media mogul Jews WILL GO BALLISTIC, and do everything they can to either QUASH, SQUASH that company... or simply BUY IT OUT.    We see this vile CENSORSHIP, INTIMIDATION, & SUBVERSION PRINCIPLE in effect TODAY - but, again, Americans are TOO STUPID to see that this is not "globalism" or "neo-liberalism" or "neo-Conservativism" - this is a JEWISH WAR to PROPAGANDIZE, mentally lobotomize  (train & condition like  Pavlov dogs a better metaphor), SUBJUGATE, and SUBVERT the American political consciousness: just as GOOGLE and FAKEBOOK - two "social media" corporations OWNED BY JEW BILLIONAIRES are now CENSORING those who DEVIATE from the corp. WHORE media script labeled as "FAKE NEWS",  and over at BREITBART the new director, CEO or managing editor is CENSORING ANY DISCUSSION of the ORTHODOX, TALMUDIC, CHABAD JEW  JARED KUSHNER essentially being a half-heartbeat away from being the de facto PRESIDENT of these stupid, conquered, divided, and disposable "United" States....