Monday, March 20, 2017

THE JEWS behind the new, American 'RED TERROR" send their TRAITOR HACK, Sen. JOHN McCAIN.. to WHIP UP a LYNCH-MOB on Senator Rand Paul

Our kudos to Senator Rand Paul for deftly turning the sword
of  Senator John McInsane's "TRAITOR!" ("Russian agent!")  smear away...
 and back on to Senator McCain.  

 And Senator Paul's comment that  - "IF JOHN McCAIN HAD BEEN ABLE to COMMIT U.S. TROOPS to COMBAT (war) EVERYWHERE he has wanted to... the U.S. would be involved in 2 dozen NEW conflicts... & smack in the middle of a (nuclear) World War III by now"
 was the most articulate rebuttal to the insane Neo-Con,  Zio-Nazi war insanity that we have seen in years.  

WHY is  MULTI-MILLIONAIRE Senator John McCain SO FEROCIOUSLY IN BED with CHRISTIANS KILLING ISLAMIC TERRORISTS in SYRIA...  "What does he have against Syrians, and Christians Syrians in particular?"
and why do he so vociferously WANT TO START A WAR AGAINST RUSSIA, 

to kill MILLIONS of Russians?  
because he is BRIBED, bought-off, and OWNED by the TRAITORS of the  JEW WAR LOBBY.

Senator Rand Paul has his work cut out for him: next to President Trump,
he is clearly the #1. TARGET on the evil Jews'  LYNCH-MOB  HIT LIST....
We wish Senator Paul the best;  and hope that he is  "hardened" and able to endure the coming 'Neo-Con'  Jew-Nazi firestorm..