Saturday, March 11, 2017

Robt Steele: President Trump is ISOLATED in the White House... SURROUNDED by 'DEEP STATE' OPERATIVES who are Guiding & DIRECTING him to a CRUSHING DEFEAT in 2018 midterms if not sooner...

Valuable info to be gleaned from this video:

-  Jeffery Epstein's "ORGY ISLAND" and "Lolita Express" were a MOSSAD (israel, jew-state)
SPY OPERATION to SEDUCE, corrupt, & BLACKMAIL powerful politicians, world leaders - and any other wealthy, connected or influential cultural leaders to be caught in a spider's web  or cesspit of  sex, orgies, under-age prostitutes, perversions, degenerations and sexual licensee all geared towards bribery & blackmail.  Here, in America today,   in
"real time" we see a repeat of the SEXUAL DEGENERACY that marked post- World War I  Weimar Germany - which Nazi propaganda would label as a "Jewish plot to undermine & degenerate the German nation." It is no coincidence or happenstance that Jeffrey Epstein is Jewish.... and that his "ORGY ISLAND" is rumored to be a JEW STATE, israel blackmail, subversion, degeneration, & extortion spy-op.  Besides Bill & Hillary Clinton, CHUCK SCHUMER is named in this video as an Epstein Orgy island visitor.... 

-  in 2001, then Vice President DICK CHENEY *IGNORED* WARNINGS from THIRTEEN NATIONS that their spy agencies & security services had heard widespread reports about a massive terrorist attack or hijacking - to take place in America in the summer or fall of 2001....

- the CIA is BLACKMAILING Congressmen & Senators - including in particular SENATOR JOHN McCAIN and SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM, at the front of the list of any blackmailed Representatives or Senators (much less those un-elected, appointed govt. officials being BLACKMAILED by "DEEP STATE" traitors IN SERVICE to FOREIGN nations - including blackmailed officials in the CIA, NSA, FBI, & other spy agencies themselves; throughout ALL RANKS of the U.S. military, and such BLACKMAILED officials are as well infested throughout ALL govt. agencies - including law enforcement and the courts)

- Some of the most elite hotels in New York and D.C. are UNKNOWN to the public - these are also part of the MOSSAD, Epstein, "DEEP STATE" treasonous spies & "Deep State" criminal mob apparatus.  Ironically, despite  their "no name privacy," and hidden entrances;  guests should expect NO real privacy on entering these hotels:  ALL their rooms are "bugged" with state-of-art video & sound surveillance

- the depth, breadth, & ferocity of the  "Deep State" TREASONOUS BLACKMAIL ops here in America, and in Washington D.C. in particular - are so pervasive & entrenched, that Robert Steele advocates a near universal AMNESTY for past crimes - as long as those corrupted officials confess all sins.  PROSECUTING EACH and EVERY such case to conclusion would OVERWHELM the ENTIRE U.S. government and bring it to a grinding, screeching, ruinous halt.    "TRUTH & RECONCILIATION,"  Mr. Steele asserts,  is the ONLY way to get the United States back on track, without terrified officials continuing to do the bidding of their "DEEP STATE" blackmailers - whose ultimate goal is to DESTROY the United States, as we so clearly see them DESTROYING the Christian based culture and sovereignty of Western Europe nations (note: according to other reports we have heard, BRUSSELS, in Belgium, is even worse than Britain; "disappeared" children are fed in to a voracious killing machine there that is even far more murderous than in England) 

- Over 450 arrests in California already this year  - the center of  "HUMAN TRAFFICKING" FEMALE PROSTITUTION and  CHILD PROSTITUTION in America - while back in D.C. over 30 people in the SENIOR Democrat and Republican 'leadership' positions in D.C.  HAVE BEEN PUT ON NOTICE that they could be arrested at any time, but that the number of those arrested will probably be far smaller... 


- the UK is  "THE PRIMARY PEDOPHILE European state" -

- According to Mr. Steele, up to 80% CIA and other intel officers are good and loyal & patriotic - but that 20% are outright traitors.  However,  we must point out that - with the centerpiece of  "U.S." "foreign policy" of the past 8 years under   HILLARY, KERRY, BIDEN, Panetta, Pelosi, FEINSTEIN, SCHUMER, Levin, Lieberman, Emanuel, PRITZKER, SOROS, Obama co. "Democrats" being the HIRING of TERRORIST ARMIES to DESTROY Libya AND SYRIA FOR ISRAEL - with resultant SWARMS of terrorized, terrorist infested refugees SWARMING IN TO EUROPE - it would be impossible for any competent CIA or intel official NOT to know that  OFFICIAL U.S. govt. policy was to CLIMB IN BED with the SAUDIS to DIRECT TERRORISTS to ATTACK & DESTROY entire civilians populations.... 

-  aligning with what we just wrote -
 that it would be IMPOSSIBLE for COMPETENT "national security"/intel officials NOT to know that the U.S. govt. has been IN BED WITH TERRORISTS murdering people all over the Mideast - and thus SOWING the SEEDS of the VIOLENT DESTRUCTION by "weaponized immigration" of both Europe AND AMERICA - that is, that U.S. intel agencies are NOT  *DEFENDING* America, but are rather HELPING the "DEEP STATE" to DESTROY America !!! - 
   Mr. Steele asserts that the "NSA & CIA are OUT OF CONTROL" - and he actually advocates President Trump SHUTTING DOWN - CLOSING, DEFUNDING, locking the gate - the entire NSA...  IMMEDIATELY !!! 

-   "The CIA has done some good work on forecasting and remote viewing and Extra Terrestrial [!!] communications... but they have done some DESPICABLE work on mind-control, MK-Ultra, NON-PERMISSIVE neural programming... Yale Univ. has been heavily involved in that, there are some places in New Haven Conn. that need to be BURNED TO THE GROUND and SALT-PLOWED in to the earth - there's a lot of good, but a lot of BAD as well"

 -  "SWEDEN is a VASSAL STATE of the U.S. DEEP STATE [of the insanely evil JEW WAR LOBBY!] - everything that has been alleged against Julian Assange is a LIE, the PERSECUTION of Assange is  FABRICATED by the "Deep State" - there are NO CHARGES AGAINST ASSANGE at this time in Sweden

- in 2017 there will be MASSIVE DISCLOSURES - a lot of what our government has done under 'Majestic' & other programs  HAS BEEN TREASON.  

- the goal of my work is to make EVERY CITIZEN an intelligence MINUTEMAN.
A collector, consumer, and producer of  DECISION SUPPORT.
"Intelligence is NOT about SPIES & SECRECY - intelligence  is about SUPPORT for DECISION   OUR ENTIRE SCHOOL SYSTEM has become a MIND-CONTROL NETWORK.  Our universities have been turning our students in to mental health cases - and then prescribing them drugs. 

- As soon as the weather turns warm, GEORGE SOROS will INSTIGATE MASSIVE PROTESTS - by HIRED AGITATORS - culminating in busing THREE MILLION PEOPLE in to Washington to TRASH the city and DRIVE PRESIDENT TRUMP OUT 

 - the ONLY counter to this [the MULTI-TRILLION dollar JEW WAR LOBBY ATTACKS to SUBVERT & DESTROY AMERICA!]  is for PRESIDENT TRUMP to WOO the 47% of Americans who didn't vote in 2016 - to prevail during the COLLAPSE of the REPUBLICAN PARTY, to  BUILD a COALITION of  TEA PARTY REPUBLICANS,  Trump voters, and other Republicans DISGUSTED with the [SOROS! DEEP-STATE owned]  Repub. ESTABLISHMENT - along with the SANDERNISTAS - Bernie Sanders voters disgusted with the Democrat Establishment that BETRAYED them - and other GENUINE LIBERALS who are coming to realize how RADICAL and DESTRUCTIVE the Democrat Party has become - people like DENNIS KUCINICH and Dem. Congresswoman TULSI GABBARD.... PRESIDENT TRUMP  MUST  WOO these patriotic Americans DISENFRANCHISED by BOTH the ESTABLISHMENT Democrats AND the Establishment Rethuglicans...

- the best... the ONLY WAY for President Trump to WOO SUPPORTERS is for President Trump to CREATE HIS OWN TV NETWORK - ANYTHING ELSE will be BLOCKED & CENSORED by the President's Deep State opponents - INCLUDING not only the "Major Media," not only FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and other social media... but including YOUTUBE and  THIS WEB-BLOG - hosted by  "DEEP STATE" GOOGLE's !! 

 DONALD TRUMP WON the  Republican Primary by STANDING UP TO and OPPOSING nearly EVERYTHING the  "establishment" REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES STOOD FOR - including  then all but anointed "DEEP STATE" CROWN PRINCE JEB BUSH.  
  For President Trump not to MAINTAIN his COURAGEOUS OPPOSITION to the HATED "ESTABLISHMENT" agenda of the senior Republican party officials would be to....  IGNORE HIS VOTERS, and DOOM his presidency 
Speaking of - - -

 RENSE PRIEBUS is  CENSORING, BLOCKING, FILTERING any an all information that President Trump sees and hears...  and if President Trump selects another MILITARY MAN - with career SUBSERVIENCE and KOW-TOWING to the DEEP STATE - as his next CoS, then he is DOOMED  by the "WAR PARADIGM" - that can, in an instant, LABEL THOSE of US WHO HAVE BEEN SUPPORTING President Trump through ALL the  Deep-State/Democrats' "RUSSIAN SPY!" allegations - WE, who stand up to these traitors - WILL BE LABELED as "TRAITORS!"  IF the  DEEP STATE GETS THEIR WAR vs RUSSIA - or Syria or Iran would do the trick

 - There are at least 500 TRAITORS embedded throughout the CIA, NSA, FBI, and other govt. agencies across America... the only way to root them out without DESTROYING the entire govt. in a massive  "fatal surgery" type of prosecutions effort is by a TRUTH & RECONCILIATION program...