Thursday, March 30, 2017

re ANNIVERSARY of the ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT on PRESIDENT REAGAN in his 2nd full month of 1st term: ROBERT STEELE explains an Insider's view on the CIVIL WAR in the "DEEP STATE" govt. between those who want to "TAKE OUT" President Trump.... and those who value LIFE & AMERICAN FREEDOMS....

as we continue to mark this, the 36th anniversary of the March 30, 1981 assassination attempt on President Reagan - we note: 
PRESIDENT TRUMP is in a fight -
 not only for his presidency and the future 
  of America against "the DEEP STATE," but for his very life.

 As our previous post explained, the  JEWISH run 
"DEEP STATE" WAR against President Trump 
and his supporters has already gone past the "CO-OPTION" point..... which leaves "the Deep State" with only 2 options;  either  WRECK the ECONOMY, BLAME TRUMP, and try to get the Republicans tossed out in the next  midterm elections - a risk-fraught strategy, ESPECIALLY with the REPUBLICANS ALREADY CALLING FOR AUDITING the FED - 
or the "KENNEDY OPTION"  forcibly removing the President from his office by whatever means - and today's diabolical assassins have not only perfected slow-acting poisons, but it appears that they have been using their "HEART ATTACK" pistol with frequent regularity,  including "taking out" BREITBART, MICHAEL COLLINS PIPER, and a score of  other prominent "Deep State" critics dying early, untimely deaths due to, allegedly, "heart attacks"