Monday, March 6, 2017

President Trump veering towards POLITICAL INCOMPETENCE, bordering on GROSS NEGLIGENCE!! WHY ISN'T DAVID BROCK UNDER SUBPOENAE for being SORO'S LEAD HATCHET-MAN in America? COULD ANY HUMAN be "DIRTIER" than DAVID BROCK? Brock Represents the TIP of the SPEAR of the Obama/SOROS "GAY MAFIA" with heavy "illuminati" (satanic!) overtones to DESTROY AMERICA by BLACKMAIL & DOMESTIC INSURRECTION... and this LITTLE WEASEL is TERRORIZING WASHINGTON from his Mass Ave. "RED TERROR" Spy Headquarters!

   (i.e. the SAUDI recruited, ISRAEL & 'American' Jews' hired PROXY TERRORIST ARMIES war to DESTROY Syria)
...he is NOT  taking on the ROTSCHILDS,  "Federal Reserve" banking FINANCIAL SABOTAGE & economic EXTORTION  Cartel printing themselves a TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR in so-called "QE-IV"  to "save the economy" - i.e. to kill everyone's savings, pensions, paychecks,  & etc. with 10%+ annual inflation - which monies go ONLY to the "bailed out" banksters...

...he is NOT taking on the  CHILD-RAPING NETWORKS and SATANIC CULTS that are the dark, evil  "heart" &  core of  the elite's BRIBERY & EXTORTION of ALL world leaders...

AND President Trump's team is  NOT EVEN TAKING ON THIS CREEP -
 DAVID BROCK -whose house in Rehobath beach had to be BULLDOZED.. DEMOLISHED!
 to - let's face it - HIDE the MURDERED CHILDREN'S BODIES.
Mr. President,  "Pizza-gate" INDEPENDENT RESEARCHERS and CERTAINLY "Wikileaks" had much, to do with your presidential election win... you are LEAVING THEM ALL to HANG in the breeze.. Your Attorney General can do nothing more than PROSECUTE AMERICANS for consuming medical  marijuana - and TOSS THEM in to the "illuminati" run slave/ PRISON/INDUSTRIAL GULAG complex?!    YOU WON"T HAVE ANY SUPPORT BASE left  if you let your most ardent supporters BE PICKED OFF by the D.C.  LEGAL LYNCH-MOB.... aka the  Rotschilds, SOROS funded DAVID BROCK run  "Media Matters" RED TERROR propaganda COMMISSARS
HOW disgustingly, foul, vile, & DIRTY is DAVID BROCK?
Well if his photos taken with
... JAMES ALEFANTIS aren't enough to make you retch...

here's an ENTIRE PAGE of LINKS to well-written articles about "Pizza-gate" in general 
 (the vile "human trafficking" in sex-slaves - including children - in and around Washington D.C.)    including this one: 
Meet Top Clinton Team [SOROS! ROTSCHILDS! "illuminati"!]  Operative & Homosexual David Brock

"Pizza-gate" tireless researcher DAVID SEAMAN had to take down his ENTIRE VIDEO LIBRARY - because the TRUMP TEAM has ALLOWED  the CRIMINALS behind "Pizza-gate" to INTIMIDATE RESEARCHERS - to QUASH FREE SPEECH and vigorous investigation of the seamy, dark underbelly of D.C. & American politics.    In this short video, Mr. Seaman summarizes other researchers who have found that SOROS OPERATIVE DAVID BROCK has been CHEATING on his "Media Mattters" foundation income reporting - failing to report a million dollars in sub-let office rental income from other foundations operating out of Brock's Mass. Ave headquarters

So President Trump is too naive, politically inexperienced, and doesn't have a sufficient
POLITICAL POWER-BASE among the BLOOD-SUCKING VAMPIRES, cannibalistic ghouls, and deadly SWAMP VIPERS & alligators in Con-gress & the Senate to TAKE ON the Rotschilds, GoddamnSachs, "FEDERAL RESERVE" ECONOMIC EXTORTION CARTEL,
 -   nor the ISRAEL + AIPAC JEWS' controlled CIA, NSA,  military/industrial/congressional complex ALLIANCE with SAUDI ARABIA (Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, etc) and their HIRED, genocidal "isis" TERRORISTS yet?
 So - for whatever reason,  President Trump wants his team to give a "FREE PASS" to not only JAMES ALEFANTIS and COMET PING-PONG... but to  MARINA ABRAMOVIC and her PUBLIC,  mega 'MOCA' annual Hollywood "gala event"  CANNIBALISM RITUALS?  

  Well...we believe all of those are GRAVE ERRORS of JUDGEMENT on the part of the President Trump;  if he doesn't know  that JAMES ALEFANTIS was POSTING SICK and DEMENTED and  INCRIMINATING PICTURES on his OWN, PUBLIC "Instagram" account -
- and that ALEFANTIS is TIED IN with JOHN PODESTA, GEORGE SOROS, DAVID BROCK, and HILLARY CLINTON.... well, that is merely incompetence.
BUT TO GIVE  DAVID BROCK - the LEAD COMMISSAR of the obama co.  "GAY MAFIA" aka "RED TERROR" in Washington  a "FREE PASS" to TERRORIZE  EVERY OFFICIAL in Washington - funded by George Soros's (Rotschilds'!)  INFINITELY DEEP POCKETS - is not only gross incompetence - bordering on CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE of previous Republican President George W. Bush STAYING AT HIS TEXAS RANCH  "on vacation" (out of the line-of-fire as his PNAC crew PLOTTED TREASON/terrorism!)  while the CIA DIRECTOR  George Tenet PERSONALLY VISITED the WHITE HOUSE to  WARN of "an IMMINENT TERROR THREAT FROM Al QAEDA TERRORISTS - POSSIBLY HIJACKING AN AIRLINER, HERE IN AMERICA"!!! -
 DAVID BROCK is DIRTY,  DAVID BROCK is a TERRORIST,  DAVID BROCK is the ACHILLES HEEL of the SOROS, Rotschilds, Hillary, Obama mob... and not only is Pres. Trump GIVING HIM A FREE PASS, but Brock is STILL THE COMMISSAR TERRORIZING WASHINGTON from his "media matters' SMEAR MOB on Mass Ave !!

AS WITH "Pizza-gate" - INDEPENDENT researchers & investigators ARE ALREADY DOING THE HARD WORK of  EXAMINING the HIGH CRIMES, ATROCITIES, and low financial crimes of DAVID BROCK -  but not only the FBI and Washington "law enforcement" (sic) are GIVING DAVID BROCK a FREE PASS - but SO IS PRESIDENT TRUMP!!
 BROCK is the BIGGEST ALIGATOR in the DC swamp, after Hillary, Soros, and obama... but President Trump ALLOWS this vile creep to DEVOUR law-abiding Trump officials with IMPUNITY!
  • GIVING the "DEEP STATE" cia, nsa, fbi a "FREE PASS" is one thing...
  • giving the SOROS, ROTSCHILDS, AIPAC, LIKUD Jew War Lobby a FREE PASS" is one thing...
  • GIVING the GODDAMN-SACHS, "Federal Reserve" institutionalized ECONOMIC SABOTAGE/ EXTORTIONISTS a free pass is one thing...
  •  GIVING the "satanic" CHILD RAPE, SACRIFICE, and MURDER/blackmail cults deeply embedded, infested around D.C. is quite horrific enough....
  • BUT GIVING DAVID BROCK a "FREE PASS" is nothing less than POLITICAL SUICIDE for Pres. Trump...

WELCOME to "DEEP STATE" Amerika, President Trump!  
  Don't feel unique - the ENTIRE BRITISH GOVT. is OWNED by the ROTSCHILDS,  Goldsmiths, Montefiores, et al JEW FINANCIERS MOB - who BLACKMAIL the ENTIRE upper-reaches of  Brti. govt. & society with - what else - their CHILD SEX addiction.   
 So - it's not that "the CIA & NSA used BRITISH INTELLIGENCE to COORDINATE SPYING on presidential candidate DONALD TRUMP" - it's that the NSA & CIA TAKE THEIR ORDERS from their MASTERS - the ROTSCHILDS  City-of-London anglo/american/JUDEO (trillionaire) paymasters.  
  Unless President Trump can break out of his  Demorat, "DEEP STATE,"  MEDIA WHORES straight-jacket  - ALL AMERICANS and ALL Brits (and ALL Europeans) are SLAVES to the JEW MOB....

David Seaman may not realize it, but in this video he documents how - the BLACKMAIL SUBVERSION of the ENTIRE  BRITAIN RULING CLASS has migrated... here to AMERICA....
with the NSA, CIA, & FBI   SETTING UP CHILD-RAPE sessions, seducing compromised politicians, business, financial, & cultural leaders by ANY MEANS possible - then TAPE RECORDING & VIDEO-TAPPING these sessions as BLACKMAIL material for the SOROS, ROTSCHILDS,  MOSSAD, Jew-Mafia gangsters who REALLY run the joint.
 Nothing new:  SIBEL EDMONDS has been reporting for YEARS now that... the FBI & CIA ROUTINELY tape-record or video-tape HIGH GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS engaging in ILLEGAL, CRIMINAL SEX with minors... including, among other horrific tidbits, the FBI tape-recording DENNIS HASTERT HAVING SEX with CHILDREN on his luxury Congressional junkets - with FBI agents NOT BEING ABLE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT, though it went on for months if not years!


  Max Kaiser's term "CASINO GULAG ECONOMY" comes to mind - where OF COURSE the CASINOS  who "comp" their high-rollers.... also TAPE & VIDEO-TAPE their clients for blackmail purposes...

-  the JEW WAR MOB (aka the AIPAC, GoddamnSachs, "Federal Reserve", Penny Pritzker, Soros, Rotschilds, et al JEW BILLIONAIRES) 
and they make life easy for you... but they SUBVERT, DEGENERATE, and DESTROY AMERICA.   IF YOU OPPOSE THEM - they SUBVERT, DEGENERATE, and DESTROY _all_ the people around you.  

NANCY PELOSI ANSWERS to AIPAC -  it is the AIPAC, GS/jpm,  Soros, Rotschilds, ADL, SPLC JEWS who are DETERMINED to DRAG the Trump presidency IN TO THE SWAMP -

 where they can KILL IT - while they KILL  independent America based on freedom & justice for all


 GLASS-STEAGALL - even if it WERE put back in to place - YESTERDAY! - would be but a band-aid on a BOTCHED ARM AMPUTATION compared to stemming INSTITUTIONALIZED FINANCIAL FRAUDS  deeply embedded in America's critical financial markets.... as Random Rants of Ryan expertly lays out.  President Trump ALLOWING  Glass-Steagall restoration to FALL BY THE WAYSIDE is.... SURRENDERING the INITIATIVE to the CRIMINALS who rig our financial system and CRASH OUR ECONOMY with IMPUNITY...

Although President Trump did a MASTERFUL job of surviving the presidential inauguration process - against EVERYTHING the SOROS funded obama "GAY MAFIA" DEEP STATE could throw at him - since then President Trump has been ROCKED BACK ON HIS HEELS,  responding to one artificial,  faux,  CREATED "crisis" after another.
 We have ONE Word of Advice for President Trump:  DAVID BROCK!
David Brock was "DIRTY" back when he was STILL a REPUBLICAN - we purchased his book, "Blinded By the Right" when he switched sides to OPPOSE the Bush/Cheney administration
 (i.e. the  'PNAC', GoddamnSachs, AIPAC/LIKUDNIK JEWS and their multi-billionaire "israel UBER America" sponsors!)  back in 2003 - but we never read it,  David Brock ADMITTED to LYING to SMEAR ANITA HILL, a witness who accused, in Congressional confirmation testimony,  Supreme Court Justice nominee Clarence Thomas of running a sexual innuendo & harassment workplace -  so we had no real desire to read the "CONSCIENCE" of someone who... ADMITTED to FABRICATING LIES to achieve political ends!  
SINCE THEN,  DAVID BROCK has clearly taken on the role of  GEORGE SOROS'  #1 HATCHET-MAN,  the #1.  CHARACTER ASSASSINATING HIT-MAN in all of Washington, D.C..... which is INSANE,  because SOROS & BROCK are BOTH DIRECTLY LINKED to  "Comet Ping Pong" PIZZA-GATE operative JAMES ALEFANTIS - whose PUBLICLY POSTED InstraGram accounts were the REAL "SMOKING GUNS" of the Wikileaks.

Three excellent short videos serve to OUTLINE what is WRONG with President Trump's leadership over the past 2 weeks:  he severely UNDERESTIMATED the FEROCITY and DEPTH of their attempts to not merely "OBSTRUCT" - but to NEUTER,  emasculate, and DESTROY his presidency.   AND President Trump is PLAYING IN TO THEIR HANDS!
So Pres. Trump wants to act like he's NEVER HEARD of "PIZZA-gate" and JEWISH WITCH "spirit cooker" MARINA ABROMOVIC throwing MASSIVE Hollywood gala events featuring MOCK CANNIBALISM... when the fake, human-like corpses created out of food items meticulously sculpted & colored to look exactly like a human body were clearly FAR, FAR, FAR MORE EXPENSIVE to produce than to obtain a human "sacrifice victim," kill them, and carve up their body in secretive "satanic" rituals (the real purpose of which is to run BLACKMAIL rings to suck-in and entrap the wealthy, powerful, and influential members of society.
 SO PRESIDENT TRUMP is GIVING MARINA ABROMOVIC & co. a FREE PASS for PUBLIC "cannibalism galas"?!   So President Trump's team is GIVING GEORGE SOROS a "FREE PASS" to FOMENT GEORGIA & UKRAINE style COUPS - so-called "Color Revolutions"  - HERE IN AMERICA - funded - as ever - with U.S. TAXPAYER, CIA, NSA, State Department, War Dept. (lucrative "contracts" including the LUGAR CIA BIO-WAR labs in Georgia, former "Soviet Republic" labelled by the Deep State as nothing more than harmless "vaccine & animal virus research" - but in fact AIMED at SKIRTING BIO-WAR RESTRICTIONS on America's own bio-war labs... and, according to well-founded rumors - USING the LOCAL POPULATION in Georgia AS GUINEA PIGS in test "releases" of the latest bio-war agents, to see how they spread & transmit through a population!

We believe President Trump did a MASTERFUL job of getting inaugurated: the "DEEP STATE" was clearly pulling out ALL THE STOPS to PREVENT Trump from taking the oath of office, and we PERSONALLY attended the inauguration in DC that day - getting off the Metro subway at Capitol Hill South - only to be stuck in SECURITY PORTAL LINES an hour and half later, a set-up created by the OBAMA regime to INTENTIONALLY make it hard for Trump supporters to see the inauguration... just one facet of the GEORGE SOROS controlled "Deep State" opposition to President Trump that also saw DELUSIONAL "feminists" and DELUSIONAL "LGBT" AGGRESSIVE SEXUALITY activists CHEERING... tens of thousands of RADICAL ISLAMIC "immigrants" POURING in to America,  radical Islamists who have LITTLE to NO respect for Feminists or LGBT rights; indeed, under the SAUDI, Wahabbi, Salafist most extremist forms of  "Sharia law" Islam - WOMEN CAN HAVE THEIR female genitalia CUT in BARBARIC circumstances by village men with rusty knives and no anesthetic...  termed "FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION" which we discussed in class in a Mideast Politics & Religion course back in 2001 -
and, worse, in SAUDI ARABIA and across much of the radically "conservative" Islamic Mideast, N. Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asia, & etc -  WOMEN may be LEGALLY MURDERED or STONED TO DEATH  in so-called "HONOR KILLINGS" - not only are the men forgiven for murdering their own wives, sisters, daughters, and cousins, but in some cases, as for example RAPE of a sister or daughter, the men find it easier to MURDER THEIR OWN family victims... rather than pursue a blood-feud against the male member of a powerful family or clan (mob!) who might have perpetrated the crime!
  What's important here is that the "LIBERAL MEDIA" is  SUPPORTING the MOST RADICAL, vile, ANTI-WOMEN, anti-Gay, and ANTI-HUMANITY  EXTREMIST form of  WAHABBI, SALAFIST, SHARIA "law,"  "HONOR KILLINGS" ISLAM - and whatever "push-back" Alex Jones & others did back during the inauguration is GONE - the SOROS, DAVID BROCK LEFT-WING LYNCH-MOB has "moved on" to other targets  - the "Trump is a SPY for RUSSIA!" canard - and STILL the Trump administration is BACK ON ITS HEELS!!

     IS PRESIDENT TRUMP TOO STUPID to know that 9/11 was an INSIDE,  DICK CHENEY, Generals Eberherdt & Meyer,  NETANYAHU, EHUD BARACK, LARRY SILVERSTEIN, FRANK LOWY, +  MOSSAD explosives expert job? We know that Mr. Trump was cozy with Netanyahu before the election.