Friday, March 31, 2017

"PIZZA-gate" IS REAL !!! Mark Dice BRILLIANTLY deconstructs not only the HILLARY (Demorats!) "CFR" Connection.. but the CFR "illuminati' SATANIC HUMAN SACRIFICE ultra "elite" CULTS as well...

 "PIZZA-gate" IS REAL !!! 
Mark Dice brilliantly deconstructs not only 
HILLARY's  "CFR" Connection..
 (+ Bill Clinton & obama co. = the entire Demorat Party... + even more connected Rethuglicans)

 but he also CONNECTS the CFR with
"Council on Foreign Relations" very PRIVATELY OWNED, billionaires run  wars & debt slavery pimping think tank

ultra "elite"  murder & death CULTS as well... 
and he did all this back in 2015, LIGHT-YEARS  before anyone heard of wikileaks, JOHN PODESTA, or that vile disgusting  "Comet Ping Pong & Pizza" owning ex-boyfriend of DAVID BROCK,  JAMES ALEFANTIS of  PUBLICLY POSTED Instagram  infamy