Thursday, March 2, 2017

JEWS - Rotschilds, Soros, GoddamnSachs (et al) "globalists" - BRINGING TENS of THOSUANDS of JIHADIS IN TO FRANCE & GERMANY... to do to France & Germany what the JEWS' SAUDI Recruited JIHADI TERRORISTS DID to SYRIA.....

INSANE JEW PSYCHOPATHS running, RULING America & Europe wear their "HATE, GENOCIDE, and ETHNIC CLEANSING of "white"  EUROPEANS.... AND of "white" Americans - on their foul, vile, abominable sleeves.  OPEN BORDERS for  EUROPE & USA...  MASSIVE USA FINANCED WALLS,  TRILLIONS of dollars of bombs, bullets, "bailouts" and extortion of the U.S. treasury for the evil jew slave-owning master class

To understand what is going on... to see how the MARXIST, TROTSKYITE,  JACOB SCHIFF, PAUL WARBURG,  Soros, ROTSCHILDS,  GoddamnSachs, Lazards, et al "RED TERROR" has COME TO EUROPE and is OPENLY TRYING TO EXTERMINATE the White, Christian population of Europe, simply replace "JEW BILLIONAIRE PSYCHOPATHS" for "globalists" in this epic Alex Jones "MUSLIMS ARE ENCOURAGED by POLICE to RAPE & MURDER...  GERMANS ARE ARRESTED for handing out flyers"  and "THEY WANT TO ARREST MARIE le Pen for simply sending out  FLYERS of -  ATROCITIES POSTED by "isis" ISLAMIC TERRORISTS - THEY CAN POST (and perpetrate!)  the atrocities - SHE's the CRIMINAL for trying to educate the French public about them!
OBVIOUSLY, this JEW INSANITY is  DESTROYING Europe and America (along with the Mideast) -  JEWS CRY, WHINE, and WAIL! "anti-Semite!" when you mention THEY SUPPORT OPEN BORDERS ATROCITIES...  and when they institute GENOCIDE among CHRISTIAN ARABS - of Semitic races!!     WELL, since we cant' stop these insane psychopath traitors from RUINING OUR COUNTRY - they now COMPLETELY OWN PRESIDENT TRUMP, ALL they have to do is shout "RUSSIAN SPIES!" and the whole administration falls apart -  might as well pull up a lawn chair and watch them BURN AMERICA, EUROPE, and the world down in an JIHADI NUCLEAR WAR INFERNO because - you know - the "g-o-d" creator of the universe NEEDS THEIR HELP to kill people !!