Sunday, February 5, 2017

"WHY is POPULAR CULTURE SO VULGAR?" Because the "GLOBALIST" "elites" are RULED by GENERATIONS of "CRIMINAL MOB" JUDEO FINANCIERS - with a 25 CENTURIES History of SLAVE TRADING and BRIBING officials of ALL nations & tribes... and because SLAVES HAVE NO RIGHTS (nor dignity) !!!

WHY is today's "Pop Culture" SO VULGAR??

There are actually 2 very powerful reasons, both intertwined, as to why "pop culture" is so increasingly "DUMB... & DUMBER" and vulgar:   as "the CRIMIAL ELITES" seek to rule humanity by every psychological dirty trick and bait-&-switch lie they can muster, SEDUCING and DISTRACTING the population becomes ever more critical to their vile, sinister, treasonous, back-stabbing plans.... 
- both NEW ORLEANS &   SAN FRANCISCO are  legendary for the ABUSE slaves, sex slaves, and kidnapping victims were forced to endure: the screams of  ghosts of  raped, tortured,  & murdered slaves from generations past are reputed to still  be heard in some quarters in New Orleans late at night;  and in San Francisco and harbor towns all along the Pacific west coast, you can still visit underground tunnel systems used to "SHANGHAI" - KIDNAP MEN as forced sailors on merchant ships headed to China -  and of course  similar kidnapping of male and female sex slaves in criminally run brothels abound throughout the world today.  The POWER to RULE has for every generation of humanity throughout history been the POWER to ENSLAVE and MURDER those not sufficiently powerful to protect themselves from predatory elites...
#1.  "SLAVES have NO dignity or RIGHTS!" 
What's amazing about this is how many bible-thumping "Conservatives" - both Christians and Jews - BELIEVE WHAT THEY WANT TO BELIEVE re their role in the world according to the bible... even though the bible is pretty specific, "WOMEN MUST OBEY their husbands" 
and "G-O-D" demands that...  "his CHOSEN people" RULE the EARTH - through SLAVERY! 
JEWS WAILING! and whining about "the Holocaust" while BRAGGING about the ATROCITIES "their" g-o-d and "their armies" (allegedly) inflicted on neighboring peoples in the bible era is simply MASS DELUSIONAL THINKING - you can NOT  CELEBRATE the MASSACRES of ENTIRE PEOPLES and then WAIL when your tribe receives the same treatment... without being a PSYCHOTIC nut-case! 
Leviticus 24:44"'Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy [MAKE! KIDNAP! ENSLAVE!] slaves.
and the ONLY way to MAINTAIN the slavery system.... the ONLY way to keep slaves in DOCILE OBEDIENCE, the ONLY way to KEEP SLAVES from WALKING OFF THE JOB  is to TERRORIZE them - and that means a steady and ferocious assault on their dignity, their independence; their psychological stability; a SLAVERY based economic & social system DEMANDS  relentlessly DEGRADING and TERRORIZING of the slaves - abusing them, mocking, traumatizing, whipping, raping, torturing, and murdering them as the ruling class sees fit - whether by hired overseers SPECIALIZING IN SADISTIC TERROR  whipping and beating slaves; or by owners raping and degrading them; or by public LYNCH MOBS whipping up a violent, nearly cannibalistic frenzy; or in slave-catcher raids and other militarized campaigns of violence, murder, and intimidation.
 In our "modern" era, where most of those physical assaults are illegal, the elites (acting through media corporations and ad companies) spend billions of dollars $$ pounding out media messages that often portray the majority of the population as having no dignity or worth other than as sexual toys and playthings.

#2. while in most bird species that feature SEXUAL DIMORPHISM  - including cardinals, peacocks, and birds of paradise -  it is the MALES who have evolved brightly colored feathers, ostentatious displays,  and other odd behaviors TO ATTRACT FEMALES (mates),
 "Superb" bird of paradise WOOS a VERY FINICKY FEMALE (in drab colors) -
those are not his actual  eyes, but rather
- the male peacock uses similar strutting to woo an also drab colored female (right) humans it is  the females 
who have evolved VOLUPTUOUS BREASTS 

A quick glance at movie dramas set in the medieval, Renaissance, or Victorian eras;  or 1950s westerns, illustrates that even when women's clothing covered most of their skin, their dresses still accentuated and highlighted the female form - clothing, as modest as it may have pretended to be, still attempted to ATTRACT & HOLD MALE ATTENTION (with plunging necklines, tight waists, sashaying buttocks that amplify hip motion, colors and fabrics that accent a women's skin, eyes, face, or hair, and other elements that ACCENTUATED FEMALE SEXUALITY. )

The human female body is biologically  DESIGNED by Mother Nature  to DISPLAY  jer reproductive availability and fecundity,  and likewise the male human mind is  DESIGNED - PROGRAMMED!   to focus on and FANTASIZE about that female sexual fecundity and display (i.e. every male fantasizes about female bodies)   even "classic" beauty contests play to that primordial procreation focus of our entire lives...  our all-consuming sex drives.
  SOCIETIES (such as radical Islamic society that mandates women wear a hijab, much less a burkha -or CATHOLIC NUNS!) 
that TRY to COVER UP and  REPRESS FEMALE SEXUALITY are FIGHTING MOTHER NATURE herself!   while at the other extreme societies that promote LEWD, vulgar and obscene behavior are encouraging REPRODUCTIVE LICENSE that, literally - unchecked population growth leading to overpopulation, famine, and starvation - hint at the CANNIBALISTIC nature of the REPTILIAN behaviors upon which all "higher" mammalian & primate genotypes are based (many mammal species practice cannibalism in stressful situations; and even in our closest primate relatives, chimpanzees, CANNIBALISM -  devouring rival chimps killed in inter-tribal conflict, is a recurring feature of chimp social conflict.)  
image: WHY is 'pop culture'  SO VULGAR...??
- sexual prowess IMPLIES reproductive fecundity,
the ability to DELIVER healthy OFFSPRING to potential mates -
sexual reproduction is still very much
 the primordial driving force of our lives - 

- not only that, but what elites call "leadership" 
and what WE call "MORALITY" - is simply a biological 
SOCIAL SYSTEM (humans living together in large numbers) 

 which presumes to TELL us WHO IS ALLOWED to PROCREATE
 and who is CONDEMNED for profligate procreation!
(i.e. wealthy people, especially royalty,  can raise many children, usually with a wink-and-nod from their genuflecting religious and/or  press subcultures; 

while poor or impoverished people are discouraged 
or condemned for having too many children, 
especially for example if they have to steal to feed their children. 
As the movie and Broadway play  "Oliver" grimly reminded us, even in "civilized" Victorian, Dickensian era England, CHILDREN WERE HUNG for STEALING FOOD - a horror which reached rampant levels during the Irish famine in 1845-1850s Ireland) 
It may or may not be SOCIALLY

 or "normal"  for males and females to 
DISPLAY their sexual organs in "polite society
-  but biologically, 
both men & women are genetically DESIGNED
 for OSTENTATIOUSLY DISPLAY of their SEXUAL AVAILABILITY and prowess (implied fecundity)

- but with the over-sized human male sex organ (penis) as well,  the male penis taking place of the peacock's ostentatious tail feathers, and the enlarged, voluptuous breasts of women advertising her fertility and ability to nourish her fetus throughout the entire pregnancy - i.e. a woman's fat-filled breasts implies a woman's ability to deliver to her prospective mate a healthy, well formed child.

sources: in comparison to our chimpanzee and gorilla primate genetic cousins, a woman's voluptuous breasts are entirely unnecessary for sex and procreation: 
 PBS, "The NATURE of SEX" video
 - in comparison to our chimpanzee and gorilla primate cousins, a human male's sex organ - penis - is entirely over-sized, grotesquely enlarged compared to what is required for reproduction: 
Jared Diamond, "The THIRD CHIMPANZEE" (subtitled: "the rise... AND FALL of the humans"


"ALL conspiracies are ROTSCHILD conspiracies... all other (lesser) conspiracies are mere spin-offs" - Eustace Mullins;  still today (2 decades after he passed away) the unchallenged MASTER, the expert about  how the "Federal Reserve" cartel's insidious TREASON & SABOTAGE dealings...INTENTIONALLY DESTROY ECONOMIES....   not only the INTENTIONAL SABOTAGE of small, vulnerable, foreign nation's   economies by "ECONOMIC HIT MEN"  across the globe, but  the "GLOBALISTS" predatory financiers INTENTIONAL ECONOMIC SABOTAGE  of their HOST NATIONS' economies economies as well - in ENGLAND, in IRELAND, in FRANCE, and HERE in the USA:  including the ENTIRE DECADE of MASS-MURDEROUS  ECONOMIC SABOTAGE, the "Great Depression" 1929-1941 that INTENTIONALLY DROVE MILLIONS of American families to gross destitution, heartbreak, and abject poverty, such that MILLIONS of  Americans died premature deaths from exposure, lack of health care, stress, suicides, murders, and killings at hands of police and cruel prisons...  and even from malnutrition and FAMINE related causes that usually were reported as sickness.

 "WHENEVER YOU ASSUME SOMETHING, you make an ASS of you and me"

-  ASSUMING that the bible - written by RACIST,  theocratic scribes in an era where SLAVERY was the coin of the realm  - is the "word of god" may yet  prove to be the FATAL FLAW in the American people's fight to come to grips with their mind-controlling PUPPET MASTERS JUDEO BILLIONAIRE Rotschilds, GoddamnSachs, 'Fed' humanity hating overlords &  SLAVE TRADING puppet-masters.


 For  heaven's  SAKE!
The WTC towers DID NOT "implode" from either jet fuel, office furnishings fires; or the force of  massively reinforced concrete slabs falling on to each other "pancake" style - the twin towers were both TURNED NOT TO RUBBLE, but to DUST  from MASSIVE EXPLOSIONS that turned hundreds of thousands of tons of  massively reinforced concrete ad steel to hot,  "pyrochlastic-flow" CONCRETE DUST that looked exactly like volcanic clouds of super-heated smoke and ash pouring down to wipe out every living thing in their path.

  - and the HIGHLY "WEAPONIZED"  ANTHRAX ATTACKS on THE OFFICES of  THE TWO SENATORS who (Sen.Majority Leader) DASCHLE & (Sen. Judiciary Comm. leader) LEAHY  were "OBSTRUCTING" the un- "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act"  were NOT the work of a LONE-NUT bio-war nutcase - as the Bush administration's  "U.S." government & corporate media relentlessly tried to tell us - both  the GOVERNMENT's and corp. WHORE MEDIA's  STORIES from the Cheney-Bush-Chertoff-Wolfowitz years are COMPLETE FANTASIES and BOLD-FACED  LIES !!

 the  DEEP STATE  which answers to the SOROS, ROTSCHILD, WARBURG, LAZARDS et al JEW BILLIONAIRES who OWN the entire Western world's MONEY SUPPLY and corp. press/media and their ARMIES of AIPAC, LIKUD, Bnai Brith JUDEO SUPREMACIST BILLIONAIRES LIARS & TRAITORS  have been ATTACKING & MURDERING AMERICAN CITIZENS with IMPUNITY for  the PAST  16   years under BOTH the Obama AND BUSH REGIMES... but today's "Alt Right" media, in decrying "Liberalism" as criminal insanity, FAIL to see that today's lobotomized "Liberals" are CONTROLLED BY RADICAL RIGHT-WING ZIO-NAZI slave-traders and economic saboteurs... whose PREFERRED model is the Bush-Cheney blatantly Right-Wing  ALSO FALSE-FLAG perpetrating demonic police state & war-machine!!

The latest historical novel set in Dark Ages, pre- Norman Conquest England by British novelist Bernard Cornwell contains (as do many of his other novels) many words of insight & wisdom that are universal - across space & time - to the human condition; in this case the pagan (Nordic gods worshiping) protagonist explains that "MEN SEE WHAT THEY WANT TO BELIEVE"   and much of  "the GREAT HORROR" (tm!)  that has gripped much of the American and European "Western Civilization" people is based on the "elites" ability to INVERT REALITY... a communications & propaganda skill learned and honed by ANYONE who regards the Hebrew, Jewish, "Old Testament" bible as an authentic, reliable, historical truth (much less by those who regard the OT bible as "the g-o-d given gospel truth"!)

   In fact, the bible and Jewish culture - like all creation myths and cultural memes of  all cultures that ever existed - are a stitched-together hodge-podge, and crazy quilt, and compendium of myths & motifs STOLEN from the people around them, the people who came before them,  and the prevailing wisdom and "best practices" of culture and empires  then extant

YOU MAY WANT to BELIEVE that "god loves you" and that "he" - the g-o-d of the "holy bible"   represents a just & moral (much less a divine, eternal)  society -  but a religion & theocratic system based on STEALING PREDECESSOR PEOPLE's MYTHS & LEGENDS without giving them a lick of credit (much less human dignity) is hardly an unimpeachable font of wisdom, truth, &  moral virtue!

and, more to the point, "OUR SELFISH GENES" are at all times SCHEMING to DESTROY RIVAL genes... 
    ...when the bible ADVOCATES GENOCIDE
(the extermination of  the Jerochoites, Midianites, & Amalekites, for examples) 


 Today the SELFISH GENE which is trying to procreated TO THE EXCLUSION of RIVAL genes  is.... hooked up to NUCLEAR, BIO-WAR, and  COMPUTERIZED weapons that can ANNIHILATE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of human lives - RIVAL GENES! - in mere days or moments!   

Those who PROFIT from the WEAPONS INDUSTRY - including the media, academic, legal, governmental, and other PROPAGANDA ARMS of that "defense industry" -  are FEEDING THEIR FAMILIES (sustaining the viability of their offspring, their genes) from the WAR INDUSTRY  just as surely as Dark Age warlords & robber barons would send their armed knights (hired thugs!) to  steal the harvests from neighboring villages!