Thursday, February 23, 2017

Is PRESIDENT TRUMP being BLACKMAILED by SATANISTS who have VIDEOS of his having sex with 13 yr old...?

SEX SLAVE ISLAND:   is Jew-Nazi TRAITOR Gregori Schwartz, aka  George  SOROS
 USING VIDEOS of Pres. TRUMP visiting SEX-SLAVE ISLAND in the past
Is President Trump being BLACKMAILED 
by SATANIST DEATH CULT members who have VIDEOS from when he was a younger man, having sex with a 13 yr old, probably on Jeffrey Epstein's Rape & Orgy island?   
   If so, America is doomed by the evil child raping, prisoners murdering, TERRORISTS SUPPLYING, nations hating,  CHRISTIANS HATING Jews....
 who have BLACKMAILED our President to HAND AMERICA OVER to the evil, genocidal, mass-murderous SOROS, EISENBERG, FEINBERG Jew-Nazis  traitors and Civil War fomenting terrorists; for the immediate implementation of evil  Judeo Supremacist  "RED TERROR" civil war, massacres, fema/DHS  slave/DEATH-CAMP GULAGS, nuclear style 9/11 "FALSE FLAG" terror attacks,   

and humanity crushing World War III nuclear war machine... 


THIS is the TERRORISM and DESTRUCTION of nations and EXTERMINATION of POPULATIONS agenda that the evil Jews have on order for... us AMERICANS,
  and for the United States of America.  
As simple as BRIBING politicians - and buying up all the corporate press/media to whitewash, censor stories of that bribery & subversion - then THROW OPEN the BORDERS and INVITE ARMIES of TERRORISTS to come pouring in

 ISIS TERRORISM was CREATED by  the U.S. government and Saudis UNDER "American" &  ISRAELI JEWS' direction... EXTERMINATE SYRIA's people... so the JEWS (israelis)  can ANNEX SYRIA on to ISRAEL, as the first step towards making a "GREATER ISRAEL" BLATANTLY JEWISH EMPIRE to OVERTLY rule the world by Jew-Nazi terrorism & mass-genocide global dictatorship

The "GREATER ISRAEL" plan is simple: 
use both the U.S. military and 
 to  DESTROY ALL NATIONS on the evil Jews' hit-list....
 then pit the warlords ruling those rump, TERRORISM RULED, ethnically cleansed, divided, factionalized, and strife-ridden nations (area in black)  to fight each other - instigate further civil wars among the already "ethnically cleansed" by terrorist populations-     
 then  use NATO, U.S., and Israel air-power to cut off the supply lines that have been supplying those TERRORIST ARMIES, 
then the JEWS CAN MOVE IN, and COMPLETE the EXTERMINATION of the local populations... 
as they are already doing in Palestine & Syria.   
   It's an INSANE plan - but Jews have now effectively, 100%  HIJACKED CONTROL of EUROPE & AMERICA, and there is nothing Americans or Europeans can do to stop their nations from being flooded by hostile "immigrants" and terrorist infested "refugees" that is an intended by-product of the Jews destroying those nations...

"MANUFACTURING CIVIL WAR" is as easy as BRIBING politicians,  and funding LGBT,  minorities, and other groups to PROTEST - with VIOLENT RIOTERS becoming ever more "mainstream" as the protests expand...
Then ACTIVATE REAL TERRORIST ATTACKS - whether "Boston Bombing" or Sandy Hook "FALSE FLAG" GOVERNMENT attacks, or by paying real Islamic terrorists to set off bombs -

Did President Trump have his National Intelligence Director General Michael Flynn resign
because he, President Trump,  was being blackmailed....  and is President Trump now going to destroy his presidency and American by giving a  GREEN LIGHT, a FREE PASS, to the child rape, murder, and cannibalism networks,
by putting STEVE FEINBERG in charge of the U.S. military and intel apparatus?

  Well,  here's Representative CYNTHIA McKINNEY explaining... YEARS ago in CONGRESSIONAL HEARING grilling then Secretary of War Don Rumsfeld  back in ____ - - that DYN-CORP.  was a Jewish,  Israeli owned FRONT for GLOBAL MASS-MURDER, extortion, blackmail, war profiteering.... and HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Yes, Congress-woman Cythia McKinney SPECIFICALLY ASKED then U.S. Defense Secretary DON RUMSFELD what he knew about  awarding multi-billion dollar contracts to DYN-CORP - which Representative McKinny informed Rumsfeld was KNOWN to be ENGAGING IN TRAFFICKING of  HUMAN SEX SLAVES.
It has ONLY GOTTEN WORSE since then: EMPOWERED by their 9/11 TREASON, by their IRAQ WARS PROFITEERING, by their AFGHAN OPIUM U.S. military PIPELINE DIRECT to EUROPE & AMERICA... empowered by the $29,000,000,000,000 TWENTY NINE TRILLION dollars Jew financiers have STOLEN taken  from the clueless SLAVE American people, the CHILD SEX SLAVE, HUMAN TRAFFICKING,  SADISTIC "satanic" MURDER CULTS,  "Deep Black" mercenary operations, and DRUG TRAFFICKING & MONEY LAUNDERING  JEW CRIMINAL NETWORKS have grown so huge and vast.. that their  CHILD RAPE NETWORKS are toppling over in to the public space... and STILL Americans have no clue about all the above trillions of dollars of rampant criminality and terrorism treason ruling our government.

 Rumsfeld, while nominally the Secretary of War and boss of the war department back under the Cheney/Bush presidency,  was actually just  a PUPPET FIGUREHEAD, the U.S. War Department was actually being run by the CABAL of  JEWISH NEO-CONS under  then Under-Secretary of War PAUL WOLFOWITZ -  the cabal of  evil JEW TRAITORS who never missed an opportunity to inform us "HOW BRILLIANT THEY WERE about DEFENDING AMERICA'S NATIONAL SECURITY"  but  who, "WHOOPS!" did NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING to prepare America for the well known possibility of  airline hijackings and/or  TERRORIST ATTACKS in throughout the first 9 months of the new Bush-Cheney presidency -  even though Al Qaeda had (allegedly - it was probably a MOSSAD under-water "SEAL" team attack) used a small boat to launch a SUICIDE BOMB ATTACK  the U.S. Navy warship USS Cole in a Yemen harbor IN OCTOBER of 2000 - and even though the ITALIAN POLICE and military STATIONED SURFACE-to-AIR MISSILES around the GENOA G-8 Economic Summit in GENOA, ITALY... in JULY of 2001 - SPECIFICALLY and PUBLICLY to DETER the possibility of  AL QAEDA HIJACKING an AIRLINER and using it as a FLYING BOMB to ATTACK the assembled G8 presidents and prime ministers!!

  NOW, to our great horror,  we know WHAT JEWISH  "national security experts"  TRAITORS MEAN by "NATIONAL SECURITY" - to TRAITOR JEWS who are CONTEMPTUOUS of America and Americans,   
"national security"  means  DESTROYING the United States by ANY and all MEANS POSSIBLE: ECONOMIC SABOTAGE, OPEN BORDERS, subordination of Americans and American govt. to "TPP" dictatorial "trade" agreements;   INSTIGATING RACE, ethnic & cultural divisions....  oh, and those "OPEN BORDERS" and  GEORGE SOROS funded "color revolutions" inciting and instigating DOMESTIC STRIFE and "PROTESTS" here in America?  WHEN THEY TURN VIOLENT - as is intended - THAT'S TERRORISM.   When ARMIES of  Soros funded "REFUGEES" recruited from North Africa and war-torn countries in the Mideast come pouring in to America... a certain portion of those "immigrants" have been trained & experienced  TERRORISTS from  the TERRORISM WARS against Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen  - and are intended to DO THE SAME - murder and destroy society - here in America

  AS Trump supporters are being CRUSHED all over the web - no general in a wartime environment can survive much less succeed if his men are being killed with impunity; the attrition is costly and the moral of  his army will be destroyed -  many of us are wondering "WHY doesn't President Trump NOTICE... and CALL GOOGLE, TWITTER, YouTube, FakeBook,  and other "social media" execs on the carpet and READ THEM THE RIOT ACT for acting as CENSORS on behalf of the BILLIONAIRES - the JEW BILLIONAIRES - who already own and have a complete abject monopoly on the traditional, TV & cable channels, working in close concert with the also JEW BILLIONAIRES who own not only the major print-media newspapers and magazines... but who have a commanding monopoly on book-publishers as well.

  And the same - WHY does President Bush LET GEORGE SOROS OPENLY advocate a "COLOR REVOLUTION" i.e. a COUP, POLICE STATE, and CIVIL WAR here in America - that is SABOTAGE, that is TREASON!!

  Well, we have long suspected, and we now know, why President Trump is FAILING to NOTICE his SUPPORTERS BEING ATTACKED, CENSORED by the BILLIONAIRE "social media" owners...
we have long suspected why President Trump PRETENDS NOT TO NOTICE GEORGE SOROS and the JEWISH owned & controlled HOLLYWOOD (+ NY corp. media) running around ADVOCATING IMPEACHMENT or a coup or both - BECAUSE of FEAR...
 ...for the same reason that  ALEX JONES  REFUSES TO MENTION JEWS - even though Alex knows damn well that SOROS and ROTSCHILDS ATROCITIES AGAINST AMERICA are SUPPORTED by not only the JEW BILLIONAIRES of HOLLYWOOD, NY, CHICAGO, San Fran,  Florida, Texas, & etc... BUT BY EVERY JEWISH TEMPLE in those cities, towns, & states as well.
  PRESIDENT TRUMP  is probably BEING BLACKMAILED by the JEW WAR LOBBY, and even the HINT that  the DYN-CORP executive is going to be put in charge of the ENTIRE  U.S. MILITARY/industrial/INTEL complex signals nothing less than... the quite possible END OF HUMANITY as we have been privileged to know it.   Until the 1990s American history was divided between "pre-Pearl Harbor" - the pre- WWII era - and the post-WWII era;  in 2001 America was divided between the pre- 9/11 era and the post 9/11 era,  and today we may be living in the last days of the "PRE-GLOBAL NUCLEAR APOCALYPSE" and "post-nuclear war" era...

  because, forget about the serial FINANCIAL TERRORISM & ECONOMIC SABOTAGE, the CRIMINAL STATE actors behind 9/11, the Anthrax Attacks, the LIES-to-WAR Iraq invasion in 2003... and the HIRED proxy Saudi, Turkey "ISIS" TERRORIST ARMIES of the obama, hillary, biden, kerry, & pelosi era ARE IN CONTROL of  this, "our" U.S. government, and they are NOT GOING TO RELINQUISH POWER to FACE PROSECUTION for any of those heinous crimes, atrocities, and High Treasons -  so they MUST SQUASH  the CHILD-RAPE "Pizza-gate" investigations,  and they MUST START WAR AGAINST IRAN & RUSSIA to keep the American public clueless and deluded... hence LEWIS M. EISENBERG is not merely "public enemy #1." he is  HUMANITY's ENEMY #1." du jour..

 Our only "hope against hope" is that investigative reporter Benjamin Fulford's cutting-edge analysis are right on the edge of sanity - the nexus between huge crime syndicates and huge government operations are huge and amorphous (clouded) - and for example in this article he suggests that Japanese criminals are fighting the Prime Minister of Japan to...  prevent the "legal" Prime Minister from selling Japan's precious drinking water supplies to the Rotschilds global mafia for pennies-on-the-dollar bribe money.
  But, to repeat, President Trump ALLOWING GOOGLE, FAKEBOOK, TWITTER, and the corp. "major media" to even HINT at - much less aggressively implement - CENSORSHIP of Trump supporters; and President Trump GIVING GEORGE SOROS  FREE REIGN to  STAB AMERICA in the heart;  and President Trump REFUSING to "out" the  CIA, SAUDI, ISRAEL  TERRORIST CONNECTION... means that we are all doomed.

   Well, it has been a challenging, "interesting" and at time liberating past few months.   We - all of us Americans who support America against "globalist" sabotage & treason - have been able to use the Trump candidacy and presidency as a BLANK CANVAS upon which to paint our expectations, hopes, and fears.   Everything up to know - the Trump candidacy, the election, the inauguration - have been nothing but the STAGING, the placing of troops and equipment before a battle.
  But now that battle is doomed - handed over to the TRAITORS who WANT TO DESTROY America.   We can all hope for a miracle, but with President Trump being "CHECK-MATED," with his SUPPORTERS being PICKED-OFF - some actually, like BRETIBART and others KILLED - and with the vast majority of Americans having no idea how evil their government is - all the pieces are in place for a mass-murderous  GEORGE SOROS,  VICTORIA NOODLEMAN KAGAN, DIANNE FEINSTEIN,  MICHAEL CHERTOFF COUP  here in America - just like Victoria Noodleman Kagan and George Soros orchestrated in Ukraine just 2 years ago - and then comes the CIVIL WAR, government HIJACKED BY THE TRAITORS, and the mass-murder massacres, starvations, and bio-wars....

as Head of ENTIRE U.S. MILITARY/industrial/INTEL complex.

[i.e. absolute bronze-age god-king power to kill anyone,
 anywhere in America or the world
 with absolutely no apologies... nor even notice.
 This - AMERICA as GAZA II -  is the price We Americans must pay for GIVING the PERPETRATORS of 9/11 a FREE PASS for over 15 years..
...while we have BOMBED & MURDERED and DISPLACED MILLIONS of  INNOCENT VICTIMS of the 9/11 perpetrator's HATE-MONGERING, SCAPEGOATING, and vile LYNCH-MOB genocidal wars] 

The head of the Satan worshipping faction in the US is, according to certain royal family members isLewis M. Eisenberg, Donald Trump’s selection for US Ambassador to Italy. No doubt while in Italy, Eisenberg was planning to conspire with other senior Satanists (according to CIA and NSA sources) such as the Agnelli Brothers, Victor Emmanuel, Leo Zagami and others against Pope Francis. Leo Zagami, by the way, once told me he had eaten a human fetus.
Eisenberg has also been traced forensically by Japanese military intelligence to Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso, through a cement conglomerate controlled by the French Branch of the Rothschild family. Japanese underworld sources say Aso is about to be publicly executed because he has begun selling Japanese publicly owned water resources to Rothschild controlled companies. Water is essential to life and stealing it from the Japanese people in exchange for bribes is not going to be forgiven, the underworld sources say.
US intelligence sources, for their part, say that Eisenberg is blackmailing Donald Trump with a video of him having sex with a 13 year old girl.
That is why Trump had US director of National Intelligence General Michael Flynn fired when Flynn was about to start arresting senior pedophiles in the US power structure, these sources say. That is also why Trump is trying to place Steve Feinberg, head of the mercenary company DynCorp, in charge of the US military and intelligence apparatus.
It is also this blackmail that is preventing the Trump administration from prosecuting the perpetrators of mass murder incidents like 911 and Fukushima, the sources say.