Tuesday, February 21, 2017


First the good news: President Trump has performed miracles, way beyond expectations in navigating the hazardous sharks & shoals infested waters without crashing on the hidden reefs...

Top picture: the WACO catastrophe: the MURDER by GOVERNMENT of  dozens of hapless people at an obscure ranch in Texas was a conflagration blamed on Democrat President Bill Clinton.... but set in motion by a President George H.W. Bush (Sr.) REPUBLICAN holdover deeply embedded in the "Justice" (sic) department in the critical first weeks of the incoming President Clinton administration.  The REAL target was not the hapless Branch Davidian Christian church/cult members... but WE the American people.  The murderous Waco conflagration was a "DEEP STATE" trifecta (success): it conditioned Americans to MURDER by GOVERNMENT; it got left-leaning "Liberal Democrat" Clinton voting "liberals" and minorities to support aggressive, intrusive, powerful government "intervention" against Conservative elements in society (Christian churches and conservative "militia" movements); of course it got Conservative elements of society to HATE "liberal Democrats" and the Clinton administration in particular (leading directly to the Linda Tripp overseen "MONICA!" Clinton impeachment) - it was the opening blow of what would become two decades of  "FALSE FLAG" terrorists attacks, GOVERNMENT perpetrated attacks to murder and/or terrorize the American people... yet despite showing their hand in whipping up extremist "take down Trump" talk between those unlikely allies, Trump protesting "liberals" and the CIA, even today merely mentioning "false flag" i.e. "OPERATION GLADIO" style GOVERNMENT TERROR ATTACKS on its own people - is limited if not "verbotten."   below image brilliantly - in just a few words - explains the backdrop to what we now see is the DEEP STATE WAR against the American people, using the alibi "DEFENDING US FROM TERRORISTS!" to demand TRILLIONS of dollars in funding of "counter-terror operations" - that FUND TERRORISTS to TERRORIZE us! 

First, the good news: We must salute President Trump for competence and achieving results far beyond hope or even expectations;   for  carrying us across the minefields intact; for navigating across the the treacherous  sharks & shoals filled waters without crashing on the reef
 Now the bad news: the "DEEP STATE" has been PERPETRATING TERROR & SABOTAGE attacks at critical moments in just about every president's term of office;  often in the first weeks of a new president's term of office... and the "DEEP STATE" actors deeply embedded in the government ("apparatchiks") and the billionaires who control them, have never hated a president so much, nor been so DESPERATE and FRANTIC to bring a president to heel - as they are now FANATIC to destroy and remove President Donald Trump, who is visibly destroying the treasonous, dictatorial work of their generations of efforts - the TPP & "open borders" sabotage of America; the E.U.; reigning in the extra billions of dollars of  CRIMINAL SLUSH-FUNDS tacked on to EVERY military/defense budgets - such that, for example in the case of the F-35 fighter, the program has become so bloated with corruption & incompetence that (figuratively speaking, in the brutal arena of modern air combat) the plane can barely take off under its own power (and the even more expensive F-22 is also considered a failure, a "hanger queen" that relentlessly demands lavish attention before it makes brief flights... much less hard-core combat operations); speaking of, REIGNING in the BILLIONS of dollars the CIA, State Department, and other agents of government and "DEEP STATE" "private contractors" have spent PAYING TERRORISTS to INVADE & DESTROY NATIONS -  "WHERE did ALL OF QADAFFI'S GOLD GO?" - WE KNOW WHERE IT WENT!  TO evil ROTSCHILDS, SOROS, WARBURG, SCHIFF, GOLDSMITH, GOLDMAN, & etc. secret vaults deep underground in the City of London, in Paris, in Brussels, Amsterdam,  in Vienna, and of course some of that STOLEN AFRICAN GOLD found its way to bank vaults here in America; in New York, D.C., Chicago, San Francisco, LA, Denver, and where ever else the hydra-headed "DEEP STATE" vampires have a hand out for "profits" from drug trafficking, slave trading, war profiteering, or that most "legitimate" of their operations,  RESOURCE EXTRACTION and COMMODITY MONOPOLIES, in particular oil & energy, but in sugar, grains, textiles, water, and all other essential goods and services.  SO HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS, because we are in for quite a ride: a real-life RAIDERS of the LOST ARK, a REAL LIFE TOMB-RAIDERS, a REAL LIFE STAR WARS as the forces of the Evil Empire  MUST marshal, come together, gear up, and send their armies of flying-monkeys, suicide-bombers, and assassins to   *DISPOSE* of  President Trump - they really can't just bring him to heel, he is too popular, too effective, and every day he gets BETTER at COMMUNICATING with the American people - so like any good military commander, let's look at their past battles to see how they might go about unleashing this storm of  HATRED, SABOTAGE, DESTRUCTION, and TERRORISM against we the American people in the coming days, weeks... and (we hope and pray we all survive for) months!
Presidents John F. Kennedy and Woodrow Wilson were both well aware of the "DEEP STATE" evil control over the real levers of power here in America.... and they were BOTH killed, ASSASSINATED by "Deep State" actors, President Wilson by a slow-acting poison.  "They" would later kill, murder, ASSASSINATE outspoken former Congressman Louis T. McFadden BY POISON for giving increasingly popular speeches that BLAMED the "Federal Reserve" bankers for intentionally instigating the "great depression" massive financial crash and economic collapse - i.e. ECONOMIC SABOTAGE.  "They" would also murder, kill, ASSASSINATE popular Louisiana Senator HUEY P LONG for also blaming the fat-cat bankers for INTENTIONALLY instigating the "great depression" as a DELIBERATE MEANS to IMPOVERISH AMERICANS to thus enrich and increase the wealth and power of the already wealthy.   Wilson and JFK had been long in office before they were "taken out." You can see that President Trump has his - and our - work cut out for him...
While President Clinton and later Attorney General Janet Reno would earn the fear, loathing, and hatred of  Conservative, Republican voters for presiding over the WACO conflagration,  MASS-MURDER by GOVERNMENT of INNOCENT, peaceful  American citizens.... it was a REPUBLICAN  ACTING Attorney General (and not even an officially "acting AG," just a bureaucrat who assumed that power) WHO SET IN MOTION the WACO mass-murder by FBI & ATF terror raid.  Had the govt. raid really been about "law enforcement" they could have just arrested David Koresh when he went in to town on his many shopping visits.  Not to worry, Conservative Clinton haters - JANET RENO was SELECTED for the Attorney General position - the top "law enforcement" (sic) officer in the entire nation - PRECISELY because she was an ALCOHOLIC with criminal "dirt" in her past...    the DoJ, just after the Financial System, is a BASTION of  DEEP STATE CORRUPTION,  along with absolute ownership of the corp. media the DoJ is a absolutely essential cog  to whitewash & cover up the DEEP STATE CRIMINAL WAR on America...

"TERRORIST PLOTS.... HATCHED [and set in motion] BY the FBI" !!! 
 confesses the Sulzberger TRAITOR  NY TIMES !!

WE MUST SALUTE President Trump for his SAVVY and COMPETENCE wa-ay beyond anything we had any right to hope for (given the horror and gravity of the predicament all we Americans are in today with the near total  "Deep State" hijacking of every last inch of our government),  
   much less expect: he won the election despite the SHI*T STORM of  EVERYTHING "the establishment" could throw at him, both LEFT-WING "Lib-Dem, feminists, LGBT, + career bureaucrats, ward toadies,  party apparatchik " DELUSIONALS, the ENTIRE corp. billionaires owned CMM "Controlled Mass-Media" (aka "the mainstream media")  as well as nearly fervent opposition from back-stabbing Right-Wing McInsane, Bush, Cheney, Lindsey, McConnell, Ryan Rethuglicans 
   - and it turns out that winning the election was the easy part (well - aside from some of the rumors we've heard about the coup/counter-coup going on at the highest levels of the U.S. high command, with Hitlery-bots well along their plans to repeat their THEFT of  FOURTEEN STATES on election day, that they stole successfully from Bernie Sanders voters on primary election day - halted on by massive threats from the "White Hat" high command?!) 
because, of course, the CAREER WASHINGTON CESSPIT "swamp" CRIMINALS, financial fraudsters, economic saboteurs, bailouts-sucking vampires, TERRORISTS FUNDING Black-Ops... and, even, OMG!  real, actual child rapists, baby killers, BABY RAPISTS and real, actual blood-drinking vampires & cannibals infesting the dungeons and "KILL ROOMS" of  CESSPIT/swamp Washington - once their fellow vampire/parasite Hillary lost the election - went in to HIGH DESPERATION MODE,   SOROS & co. (ROTSCHILDS!) FLOODING Washington and other cities with AS VIOLENT and deranged "PROTESTERS" as they could find, without actually lighting off any bombs - you know, like they DID at the BOSTON MARATHON. 

    So one thing we all, SANE Americans, must thank Donald Trump for is a CESSATION of  FALSE FLAG  TERROR ATTACKS since he threw his hat in to the ring -  THE ONLY WAY the 'DEEP STATE' can get AWAY with FALSE FLAG TERROR ATTACKS, or Boston/Sandy Hook  FALSE-FLAG TERROR SIMULATIONS, PORTRAYED as REAL terror attacks - is if the tame, lame, LYING, FAKE-NEWS corp. whore media DOES NOT ask ANY tough questions - and the Donald Trump candidacy was nothing but a TOUGH QUESTIONS asking media circus coming to every town, city and state in America (carried by internet, if not by the treasonously lying captive media).  

 WHICH BRINGS US TO OUR POINT:   JIMMY CARTER's quest for re-election in 1980 was almost CERTAINLY SQUASHED by the  DEEP-STATE  REPUBLICAN-ISRAEL coalition - i.e. recently FORMER CIA DIRECTOR  GEORGE H.W. BUSH (Sr.) climbing IN BED with his Israeli/JEWS overlords/puppet-masters (just remember: "ALL conspiracies are ROTSCHILDS conspiracies..."  including the ENTIRE  "elite" network/crew of SKULL & BONES career psychopaths) to make that TREASONOUS DEAL with the IRANIAN mullahs and/or radicals to HOLD THE AMERICAN HOSTAGE PRISONERS until AFTER the American election of November 1980. It was undoubtedly the worst election the Iranians have made at least since they fell in line with the CIA coup against Mossadegh in 195_.... in exchange for a few missiles and maybe a ship-load or two of supplies, they lost TENS of THOUSANDS of their men in suicidal human-wave assaults against Saddam Hussein's AMERICAN SUPPLIED weapons - including POISON GAS and the CIA/mil-intel directions on how best to dump the poison gas clouds on advancing Iranian infantry.

 SO -  the CARTER re-election SABOTAGED by "DEEP STATE" BUSH, CIA,  JEWS (israel) TREASONOUS DEALINGS with IRAN'S mullahs to SABOTAGE a U.S. presidency...

...shortly later, INCOMING  REPUBLICAN President, Ronald Reagan (by all appearances and UNWITTING beneficiary of the above Bush-CIA-Jews "October Surprise" treason)  IS VERY NEARLY KILLED in a... "LONE NUT" gunman attack that featured a "lone nut gunman" from central casting... the son of a career family friend of Vice President Bush!  
  President Reagan's survival really seems like nothing short of "an act of god" - the gunman, Hinckley, blasted off every bullet in his revolver at point-blank rage... but only a single bullet fragment hit President Reagan, and not in his heart  - just as President Andrew Jackson's survival from an assassination attempt was nothing short of miraculous, when a determined gunman stepped right out in front of him, with 2 pistols... and BOTH misfired! 
  Let's skip over Iran-Contra for a moment (except to note that it was almost certainly run by FORMER CIA DIRECTOR then VICE PRESIDENT George H.W. Bush (Sr.) in league with his same "OCTOBER SURPRISE" traitors/ISRAEL/DEEP-STATE JEW ALLIES;  and Reagan was probably kept AS FAR "OUT OF THE LOOP" as possible) 
and fast forward to BILL CLINTON's suprising "DARK HORSE" 1992 presidential election win.  Now some people have said that "THE illuminati" had ALREADY SELECTED Bill Clinton to TAKE OVER FROM PRESIDENT Bush Sr., it was part of the "illuminati" PLAN to PUSH their AGENDA further under a DEMOCRAT president, and in fact Clinton was an understudy, or protege, of Bush Sr.  
  but we lived through that election,  and the "SMART MONEY" said that career Senator PAUL TSONGAS was going to win the Democrat primary - and we shuddered, because however well intentioned Tsongas may or may not have been, he was a COLD FISH of a candidate to make... well, to make MICHAEL DEKAUKIS look young, virile, and well-spoken in comparison!  

  For those reasons, "DARK HORSE" Bill Clinton won the primary, and with his magnetic and telegenic skills he won the 3-way election against Pres. Bush & Ross Perot - Perot had essentially written all of Clinton's best speeches, and certainly best Bush-bashing talking points for him -  but Bush Sr. did not yield the reigns gracefully and without a fight; and therein lies a lesson for ALL "ESTABLISHMENT" REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES:  IF you allow your GODDAMN-SACHS minions/handlers to TRASH THE ECONOMY as is their wont - MAKING the "ELITES" RICHER.... by DISPOSSESSING the masses - well, "the masses" aren't going to cheer and applaud you driving them out of their homes, jobs, and savings/ retirement-accounts IN TO THE curb/GUTTER - so if you are an Establishment Republican politician and you please your ROTSCHILDS "money power" masters then you are CERTAINLY going to piss-off your constituents and voters! 

WHICH IS WHERE "coups" and especially 


Was THIS the work of the "DEEP STATE" ??