Friday, February 3, 2017

"CANNIBAL GHOULS & EATERS of the DEAD among Us"... The "NATIONAL SECURITY" apparatus ANSWERS to the JEW BILLIONAIRES who are INDOCTRINATED FROM BIRTH to HATE & LOATH humanity... and their "ESTABLISHMENT" "deep state," "national security" apparatus, predatory finance, economic sabotage, and Orwellian propaganda/authority are a CANCER DEVOURING our Societies from within....

In an article published exactly a year ago, GORDON DUFF - a  JEWISH MARINE Vietnam War combat veteran - brilliantly describes the CIA - and thus the ENTIRE  U.S. GOVERMENT - as  a CRIMINAL MOB,   as a mass-murderous MOB demonically dedicated to WRECKING LIVES, importing & selling DOPE to DESTROY CHILDREN here in America;  waging wars & torture on behalf of the KAGAN, NEO-CON..... JEWS !!!    as a means of SUBVERTING SOCIETY and spreading death and destruction far and wide, insidiously here in America, even more violently and blatantly overseas.
Mr. Duff simply fails to see that this is a generational, millennial strategy developed and refined over 2,500+ years by the Hebrew, Jewish tribe as a means to conquer and destroy  rival tribes, and in particular to infiltrate and usurp power from rival tribes who have already created large & powerful empires.    This ethnic strategy of  "INFILTRATION & USURPATION" existed for thousands of years before Hebrews or Jews ever came in to existence as a unique language and tribal ethnicity at the ancient crossroads between Africa, Europe, and Asia on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean.... in fact, other nomadic,  SEMITIC tribes had already specialized in that same tactic, slowly and peacefully "INFILTRATING" - moving in  among settled peoples of other tribes... and then, over the course of a few generations, the INFILTRATING nomadic peoples were STAGING COUPS and violent USURPATIONS; DISPLACING the ruling elites of the previous settled peoples.  Two of the  most famous examples of this GENERATIONAL INFILTRATION & USURPATION strategy were both SEMETIC, NOMADIC tribes  in the ancient Near East:  the Akkadian Semitic tribes moved  in amongst the Sumerian,  non-Semitic people who lived in and had developed a brilliant civilization in Southern Mesopotamia (today's Southern Iraq,  where the twin Tigris & Euphrates rivers create a lush delta before emptying in to the Persian Gulf)   and the  HYKSOS were another Semitic tribe who likewise found themselves attracted to the lush, fertile bounty of the  Nile delta where the Nile River emptied in to the Med in northern Egypt.
 Now here's the rub: the strategy of  conquest by force of arms is brutal, murderous, and violent....

   ...but the strategy of CONQUEST by INFILTRATION & USURPATION demands stealth, DECEIT, deception....  and the willingness to perpetrate BACK-STABBING TREACHERY when the time comes;   which in turn creates a mental state where the would-be USURPERS are always looking with HATE & LOATHING, contempt, & disgust  on their "friends," neighbors..... allies... and "fellow countrymen"... &  (potential) VICTIMS!!
 The ancient social strategy of  CONQUEST by INFILTRATION and usurpation DEMANDS HATRED, CONTEMPT, and LOATHING for the targeted host tribe.... and this becomes the defining mental  outlook, or psychology, of the infiltrating tribal "elites" and leaders.... including not only the warriors, priests, and elite families, but even among the common traders, scribes (accountants) and book-keepers (etc.) !   

AND WE SEE THIS HORRIFIC ATTITUDE promulgated in every chapter of the bible;  
which basically instructs Jews to "get along, go along" when they are in the INITIAL STAGES of  coming in to contact with a new and powerful tribe or people - say, upon first meeting (becoming subjects of) the PERSIAN empire -  the JEWS ARE HAPPY to marry one of their own (ESTHER) TO the PERSIAN KING...  but elsewhere the same  bible counsels and DEMANDS that  Jews ALWAYS STAND ALOOF from their neighbors... including the story of PHINEAS SPEARING a lawfully wedded couple simply because the wife was NOT born Jewish!  So the HYPOCRITICAL demands of the Hebrew, Jewish bible & culture is for Jews to do what it takes (intermarriage, temporary alliances, business dealings, trade,  etc.) with their more powerful hosts UNTIL SUCH TIME as - well,  as the Jews are able to IMPORT DRUGS in to their host society, or hire armies of  mercenary terrorists warriors; or  BRIBE the elite families of the target society to wage war against each other ("divide & conquer") -  in order to  WRECK that TARGETED HOST SOCIETY by SABOTAGE.... as  a prelude to staging a palace coup where the Judeo criminal cabal "elites"  take over (and  "RED TERROR" = "the NEW MORDACHAI DEATH-LISTS"  MURDER EVERYONE IN SIGHT - as the Trotsky/Kagan commissars did, MURDER AN ENTIRE GENERATION of  intellectuals, teachers, academics... and very nearly even the entire roster of  "Soviet" Red Army high command generals!)

a brilliant, unknown internet artist composed this awful illustration of  CONDOLEEZA RICE as a DEMONIC, CANNIBAL GHOUL DEVOURING the dead corpse of her millions of murdered "war" (industrialized mass-murder!) victims, as  "big brother" Dick Cheney looks over the appalling scenes of death and destruction from the background (to right).  It took us over a half-decade to figure out that THE POWER, THE FORCE behind both Dick Cheney, George W. BUsh, Condi Rice, and all the other PUPPETS of the Bush Jr. admin.  was the JEW WAR LOBBY - they are TRULY  "EATERS OF THE DEAD" among us, they are INSATIABLY GREEDY and DEMONIC  TRAITORS & LIARS absolutely determined to bring the entire world - the entire human race - crashing down around their heads; as a generational,  political, social, cultural & ethnic strategy to rule over every nation;
to EXTORT, ENSLAVE... & EXTERMINATE   every people they ever come in to contact with  -  as Yukon Jack would say, the "parasite war/demon" / "god" meme.    

  Gordon Duff brilliantly describes this awful treachery and demonic "war" - mass-murder - blood-lust below... 

but leaves out the 2nd biggest part: that the KAGAN, NEO-CON AGENDA of  parasitic war lust and vile treachery, treason, hate, and demonic, ghoulish cannibalism & war profiteering


 JEWS CELEBRATE the "PASSOVER" celebration every year NOT as a TRIBUTE TO GOD'S GREATNESS"  

- it is a horrific, mythical story where the supposed "god,"
"creator of  entire the universe"

 "to BE LIKE GOD" - 
as a means to FURTHER their fortunes... 
to further the fortunes, power & influence OF JEWS, 
by SABOTAGING any & every host nation, peoples, 
or  empires they ever come in to contact with.

We work with a Russian group that does quality research and video work.  Today they sent me an email asking me why a pro-Russian group called “Russia Insider” was publishing wild and inaccurate propaganda against both Russia and Syria.  
We had looked at this organization when it began, it was a stealth website intended to buy into the alternative media market using “counterfeit currency, ripped off and borrowed analysis, bad writing and activist sounding “soft soap.”
They were another in a long line of vehicles, most online but not all, intended to resemble journals or think tanks or, for the worst of them, cutting edge analysis and even conspiracy theory.
All have the same thing in common, a return to zero degrees magnetic north, no matter which way then seem to go, when they are needed or tasked, the handlers and the talking points return them to the Israel lobby and Kagan family neocon program.
Stratfor is one of these as is the Institute for the Study of War.  There are more, so many more.
This reminds me of the history of the neocons, all Bolsheviks in college, they became Reagan “neocon’s” when the wind blew that way, buying their way into conservative circles and into Washington’s power elite, bringing with them economic voodoo (Reaganomics), endless borrowing, the service sector economy, offshore for everything jobs and money for sure and “onshore” for teeming millions of refugees.
Market crashes, pump and dump, false flag terrorism, school shootings, militia occupations, imaginary Russian armies steaming up the Mississippi on one hand, and endless fear porn about Russia and China on the other. Playing black against white, liberal against conservative, rich against poor, they are the ones who send the emails, who keep you looking for “disinfo” and “Zionists.”

When America elected an African American president, they hit gold. [note: Mr. Duff COMPLETELY UNDERSTATES the role of the PRITZKER, KAGAN, (Rotschilds) et al JEW MOB in getting the candidate WITH NO BIRTH CERTIFICATE in to the White House] They knew that whites in rural America and in two dozen states had been punished, radicalized by price manipulation of agricultural markets, banking squeezes, one mortgage crisis after another and a growing distrust of Washington in general.
Rural America always had it right, back when “the west” was the other side of the Appalachian Mountains.  Frank Capra told us about this in his films, movies like Mr Smith Goes to Washington.
All it took was a coordinated corporate takeover of the media, all of it, takeover of all entertainment as well, a world of classless/mindless TV viewing, phony news and a country flooded with either honky-tonk or rap, that and the drugs, the pills, meth, coke, X, bath salts and ton after ton of US government certified highly processed Afghan heroin.
Find a junior high school student that can’t bring you heroin in less than an hour.
In some towns, even delightfully prosperous “whites and rich minorities only” towns, there is no age limit on hard drugs and this has been going on now for since Reagan.  The flood of CIA narcotics are the primary accomplishment of the Reagan/Bush presidencies.
An aside, every CIA “whistleblower” talks about everything but narcotics.  It is my impression, call it a guess if you will, that it is impossible to work for the CIA for more than 6 months without realizing that the primary business of the CIA is the manufacture and distribution of narcotics.  I assert, perhaps for no reason at all, that those who hunted terrorists and broke up spy rings but never laundered billions in cash or arranged for containers of dope to land in places like Jacksonville or Baltimore, just might not be who they say they are.
Here is what we do know:
Those who come to us with a burning desire to lead, to help, to inform, are usually either FBI informants, working for the Israel lobby or insane.  Some are all 3.
Anyone who jumped out of the ground, let’s say back in the 80s, with high profile criticism of Israel, perhaps tied to Argentina or the USS Liberty or the Kennedy assassination(s), even exposing the “holohoax,” are invariably planted among us having bought their way in as planned.
Today they buy their way in with 9/11 or lip service support for Russia and Iran.
Whenever there is an activist event, an imagined threat like Jade Helm or the shooting in Oregon, almost all involved are government informants.  You see a dozen or more agencies have over $2bn dollars to protect us from domestic threats.  In order to justify that spending, they need to find threats.  The only reliable way to do that is to cause them, recruit and radicalize everyone they can, make as much noise as possible and, in some cases, and this is just a suspicion mind you, we see a “Sandy Hook” or “Boston Marathon bombing.”
This primes the pump even more, more authority, more wiretapping, more money is thrown out there, more militias are needed, more staged theatre and more crisis actors getting work not just around the country but around the world.  
 [i.e. the "NATIONAL SECURITY" establishment as a voracious parasite, or CANCER - DEVOURING EVER MORE of its host-people's resources] 
A place to start is Russia Insider.  Look at every name involved and follow them to where they publish, who their associates are and, of course, how they really make a living since selling self published books won’t pay rent in a trailer park.
What would I do?  I don’t listen to anyone.  If the weather says rain, I go outside and check.  If you allow people into your life, to direct your energies, play on your fears, you are already a slave.
Those of us who run VT do it for fun but also find it exhausting.  Frankly, as we are all paid absolutely nothing and work long hours, it wouldn’t take much to talk us all into quitting.  Each year Veterans Affairs becomes more corrupt, congress more greedy and, year after year, the United States is becoming more insane, a nation that gets nothing right and a population that don’t seem to care about their own welfare much less about the utterly crazy shit America does to the rest of the world.
Right now, people in Syria and Yemen are fighting mercenary armies that the American people, through ignorance and laziness, have loosed on mankind.  Since 9/11, America has killed millions.
This is one place to start.  What we should be doing is, just like those from around the world joining ISIS, we should be joining the other side, heading into Syria or Iraq or Yemen, taking up arms, and fighting the Colombian mercenaries, the Turkish thugs and the misbegotten idiots who find love of hatred a way of life.
But then we can’t do it, we can’t do what is right, we can’t fight evil because that is against the law. We can’t fight evil because to do so would make you an enemy of the United States.
Think for a minute, and we are having an election this year.  The purpose, perhaps to find the worst person possible to run the worst place possible? Unlike the endless armies of America haters, it pains me greatly to write this.