Wednesday, January 25, 2017

We Are VINDICATED! for Posting our single-sourced "CDC RAIDED by FBI" story: the CDC "RAIDED by FBI" for POISONING, and DESTROYING the LIVES of THOUSANDS if not TENS of THOUSANDS of AMERICAN CHILDREN & families....

We thought twice before posting our "PRESIDENT TRUMP ORDERS FBI to STAGE MASSIVE RAID on CDC" story yesterday:
while Mr. William Mount seems quite expertly informed about the horrors of  AUTISM as a direct result of  VACCINE POISONING,  and although Mr. Blount appears to be quite informed about some of the more secretive aspects of the U.S. military (policies being considered or enacted at the high command level),  on some topics Mr. Blount appears to have not the slightest idea about who it is who are really pulling the strings behind the "EVIL DEEDS" of the  "DEEP STATE"  CRIMINAL ACTORS  pushing America in to these horrific policies that we detail here every day....
    WELL,  late last night we were VINDICATED by reading reports of the FBI  raid on the CDC on other sources... but just now, this morning, we were appalled to see the William Blount video we posted yesterday  CENSORED, DELETED from our post (right here at The Jewish Wars) with a "this user has been TERMINATED"  black-screen message!!  

  It took us a minute or two of CONFUSION to figure out even which post it was that had been DELETED... but when we finally realized that it was Dr. William Mount's  "FBI RAIDS CDC" video, we went to YouTube to find the video - and there it was, STILL UP & RUNNING!
  SO GOOGLE (owners of YouTube) is TRYING TO CENSOR the  "FBI RAID ON CDC" story - and, sure enough, when we just typed in a Google Search for "FBI RAIDS CDC" we got -  SNOPES at the very top of the google search

FBI RAIDS CDC" story:  the  JEWISH  'RED TERROR'  owned & controlled corp. WHORE media PROPAGANDA MACHINE here in America is  DESPERATELY TRYING  to CENSOR, WHITEWASH,  COVER-UP, and DENY   the 'DEEP STATE' (= JEW BILLIONAIRES'!) WAR to POLLUTE, POISON, degenerate, & DESTROY -  divide & conquer -  AMERICA !!!
 "THEY"  are ALL ON THE SAME PAGE!  EVERY JEW BILLIONAIRE owned corp. WHORE media outlet is  FURIOUSLY trying to  DENY  that that CDC and PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES have been INTENTIONALLY POISONING  AMERICAN CHILDREN for the past _?_  decade(s) - because, well, that is  TREASON, and MURDER, and   if anyone were to be CONVICTED of  INTENTIONALLY POISONING & MURDERING  CHILDREN, well, the DEATH PENALTY would be warranted in some of those (heinous crimes)  convictions... but, more to the point, the entire   "DEEP STATE"  WAR to  ENSLAVE, MURDER, POISON, debilitate and  DESTROY American lives WOULD BE EXPOSED -    well... IT (that heinous, "deep state" TREACHERY & TREASON)  IS  BEING EXPOSED!

Google attempts to make JUST ONE heinous scandal of the  DEEP STATE  "neo-liberal" DEMORAT + "Neo-Con" RETHUGLICAN WAR ON AMERICANS  "disappear" - by putting a SNOPES "debunking" story at the TOP of the "FBI RAIDS CDC" query!  
THEY ARE   TREMBLING in their pants over the continued EXPOSURE of the  "DEEP STATE" ZIO-NAZI CONTROLLED WAR ON AMERICA & Americans being ever more exposed! 

BELOW:  another on-line source CONFIRMS the "FBI RAIDS CDC" story from early yesterday morning:  the JUDEO BILLIONAIRES (and Rotschilds trillionaires) run "DEEP STATE" war to  MURDER & POISON AMERICANS and DESTROY America - in the exact same fashion that the JEWS have ORCHESTRATED the USA, Britain, France, the CIA, the U.S. military and SAUDI & TURKEY RECRUITED TERRORISTS to DESTROY SYRIA by DESTRUCTION of  ENTIRE CITIES, massacres, "ethnic cleansing" genocide INCLUDING USE OF POISON GAS -
 THE JUDEO SUPREMACIST AGENDA is CONSISTENT:  MURDER SYRIANS, MURDER AMERICANS, MURDER AFRICANS,  use  terrorist infiltrated AFRICAN REFUGEES to MURDER EUROPEANS (and overwhelm & destroy Europe) -  the evidence to this hellish, fiendish plot to  USURP ABSOLUTE DICTATORSHIP CONTROL over the United States, Europe, and the "Civilized Western World" is  EVERYWHERE you look....

 President Trump Orders FBI to 
Conduct Massive Raid On CDC Headquarter

According to this report (and as we’ve previously reported on), almost a fortnight ago, President Trump appointed anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to become the Chairman of the Golden Vaccine Safety Task Force, and whose scathing manifesto titled MERCURY & VACCINES shocked the liberal elites in America who have for decades deliberately poisoned millions of children, while at the same time, in 1986,  President Reagan signed a law called the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 that eliminated any liability to pharmaceutical manufacturers for their complicity in this crime against humanity.
A stunning Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that just hours after President Donald Trump and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey warmly embraced” in the White Houseyesterday, FBI agents conducted a massive early morning raid on the headquarters of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) based in Atlanta, Georgia, accompanied by Doctor-Scientist William Thompson—who is one of the most feared government whistleblowers in the United States for his exposing the vaccine-to-autism link cover-up.

Nearly immediately after President Trump appointed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to head this vaccine-autism task force, this report continues, he then requested that Sally Yates become the Acting Attorney General of the Department of Justice (DOJ) on 20 January when he took power—which she accepted, and then nearly immediately afterwards returned to her home city of Atlanta where she empanelled a secret Grand Jury.
To Acting Attorney General Yates connection to President Trump, this report details, is through her “association/employment” with the international legal giant King & Spalding, who in turn created a partnership called Health Care and Life Sciences, in June,2014,with Trump’s mammoth, and feared, global private law firm Jones Day—and coming just 3 months after Trump Tweeted a series of cryptic warnings about vaccines that said:
If I were President I would push for proper vaccinations but not allow one time massive shots that a child cannot take-AUTISM.”
Healthy young child goes to doctor, gets pumped with massive shot of many vaccines, doesn’t feel good and changes – AUTISM. Many such cases!”
And three months after the King & Spalding-Jones Day Health Care and Life Sciences partnership was created, this report notes, Trump further Tweeted:
“I am being proven right about massive vaccinations-the doctors lied. Save our children & their future.”
As to Trump proclaiming that he was “proven right” about vaccines being linked to autism in September, 2014, this report explains, was due to the King & Spalding-Jones Day Health Care and Life Sciences partnership uncovering and protecting the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson the month prior.
Raising the suspicions that Dr. Thompson was not being protected by the Obama regime, this report explains, was that right before the 2016 US presidential election that brought President Trump to power, CDC Director Dr. Tom Friedenblocked Dr. Thompson from testifying on scientific fraud and destruction of evidence by senior CDC officials in critical vaccine safety studies regarding the causative relationship between childhood vaccines and autism.
Immediately upon taking power on 20 January, however, this report notes, President Trump fired Dr. Tom Frieden and installed Rear Admiral Dr. Anne Schuchat as the acting head of the CDC—who along with Dr. Thompson were the only two witnesses presented on Saturday (21 January) before the Atlanta secret Grand Jury called into session by Acting Attorney General Yates.
With the massive raid conducted by the FBI on the CDC headquarters just hours ago (3:00 am US East Coast time), this report continues, it is apparent that from her secret Grand Jury proceedings, Acting Attorney General Yates was able to secure a warrant for this to happen—though this SVR reports section on this subject is more highly classified than this general report allows mentioning.
This report concludes by including information from the Ministry of Healthcare (MoH) about this matter that we had previously summarized by stating:
President-elect Trump’s views on the linkage of childhood vaccines to autism have long been known, such as when he stated to CNN during a May, 2016 interview:
“Autism has become an epidemic… Because you take a baby in, and I’ve seen it, and I’ve seen it, and I had my children taken care of, over a long period of time, over a two or three year period of time, same exact amount, but you take this little beautiful baby, and you pump – I mean, it looks just like it’s meant for a horse, not for a child, and we’ve had so many instances, people that work for me, just the other day, two-years-old, two-and-a-half-years-old, a child, a beautiful child went to have the vaccine, and came back, and a week later got a tremendous fever, got very, very sick, now is autistic. …I’m in favor of vaccines [but] do them over a longer period of time, same amount, but just in little sections. I think you’re going to have – I think you’re going to see a big impact on autism.”
And the many (and growing) rumors that President-elect Trump made his decision to run for president due to his youngest child, Barron, having been diagnosed with autism immediately after receiving a childhood vaccine shot in late 2013, and that his wife, Melania, has vowed to file lawsuits against anyone making such a claim—but who, nevertheless, will not be moving to the White House in order to keep her child out of the “media bubble” that surrounds all US presidents and their families.

with the INTENT to  MURDER MILLIONS,  OCEANS OF BLOOD to satiate the DEMON JEW TRIBAL g-o-d yahweh...  NOT ONLY in  "LIBYA & SYRIA" - BUT IN EUROPE,  over all of Africa,  into Central Asia and against PAKISTAN, INDIA, AND CHINA... and to include  "DIVIDE & CONQUER"  MASS-MURDER - by above mentioned INSIDIOUS  CDC  POISONING! as well as FUKUSHIMA style nuclear radiation "leaks",  ELECTRO-MAGNETIC DEBILITATION (i.e. "smart meters" MICRO-WAVE 'cooking' YOUR OWN HEART & other organs every time you pass a "smart meter")  and of  course  POISONING THE AQUIFERS by  "fracking" oil production -
THE INTENT is to MURDER & DEBILITATE MILLIONS, all part of the INSANE, evil, insidious,  JUDEO SUPREMACIST  WAR to  TAKE DOWN NATIONS by any and all means possible !!


CONFIRMATION!!  the below TMR "The CIA & DEEP STATE WAR vs AMERICA: the PICTURE OF EVIL Completely REVEALED" story is  absolutely accurate -  BUT FALLS FATALLY SHORT!  by FAILING to understand that the  HIJACKED U.S. govt.  INTEL AGENCIES are, collectively, JUST ONE ARM,,    JUST ONE TENTACLE,  just ONE of the MANY HYDRA-HEADED  institutions of the  "DEEP STATE"  JEW BILLIONAIRES  & Rotschilds Trillionaire's  ON-GOING, 25+ centuries wars  to CONQUER, SUBVERT, DESTROY, & ENSLAVE (and EXTERMINATE)  ALL NATIONS  in their eternal war to  "MAKE JUDAISM A LIGHT UNTO THE WORLD" - make  JEWS & JUDAISM  as nothing less than G-O-D ON EARTH - complete with "his" GENOCIDAL  HATRED, CONTEMPT, and LOATHING for all tribes not "chosen" - that is, the DRIVING FORCE behind ALL AMERICAN  billionaire controlled institutions  is  nothing less than the ABJECT HATRED FOR HUMANITY, as captured in all those bible chapters and verses detailing "god's"  DESTRUCTION of  "idolater" tribes

The Central Intelligence Agency And DEEP STATE Conspiracy Finally ExposedThe Picture of Evil Completely RevealedCitizen Intelligence Report to Citizens of the WorldBy the Anonymous PatriotsThe Millennium Report Exclusive  
The job of eliminating the CIA and eradicating its evil off the face of the earth is so important for President Trump that he summoned the agency to meet with him one day after the inauguration on SATURDAY. It was so important that the rank and file of the CIA meet their new boss that Trump called these government employees to a meeting on Saturday.... (cont'd) 
That is, the JOB of  ERADICATING HUMANITY  is seen as  THE ASSIGNMENT  tasked to the CIA,  ALL other "intel" agencies... and  ALL agencies of the entire "U.S." government - INCLUDING OUR  MILITARY & WAR MACHINE, which have been FUNDING, ARMING, TRAINING, SUPPORTING, SUPPLYING... AND DIRECTING the "isis" TERRORIST INVASION OF SYRIA for the past half-decade!