Sunday, January 15, 2017


"ALL Conspiracies are ROTSCHILDS CONSPIRACIES - all others are merely SPIN-OFFS" -
Eustace Mullins, 1990s.

 In precisely this manner, the Rotschilds (as merely the lead arm, the central command, the spear-head of the generational, millennial Judeo tribal war on all neighboring & competing tribes, kingdoms, nations, & empires) have COMPLETELY USURPED  ALL of  America's "NATIONAL SECURITY" AGENCIES and, essentially, they have "PRIVATIZED" them: the CIA, the NSA, the DIA, the NRO, and ALL government agencies (including the entire U.S. Treasury, State Department, War Dept, and "Justice" department) now work TO DESTROY AMERICA - exactly as the TREASURY is DESTROYING the U.S. DOLLARS by allowing the Judeo "Fed" bankers to DEBASE OUR currency by 'printing' (digitally creating)  $86 billion every month in "free money for bankers" or "permanent bailouts"  aka "QE-IV" -

TMR The Millennial Report  brilliantly decodes how the ROTSCHILDS & allied jew billionaires,  "Deep State" actors 
(the entire ISRAEL GOVT,   AIPAC's ARMIES of  traitorous jews and McCain, Lindsey Graham, Dick Cheney, Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Joe biden collaborators and the billionaire Jewish traitor media moguls) 
ALL WORK TOGETHER AS ONE to DEGRADE, DEGENERATE,  & DESTROY - "compromise"  - AMERICA's VITAL INTEL AGENCIES - by that ancient & well honed Rotschilds,  judeo slave-traders, currency manipulators ("money changers") and contraband trafficking tactic of  FINANCIAL LEVERAGE: by using a few million dollars stock manipulators can orchestrate a swoon or collapse in BILLIONS of dollars in a stock (or entire market sector's) prices; and in the same way by TARGETING a FEW BILLION DOLLARS to BRIBE & EXTORT (via the usual seduction, sexual blackmail, etc.) top U.S. govt. & intel officials - the ROTSCHILDS, LIKUD, aipac traitors can exercise ABJECT, ABSOLUTE CONTROL over  EVERY single "U.S." government "national security" = NATIONAL SABOTAGE AGENCY !! 


Presidential executive orders can be top secret and can be kept from agencies not responsible for their enforcement
.So if the president conducts “international” top-secret business,
he can exclude U. S. intelligence agencies from this top secret intel 
because they only have lower national security clearance. Essentially, the president of the United States currently conducts “international” warfare without the U. S. Congress, Supreme Court, or U. S. citizens even knowing those wars exist.

The president can also wage all types of war secretly within U. S. borders because Obama changed the National Defense Authorization Act, with congressional approval, to give him those powers. Other extraordinary presidential powers have been consolidated through numerous executive orders in the last eight years.  

The president now holds more power than ever and these powers are unconstitutional, illegal, and unethical. If you read the executive orders that are made available on the National Registry you will see that Obama has been conducting secret warfare on foreign countries and individuals both outside of and inside America. It is scary enough to know that under the auspices of “national security,” the president can seize all assets in America under these new powers. 
But scarier than this is that the CIA can still trump [OVERRULE] THE PRESIDENT  under the auspices of “international security.”
KEY POINT: The CIA has positioned itself to be a higher authority than Congress, the President, or We the People and can act in secrecy in all of its affairs.
THIS IS a FOREIGN, HOSTILE,  JEWISH DICTATORSHIP that has USURPED ALL the powers of the U.S. government!
  A HOSTILE FOREIGN COUP  exactly as the Hebrew, Jewish bible depicts MORDACHAI staging a PALACE COUP against the Persian King's lead minister, the Vizier Haman, and then Mordachai PROMPTLY ISSUES  DEATH-SENTENCES and PURGE-LISTS that the bible's jewish authors happily chortle lead to the immediate, bloody, & brutal deaths of 75,000 Persians (or other targeted ethnicities within the Persian empire).

  So the ROTSCHILDS, et al, through their BRIBED, blackmailed, compromised and extorted "senior intelligence officials" - not just JAMES CLAPPER, by  SECRETARY of WAR ASHTON CARTER,  CIA DIRECTOR  JOHN BRENNAN,  Secretary of  State JOHN KERRY,  (much less Talmudic jew treasury secretary jacob lew)
HAVE COMPLETELY USURPED the  AMERICAN  "DEEP STATE" GOVERNMENT - and ALL that is needed to bring the LATENT  ROTSCHILD, jew-nazi RULED DEEP STATE TO THE FORE of  RULING  AMERICA  BY dictatorship DECREE  OVERTLY - is a single  NUCLEAR EXPLOSION to "take out" the exisiting  U.S. Civilian CHAIN OF COMMAND - like, you know,  a nuke going off under the capitol during the upcoming presidential inauguration would do the trick !!!

(Or any other time the president & Con-gress assemble)


DESTROYING CITIES... DESTROYING nations.. EXTERMINATING PEOPLES - whether by US military BOMBS or by HIRED SAUDI 'isis' TERRORISTS - iS WHAT the CIA & usg 'u.s.' govt DO:  MASSS-MURDER to BENEFIT the insane,  JEWS-ONLY psychopath traitors' EMPIRE,  "Greater Israel."
 besides garden variety mass-murder, treason, lies, and treachery in pursuit of this vile, demonic goal,  what in particular makes this "Greater Israel" jews-only empire quite INSANE... is that for the past 200 years Jews have EMBRACED "freedom of speech" and "freedom of religion" as memes while BASHING  the German Nazi's for their racially exclusive policies - but now the Jews are "FLIPPING the switch" AND EMBRACING EVERYTHING they once claimed to despise about the Nazis!


Ultimately, James A. Clapper (known liar and globalist) controls all intelligence in America YET has demonstrated himself to be an enemy of American. After gaining the highest security clearances in America, Clapper then worked for GeoEye, was on the board of three government contractors, worked for Detica (British military intelligence), BAE Systems, SRA International and Booz Allen Hamilton.   
From the outside it looks like Clapper works for himself out of a drive for power, control and money. He demonstrated his true nature when he left the services of America and worked for British and international private spy agencies, spying on America and using his security clearances as weapons against America. This is clearly demonstrated by his non-stop consolidation of power in the position of Director of National Intelligence. At this point, the president acts upon “intelligence” delivered by one man, James Clapper. When the intelligence is false, as it has been since Clapper was appointment by Obama, America can more easily be sold out to transnational, international, and globalist interests.  
Our research indicates that James Clapper usually hires outside intelligence agencies to conduct the most sensitive cases involving cyberwarfare. That is why Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee hired the most commonly used cyber warlord Dmitri Alperovitch and this company CrowdStrike to investigate the breach of security and hacking on the DNC server. Even though this was definitively a national security issue, Clapper and his gang of 17 intelligence agencies have yet to start an investigation.  Clapper simply “believed” and publicly endorsed, through Hillary’s false claims during the presidential debates, the ridiculous claims of Dmitri though no evidence has yet to come forward. Dmitri recently had two interviews on national news where he said repeatedly there was no evidence of Russian hacking the DNC and that the claims of Putin’s involvement was his own idea, again backed by no evidence.  
See our article Russian Hackers Found for more information on Alperovitch and CrowdStrike.
It is crystal clear that James Clapper has allowed the number one intelligence vendor for cyberwarfare, CrowdStrike, to dominate governmental and corporate cyber breaches.  To date, Dmitri and CrowdStrike have had many contracts to find and end cyber-attacks and have not successful prosecuted a single hacker nor been able to secure any governmental system from attacks. It is also quite odd that Dmitri’s father, Michael Alperovitch, is the number one encryption code expert in America and has essentially created and controls the codes for most military information systems as well as many prominent corporate systems. Clapper didn’t seem to care that Dmitri was a criminal hacker arrested by the FBI and turned into their top cyber hacker against Russian gangsters stealing American’s identities through online scams. Michael Alperovitch was supposedly a Russian nuclear physicist who magically became a U. S. citizen that was hired by the biggest data systems in America to write and maintain encryption codes.  Essentially, just as complete control of the 17 intelligence agencies is control by Clapper, the encryption codes of America are controlled by one Russian—Michael Alperovitch.
Key Point: If James Clapper and Michael Alperovitch defected, the entire American intelligence community could collapse.  
Centralization of power in just a few people usually goes wrong and in this case it has gone very wrong. Clapper is not interested in accurate intelligence; he is simply a propaganda machine like the Nazi Bureau of Information. Clapper wants us to believe anything he says without any proof simply based upon the fact that “17 intelligence agencies” all agree with him. Essentially, any determination of James Clapper speaks for the other “16 intelligence agencies,” even if there is no evidence or whether any other agency was asked their opinion.  



BRILLIANT video: in just 6 minutes, this video researcher uncovers the cold, grim truth that is been so astounding that tens of millions of us Americans have overlooked it, or  failed to see it for what it is, even as the Judeo conquest of America from within accelerates and moves to high gear behind armies of illegal immigrants that threaten the very MIDDLE CLASS SECURITY & STABILITY that so many millions of Jews have prospered under here in post-WWII America:  that JEWS ACTUALLY SEE THEMSELVES as SUICIDE BOMBERS willing to expend their lives as soldiers, or worker bees, or army ants, giving their lives in service to the tribe - but specializing in conquest by INFILTRATION & USURPATION, they SEE THEMSELVES as SUICDE BOMBERS!!
 That is, like all colonizers and explorers setting down roots in distant lands for the mother country Jews may risk their lives establishing those precarious colonial toe-holds in distant lands - but to this ancient model of  spreading imperialism by establishing distant colonies the Jews add the strategy of CONQUEST NOT IN OPEN WAR, but by INFILTRATION & USURPATION of  the targeted host nations or peoples: while posing as generational allies and loyal subjects, from DAY ONE the JEWS ULTIMATELY INTEND to OVERTHROW that host culture and people who they have befriended and allied with for generations.

 SOROS DESTROYED the "Democratic" Party as a voice for the AMERICAN PEOPLE -
 (by BRIBERY, EXTORTION, and LYING propaganda) - yep!  CLASSIC "INFILTRATION & USURPATION" - the "Democrat" Party now represents ONLY the JEW BILLIONAIRES
Jew-Nazi collaborator & SERIAL FINANCIAL FRAUDSTER/terrorist
vile, evil, demonic Judeo Supremacist genocidal agenda - 
of  the (also Jewish billionaire funded)  TROTSKY,
Kaganovich, Lenin, Stalin
(et al)    LEFT WING
COMMUNISM TERROR PURGES; , intentional famines,
 gulag slave/DEATH CAMPS, and
mass depopulation forced ethnic expulsions "RED TERROR"


"ALL Conspiracies are ROTSCHILDS CONSPIRACIES - all others are merely SPIN-OFFS" -
Eustace Mullins, 1990s.

In turn, the ROTSCHILDS Conspiracies are merely a SUB-DIVISION, or consequence of the actions of  one  certain ruling family or dynasty  WITHIN the LARGER Jewish, Judeo Supremacist war on all humanity - the JUDEO SUPREMACIST WAR on ALL other races, (tribal) ethnicities, nations, kingdoms, and empires using the very ancient tribal strategy of  conquest BY INFILTRATION & USURPATION,   using the social tool of a single, organized religion as the social "glue" that holds that extended tribe together even as it not only interacts with many competing tribes, cultures, and contesting nations and empires that could fragment & destroy that cultural unity;  but even as Jews and Judaism perfect their (insidious) strategy of CONQUEST by INFILTRATION & USURPATION from WITHIN a host nation or tribe - using lies & deception that the host nation victims would regard as treachery & treason.

   This judeo strategy of INFILTRATION & USURPATION existed for centuries and even millennium before the Hebrews, or Jews, even came in to existence as a single cultural entity  (i.e., as in all other things, the Jews just copied and appropriated these tactics from their non-Hebrew ancient forefathers, neighbors, and adversaries)  - and is  WELL DEFINED and outlined right there in crisp black & white in the pages of the Hebrew, Jewish, so-called "holy" bible, indeed, sitting right there in one of the most popular and enduring stories in all of the Old Testament:  for the bible tells us that JACOB and his sons were merely goat herders living on the fringes of civilization;  that in a clearly delineated PATRIARCHIAL society -  where Jacob's OLDEST SON was SUPPOSED to inherit the clan leadership when Jacob (finally) dies, all of  the brothers (who had spent their whole lives genuflecting to their eldest brother as presumed heir)  FELT THREATENED by their FATHER'S FAVORITISM for his new, youngest son (shades of a suggestion of PEDERASTY and homosexual child rape/incest!)  - and that acting on their fears ALL of the eldest brothers banded together to wage essentially a PALACE COUP, kidnapping (and preparing to murder) their youngest brother Joseph to prevent him from influencing their father any further.

ALL regimes throughout history are concerned with PERPETRATING THEIR DOMINANCE and perpetrating their own rule - no one wants to just hand over power to "the other guy," especially a despised and detested enemy - and the regime will try to maintain it's monopoly on rule  simply by doing what is necessary to crush rivals to the crown.  What's new in our era is these vast government bureaucracies and huge industrial, energy, and financial complexes - but strip away the many layers of secrecy and complexity from huge budgets, interlocking corp. boards of directors, and secretive, compartmentalized govt. agencies (and even more "compartmentalized" "private contractors" who answer to just about no one) and we still have exactly the same system as the WAR OR THE ROSES, or "Cousins War" as it was known at the time in English history, where competing families plotted and schemed WITH and AGAINST EACH OTHER to overthrow, usurp, and steal the English crown.    While for decades the War of the Roses struck  us - even lifelong history buffs -  as being complex & barely understandable, some great historical fiction novels by British author __ ___ snapped that series of  civil wars, coups, and battles into crisp focus, as nothing but an extended and very deadly FAMILY FEUD - complete with foreign princesses/queens, foreign mercenaries, palace coups, & novel means of execution.  Did you know that the deadliest single day in the history of English warfare was not during the ghastly killing days of  Somme or Flanders against machine-guns and barbed wire in World War I... but at the battle of Towton, where the enraged winning side MASSACRED the losers, in a closely fought battle which could have gone either way?  Shakespeare's "Richard III" gives a distorted and caricatured account of this family feud, because his brother King Edward IV  EXECUTED their other brother, the Duke of  Clarence, not because of Richard's scheming, but because of  Clarence's own scheming and attempted treason.