Wednesday, January 18, 2017


 A simple video discussion with a microphone, computer, & internet connection reveals the depths of  complicity of the Corporate WHORE media with VAST FINANCIAL CRIMES and ECONOMIC & CULTURAL SABOTAGE perpetrated by billionaires of the likes of genuine "JUDENRAT"  JEWISH COLLABORATOR with World War II NAZIS sending other Jews to death camps... GEORGE SOROS:  
George SOROS  a "philanthropist with a heart" and a genuine  charity donor....??  
  NOT!! He's  a perverted, depraved, degenerate, racist (judeo supremacist) warmongering,  economies killing, economic rapist & vampire "vulture capitalism" financial extortionist  satanic horror upon humanity! 
Despite it's professional editing & production, and despite the gravely, "serious journalistic" gravitas of Steve Kroft, this CBS "60 Minutes" piece covering Soros is just more media fluff and  propaganda misdirection, starting with the assertion "WHATEVER his motivations, NO ONE can ACCUSE HIM OF GREED" - but why not?!   
Steve Kroft does another typical  Jewish owned corp. whore media
WHITEWASH and FLUFF-PIECE "investigation" in to -
this time about GEORGE SOROS.  Kroft starts with the premise
that Soros has "DONATED" "BILLIONS" to Haiti Charity... b
ut this ASSUMPTION is  contested by simple FACTS ON THE GROUND"

from the devastating EARTHQUAKE of 2010.
 THE FIRST THING disaster victims need after a devastating earthquake,
 hurricane, or other disaster is CLEAN FRESH WATER,
adequate SANITATION, and electricity...

but even now,  SIX YEARS after the 2010 earthquake, Haiti's above infrastructure had NOT 
been rebuilt to satisfy the need.    
SO WHERE have all the BILLIONS in "CHARITY DONATION" funds gone?!
VULTURE 'CAPITALISTS' (extortionists!) and VAMPIRE SQUID ECONOMIC SABOTEURS like... GEORGE SOROS, of course!   STEVE KROFT is TOO STUPID or TOO COMPROMISED to ask "WHERE ARE the REBUILT WATER TREATMENT, sewage, & POWER PLANTS - and instead gives Soros gobs of "credit" for donating a few measly million dollars OUT OF HIS STOLEN BILLIONS to a hospital here or there - most of which funds seem to disappear into the ether, as well

SOROS wears a MANIACAL,  JOKER like grin while overlooking... 
Hatian school children.
 from bringing PEACE, STABILITY, & PROSPERITY to a country...?
THE FACTS would suggest otherwise..... 
indeed, the FACTS would suggest that Soros, this DEPRAVED, DEGENERATE, and demonic Jew financial & economic  SABOTAGE expert,  PROFITS from CREATING WAR ZONES that tear children apart from their families... children who are fed in to his  wholly owned "NGO"  "NON-Governmental Organizations"  "child adoption agencies" - which are really FRONTS for  CHILD SEX SLAVE and HUMAN TRAFFICKING networks to feed child rape, torture, & murder victims in to the EVER METASTASIZING   CHILD RAPE &  SATANIC MURDER (ritual human sacrifice & cannibalism) CULTS !!!  

Whether the SATANIC CHILD RAPES & RITUAL MURDERS innuendos and circumstantial evidence that point to Soros are ever substantiated or not,  there is an even more basic proposition to the "Soros the philanthropist" story that Steve Kroft and 60 Minutes COULD have discussed... that would throw in to question the Jewish owned corporate media ASSUMPTION that Soros is even a "philanthropist" in the first place!
(We would argue that he is simply the FINANCIAL COMMANDER, or Rotschields lead FIELD MARSHALL, or  Judeo COMMISSAR of  ECONOMIC SABOTAGE,  so,  Saul Alinsky style, the radically racist and genocidal Jews can rebuild their version of a Judeo rulted "Greater Israel" absolute dictatorship empire on the ashes of what's left of our current,  Judeo ruled & sabotaged American empire.) 
We earlier posted our comments to a Christina Marlow "Satanism" video which claimed that, along with Penny Pritzker being the Satanic high priest of the Chicago (Midwest) region,  and Hollywood contortionist "comedian" actor Jim Carey being the Satanic high priest of the West Coast
 (which is to say, ruling over the entire trillion-dollar Hollywood, judeo controlled movie, tv, media complex - which sets the increasingly degenerate (sexual license most certainly does NOT = "freedom" or human rights)  and dehumanizing cultural motif, or agenda, for all of America... and "Western civilization" (sic)) )
 and that GEORGE SOROS had replaced the aging DAVID ROCKEFELLER as the Satanic high priest over  the New York (east coast/north-east) region of America.
  As we also earlier reported, until 3 months ago - with the release of the "Podesta e-mails" with their VAGUELY CODED bizarre but not actually incriminating e-mails that MERELY POINTED to  COMET PING-POING,  James Alefantis, his gay lover DAVID BROCK, the seemingly "pedo-philia" obsessed logos and themes of the neighboring retail establishments around Comet Ping Pong pizza - including Alefantis'  disgraceful & disgusting PUBLIC INSTAGRAM accounts
("whom the gods would destroy... THEY FIRST SEND MAD!)  all tied in with BLATANTLY SATANIC  JEWISH evil WITCH MARINA ABROMOVIC - whom you MIGHT think that her FELLOW JEWS WOULD CONDEMN for pouring BLOOD & other human bodily fluids on SMALL IDOLS  shaped just like human children - you know, the ENTIRE  Jewish "RIGHT!" to  "EXTERMINATE the LOCALS" whether at Jericho 3,100 years ago, or in Occupied Palestine today is based on the jew god YAHWEH's  ALLEGED DISGUST for IDOL WORSHIP! -
  - well, until 3 months ago,  we STEADFASTLY DISCOUNTED  ANY and all suggestions that  SATANISM was a regular part of the ROTSCHILDS and fellow, allied Jew mega-financiers  global slave-trading, wars profiteering, and genocide fomenting policies & atrocities...
  ... but after studying 3 months of  "Pizza-gate," MARINA ABROMOVIC's  'M.O.C.A.'  Hollywood   B-list CANNIBALISM "mimicking" gala EVENTS" every year, and after finally reading "The 13 illuminati bloodlines" - we have come to the unambiguous conclusion that IT'S ALL, HORRIFYINGLY TRUE !!
    ALL the "conspiracy theory" talk, research, & discussion of SATANIC  CULTS  ruling not only Hollywood... but in the U.S. GOVERNMENT & MILITARY (and, of course, the Hollywood-esque (make-believe) mega-financiers "Pump.... & DUMP!"  SABOTAGE STRANGLEHOLD  on our American economy)   IS TRUE! because the real appeal of these KIDNAPPING, CHILD RAPE, RITUAL MURDER, and  even serial CANNIBALISM ritual cults is NOT any "MAGIC" they may claim to summon up & command - Alister Crowley, Sun Yung Moon, & David Rockefeller have all died (or are going to die) - no, the real appeal is that these are well-oil, well honed, and generationally refined  BLACKMAIL, bribery, seduction, & EXTORTION cults, based on - good old  APPLIED TERRORISM - just a plain & simple REVERSION to the economics of SLAVERY, which of course was BASED on MASS-MURDER (most people don't surrender themselves to lives as brutalized slaves without a fight)   and CONSTANTLY APPLIED TERROR (and torture - if there is not horrific consequence... the slaves will  simply walk off the job.)

 Ok, we're blathering here.  But assume, humor us  for just a moment, that we (in our Johnny-come-lately way to the)   "yes, Virginia, there ARE Satanic CHILD RAPE & RITUAL MURDER CULTS - and they RULE your entire government,  law enforcement, and nation" party - THEN WHY DON'T MORE OF US KNOW ABOUT IT before now?!

  And the answer is, of course -  THE CORPORATE MEDIA!    THEY LIE about EVERYTHING!!

  Now - being hyper-vigilant about the news & information we consume in order to write this blog - we gave up on the NY Times, WashPost, Time & Newsweek magazines, and other "mainstream" print media  YEARS ago - and we gave up our  cable well over a year ago,  such that today,  when we watch a rare sports event on TV at the gym, we are ASTOUNDED by the pushiness and attention grabbing BLARE of  TV COMMERCIALS that are professionally designed to arrest your attention and grab your focus - yelling at you about what you should do or buy in rapid fire succession, one loud commercial to the next.
 Somewhere along the way to our awareness of the incessant pushiness of TV (and radio) commercials,  we also realized that a half-hour  "NATIONAL network NEWS show," or 1/2 nightly 'news' broadcast,  WAS DESIGNED to be AS VAPID and UNINFORMATIVE as possible!
  If you tuned in to find out the REAL story behind news articles posted on alternative media - stories about  MISSING NUKES,  or HOW MANY TRILLIONS (not billions) of dollars the "BAILOUTS" cost American taxpayers,  or how many BILLIONS of  dollars in supplies, weapons, & cash the U.S. government (under Hillary, Obama, Kerry, Leon Panetta, John Brennan, Ashton Carter, John McInsane, DIANNE FEINSTEIN,  CARL LEVIN,  CHUCK SCHUMER, and others)  SENT TO "isis" TERRORISTS to promote the EXTERMINATION of SYRIA's entire population ("the New Armenian Genocide"  - FUNDED BY the USA, Nato, ISRAEL, Saudis, and all the other subject vassals  of the anglo/american/JUDEO axis of evil) - well, you'd be lucky to get one or two sentences!
  HECK the  government & corp. media's  9-11 reporting is the ALL TIME BENCHMARK for "FAKE NEWS" - these LYING TRAITORS in the govt. & WHORE media want us to believe that the twin towers TURNED TO PULVERIZED DUST a half hour after an entire jetliner of   aviation fuel  BURNED OFF in the initial airliner impact explosions - with NOT EVEN THE FLOORS DIRECTLY IMPACTED by the airliners turning to DUST !!  (jet fuel, JP-4, is simply kerosene)