Saturday, January 14, 2017

the EVIL JEWISH SUPREMACIST FACTION of the CIA & "U.S." govt. OPENLY TALKING about ASSASSINATING - "taking out" President-elect Trump now... EVEN AS TRUMP EMBRACES the EVIL JEWS' "RED TERROR" PROPAGANDA LIES that RUSSIA has more CONTROL over U.S. ELECTIONS than the TRAITOR JEWS in America and their EVIL, JEWS-ONLY RACIST, APARTHEID, BACK-STABBING, genocidal expansionist state, israel !!

The TREASONOUS  JEWISH  FACTION of the  US CIA & other  govt. agencies - treasonous Jews who  have relentlessly LIED to the American people about the real ISRAELI, JEWISH  PERPETRATORS of the 9/11 terror attacks and subsequent ATHRAX, BOSTON BOMBING, and other "False Flag" attacks for over the past dozen years - 
are now OPENLY TALKING about  ASSASSINATING America's President-elect,  "TAKING OUT TRAITOR TRUMP" 
- and clueless, dumbed-down, stupified  Americans have no idea that THEY ARE ON THE MENU for the MASS-MURDER BLOOD-LUST of these "Red Terror" wars instigating & terrorism pushing Jewish traitors !!
Zero-hedge: Glenn Greenwald &  Tucker Carlson Discuss Deep State War Vs. Trump, while  Ex-Spook Hints At  [CHEERS FOR] Assassination
"Meanwhile ex-spook and security consultant John Schindler - who is very clearly part of the faction to remove Trump by any means, SENT OUT A TWEET  out a tweet yesterday which mentioned 'TAKING OUT traitor Trump out now'."

the TROTSKYITE,  Rotchilds, Jacob Schiff, and other JEW BILLIONAIRES FUNDED  "Red Terror" MASS-MURDER of  Russians, Ukrainians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Poles, Belorussians, Kazakhs, and ALL OTHER ethnic minorities in Russia killed an estimated 65+ million victims by every foul, vile and degenerate means of applied terrorism, mass-murder, and intentional mass starvation imaginable -
today, the EVIL JEWS have BROUGHT THEIR  "Red Terror" GENOCIDAL WAR against all of humanity HERE TO AMERICA:   
  -  they've already INCINERATED nearly 3,000 American victims on 9/11 in the LARRY SILVERSTEIN, FRANK LOWY owned World Trade Center twin towers that Mossad explosives experts packed with tons of high-energy explosives  back in 2001 - and now the real business of  the JEWISH WAR to EXTERMINATE AMERICANS is just   starting to kick in to gear:
RED TERROR - JEWISH CIVIL WAR & MASS-MURDER PURGES - AGAINST us AMERICANS - is ALREADY HERE & IN MOTION in USA. The PREMEDITATED KILLINGS of  million of us Americans will METASTASIZE exponentially once the treasonous "globalist"  JEWS INSTIGATE a U.S. & NATO  NUCLEAR WAR against  Russia 

The Jewish born JAMES PERLOFF, author of  the above  "DOES AMERICA FACE A 'Red Terror'?" commentary, calculates the NUMBER of  MURDERED VICTIMS of  JUDEO mass-murder genocide as somewhere between 100 million and 165 million souls - the evil Jews in America, Israel, and Europe work fervently to ELIMINATE ANY DISCUSSION or consideration for the victims of their (collective) crimes & atrocities - WHICH, they indeed - PLAN TO BRING HERE TO AMERICA at the earliest possible moment - made much easier today by  NUCLEAR and biological "weapons of mass-destruction" -
MASKED by ideological slogans

BLACK AMERICANS - millions of clueless, "LIBERAL DEMOCRAT"  African-America DUPES who FAIL to see how the obama, PENNY PRITZKER, JACOB LEW, RAHM EMANUEL, BOB RUBIN Chicago-mob Jewish regime has WAGED ECONOMIC WAR AGAINST BLACK AMERICANS for past 2+ decades - - JOIN the  JEW LYNCH-MOB to DELEGITIMIZE the incoming Trump presidency & to BLAME RUSSIA for EVERY EVIL the JEWS have instigated in the world since the Mossad perpetrated 9/11 attacks killed THOUSANDS of New Yorkers in 2001....
BLACK AMERICANS - millions of clueless African-American dupes who have been ECONOMICALLY RAPED by JEW BANKERS over past 2 decades - JOIN the  JEW LYNCH-MOB to DELIGITIMIZE Trump presidency & to BLAME RUSSIA for EVERY EVIL the JEWS have instigated  & wrought against the human race since 9/11 2001
the ONRUSHING "RED TERROR" MURDERS of MILLIONS of us Americans is the price to be paid -
 for cluelessly, stupidly, and cowardly COLLABORATION with JEWISH LIES about 9/11, the deadly Anthrax attacks, and all subsequent "FALSE FLAG" attacks on the American nation, American peoples, and our public mental-health & well


   The very sober Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - former Assistant Treasury Secretary during the Reagan administration - outlines the on-rushing "locomotive breath" disaster, catastrophe, cataclysm facing millions of Americans (indeed, the entire human race)  due to AMERICAN STUPIDITY at FAILING to see through - and energetically, desperately oppose, push-back tooth, claw, & nail 
- the INSANE  JUDEO TRAITORS'  demonic drive to push America in to nuclear war 
based on LES, FABRICATIONS, falsehood, and LYNCH-MOB  ATTACKS on anyone,
 any whistle-blower who dares stand up to their CRIMES & TREASONS including presidents (Kennedy assassinated for demanding the shut-down of Menachem Begin's israel nuclear weapons program) and presidents-elect:   
Realistically speaking, it looks like the Trump Presidency is already defeated by his own appointees independently of the ridiculous and completely unbelievable propaganda put out by the CIA and broadcast by the presstitute media in the US, UK, and Europe. The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and BBC have lowered themselves below the National Enquirer.Possibly, as I wrote earlier today (,  these statements from Trump’s appointees are nothing but what is required to be confirmed and are not operational in any sense. However, it is possible to stand up to the bastards in confirmation hearings. I stood up in my confirming hearing, and the embarrassed Democrats requested that the entire hearing be deleted from the record.If the Chairman of Exxon and a Lt. General are not capable of standing up to the IMBECILIC  Congress, they are unfit for office. That they did not stand up is an indication that they lack the strength that Trump needs if he is to bring change from the top.If Trump is unable to change US foreign policy [from the INSANE  JUDEO TRAITORS WAR on AMERICANS  AND all of humanity], thermo-nuclear war and the destruction of Earth are inevitable.


Insane, warmongering Jews are NOT content to just bomb and wipe out - "ethnically cleanse" - PALESTINIANS, Syrians,  Iraqi Shiites, Kurds, Sudanese, Black (African) Libyans, and Russian speaking ethnic Ukrainians -  no,  the JEWS WANT TO BRING THEIR WARS of  DEVASTATION & GENOCIDE to... not only RUSSIA.. but to AMERICA as well - THEY INTEND to bring their WASTELANDS of  MASS-MURDER TERRORISM right here to the American people - and all they have to do is  GET THEIR "U.S." WAR WITH RUSSIA STARTED, and they can simultaneously LIGHT OFF A COUPLE of NUCLEAR BOMBS here in AMERICAN CITIES,   DECLARE MARTIAL LAW - and get down to the dirty work of  KILLING however many tens of millions of us Americans as they intend to kill. (Most of us -  if you don't know where your 7 miles underground salt-mine nuclear war bunker is,  and if you don't already have a well-stocked medical locker of vaccines against their latest bio-war plagues - then YOU and your family are NOT invited to the "post holocaust survivors party.")

 You have to give the evil, traitor, mass-murderous Jews demonic credit: AT THE SAME TIME that they are orchestrating AMERICANS to SUPPORT a MASSIVE nuclear annihilation WAR AGAINST RUSSIA - the insane, evil Jews PLAN to BRING ON their  "RED TERROR" TROTYSKITE CIVIL WAR & MASS-MURDER PURGES against WE AMERICANS. 
  by the cruel logic of  "the laws of war" -  that those who are too stupid to "know their enemies" WILL be DEFEATED and annihilated by those enemies - we Americans deserve to be butchered and exterminated by the "NATION WITHIN A NATION" Jew traitors who live among us - and who have been pulling off "FALSE FLAG" TERRORISM ATTACKS on our people, on our public spaces, and on our  society and national system WITH IMPUNITY ever since 9/11 2001... 
Evil Jews want to bring these NIGHTMARE scenes of  DEATH, DESTRUCTION, & MURDER from on high (U.S. supplied 'WP'  white-phosphorous bombs & shells INCINERATE CIVILIANS bombed by the evil Jews in Occupied Gaza, (left) - while a SYRIAN CITY is turned to nothing but bombed-out and POISON GAS SPRAYED RUBBLE after the EVIL JEWS used their USA, NATO, France, Britain, SAUDIS, & TURKEY supplied "isis" TERRORISTS to wage a "NEW ARMENIAN GENOCIDE" war of  TERRORISM & GENOCIDE against the entire population of Syria (right) -
 FOR THEIR CLUELESS STUPIDITY in TOLERATING (much less SUPPORTING & CHEERING) these grotesque crimes against humanity - it looks like Americans will very soon reap a similar fate -
with the JEW TRAITOR TERRORISTS behind 9/11 and the TERRORIST DESTRUCTION of SYRIA  just OPENLY CALLING FOR THE ASSASSINATION of  America-first President-elect Donald Trump...

 Americans who have been duped to believe that  Jews here in America are nothing but a cute & cuddly, loyal, hard-working, downtrodden and often victimized minority fleeing from a brutal, undeserved "holocaust" in WWII are soon going to find out what it is like to experience the "RED TERROR" - SIXTY FIVE MILLION VICTIMS of  Jew Commissar led purges, gulag death-camps, and intentional mass-famines - here in America - under people who are committed to the SAME, RACIST, TREASONOUS,  MASS-MURDEROUS ideology of Mehachem Begin - whose own quotes are available all over the internet and in books authored by Jewish writers:

As we have tried to explain over our past month's worth of reporting here at The Jewish Wars,  the  "ELECTION WAS HACKED BY RUSSIA to TRUMP's BENEFIT!" theme is clearly nothing but  a hideous series of  HYPOCRITE, TRAITOR LIES:
    HILLARY CLINTON received AT LEAST $20 million for the "Clinton Foundation" WHICH WENT STRAIGHT TO HER ELECTION CAMPAIGN, and no one is lifting a finger to shout "HILLARY IN BED WITH the SAUDIS & their HEAD-CHOPPING 'isis'  TERRORISTS!" -

 - these HYPOCRITE TRAITOR LIES pushed by the EVIL JEWS behind the AIPAC, "Fed," Goddamn-Sachs WAR LOBBY and all its many, Hydra-headed Rotschilds, Soros,  jew billionaire funded arms  -   but they DO serve to point out what we have been shouting here at The Jewish Wars for the past 4 years: that the JEWISH RED TERROR is already HERE IN AMERICA, they are, here in America, already FAR MORE ESTABLISHED than TROTSKY's  JACOB SCHIFF funded  JEWISH "Communist" TERRORISTS WERE in the first years of the "Communist Revolution" in Russia - because the Russian Czars PROHIBITED JEWS from living throughout most of Russia for the very INSIDIOUS TERRORISM THREAT they posed,  while here in America, Jews have taken advantage of  100 years of  "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" and "FREEDOM of RELIGION" to  - RAM their vile, JEWS ONLY RELIGION down our throats, such that "our" government is spending TRILLIONS of dollars either directly to the JEWS ONLY STATE (israel) - or indirectly for the Jews only state WAGING BRUTAL,  "ethnic genocide" WARS against all of  the Jews only state's  NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES - including not only IRAQ, SYRIA, Lebanon, but including more distant LIBYA, SUDAN, the Ukraine - and soon enough, Russia & Iran.