Sunday, January 22, 2017

The DEEP STATE is INSANE - not merely insanely greedy, but if they pull off their OWN PLANS... they would EXTERMINATE MOST OF THEIR OWN FAMILIES (along with the rest of humanity in a nuclear/bio-war "New Age of Darkness" 'Red Terror' Extirpation war vs humanity on steroids)....

The DEEP STATE is INSANE - not merely insanely greedy, but if they pull off their OWN PLANS... they would EXTERMINATE MOST OF THEIR OWN FAMILIES, along with the rest of  humanity in a nuclear/bio-war "New Age of Darkness" 'Red Terror' extirpation war vs humanity on steroids...

First three videos:  Alex Jones breaks down the increasingly public talk - right there on CNN! - about what it would take to invoke the "STATE OF EMERGENCY!"  'COG'  post-nuclear war military DICTATORSHIP -  the "Continuity of Government" plans are simply the "modern" version of the Trotskyite "RED TERROR" - where the euro/JEW BILLIONAIRES took it upon themselves to create & goad  "Communist Revolutionaries" to MASSACRE ENTIRE POPULATIONS, entire swaths of humanity in the former Czarist, Russian empire;  ostensibly in the name of  "the workers' & proletariat REVOLUTION" which was actually nothing more than thinly veiled TALMUDIC "exterminate the goyim" judaism PRETENDING to be "hip" & "modern" in the early 1900s era vs the established "Old World" nobility & autocrats - but actually unleashing a torrent of mass-murder, state torture, terror, &  bloodshed that made the worst excesses of the Russian nobility seem like a child's tea party in comparison.) 

 yep, what a few years ago would have seemed like an insane headline.... is now, all too horribly, supported by hundreds of facts ("missing nukes," escalating U.S./israel global war machine; violence inciting  "Mainstream Media" hysterics, SABOTAGED economies not just in "3rd world nations" - but now including throughout EUROPE & USA as well!)  everywhere you look.... 

  the TRAITORS of the JEW BILLIONAIRE media MOGULS owned & controlled corp. WHORE MEDIA pimp & push out "news" stories... making the radical "take down" of  the Trump administration look like an entirely "plausible" (and even "normal" or "desired")  event...   

 As their every attempt to "delegitimize" the Trump election win and presidency blows up in their faces, the  CORPORATIST/ZioNazi Demorats & JEW BILLIONAIRES controlled "Mainstream Media" ESCALATE their talk of  THREATS to a Trump presidency....

TMR explains the insane audacity of the so-called "Liberal Demorats" -
- actually the DEEP STATE HIJACKED Demorat Party - to provoke, push, & goad America's military in to attacking nuclear armed Russia (AND Iran AND CHINA) - because, well, the Deep State Zio-Nazis are just kristol, kagan, wolfowitz, feinstein, chertoff  Likudnik  bat-shit crazy  insane:
 Because TPTB cannot ASSASSINATE President Donald Trump... they will try their hardest to use him to advance their NWO agenda  
The historic loss by Hillary Clinton and woeful failure of the Democrat spin machine to steal the election has put the DNC into damage control overdrive.  
Nevertheless, all the recent Democratic party-wide hysterics concerning Russia are actually ORCHESTRATED THEATRICS with an extremely dark purpose.  
Hillary Clinton: Warmonger-in-Chief 
Hillary was the NEO-CONS's  CHOSEN WARMONGER  ["CHOSENITE" Warmonger]  specifically selected by the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC)    
to start World War III against Russia.

While Clinton can no longer do that from her home office in Chappaqua, New York, she can agitate for war using the ever-loyal and sycophantic Mainstream Media (MSM). 
She also has the full backing of the CHICAGO based NEO-CONS,  the Bush Crime Family,  and the ZIONIST [TRAITORS!]  AGENTS BEHIND the GREATER ISRAEL PROJECT [aka the "Oded Yinon Plan"] 
“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East 
Ex-candidate Clinton has galvanized her fellow Clintonistas and the Obamabots to instigate irrational animosities toward Russia which have no basis in fact.  The Clinton Campaign has simply been converted into a twisted anti-Russia propaganda factory.  All that these juvenile political operatives do is manufacture groundless accusations against Russia (cont'd



KEN O'KEEFE exposes "The ODED YINON Plan" - 
aka "the GREATER ISRAEL" plan 
to DESTROY every nation in the vicinity of  the infernal JEWS ONLY state (israel)  by.... funding one group of terrorists to blow up adversary religious, tribal, nationalists, or other ethnic clans in a target country... then paying the victims to RETALIATE by bombing the perpetrators... unleashing a CHAIN of  mass-murderous ethnic strife 
EXACTLY AS WE SAW after the WOLFOWITZ, PERLE, FEITH, LIBBY, KRISTOL, KAGAN, Sulzberger, PODHORETZ, ZACKHEIM (et al) NEO-CONS UNLEASHED the U.S. war machine on IRAQ in 2003... unleashing the torrents of  TERRORISM & "ethnic cleansing" genocide WHICH THE JEWS & their USG ("United" State govt.) puppets &  PARTNERS in CRIMES & mass-murder GENOCIDE are STILL FUNDING  - terrorism - to this day.....

 i.e. by funding & stoking  terrorism attacks against ALL PARTIES in ALL NATIONS 
in the Mideast, in North Africa, in sub-Saharan Africa,  extending to Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, & Central Asia... 
...and, using the terrorist-infiltrated millions of  terrorized REFUGEES from the above "ethnic cleansing" genocide in Mideast....   to ACTUALLY OVERWHELM EUROPE... AND AMERICA!  by similar "DIVIDE, SOW TERRORISM, REAP THE BLOODY REWARDS"  mass-murder treachery & treason....

an INSANE Hillary Clinton SPOUTS her evil jew billionaire masters' talking points....   
...she is clearly willing to start World War III using nothing more than  
 UNPROVEN, unsubstantiated... FABRICATED  "hacking" allegations as an excuse!