Saturday, January 21, 2017

PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP's DECLARES WAR on the 'GLOBALISTS' and SATANIC FORCES of EVIL that have CAPTURED OUR GOVERNMENT and who have been DETERMINED to not only DESTROY & SUBJUGATE AMERICA as a Sovereign nation.. .but ANNIHILATE humanity as well.

Below video:   we regret we can't find a shorter version, but Alex Jones details the INSANE ARROGANCE that DRIVES the "globalists" financiers'  hired APPARTACHIK economic & national security SABOTAGING insidious traitor  saboteurs:
  even Soros funded "NGO" officials - "NON-Government Organizations" - feel that they are autocrats (RED TERROR COMMISSARS!) endowed with the power to DESTROY individuals & even beloved cultural institutions (eg, turning the Boy Scouts into a pedophile, homosexual recruitment organization) if they are well-connected enough to powerful government officials:  

CHRIS MATHEWS - slimy little sycophant traitor rat,  the slimy little  corp. MEDIA WHORE TOADY & sycophant to his JEW MEDIA MOGUL BOSSES at MSNBC - throws the opening punch as the JEW OWNED  CORP. WHORE MEDIA declares WAR on the Donald TRUMP PRESIDENCY  - "TRUMP SOUNDED LIKE HITLER!" drools the little Traitor MATHEWS RAT - who never saw an ENGINEERED ECONOMIC CRASH (brought on by "pump... & DUMP" financial terrorism) or SAUDI RECRUITED TERRORIST WAR that he couldn't bring himself to LOVE, CHEER & SUPPORT at his vile, Jew billionaire masters' orders... 
back during the CLINTON IMPEACHMENT era, a genuinely LEFT, "LIBERAL"
web-site popped up, "MEDIA WHORES ON-LINE" - that was dedicated to EXPOSING

in whipping up the "MONICA!" PERJURY-TRAP
 of a  SOFT-COUP  IMPEACHMENT against then President Clinton.

 always led the pack of  SYCOPHANT MEDIA WHORES
turning a LEGAL, CONSENSUAL AFFAIR between a man and a woman in to a "perjury trap"
(deceased) and Mathews are of a similar mold 

who CHEERS VIOLENT PROTEST when it is against a nativist, populist
 AMERICAN presidential candidate or administration...

 destroyed the Baltimore economy, threw TENS of THOUSANDS of Black homeowners out on their streets...
 and the OBAMA admin. "ELITES" GOADED police nationwide to SHOOT now dispossessed,
 disenfranchised, unemployed, and DOWNTRODDEN American citizens 
- ESPECIALLY BLACKS - AT WILL,  sparking the 2015 Baltimore riots...
DEMAND  POLICE SMASH HEADS & ARREST ever more American citizens... 

(just exactly as the Jews/israelis ARREST, ASSASSINATE, kidnap, shoot, 
torture, & murder Palestinians in Occupied Palestine at will)  

 PRESIDENT  Donald J. Trump “Issues an Earth-Shattering Ultimatum!”
 “Elites Don’t Know What To Do!  The WAR Of The Titans Looms Large!”
 — BIN Headline, inauguration day,  Jan 20, 2017

President Donald J. Trump’s inaugural speech today was like no other in the history of the American Republic.
 Truly, President Trump gave an oration the likes of which has never been heard in the nation’s capital or any other capital.
 His sincere and stirring speech no doubt was uttered from the depths of his soul, his heart and his entire being. Rarely are the elites ever forced to listen to such a scathing indictment of their negligent lack of leadership and implicit criminality.

 Slash & Burn
Trump “slashed and burned” all of the the main facilitators of whole bloody system, on both sides of the aisle.
It’s not very often that the entire political establishment is forced to sit and listen to their horrible performance report while the world community of nations watched and listened.

Not only did the political elites receive the worst report card in history, but they had to grin and bear it (and squirm a LOT), again, IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE WORLD.

Obama and Biden, Pelosi and Schumer, Clinton and Clinton, were all there listening to what was essentially the greatest scolding of their lifetimes.
Trump thrashed them with his words of truth as he trashed their empty promises and politics of betrayal. 
 Let is be known that Donald Trump began his term as the 45th president of the United States of America in the best possible way. He brought his wrecking ball to Inauguration Day and let it swing like a dousing rod, banging every corrupt person in power and flawed institutional policy.

 Jesus THROWS the Money-Changers OUT of the desecrated Temple  

Reminiscent of Christ chasing the moneychangers out of the temple in Jerusalem, 
Donald Trump essentially told the criminal politicians to get out… to get our of our house.

And, that if they do not get out of their own volition, they will be summarily chased out… and it ain’t gonna be pretty. Even the stately buildings of Washington, D.C. set [a] backdrop similar to the imposing Second Temple of Jerusalem.
  Trump seemingly alone in his crusade, but really supported by millions of Trumpsters around the country, entered their politically hallowed ground and tore up the turf with one short but very powerful tirade of truth.
It’s been said that President Trump wrote the inaugural speech himself pouring his populist message into every word and punctuation. Not only was it peppered with religious language and sentiment, it was uttered as if from the mouth of The Almighty. It’s clear that Trump would never have delivered such an incisive message unless he felt he had the backing of a Higher Power much greater than himself, and certainly greater than his many formidable opponents. 
Clearly Trump is cognizant that he is going head on against the entire U.S. political & corporate establishment, [and]  he is also threatening the status quo of the global power structure. 
In this very [exceptional] mission he will require nothing short of the aid and support of the Supreme Being. 

Trump: Part Fire Monkey, Part Silverback Gorilla 

Where do we go from here? The bookies are already taking bets for the greatest fight of the millennium. Actually, there’s never been a war quite like this one. Trump’s address today made it clear that there will be NO compromise.
He’s not looking to meet anyone in the middle. Already the talking heads have gone apoplectic about how the speech did nothing to bring the nation together. Trump knows that the divisions sewn by Obama’s 2 catastrophic terms cannot ever be bridged. He knows in his heart that the Obamanation needs to be knocked down with his wrecking ball. And so he will.

 In the execution of this sacred mission, Trump has called upon his alpha male qualities and type A personality characteristics.
 He already walks the stage of Washington like the silverback gorilla no one wants to, or knows how to, fight.
 Of course, the same Trump [as 'outsider' &  'SCORCHED EARTH' Republican presidential candidate] previously assumed the profile of the Red Fire Monkey burning down everything in sight during the campaign season and post-election transition. 

In this way he took full advantage of the current Year of the Fire Monkey which officially ends on January 27, 2017.
   Intuitively Trump knows that it all comes down to timing.
 If he’s in the right place at the right time
 performing righteous actions for We the People,
 he knows that nothing can stop him.
As long as he stays true to his core mission above all else, 
nothing can harm him. He made crystal clear what his core mission is:
to give the U.S. Federal Government back to the American people. 

 And to take it from those who have stolen it. In this specific regard, there is only room for one silverback in the jungle of Beltway politics. Conclusion Donald Trump’s most zealous supporters, known as centipedes, affectionately call him God Emperor. They do this with no disrespect to The Almighty; rather, they see him as infallible in his divine mission—to Make America Great Again. As long as President Trump stays true to his stated purpose and oath to the U.S. Constitution, he will receive the loyal support of his legions of followers.
This is his only real insurance policy. 
To his own Self [and OUR GREATER GOOD]  be true.
State of the Nation   January 20, 2017