Tuesday, January 10, 2017

PIZZA-gate researcher David Seaman airs some Legitimate worries: That he might be "ARKANCIDED"- suffer an "accidental death" - for Fearlessly Pursuing the PODESTA 'pedophilia' SCANDAL which has ALL of OFFICIAL WASHINGTON TERRIFIED

NOT ONE  FBI investigation in to GHASTLY comments &  GROTESQUE images - PUBLICLY POSTED on  "Comet Ping Pong,"  "Jimmy Comet"  or  "Heavy Breathing"  BLATANTLY "pedophilia",   OPEN  "Instagram" pages?

There's  lots of  excellent information in David Seaman's videos - about (our words) how the use of  CHILD  RAPE and/or MURDER and "SACRIFICE" rituals - both of which, all of which DEMAND the KIDNAPPING and "TRAFFICKING" of victims -  are a well-honed, centuries old method by WELL FUNDED "cults" to COMPROMISE,  seduce, corrupt, BLACKMAIL, & EXTORT political leaders, politicians, educators, press/media editors, writers, publishers, producers,  academics,  religious leaders, and all other cultural leaders -  an EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE method for those CRIMINAL & TREASONOUS "elites" to EXERT THEIR WILL on an unsuspecting - and victimized - public, population, & nation.    For example, there is a well sourced story that states that a powerful LABOR UNION LEADER was on the verge of  obtaining, after months of strikes, sacrifice, and turmoil - a new contract for his members... but was SEDUCED by an attractive (high-priced!) woman... and, in the glow of  pending victory he gave in to temptation and slept with her - only to wake in the morning to a CORPSE - with a barrage of photographers standing over him in bed with the now deceased woman - he of course capitulated to the industrialists (financiers'!) demands, the contract was torn-up.
  THAT WAS A ONE-NIGHT breach of morality - JUST IMAGING the power BLACKMAILERS HAVE if  they entice powerful politicians to engage in CHILD RAPE and/or sacrifice orgies!
  IF the  NETWORKS of  "pedophilia" CHILD RAPE, KIDNAPPING, & MURDER networks are ANYWHERE NEAR as big as the  increasing MOUNTAINS of circumstantial evidence suggest they are - EVERY SINGLE CORP. MEDIA outlet,  ALL of the billions-of dollars "MAINSTREAM"  media corporations - EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM  - ALL of them  INSIST &  DEMAND  that  NOT ONE FBI INVESTIGATION BE MADE into the SUSPICIOUS if not GRUESOME if not GHASTLY PUBLICLY POSTED  COMMENTS & IMAGES relating to  "Comet Ping Pong,' the clearly pedophile-oriented band "HEAVY BREATHING"  - and other PUBLICLY POSTED IMAGES & COMMENTS warrant NOT ONE  PROFESSIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT investigation -  then, clearly,  "THE 'ELITES'" are  DEEPLY TERRIFIED that their ENTIRE HOUSE of CRIMINAL, SADISTIC, and  murderous if not SATANIC corruption will come crashing down!!