Monday, December 26, 2016

WE'RE ALL "WOG WRANGLERS" now: UNLESS you are cognizant of AND RESISTING those WHO really RULE, RUN America... YOUR ONLY job is SELLING YOUR FELLOW "WOGS" DOWN THE RIVER IN TO SLAVERY... like GEORGE SOROS' MINIONS SELLING AMERICA OUT to genocidal, child-raping, human trafficking, mass-immigration, WARMONGERING, SAUDI jihadi TERRORISM SPONSORING "globalists"

A Little LATE for Christmas... but Everyone LOVES a late Christmas present!  
HERE IT IS, America, this day after Christmas 2016: the MOST INFORMATIVE commentary on the "human condition"  and about the "Neo-Cons" &  'GLOBALISTS'   total WAR on HUMANITY... and it's BURIED behind a lousy pay-wall firewall!!   

Wake up, America!  WE'RE ALL 'WOGS' now - the only living to be made in America these days - as in the rest of the world - is in ROUNDING UP our fellow Americans Wogs... and selling them to the demonic, genocidal (Jew-Nazi) overlords who rule over our country like a raped,  enslaved,  & soon-to-be worked to death, exterminated slave colony of some brutal 1700s empire.  
  This brilliantly insightful commentary - that contradicts EVERYTHING "they" have taught TOLD YOU all your life about the "inherent decency" of  common man  YOUR NATION'S RULING elites - is hidden behind a cheap paywall/firewall, but we present it here, an tardy but  valuable "late Christmas gift" to our readers - 
  "There's only ever been one job in Kurdistan: playing Wog Wrangler, ROUNDING UP your FELLOW WOGS to sell  [and SELLING THEM] to the Turks, or Persians, or Arabs. You can try selling them as cannon fodder-that's maybe the most common sales pitch-or you can convince the foreign oppressor that your neighbor is so dangerous that he ought to pay you and your cuzzes some of his Turkish or Persian or Arab gold to go round the varmint up and turn in his dangerous Kurdish head for the bounty. If you don't-if you have an attack of Kurdish patriotism and decide you'll stand up for your neighbor, all for one and one for all-he's definitely going to try collecting the bounty on you and all your male relatives."
In an earlier post from a year or two ago, we cited the book, "The War Nerd" as being one of the 2 most informative, or important books to read to understand the real "realpolitik" workings of the world you live in - the other book we cited was jewish author Frederick Morton's authorized biography on the wealthiest and most powerful family on the planet, titled simply "The Rothschilds" -#1. on our list for explaining the motivations and psychology of that family that owns and rules over all empires since the end of the Napoleonic Wars (when they gained absolute, complete control over the finances - and therefore the politics - of the British empire... and brought most other empires to heel in the 2 centuries since.)    Well, we have a treat today, the day after Christmas 2012 for our readers:  the most revealing chapter in the "WAR NERD" isn't even included in the book!  Which is a tragic shame, because in 2 or 3 completely obscure web articles from 2007, "The War Nerd" explains the actual workings of  HUMAN CONFLICT TODAY better than any other source we have ever found - and it's all hidden behind a lousy pay/firewall because Mark Ames and the Exiled crew are too stupid to make an honest living!  (they want to PROFIT from misery and mayhem... without realizing that they are HELPING "The Powers That Be" impose that trauma and misery on ever increasing swaths of humanity.)    And in an even greater irony,  the PhD author of the "War Nerd" - despite writing what we humbly consider to be the best single explanation behind the real workings, the real gears grinding behind human conflict from the most disposable of  embattled, on-brink-of-extermination indigenous tribes all the way up to the industrialists behind the Nazi war machine; the Commissars behind the "Soviet Union," the NEO-CONS behind the "AMERIKAN" WAR MACHINE (yep - the "Neo-Cons" are TROTSKYITES - THE JEWS RAN BOTH the "SOVIET" TERROR & WAR MACHINE of the 1920s-1980s;  and here in America they ALSO RUN the DHS, fbi, cia, DoD FALSE-FLAG TERROR MACHINE  AND WAR MACHINE!)

 If you don't know that the "NEO-CONSERVATIVES" ("Neo-CONS" for short) who RULE the RETHUGLICAN PARTY and U.S. FINANCIAL SYSTEM, academia, and WAR MACHINE (including state terror apparatus, i.e. the FBI, DoJ, CIA, NSA, DEA, BATF, and DoD, et al)   are essentially the (descendants of) SAME PEOPLE who RAN the 'SOVIET UNION'  "Communism" TERROR & WAR MACHINE - then you are simply grossly ignorant about who runs your country - it's the RADICAL WAR-PIGS & RED TERROR COMMISSARS, funded by the same KHUN, LOEB, SCHIFF... WARBURGS, Oppenheimers, GOLDMANS, LEHMANS, SACHS, BEAR, STEARNS, Soros, ROTSCHILDS  25 centuries of SLAVE TRADING jew financiers !!

  As we recount below in our too-long introduction (which we've removed and placed at the end of this post)   we thought we knew all there was to know about human depravity and "realpolitik"  state actors selling entire populations down the river to mass-murder genocide (for example, the Hitler-Stalin aka Molotov-Ribbentrop "German-Soviet non-agression pact" of 1939 sold millions of Poles down the river to either German or "Soviet" control - including however many Jews lived in Poland at the time.).  However - despite being familiar with some of the greatest atrocities of history,  and despite actually earning an undergrad degree in political science with a concentration in ETHNIC CONFLICT - including in particular a concentration on the study of the  grim litany of states and empires TRYING to WIPE OUT indigenous tribes  & ethnic minorities as part of their official state/imperial policies, whether Spain expelling the Moors in 1492; or the Conquistadors wiping out the Aztec, Mayan, and Inca empires; or the Anglo/American multi-century war on native Americans; or the British wars in Africa; or the Belgian "free state congo" GENOCIDE of  TEN MILLION Africans in the Congo river basin  in the late 1800s, (etc. etc. etc.) -

WE'RE ALL  "WOG WRANGLERS" now - we get paid to SELL EACH OTHER off as SLAVES to the  GoddamnSachs/Rotschilds/AIPAC (soros/pritzker) SATANIC JUDEO-NAZI  imperialist fascits who think they OWN AMERICA - the United States and EVERY OTHER nation under the anglo/amer/judeo Axis of Evil occupation (read - all of western Europe... and most every other piss-ant country on earth as well)  -  IF you REALIZE WHO OWNS you, your family, and your country you may, probably, be part of the resistance - but for those who DON"T know who PULLS THE STRINGS of our PUPPET, bought-&-owned politicians "leaders"  here in America, they are DEFINITELY NOTHING BUT "WOG WRANGLERS" - hired, bought, owned & paid to SELL OTHER AMERICANS DOWN THE RIVER to the "ZOG"  Jew-Nazi occupiers:

Dear America:  this is a post we intended to write weeks if not years ago... and certainly before Christmas!  But everyone LOVES a  late Christmas present, so here it is:  vital ammunition in the war for Americans to OVERTHROW the SATANIC EVIL PIGS who murder & cannibalize babies and children (and each other) to maintain their position at the top of  our human society pecking order: serial & institutionalized RAPES, TORTURES, and MURDERS of CHILDREN demonic ghoulish stabbing, slitting, and skull-crushing order, that is:


[- they're the BASE LINK in the imperial carnivores' FOOD CHAIN... and SO ARE YOU!]
FRESNO, CA - Kurds are what the Discovery Channel would call the base of 
the food chain in the Middle East. They're born casualties, spawning in 
huge numbers to keep the local predators well fed. 

Kurds grow up brave and stupid, loyal to a little prince or chief or 
political hack who uses his people like poker chips to get something from 
one of the countries occupying Kurdish territory. And as long as you've 
got that fatal combination of brave, loyal and dumb, backed by a huge 
birth rate, you're going to see Kurds getting gobbled up like Atlantic 
Cod. For all I know the words are even related; maybe "Kurd" is just a 
dried Cod. 

If the Kurds didn't enjoy being prey, they'd have tried sticking together 
once in a while. But in all of history no Kurd could ever stand by any 
other Kurd long enough to hold off all the hungry Arabs, Persians, Turks, 
Brits and other sand carnivores swimming around the Fertile Crescent. 

Of course this is one of those smug pieces of advice people in high-GDP 
countries just love to give their neighbors across the tracks: "Why don't 
you people stop shooting each other-and mow your lawns! That crabgrass 
outside your place is making my retirement years a Hell on earth!" Once 
you've lived in a ghetto, and Kurdistan is one big, dry, cold ghetto, a 
junked-car backyard for Turkey, Iran and Iraq, then you understand real 
easy why it makes more sense to turn on your local rival, betray him to 
the occupiers, instead of making some noble common cause against the 
oppressor. It comes down to something even a Swiss or Swede can 
understand: jobs. 

There's only ever been one job in Kurdistan: playing Wog Wrangler, 
rounding up your fellow wogs to sell to the Turks, or Persians, or Arabs. 
You can try selling them as cannon fodder-that's maybe the most common 
sales pitch-or you can convince the foreign oppressor that your neighbor 
is so dangerous that he ought to pay you and your cuzzes some of his 
Turkish or Persian or Arab gold to go round the varmint up and turn in his 
dangerous Kurdish head for the bounty. If you don't-if you have an attack 
of Kurdish patriotism and decide you'll stand up for your neighbor, all 
for one and one for all-he's definitely going to try collecting the bounty 
on you and all your male relatives. 

That's the simple logic of living as a tribe without a state: if you don't 
cut a deal with the occupiers, your neighbour will and you won't like the 
fine print. In fact, you'll BE the fine print. 

So when you're an occupied tribe, habits like telling the truth and 
minding your own business are lethal. The advantage is always going to go 
to the bitchiest, most lying-tongued little slandering pig in the village, 
the jerk who doesn't have a qualm about sucking up to the Turkish (or 
Persian or Arab) junior officer in charge of the local garrison and, after 
telling him how smart and handsome he is for a few hours, passing a secret 
warning about what a threat to the public safety you and your family are. 
And if the Lieutenant happens to feel grateful to the informer, maybe he 
wouldn't mind giving him your cow and that nice pasture behind your house, 
once he's had you and all your kin rounded up and shot. 

Over time, a system like this will do a wonderful sped-up evolutionary job 
of cleaning out any leftover decency from the local population. Are you 
the kind of hardworkin' dude who puts in a good day in the fields, comes 
home to the family and doesn't bother anybody? Well, you're dead meat for 
the first snitch to catch the lieutenant's ear. You're Kurdish toast. 

By the way, you can see that this kind of pattern holds for most occupied 
countries, like, say, Iraq [and... AMERICA, TODAY!]  You can bet that the Iraqis who were the first 
to suck up to us, the most persistent and shameless at shining our shoes 
and selling us info, are exactly the same kind of slime. They're the same 
everywhere, and they always rise to the top after an invasion.
   It's a good  reason not to invade unless you've already got your own intelligence, so 
you don't have to buy their bullshit. Which we didn't, of course. So you 
can imagine how many neighborhood scores we've helped settle. A lot of old 
wounds from Baghdad High School's playgrounds got settled that way, I bet: 
poor little four-eyed Ahmed got picked on by big bad jock Raheem, but 
little Ahmed studied his English, got a job as Coalition interpreter and 
the first interrogation he did, he didn't even bother listening to what 
the suspect was babbling about, he just translated it as, "He says there 
is a dangerous terrorist here named Raheem, a cruel boy who never picked 
me for volleyball-I mean, who is harboring terrorists, planning attacks, 
and must be killed immediately!" 

Imagine what it's like living at the mercy of people like that. Wouldn't 
you strike first? I sure would. I'd be sucking up the occupiers just so it 
wouldn't be my little sister getting used for a play toy by the soldiers 
down in that soundproof room. Better it should be my neighbor's sister; we 
never liked the bitch anyway. And remember, minding your own business is 
not an option. 

After a while, there are no good guys in a place like that. Plenty of bad 
guys, but no good guys, not above ground. It's a war of bad-vs.-worse, or 
worse-vs.-worst. And even the worst get theirs sooner or later. 
your one comfort if you're a Kurd: your enemy will get his sooner or 
later, because the Kurds will always lose. 

THIS IS CLASSIC DIVIDE & CONQUER:  by HIDING BEHIND their PROXIES, the JEW OVERLORDS get NORTH to HATE SOUTH.... they get POOR to HATE the RICH, they get BLACK to HATE WHITES.... they get CHRISTIAN CATHOLICS to HATE CHRISTIAN ORTHODOX (in Ireland, they get Christian Protestants to HATE Christian Catholics) - and, in lands with ancient, tribal animosities, they can EASILY MANIPULATE ONE TRIBE - say the TURKS and the Kurds - to WIPE OUT ANOTHER TRIBE - say, the ARMENIAN CHRISTIANS...
    The only problem from the JEWS point of view running all these GENOCIDE BY PROXY manipulations & mechanizations is -  like HITLER after the nearly miraculous German "panzer" armies defeating France and the BEF (which barely escaped at Dunkirk) in "BLITZKREIG" war of  1940 - is that  they start BELIEVING THEIR OWN "god in our pocket" "INFALLIBLE" genocidal  PROPAGANDA: they're NOW WEARING their GENOCIDAL  JUDEO SUPREMACIST HATRED, loathing, & CONTEMPT for EVERYONE ELSE  ON THEIR SLEEVES  (which is only natural, if you truly believe you are superior to all others around you) 
  - but once you are TOO LAZY to HIDE BEHIND YOUR PROXY MASKS - well, the whole world will soon enough figure out that you INTEND to EXTERMINATE THEM !! 

 as the JEWS GENOCIDE by PROXY and ECONOMIC SABOTAGE/THEFT (defrauding entire nations out of their entire national treasuries - by hook, crook or bombs, see LIBYA's STOLEN African gold - if you can find it buried deep in those secret Rotschilds, Warbugs, Schiffs, Oppenheimer underground vaults) - well, not only do their enemies start to find common cause - but the INSANITY of thinking you are ENTITLED to EXTERMINATE everyone starts bubbling to the surface !! 



Dear America:  this is a post we intended to write weeks if not years ago... and certainly before Christmas!  But everyone LOVES a  late Christmas present, so here it is:  vital ammunition in the war for Americans to OVERTHROW the SATANIC EVIL PIGS who murder & cannibalize babies and children (and each other) to maintain their position at the top of  our human society pecking order... the vile, evil, ruthless,  genocidal & mass-murderous  TYRANTS who rule over us like the most mass-murderous despots of ancient times:  think Vlad the Impaler, Attila the Hun, the Mongols on their many sweeps through Eurasia... or, of course, the worst of the depravities alleged to Hitler's concentration camp Nazis, or to Stalin's sixty-five millions killed JUDEO BOLSHEVIK COMMISSARS of the 5-decades "Red Terror."
  One more bit of blather before we get to this post:   we grew up among the "BABY BOOMER" generation... aka the "WAR BABIES" generation,  and we grew up learning as much about World War II as we could get our insatiable little mitts on: we learned about the air war over Europe  (including "Black Thursday" when the U.S.A.A.F. bomber command lost 22% of their attacking force, and 22% of their men in a single day - the combat tragedy that inspired the movie "12 O'clock High"); the Battle of the Atlantic when Nazi U-boats threatened to cut the Atlantic as a supply line to Britain;  we learned about the horrors of the Japanese conquest of Asia and embattled U.S. efforts to contain and later smash Japanese forces during the Pacific War which featured the largest naval battles in human hsitory; we learned about the titanic struggle for Eurasia, "The Eastern Front" war between huge Nazi armies and even vaster Red armies -  and, speaking of atrocities,   we of course learned about the Nazi CONCENTRATION CAMPS and the brutal Nazi racist plans to convert the Ukraine and Russian fertile Eurasian breadbasket in to "liebensraum" or "living space" for German settlers - what we today called pre-planned ethnic cleansing & genocide. In learning about the CAUSES of this most mass-murderous of wars,  we learned about the GERMAN HYPER-INFLATION and the rise of COMMUNISM and what we call "the RED TERROR" - the Communists' REIGN OF TERROR that, we now know, killed upwards of  forty million peoples,  noble peace prize author Alexander Solzhenitsyn puts the ghastly total at 65 millions killed by Trotsky, Lenin, & Stalin's brutal commissars using starvation, mass-murder "gulags" forced labor death camps, mass-executions, and a steady drumbeat of midnight terror/torture raids over the better part of half a century to remove "counter-revolutionary elements" opposed to this demonic vision of "workers' paradise on earth" - and we learned of the infamous  HITLER-STALIN pact (aka "the Molotov-Ribenntrop German-Soviet Non-Agression Pact" of 1939) - those dastardly despots and murderous tyrants who HATED EACH OTHER with a visceral loathing born of being at opposite ends  of the (nominal) political spectrum... yet they  UNITED in a perfidious treaty to "STAB the FREE WORLD DEMOCRACIES" (sic) in the back,   smash and partition innocent little Poland - handing tens of thousands upon millions of innocent Jews over to the Nazis to be exterminated!"

  Well, sorry for going through all that,  but we're just trying to explain how we THOUGHT WE HAD SEEN IT ALL - we thought we knew everything there was to know  about "Realpolitik" and about big state actors perpetrating treachery, betrayals, death camps, gulags, "ethnic cleansing" and the consignment of  millions over to expulsion, tortures, & genocide...  and that was as a teenage "war buff" or college student...  but, as inured as we thought we were to all these murderous perpetrators of state processed mass-murder terrorism (could there be anyone worse than Hitler & Stalin?  Or the genocidal Japanese run amok in World War II? And don't even try to say "Mao was worse" - Mao didn't intend to starve half of China, he was a misguided dupe who, having won control of China in good old guerrilla warfare, simply fell for all that Marxist/Lennist "workers of the world", "proletariat revolution" malarky.)