Saturday, December 31, 2016

THE GRIM SECRET of the Hebrew, JEWISH "holy bible" - IF YOU ARE WORSHIPPING YAHWEH, the "g-o-d" of the Hebrew bible... then you are REALLY WORSHIPING ASHUR - the BRUTAL WAR-GOD of ASSYRIA... on familicide, parricide, fratricide steroids...

If you've ever wondered why Jews - both in israel, here in America, in Europe, and throughout the world  - can simultaneously WAIL! whine & cry about the abuses suffered by Jews at the hands of  of Nazi Germany... then REPLICATE EVERY horrific feature of the infamous Nazi "Gestapo" in every Jewish run intel operation in the world (including not only israel's infamous Mossad, Shin Bet, and other ruthless, deadly, well known murder, blackmail, & assassinations operations - but in Germany's secret police, AMERICA's CIA, FBI, NSA, and other "national insecurity" agencies; and as well every country or nation under the anglo/amer/judeo  Zio-Nazi imperial hegemony thumb)  -  well, the answer is simple enough: not only do the Jews proudly insist that they are a "PURE" race derived from descendants of  BRONZE-AGE israel & judah - a brutal region at the crossroads of not merely empires, but whole continents (the trade from sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, Europe, Asia Minor, the Arabian peninsula and Asia all funneled and merged through the narrow band of non-desert territory on the Eastern Mediterranean shores connecting Africa to Europe)  where EVERY clan, tribe, kingdom, and clan were RACIST and would enthusiastically  conquer & ENSLAVE the peoples who were in proximity to that tribal people...
and of all the CONQUERING EMPIRES of the day,  none stood out as being quite so ruthless or brutal and aggressive in their many blood conquests as ASSYRIA -  the empire built up around the worship of the tribal, national god of war & conquest, ASHUR.

ASSYRIA - a Semitic peoples who developed their state &  empire from city (and god) of ASHUR. They would conquer, over the centuries, territory from  Babylon to Asia Minor... to EGYPT.... including all the territories the Hebrew, Jewish bible would later claim (fictitiously) that the Hebrews conquered under David & Solomon.  This whole region was a melting pot in continual ferment - with Egyptians, Hittites, Kassites, Hurrians, Phoenicians, Babylonians, Amorites, Philistines, Moabites, and many other tribes and races leaving their imprint.... but just exactly as Spanish & Portuguese were developed directly from the Latin of the ROMAN EMPIRE,  so too were the HEBREWS influenced by the DOMINANT CULTURE in the REGION: the ASSYRIANS.
  The bible doesn't dwell much on the Assyrians for two big reasons:
#1. the Assyrians were conquered by a huge coalition that included the Egyptians, Hittites, Babylonians, Medes, Parthians, and above mentioned surviving Elamites, and with the BABYLONIANS having conquered Jerusalem, it was far easier for the Hebrew bible's Jewish authors to DEMONIZE BABYLON and not Assyria...
  #2.  the Hebrew, Jewish bible scribes DID NOT LIKE MENTIONING THE NAME "ASHUR" for the same reason they would never speak out loud the name of their own god,  YAHWEH - because "ASHUR" and "YAHWEH" were BASICALLY SYNONYMOUS,  to speak either name out loud was to invite DREAD RETRIBUTION!!

After defeating the army of Elam in battle, the Assyrian king orders the decaptitated head of Tumen, defeated king of the Elamites brought to him... then hangs it on a tree where all can see it,
while celebrating his bloody victory with a banquet

When the Assyrian king returned to Nineveh, his artisans immortalized
 the triumphs of his war machine.    In room after room of his cavernous palace,
 of the  REVENGE FANTASY "victories," massacres, and BUTCHERIES perpetrated by
the  Hebrew g-o-d Yahweh - YAHWEH is  CLEARLY BASED on the SEMITIC MODEL
the ASSYRIANS were the undisputed apex expression for hundreds of years.   
The author, "Enki35productions" of the web-site "ANUNNAKI GODS: MARDUK - GOD OF JEREMIAH and of Nebudchadnezzer"  posits, in several similar videos, that MARDUK was the model upon which Jewish scribes would later (while in EXILE, captivity, in Babylon after the Babylonian conquest & destruction of Jerusalem in 587 BC) fashion their national, TRIBAL GOD YAHWEH in to the supreme - and sole - diety of the universe.   But we know that ASHUR, not MARDUKE, is the more appropriate model:  for the BABYLONIANS were a TOLERANT PEOPLE who WELCOMED relations & intermingling with FOREIGN CULTURES - precisely why the Jews enjoyed SUCH A COMFORTABLE EXILE in Babylon where they had time to write up their damn bible - whereas when the ASSYRIANS CONQUERED a PEOPLE - they OUTLAWED speaking the language, and other cultural expressions - of that defeated tribe/empire - as every bible-thumper knows, there was NO TRACE of the "10 lost tribes of Israel" AFTER THE ASSYRIANS CONQUERED THEM!!  It was THIS ALL CONQUERING empire that the Hebrews emulated, and whose power they coveted:  
 EXTERMINATING neighbors and rivals is what JUDAISM IS ALL ABOUT - the AMALEKITES, the MIDIANITES, the MOABITES, the hapless victims of JERICHO, AI, and dozens of other kingdoms (allegedly - almost all Jewish battle "victories" were REVENGE FANTASIES concocted LOOKING BACKWARDS hundreds of years - the entire bible story of the Conquet of Canaan Valley "promised land" IS PURE FICTION)  - the HEBREW, JEWISH MODEL of  EXTERMINATION and EXTIRPATION followed the ASSYRIAN model - NOT the much more tolerant Marduk, Babylonian model!  

bible (proto-bible)  goddess ASHER - wife of YAHWEH !!
 note similarity with name of ASHUR - ASSYRIAN GOD OF WAR - 

the pre-exile, pre-bible Jews sought to INCORPORATE the POWER & SUCCESSES 
of the ASSYRIAN EMPIRE - by FEMINIZING their god, and marrying (her) 
to the Hebrew's tribal/national god, YAHWEH - who is pretty much 
indistinguishable from ASHUR except by name and location...
and, of course, when YAHWEH (Jewish bible authors) EXTERMINATED ALL THE OTHER GODS of the ancient Near East pantheon - YAHWEH became even more INTOLERANT 
than the already brutally intolerant Ashur!! 

Parricide, the killing of one's parents or another close relative. Patricide, the killing of one's father. Prolicide, is the killing of one's offspring. Sororicide, the killing of one's sister.