Wednesday, December 21, 2016

MERRY CHRISTMAS America! WE CELEBRATE the ORIGINS of CHRISTMAS: the ADORATION of the Life-Giving force.... plus, "THREE BRILLIANT WOMEN who OVERTHROW EVERYTHING, ALL the LIES that 'our' govt., corp. media, & 'Establishment elites' TELL us about our govt., world, & society"... ALL LIES !!

   Merry Christmas, America!  
We take a brief moment today from the thankless, never ending, & soul grinding task of keeping abreast of the latest atrocities, TREASONOUS CRIMINALITY  and abject, sheer demonic EVIL  of the ruthless, rapacious, greedy, & relentlessly lying "elites" who rule over us with genocidal, global extirpation "eugenics" intent  for a moment, to - - - 
we take a moment to CELEBRATE, WORSHIP,
 & ADORE the forces of light, goodness, Peace, & JOY today - we CELEBRATE & ADORE the "Holy"  force  that nurtures & sustains all life on earth!

 The CHRISTIAN mythos  of the CRUCIFIED,
 killed & RESURRECTED  SUN-god...  or SON of god - 
PRECEDED by SIMILAR MYTHS in over a DOZEN ancient cultures

The "BIRTH"  or metaphorical "RESURRECTION"
 of the declining (disappearing) SUN-GOD  as the sun's
daily march southward to seeming oblivion  is arrested & reversed
- on the first  day of the winter solstice sunrise - 
- that sunrise was  pointed to, on the SOLSTICE horizon at 
 just before dawn in bible era times by SIRIUS,  "the morning star,"  
"the STAR of the EAST
 the BRIGHTEST STAR in the sky - in ALIGNMENT  with 
 "the 3 kings" = the 3 STARS of ORION's belt !!! 
   And, exactly as the FORCES of EVIL, greed, hate, jealousy, treachery, lust, envy, death, & destruction have HIJACKED the faith & adoration of the forces of goodness, warmth, light, & life for their own vile, sinister, selfish, evil, & nefarious,  purposes 
(to maintain their power structure, their ruthless if not demonic political control over everyone else)
by using  LIES and slight of hand DECEIT
(and by other means of psychological mind-control) too are we  PROUD to PRESENT 
 the  TRUTH
 as presented  
 whose works, if read & understood 
individually  (much less collectively)
the   ENTIRE "mainstream media narrative
that "our" gov't. & political "leaders" (sic);
"our" social, cultural, religious & media "leaders" 
have been shoving down our throats for decades:
 just exactly as, in the 6 decades prior to the Civil War,  thousands of powerful public, private, religious, political, press, artists, military, business, financial & cultural officials and ordinary people TRIED TO JUSTIFY SLAVERY
- the extreme cruelty, torture, sadism, MASS-MURDER, and dehumanization INHERENT in the slave trade  and in maintaining a slave based economic (and social) system -
 -  SO TOO TODAY are the vile, evil, demonic, relentlessly lying, RELENTLESSLY TREASONOUS  CRIMINAL ELITES  trying to BRING BACK the SADISM, BRUTALITY, tyranny, grotesque subjugation and VIOLENT MURDERS & ABUSES  of vulnerable people for their own personal gain, self-righteous greed, power & profit. 
D.M. Murdoch,  aka "ACHARYA" explains
(before she passed away of cancer last year)  
  how JUDAISM as well as Christianity  both 
AROSE OUT of the RELIGIONS & people 
THAT CAME long BEFORE them -  
the stories of both MOSES  and Jesus are ENTIRELY FICTIONAL MYTHS,

  they are both based on the ARCHETYPE
 of the anthropomorphic SUN GOD that was 
so universal  - and powerful -
among all ancient cultures throughout the world.

See those "horns" radiating light on the cover of  D.M. Murdoch's book, "the MYTH of the Israelite Lawgiver"?   THOSE "horns" are ARCHAIC PAGANISM inherent in, embedded throughout the Hebrew "holy" bible that bubble to the surface all over the place. Horns represented the powers of gods - Sumerian & Akkadian art in particular distinguished  gods from mere mortals in sculptures, bas reliefs, & other images with large, pronounced horns or double or even triple horns on the seated or standing gods - and in particular,  horns represented the SUNS RAYS projecting from the god figure's head.  This PAGAN REFERENCE to god-like powers manifesting themselves in anthropomorphic, human/god-like beings on earth  shows up in the bible,  where MOSES is alleged to have had these divine horns - famously included on MICHELANGELO's  famous statue carved of Moses sitting in the Vatican today - as depicted in a bible verse. 
MOSES as a humanized, Jewish version of an 
(already) anthropomorphized SUN-GOD...
  while Jews & Christians may say "but Moses wasn't a god!"  taken together,
 Moses doing "god's work" on earth = a duopoly, god + his chosen lieutenant   
"IsraEl" means "El PREVAILS"
"El"  is a Canaanite god,
"and he is VERY SOLAR" !!!!
MOSES channels YAHWEH 
- the judeo anthropomorphized SOLAR HIGH G-O-D - 
 to SAVE 'his' PEOPLE 
by summoning the powers of the sun & universe "to part the Red Sea"

SIX TRILLION MILES HIGH CLOUDS of gas forrming  millions of stars...
but 'g-o-d' COMES TO EARTH... and ORDERS 'his' jews
to  MASSACRE, SLAUGHTER the defenseless men, women, and 

 CHILDREN of Jericho and dozens of other cities & settlements ???!!!  

In the case of  Moses the Jews will quickly point out that he is not a "god" himself - 
but exactly as Catholic Church  regards the pope to be 
the DIVINELY SELECTED & ORDAINED "minister of god's will on earth,"  
so too did Moses represent the HUMAN vessel  of the TRANSMISSION 
of  god's will on earth for Jews...
taken together,  MOSES + "G-O-D"  represent  a DUOPOLY
 of   the universal or SOLOR god effecting his will on earth through his appointed lieutenant.

    One of the important notions to capture from this great discussion is that the 
"RELIGIOUS SCHOLARS" of  JUDAISM and Christianity became QUITE EXPERT at SHOUTING DOWN, denying, denigrating,  demeaning... CRIMINALIZING -  any valid, logical, rational, or  "reality based" CRITICISMS of their "divine word of god" religiosity
- from the Roman emperor instigated Council of Nicea of 325 AD onward, the "Universal" Christian Church ("Catholic" simply means "Universal") has used FORCE - the MURDERS and MASS-MURDERS  of dissidents LABELED as "heretics" 
   - to CRIMINALIZE and OUTLAW dissent. 

  An astounding corollary of this grim, 17 centuries of Catholic Church WAR AGAINST DISSIDENTS "heretics"  is that today Catholics laud themselves for being "RIGHT TO LIFE" 
- even though the Catholic Church has never condemned the Inquisition or the MASS-MURDERS and CLIMATE of TERROR created by the Office of the Inquisition and it's often insanely corrupt, degenerate, & sadistically murderous officials; and, indeed, the Office of the Inquisition (under some obscure formal title) STILL REMAINS ON THE BOOKS at the Vatican in the Catholic Church - the people who CLAIM they are "right to life" !!! 

  THE ABILITY to LIE  about the ORIGINS of  
both JUDAISM and Christianity as the cornerstones of the FOUNDING MYTHS of these faiths as ORGANIZED RELIGIONS - 
   - the ability of  powerful religious "leaders" to LIE and COVER UP 
the real, genuine, historical origins of their respective faiths - 

 -  is also the psychological, communicative, emotional, 
and political or cultural  foundation, 
or bedrock, of TODAY'S CRIMINAL "elites"  
- at the  relentlessly LYING  MEYER/graham/BESOS 
- at NEWSWEEK & TIME magazines, 
- at CNN, FOX "news," at ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and PBS, 
- at the LA Times, Chicago Tribune... 
- the ability of  these & all other networks & newspapers 
to LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH on a DAILY basis about EVERY issue critical to not only our American social well-being, our "general welfare," our "DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY" and even to our GENUINE "national security"  
 - but through a well honed  REGIMEN OF LIES  
and a blatantly corrupt, misleading, 
and FALSE "NARRATIVE" the "elites" & media moguls 
behind these and other billion dollar corporations
   (and, in case of  the israel, jew war lobby, TRILLION dollar foreign nation/states)  

 are ACTUALLY USING PROXIES to ATTACK, "destabilize" UNDERMINE, and SABOTAGE our very lives, our societies,  our countries, our nations, & our very existence!


JUDITH VARY  lived & worked 
 - as a brilliant teenage medical researcher - in the INSANE world of  the grim underbelly of  "COLD WAR" AMERICA's war on Communism in the  CIA, MAFIA, anti-Castro Cubans, and  America's Cancer Research MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT's efforts to develop "WEAPONIZED CANCER"  as an ASSASSINATION tool (weapon) to KILL FIDEL CASTRO.
       When the aborted "BAY OF PIGS" invasion of Cuba resulted in the capture, torture, or killings of hundreds of  anti-Castro Cuban exiles or the CIA/U.S. military militia army that had been trained & supplied to overthrow Castro
 - and resulted in recriminations and "egg on their face" for every commander involved, 
from the CIA to the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the office of President Kennedy - 

the secretive & highly charged  ASSASSINATION CABAL that had been formed to "take out," assassinate Fidel Castro  
 Not only was President Kennedy HATED, REVILED by the Cuban exile survivors of the Bay of Pigs aborted invasion debacle...  not only was President  KENNEDY  HATED by those  "ELITES" at the VERY TOP of the U.S. MILITARY CHAIN of COMMAND  - the Joint Chiefs of Staff -  as well as by many tens of thousands of generals, officers, and men throughout the ranks of the U.S. military...  not only was President Kennedy HATED and by those running the CIA, and by the TEXAS OIL BILLIONAIRES, but he was also hated by the secretive, criminal millionaires of the  nationwide ORGANIZED CRIME criminal "SUPER-MOB" NETWORKS who felt they had been betrayed, "DOUBLE-CROSSED"  by the Kennedy brothers (the Chicago mob believed they had stolen - by ballot stuffing and other vote-fraud techniques - the   Illinois presidential electoral votes that put Kennedy over the top in the nationwide 1960 presidential election.)
 And, as well,  those billionaires, millionaires, and  "defense contractors" WEAPONS INDUSTRY and FINANCE  moguls who stood to make billions of dollars by EXPANDING THE VIETNAM WAR in South East Asia  lent their considerable political muscle to the budding ASSASSINATION conspiracy and post-assassination cover-up (maintained by relentless kick-backs, bribes, and slush-funds for powerful officials in government - not just President Lyndon Johnson & FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover,  but officials throughout the "Justice," Treasury, IRS, Defense departments... and all the other usual suspect.)

Judith Vary Baker's books & videos give just ONE insight into the VAST, CRIMINAL NETWORKS that ultimately succeeded in assassinating President Kennedy 
- but this one account,  independent of all others - 
- is sufficient to demonstrate BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that  PRESIDENT KENNEDY was KILLED by a  CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY that INVOLVED the CIA & MAFIA.... and a HUGE, FBI,  CIA, White House, "justice" department (sic)   and CORPORATE WHORE MEDIA COVER-UP 
that worked diligently, for years, to SMASH, SUPPRESS, destroy, demolish, and CENSOR  any facts or leads which contested or exposed the official government story - often by MURDERING THOSE who courageously came forward with those alternative facts or incriminating evidence

this is just one of many interviews JUDYTH VARY BAKER has done (captured on videos) to explain her life and support her book - there are many other excellent interviews she has made -  some longer, some shorter, all repeat the story that the CIA WAS INVOLVED in "WEAPONIZING CANCER" to KILL Fidel Castro... and, after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, the CIA, ORGANIZED CRIME "mob" and  TEXAS OIL BILLIONAIRES coordinated to shift the focus of  the "assassinate Castro!" "black operation" to instead  TARGET for ASSASSINATION  President Kennedy:


"Rebekah Roth" EXPOSES from her brilliant, relentless research in to the 9/11 terror attacks...
that EVERYTHING the GOV'T.  & 
corp. WHORE media 
about 9-11  IS A LIE !!

  Starting with the  ALLEGED "19 Saudi & Yemeni hijackers"  who allegedly perpetrated the deadly hijackings/suicide terrorist attacks... 
as Ms. Roth found out when trying to write up a novel, SEVERAL of the "ARABS"  that YOUR GOVERNMENT ACCUSED of  being "SUICIDE ISLAMIC HIJACKERS" on 9-11 2001....  

were STILL ALIVE and LIVING AFTER the deadly attacks... 
and the TRAITORS and LIARS in the 
 U.S. govt. & corp. WHORE MEDIA

 In fact, the 9-11 attacks had NOTHING TO DO with "ARAB HIJACKERS" - the airliners were ELECTRONICALLY HIJACKED by  Dov Zackheim's  REMOTE MISSILE/aircraft COMMAND/GUIDANCE systems that had been installed - and still are to this day! 
and the aircraft impacting the World Trade Center towers on 9/11 DID NOT HAVE SUFFICIENT ENERGY to destroy the towers -
the CATASTROPHIC DESTRUCTION we all witnessed with horror and shock on 9/11 was actually the buildings being BLOWN UP by TONS and TONS & TONS  of  the most high tech explosives created in US military, CIA, and MOSSAD weapons labs - 
  9-11 was an "INSIDE JOB"  PERPETRATED by ISRAELI SPIES & EXPLOSIVES EXPERTS - with the COLLABORATION of  TRAITORS in the U.S. government & corp. WHORE media !!
 (Ms. Roth's interview starts at approx. 1 hr into the video... Christopher Bollyn's interview is equally damning about the LIES of the U.S. government & corp. whore media PERPETRATING TREASONOUS LIES to PROFIT from the MASS-MURDER of Americans as a "trip wire" to launch even more "profitable" mass-murderous wars overseas)


 supports "Rebekah Roth's" contention that the 9-11 attacks were an INSIDE JOB  
perpetrated by MASS-MURDEROUS  JEWISH SPIES in collaboration with 
TRAITORS in the U.S. GOVERNMENT (and covered up by TRAITORS at the SULZBERGER NY TIMES and MEYER/graham WASHINGTON POST and other media WHORE  TRAITORS)  - from Ms. Lindauer's perspective as a CIA AGENT.... who was FALSELY ARRESTED by the CIA & FBI under the  TRAITOR michael CHERTOFF written "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act" because they were TERRIFIED that Ms. Lindauer would SINGLE-HANDEDLY EXPOSE the 9-11 terror attacks as a  TREASON, traitors' perpetrated INSIDE JOB !!! 


"bonus" - below video: 

  "FORCES OF EVIL in a Bozo Nightmare"  -

sowing hate, discord, CONFUSION,  envy, lust VIOLENCE, trauma - - - 
the radical DESTRUCTION of civilized society by MASS-MURDER & TERRORISM  
- all seem to be  the CLEARLY ENUNCIATED GOALS 
 of a significant portion of  a minority population;  
a powerful minority that seems to have MESMERIZED & LOBOTOMIZED  
the majority populations of,   apparently,  every country and nation in the "Western" "civilized" (sic) world to WILLINGLY  SUBMIT to their OWN DOOM &

or politically whitewash   TERRORISM
 - the systematic MURDERS & 
 to achieve or attain the political goal of some "TRANSFORMATION" you desire -  
then  you DESERVE TO HANG 

barbara spectre: 
working feverishly,  demonically, relentlessly to bring about
 the VIOLENT DESTRUCTION of  EVERY nation & society she can...

in order to advance the cause of  GENOCIDAL  Jew-Nazi 
"be a light unto nations"  ZIO-NAZI  global conquest 
 imperial  (Saudi style)  RULE by HEAD-CHOPPING  JUDEO SUPREMACIST racist, THEOCRATIC, intolerant,  mass-murderous  DECREES, 
 - exactly as the bible ALLEGES that Mordachai & ESTHER WROTE UP "DEATH LISTS" to cause the MASSACRES & EXECUTIONS of  75,000 Persians in the bible's entirely fictional  book of Esther -  
and the  enslavement of EVERYONE around them by INSTIGATED WARS of 
proxy  TERRORISM & and/or NUCLEAR  WAR global  mass-murder genocide 

triple bonus:  the BIBLE is a CULTURE of THEFT:
  the Jewish bible scribes & authors JUST BLATANTLY STOLE the "NOAH's FLOOD" story from the peoples and cultures they had lived amongst for generations and centuries.... without giving a lick of credit!

  Not only did the Jews STEAL the "Noah's Ark" MYTH from those who came before them....
but in DENYING CREDIT to previous generations and cultures of  different people;
 in creating a FALSE TIMELINE of  the "historical" events
 allegedly leading to/from the "Noah's Ark" MYTH - 
 Jews concocted this DEMONIC story or  BELIEF SYSTEM

  the PSYCHOLOGICAL FOUNDATION of Judaism  is the same as 
that of a THIEF in medieval Europe.... standing in a crowd of  onlookers 
gathered to watch a public execution -   

 JEWS have STOLEN EVERYONE ELSE's MYTHS,  legends, and centuries of accumulated knowledge...  and then ACCUSE us of being   and fit only for extermination!

 -  not to mention their FALSE,, RACIST,  and LYING predisposition towards
 (racial)  "PURITY" leads to a SIGNIFICANT PORTION of their OWN POPULATION suffering from CONGENITAL DISEASES -  in INCEST  & INBREEDING they are CONDEMNING THEIR OWN CHILDREN to lives of physical defects and medical nightmares! 
  IF THE JEWS are SO REMORSELESS about HARMING THEIR OWN CHILDREN in the name of "racial purity" - you need now wonder how DEMONIC they can be in looking at OTHER PEOPLE's children!