Saturday, December 17, 2016


this "locomotive breath" TROTSKYITE, RED-TERROR COUP bearing down on us...
is the price Americans pay for tolerating ISRAELI GENOCIDE against not just Palestinians...
not just Russian speaking and Orthodox Ukrainians... but tolerating ENTIRE  MOSSAD + CIA,
kerry + hillary + obama + biden + clapper + brennan + feinstein + panetta HIRED TERRORIST ARMIES killing Christians - and everyone else - in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan.... &&&

Rethuglican SENATOR & majority 'leader'
- ISRAEL UBER amerika COUP against President-elect Trump...
- the  SOROS, ROTSCHILD, cia, 

 fbi,  AIPAC  jew war lobby

 NOT JUST Trump supporters, but the 
DELUSIONAL Clinton-bots - who (we) are all
WAR MACHINE & vast, criminal
 global financial extortion, terrorism, destruction of nations, 

& DEBT SLAVERY TROTSKYITE genocide  machine
  arrayed against us 

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
     - (in his very popular, read-by-millions here in America & around the world web page)
today made a very unusual move of  publishing  2 commentaries on the exact same issue,
    the second one more dire and damning than the first
  For today Dr. Roberts unfortunately makes the stunning,  coherent and well informed argument
that the CIA,  FBI,  the "Neo-Con" elements embedded in not only the U.S. military.. but in  the U.S. CONGRESS itself as well - and of course the CORPORATE WHORE MEDIA
   are all now FULLY COMMITTED to DENYING  PRESIDENT TRUMP the presidency.... no matter how far they have to go, no matter how radical they must act -
  A  COUP  IS UNDERWAY to PREVENT DONALD TRUMP from becoming president, and those "actors" perpetrating the coup are RISKING THEIR CAREERS IF NOT LIVES in pushing it... so THEY are DEADLY SERIOUS, this coup plot - which will soon be MURDEROUS,  if not MASS-MURDEROUS - IS NOW IN MOTION.  

  Dr. Roberts explains that CIA DIRECTOR  JOHN BRENNAN 
 to unseat President-elect Trump,  using the twin LYING, PROPAGANDA canards that
 "Hillary would have won the electoral college vote as well...  but for  'RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE' in the election."

  What is patently absurd about this allegation is that it is only made now - 5 weeks after the election - but absurdities and lies don't matter to the ruling elites,  they feel their lives are on the line - should CIA Director Brennan, for example, HAVE TO ANSWER FOR  4 YEARS of SUPPLYING  TERRORISTS to KILL TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CIVILIANS in Libya & Syria, Egypt, Iraq, & Sudan - which is exactly the point:  THE AMERICAN PUBLIC has NOT FACED the GRIM TRUTH about the SERIAL,   'ISIS" and POISON-GAS SUPPORTING TERRORISM perpetrated by the CIA, War Department, Obama/biden/hillary/kerry regime and other agencies of the U.S. government - and, as well, THE ENTIRE JEWISH LOBBY IN AMERICA, from  the ROTSCHILDS, SOROS,  Warburg, Schiff, FISCHER/yellen 'FED' to GODDAMN-SACHS, CITI-'bank' BoA, AIPAC, SPLC, ADL, JDL, down to local dog-catcher HAVE GROWN ADDICTED to TRILLIONS of dollars in WAR PROFITEERING and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY  genocidal israel expansionism (TO INCLUDE  A "2nd Israel" after the current JEWISH COUP OVERLORDS in the Ukraine "ETHNICALLY CLEANSE" both Russian & Ukrainian speaking Ukrainians from eastern Ukraine!)   - so - SINCE "they" - ALL of them - WILL FIGHT LIKE THEIR LIVES DEPEND ON IT - while, as Dr. Roberts reports,  TRUMP VOTERS who would RESIST this COUP are going to be MARGINALIZED, SCAPEGOATED, and LYNCH-MOBBED as "DUPES of RUSSIA" - as of this moment,  the momentum has to be given to the SOROS/rotschilds/JEWISH COUP PLOTTERS and their many TREASONOUS DUPES - "Neo-Cons" in Congress, the Supreme Court, and of course ruling over both the financial system and the press/media.

      Well, it was fun while it lasted - these 5 weeks since the election, when we were given an opportunity to EVEN DREAM about an AMERICA THROWN CLEAR of the ROTSCHILDS,  "NWO",   "GLOBALISTS"...   ZIO-NAZI, JUDEO-SUPREMACIST 'TROTSKYITE'  RED TERROR menace...    but the  WAR PIGS who FRAMED  OSAMA bin LADEN and "19 A-RAB HIJACKERS" for the MOSSAD perpetrated 9-11 TERROR ATTACKS on America...
...are NOT ABOUT TO FACE THE MUSIC for THAT  "DAY OF INFAMY" - and while Trump supporters would get out of bed to vote... taking on the WORLD WAR III  NUCLEAR ARMED  ZIO-NAZI  RED TERROR COUP MACHINE is a whole 'nother story....


In my opinion, former and present members of the US government and the media would not dare to so obviously and openly participate in a coup against democracy and [against]  an elected president unless they expect the coup to succeed.
   It is an easy matter for the ruling interests to bribe electors to vote differently than their states. The cost of the bribes is miniscule compared to the wealth and income streams that a trillion dollar annual budget [from NEW or EXPANDED WARS]  provides to the military/security complex. 
[the military/industrial/financial/congressional/ wars profiteering = MASS-MURDERS & GENOCIDE PROFITEERING complex] 

The fake news of a Putin/Trump election-stealing plot generated by unsupported allegations of present and former members of US intelligence, the lame-duck President Obama, and the presstitute media provide the cover for electors to break with precedent “in order to save America from a Russian stooge.” The CIA-controlled European media, the politicians in Washington’s European vassal states, NATO officials, and the brainwashed European peoples will support the coup against Trump. The only ones speaking against the coup are the voters who elected Trump—all of whom are alleged to have been deceived [have ALLEGEDLY been DUPED] by Russian fake news— the Russian government, and the 200 websites falsely described by the Washington Post and the secret organization PropOrNot as Russian agents. In other words, those objecting to the coup are the ones described by the coup leaders as those who made the coup necessary.

  Well, America, for months if not years now,  WE'VE been saying that the JEWISH, TROTSKYITE "RED TERROR" IS HERE (and WORLD WAR III along with that Judeo blood-lust Trotskyite Red Terror] -  and, yes,  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has also been saying that the NEO-CONS i.e. JEW WAR LOBBY WILL PUSH us IN TO WW III for months and years as well:    WELL, NOW IT IS HEAR.
  THESE "people" CAN NOT FACE THE MUSIC that THEY HAVE BEEN SUPPORTING ISIS TERRORISTS to EXTERMINATE Syria's population for Israel's benefit - to annex Syria on to Israel.   Even those not directly involved in criminal, treasonous activities are ADDICTED to the stream of TRILLIONS of dollars from the war-contracts and financing of those wars and "DEEP BLACK"  wa-ay off books, no oversight budgets which are nothing but vast SLUSH FUNDS for connected insiders - IF you (a gaggle of  "contractors") are collectively making a BILLION DOLLARS from a certain set of "Deep Black" operations... OF COURSE it is in your best interest to dish out  10% of that total - $100 million -  in BRIBES and "prestigious jobs & grants" to KEEP THAT GRAVY TRAIN ROLLING.
    Beseiged TRUMP VOTERS have nothing  in their arsenal to compare - and the CHERTOFF/FEINSTEIN  TRAITORS running the DHS, FBI, & CIA would love NOTHING BETTER than to dispatch a fleet of "evil flying monkey" KILLER DRONES to bomb (and - don't kid yourselves - poison gas)  any "survivalists" who try to hole-up in resistance.


below, "Moon of Alabama" does a masterful job of OUTLINING THE COUP and it's primary promoters and benefactors.

 WHAT IS NOT MENTIONED, however, is the CRITICAL POINT:   that the RACIST, GENOCIDAL  JEWS PUSHING this coup - GEORGE SOROS, the ROTSCHILDS,  the Goddamn-Sachsers,  the FED,  the "NEO-CONS"  the AIPAC ISRAEL WAR LOBBY and all it's many Hydra-headed offshoots -   ARE PAINTING AMERICAN TRUMP SUPPORTERS as "WHITE RACISTS" - even though the JEWS HATE BLACK AMERICANS  almost as much as they HATE WHITE CHRISTIANS,  and the JEWISH RECORD Of  PROFITING from the trans-Atlantic SLAVE TRADE in AFRICAN CHATTEL SLAVES is far easier to research and document that the many hundreds of years of  JEWISH SLAVE TRADERS buying and selling CHRISTIAN slaves in the on-going wars  between not only Christians and Islamic empires (Arab, Persian, late Mongol, Ottoman, etc.) but between Christian kingdoms - some portion of  the prisoners captured in wars between rival Christian kingdoms, or between rival Islamic despot rulers, warring kingdoms (etc.) would always wind up in JEWISH SLAVE-TRADERS' HANDS, the Jewish (slave trading) merchants were (then as now) ubiquitous,  and SLAVERY was the OIL, GAS, ENERGY, mining, and agricultural POWER of just about every century until the end of the days of sail -  the quickest way to mine gold and sivler was to SEND SLAVES IN TO THE MINES, and you had to replace them often as they died quickly from the toxic gases and arduous and hazardous work - the Dark Ages and Medieval era and even the late Renaissance LUSTED FOR SLAVES the same way today's world LUSTS FOR OIL.


The "Elite" Coup Of 2016

By Moon Of Alabama

December 16, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - "Moon Of Alabama" -
  • There is an "elite" coup attempt underway against the U.S. President-elect Trump.
  • The coup is orchestrated by the camp of Hillary Clinton in association with the CIA and neoconservative powers in Congress.
  • The plan is to use the CIA's "Russia made Trump the winner" nonsense to swing the electoral college against him. The case would then be bumped up to Congress. Major neocon and warmonger parts of the Republicans could then move the presidency to Clinton or, if that fails, put Trump's vice president-elect Mike Pence onto the throne. The regular bipartisan war business, which a Trump presidency threatens to interrupt, could continue.
  • Should the coup succeed violent insurrections in the United States are likely to ensue with unpredictable consequences.
The above theses are thus far only a general outlay. No general plan has been published. The scheme though is pretty obvious by now. However, the following contains some speculation.
The priority aim is to deny Trump the presidency. He is too independent and a danger for several power centers within the ruling U.S. power circles. The selection of Tillerson as new Secretary of State only reinforces this (Prediction: Bolton will not get the Deputy position.)  Tillerson is for profitable stability, not for regime change adventures. The institutional Trump enemies are:
  • The CIA which has become the Central Assassination Agency under the Bush and Obama administrations. Huge parts of its budgets depend on a continuation of the war on Syria and the drone assassination campaigns in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere. Trump's more isolationist policies would likely end these campaigns and the related budget troughs.
  • The weapons industry which could lose its enormous sales to its major customers in the Persian Gulf should a President Trump reduce U.S. interference in the Middle East and elsewhere.
  • The neoconservatives and Likudniks who want the U.S. as Israel's weapon to strong arm the Middle East to the Zionists' benefit.
  • The general war hawks, military and "humanitarian interventionists" to whom any reduction of the U.S. role as primary power in the world is anathema to their believes.
The current CIA director Brennan, a leading figure of the CIA torture program and Obama consigliere, is in the Clinton/anti-Trump camp. The former CIA heads Hayden and Panetta are public Clinton supporters as is torturer king and former CIA deputy director Michael Morell.
It is thereby no wonder that the CIA is leading the anti-Russian campaign. Its task now is to implant the idea in the U.S. public that Russian intervention skewed the U.S. election towards Trump. The purpose is the delegitimization of the Trump victory in the eyes of the media and public but even more so in the eyes of the electors within the electoral college.
The CIA is heavily supported by the same mainstream media that pushed for Clinton during the election. (These are, not by chance, also the same media that pushed the CIA's earlier "Saddam's Weapon of Mass Destruction" campaign.)
The Democratic partisan and Harvard law Professor Lawrence Lessig is pushing the electors and offersthem free personal legal support. He says the electoral college vote is now close.
Could 37 Republican electors, put there by voters in their states to vote for Trump, be convinced to move from electing Trump to abstain or vote for someone else, Trump would miss the needed 270 votes. The whole election of the president would then by kicked up to the House of Representatives.
Should the electors vote for Trump there is still a possibility that members of the House and the Senate could officially question that vote and cause delays or Congressional probes and legal challenges.
Here are the detailed general proceedings and specifics for the electoral college as explained by the National Archives and Records Administration.
Though neoconservatives have no genuine support within the U.S. electorate they have a strong hold on significant parts of Congress and the relevant MSM commentariat. Many leading neoconservatives and war hawks like Robert Kagan, Max Boot and the Washington Post editorial board came out for Clinton during the campaign. Clinton even ran campaign advertisements with Republican Congress luminaries like Lindsay Graham, Sasse and Flake.
The House and the Senate majority may well be on the anti-Trump side if push comes to shove. But whatever the outcome there surely would be intense legal challenges and I expect the case to go up to the Supreme Court.
As an alternative to legal shenanigans Trump's inauguration could be delayed by Obama's order to the intelligence community to create a formal review of Russian intervention in the election by January 20. That is not by chance the official inauguration date! The selling point:
By ordering a “full review” of allegations of Russian into the 2016 election process, President Barack Obama is essentially asking the IC to make an analytical judgment about the validity of the election that will place Trump in the Oval Office.
A "compromise" in Congress could be to wait for the Intelligence Community's analysis and then discuss it before certifying Trump as president. That would end up with no result as National Intelligence Estimates are notoriously vague. Meanwhile the Vice President-elect would sit in as acting President:
If the President-elect fails to qualify before inauguration, Section 3 of the 20th Amendment states that the Vice President-elect will act as President until such a time as a President has qualified.
If the congressional or legal process around the Trump election gets delayed, that may be a state for a long time. The ruling Washington blob or borg could well live with an acting President Pence while Trump would have no official say in any government business. (Could Clinton then become acting VP or qualify as the new president?)

The media intervention on the anti-Trump side is heavy.