Monday, December 26, 2016

CHRISTMAS 2016: We open another gift package.... the REAL History of the JEWS & JUDAISM...from MYTH to the rise of Humanity's New Genocidal Global Ruling "Elites" -

We just realized the other day that we are MENTALLY and EMOTIONALLY EXHAUSTED:
keeping up with the Hillary, Soros, Rotschilds, AIPAC gangs murderous efforts to STEAL election 2016 was quite taxing enough in its own right - we haven't even gotten to writing a much-needed post, "HOW THE RAHM EMANUEL, RUBINITE, DIANNE FEINSTEIN (et al)  JEW DEMOCRATS  _COLLABORATED_ with the Bush-Cheney-WOLFOWITZ-CHERTOFF-MUKASEY crew in ALLOWING the STOLEN ELECTIONS of  both 2000 AND 2004 -  because the JEW controlled DEMOCRAT' party and the JEW owned and Controlled RETHUGLICAN Party are TWO WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIAIRES of the same mega-conglomerate - the ROTSCHILDS, Warburgs, Schiffs, Goldmans, Oppenheimers, Montefiores (et al) JEW SLAVE-TRADING FINANCIERS  aka the JEW WAR LOBBY - and in both 2000 and 2004, the ORDERS CAME DOWN FROM ON HIGH that the RETHUGLICAN wing of the JEW WAR-PIGS LOBBY would FURTHER THE CAUSE of the JEWISH WARS much better than the lame-ass Al Gore or John Kerry Demorats would - yes, Virginia, the "CORPORATISTS" aka "GLOBALISTS"  DEMOCRATS are  AS  MASS-MURDEROUS as the blatantly bat-shit Crazy NEO-CON RETHUGLICAN PARTY...   and the JEW DEMOCRATS INTENTIONALLY SABOTAGED the will of the American people (voters) in both 2000, again in 2004... again in 2010, and very nearly in 2016!
  Whew!  It's taken a long paragraph just to OUTLINE   the JEWISH SABOTAGE of the DEMOCRAT Party in just 3 elections, alone - and we've got reams of sources and citations to back up our contention, but don't have the mental firepower to get to that topic... because, you know, since a week or two before the election we've had to spend the past 2 months  LEARNING ABOUT  CHILD RAPE, KIDNAPPING, & BLACK-MAIL EXTORTION MURDER GANGS OPERATING OUT of the U.S. capitol, Pentagon, State Department  and every other government agency - WITH THE COLLABORATION of  "law enforcement" from the FBI to every one-stop-sign town in America - oh, and btw, did you know that "OCCULTISTS" and "illuminati" are just POLITE WORDS for  CHILD RAPING, CHILD MURDERING,  CHILD BUTCHERING SATANIC CANNIBALS.. and that they APPARENTLY RUN THE ENTIRE U.S. GOVERNMENT,  just as they have ruled and run the royal family of England, and apparently the rest of Europe - for at least 2 centuries now - and of the 13 most powerful bloodlines... over half are JEWS - with the Rotschilds being the undisputed lords over all of them?!    We saw the  ROTSCHILDS BALL pictures from 1972 and "decoded" (analyzed) them as their BLATANTLY BRAGGING, BROADCASTING that they MURDER VICTIMS IN RITUALS - including AMBUTATED & DECAPITATED BABIES! - and that was long before we heard of JOHN PODESTA's e-mails!!!