Friday, November 11, 2016

TRUMP WON...... ONLY because of BIG GAINS from millions of MINORITY voters !! The NY Times "liberal" media PROPAGANDA NARRATIVE that the SOROS run "Democrat" Party is "good for minorities" IS A LIE !!!

The "secret" to Donald Trump's stunning presidential election victory: 
see those little red triangles on the right in this NY Times exit poll graphic?
Except for the top line "White" voters,  those triangles represent the GAIN, or
percentage increase in REPUBLICAN votes from... MINORITY voters this election!  

After 8 years of  Obama co. 
(which we have continually pointed out here at TheJewishWars was actually a JEWISH run, RACIST, APARTHEID, SEGREGATIONIST "israel uber amerika" or "Neo-Con" radical right-wing ZIO-NAZI crew POSING as 'liberal' and 'democratic' "Americans"
millions of  MINORITY voters said   "NO THANK YOU!" to another  
4 years  of  another  SOROS Jew-Nazi run  'Democrat'  presidency: 

  •  OPEN BORDERS  to DEPRESS American workers' wages &  to
  • destroy American company-funded job benefits and retirement plans
  •  BAILOUTS for  GODDAMN-SACHS, Citi 'bank',  AIG,  'Fed'  fat-cat "hedge funds" and sheer criminal FRAUDSTER banksters;
  • and  SUPPORT FOR Saudi & ISRAEL sponsored  TERRORISM overseas
  • while USING  that same 'THREAT'  of  terrorism here in America to... whitewash ISRAEL TRAINED "American" POLICE TREATING us AMERICANS the same way ISRAEL JEWS TREAT PALESTINIANS - as 2nd-class citizens if not as VERMIN, as  "terrorists" to be EXTERMINATED!

 Since Mr. Trump only did 1% better among White voters in 2016 than Mitt Romney did in 2012... was not "more White voters" who gave Mr. Trump his election victory the other night... was MILLIONS of  Black, Latino, Asian, & other MINORITY voters 
who put PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump in the White House!!   
Those MILLIONS of  MINORITY voters who voted Trump
and the vile  DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ  DNC & SOROS,  NEO-CON,  ROTSCHILDS, GoddamnSachs/'Fed' + AIPAC israel war-lobby  ruled "Democrat" party
as NOT being in THEIR - minority voters'
Those millions of  savvy minority voters - whom the SULZBERGER NY  Times accurately catches in this exit poll - REJECTED the NY Times "liberal" (sic) media NARRATIVE,

 the  corporate "liberal" (sic) LIE that Hillary and the Democrats are GOOD for  minority Americans any more, 
   when anyone can see that  TRILLIONS of  AMERICAN taxpayer dollars
 go to JEWS in ISRAEL and to fight the JEWS' WARS OF EXTERMINATION 
against any and ALL  people in the entire Middle East

below: 2 more excellent, short videos that capture 
how millions of "multi-cultural" 
 voted AGAINST the evil DNC, "Democrat" pooh-bahs
 and their GEORGE SOROS, AIPAC,  GODDAMN-SACHS, 'Fed'  written
"Democrat"  (+, plus  ESTABLISHMENT Rethuglicans) WAR ON AMERICANS playbook -