Thursday, November 10, 2016

The INSANITY of the SOROS/ROTSCHILDS JEW NAZI AGENDA: it TURNS REDNECKS in to PEACENICKS... WHILE TURNING 'Liberals," "Progressives," "Democrats" & "multi-cultural co-existers" in to WARMONGERING & TERRORISTS SUPPORTING 'Neo-Con' 'globalist" GENOCIDAL DEMON FIENDS !!

Ben Fulford's commentary has been at the very edge of  reality over the past 2 dozen months;  
by now, increasing millions are becoming of the "GLOBALISTS" aka the  Rotschilds, Soros, Goddamn-Sachs, AIPAC,  and the  BANK OF ENGLAND/City-of-London 
 "MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE" acting through the anglo/american/(judeo!) 
 imperial death-cult to  DESTROY NATIONS, PERPETRATE "ethnic cleansing" GENOCIDE to make room for "GREATER ISRAEL" and to -  intentionally - DESTROY ECONOMIES and IMPOVERISH MILLIONS  to facilitate the above "destruction of nations" agenda...

...but when it actually comes to actually DOING SOMETHING about these SERIAL ATROCITIES and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY....

...when it actually comes to  STANDING UP TO the Rotschilds anglo/aipac/amero  DEATH CULT, well, that can be a mind-bending (not to mention, "career ending" and "life threatening") movement! 

Well, as we try to recoup some mental sanity... er, "mental firepower" from the last 12 months conviction that the Hillary/Soros/Rotschilds/Netanyahu JEW NAZI "Neo-Cons" were going to INCINERATE the WORLD at any moment....
that they were going to  INITIATE WORLD WAR III at ANY MOMENT, 
   by the simple expedient of  STEALTHILY  launching a  nuclear-tipped CRUISE MISSILE  FROM ISRAEL (or any other Zio-Nazi controlled missile launcher) TOWARDS SYRIA
  or RUSSIA... only to have the missile intentionally do a 180° U-TURN,  rise in altitude (so it could be seen by radar from the whole world) and then attack some target in Israel (or a U.S. warship) to - VIOLA! -  provide a one-step  FALSE FLAG ATTACK to launch World War III in earnest.... BLAMING the Russians or Syrians (or Iranians) for THEIR OWN  MASS-MURDEROUS missile attack....  

well,    Mr. Trump  STANDING UP to the 'Neo-Con' (JEW NAZI) WAR PIGS  and SOROS/GoddamnSachs/AIPAC/'Fed'  Rotschilds economy killers 

and, quite astoundingly,   this incredible dynamic is now turning 
'Liberals' in to WARMONGERS aka



 bonus:   For the first time that we know of in 2 dozen years, we agree with Rush Limbaugh about something: 

 (but NOTE:  RUSH LIMBAUGH STILL takes his MARCHING ORDERS from the JEW NAZI TRILLIONAIRES who cut his  MEDIA WHORE,  99% of the time LIES-SPEWING paycheck)

 Rush Limbaugh: 
‘Somebody Needs to Tell Me Why It’s Wrong for White People to Vote Their Interests’

During his show Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh asked for somebody to tell him “why it’s wrong for white people to vote their interests” but not wrong for everyone else to do the same.While commenting on CNN’s Van Jones saying a “whitelash against a changing country” was the driving force behind President Donald Trump’s election, Limbaugh said:
“Somebody needs to tell me why it’s wrong for white people to vote their interests when it’s not wrong for African-Americans to unify and monolithically vote their interests. Women monolithically unify; vote their interests. Muslims monolithically unify; vote their interests. Gays and lesbians unify; monolithically vote their interests. Feminists unify; vote their interests monolithically. That’s how the Democrat Party wins. All of these different constituency groups think, act, and vote alike — and when they do it, they call it “progress.”