Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Nov. 22, 2016: :the 53rd anniversary of the PUBLIC EXECUTION of PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY by a CIA, MAFIA, OIL TYCOONS, JEW MOB.... + FBI mega-conspiracy

The ASSASSINATION of  PRESIDENT John F. Kennedy,  53 years ago today,
 was  MASSIVE CONSPIRACY... that reached in to the highest (if  highly compartmentalized) levels  of not only the CIA, organized crime, and  Texas billionaire oil-men &  financiers...
 but the CONSPIRACY to MURDER the PRESIDENT  also to  the very  highest levels of the FBI, the  WHITE HOUSE, and  to the SECRET SERVICE itself.
   HERE SECRET SERVICE agent ____ ___ opens his arms in abject frustration at being DISMISSED FROM HIS POST - running immediately ALONGSIDE President Kennedy's limousine - as it made the fatal turn on to Elm Street -  PRESIDENT KENNEDY would be SHOT & KILLED WITHIN MOMENTS of the SECRET SERVICE officer in charge EMERY ROBERTS,  DISMISSING   from his post:

The man who shot President John F. Kennedy through his temple... .from the front.
 JAMES FILES was a "mob" hit-man... who had learned proficiency in killing people as an infantry paratropper in the 82'nd airborne, who was involved in "SECRET" combat in LAOS for  the CIA... in the 1950s, years in advance of the overt U.S. war in Vietnam.    In this conversation he gave while incarcerated for other crimes in an Illinois prison, James Files specifically names Chicago mob heavyweights CHARLES NICOLETTI,  "Handsome Johnny" Roselli, and  mob boss SAM GIANCANNA as being his bosses in "the hit" on President Kennedy.... an assassination plot that had the SPECIFIC APPROVAL of his  CIA "handler"  as well.
 Files also discloses his close association with LEE HARVEY OSWALD - the accused, but patsy assasination suspect provided to the American public by the corp. media in close coordination with the FBI, White House,and other agencies of the U.S. government.... and   James Files also mentions he observed JACK RUBY hand over a package of  FAKE ID's and a map of the newly revised JFK motorcade route the night before the assassination:

JUDITH VARY BAKER:  a child/teenage MEDICAL SCIENCE PRODIGY,   she was nearly killed as a child when appendicitis erupted one night... by the time she was taken to the hospital, she had a massive infection throughout her body.  Tutored by nuns during her long recovery (and excruciatingly painful repeat surgeries),  she dedicated herself to cancer research when several of her close family members died of cancer.  By the time she was in high-school, she was raising medical mice and injecting them with cancer cells... in a makeshift lab under the bleachers at her high-school athletic field.   She won state and national science project contests, and taking her expertise on the road, she crashed the American Cancer Association annual meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida... where she became "adopted" as a researcher by some of America's heavyweight cancer researchers, but was force to shut down her back-yard  under-bleachers lab.   By twist of fate, she wound up going to New Orleans to start courses at Tulane University but arrived in the city 2 weeks early.... where she was sucked up in to an "underground" bio-war lab attempting to "WEAPONIZE" cancer.... as a means to potentially kill, assassinate Cuban Communist dictator Fidel Castro.  Almost as an afterthought, the CIA sent one of their agents - LEE HARVEY OSWALD - to shepherd the 18 year old Judith through the hazardous environs of  1960s New Orleans - where these two young intellectual heavyweights took an immediate liking to each other, and ended up having an affair.  They both intended to elope...until Judith was banished from New Orleans (and cancer research) when she objected to her superiors USING THEIR "WEAPONIZED" CANCER injections on human patients - prisoners who had been told their sentences would be reduced if they participated in "potentially life-saving medical research" - when in fact the research team FULLY INTENDED their "patients" TO DIE if the injections produced cancer in them.... as was intended!

    It was within weeks of Judith's being banned from her New Orleans medical training at Tulane that her lover Lee Harvey Oswald was sent to Dallas Texas... where the PLANS to FRAME HIM for the looming MURDER of  President John F. Kennedy had his superiors direct him to a job they had whipped up for him in a building, the Texas School Book Depository building  (TSBD)
 JUDITH MARY BAKER is  living proof of the CIA's INVOLVEMENT in EVERY ASPECT of the conspiracy to kill President Kennedy.. which STARTED as a conspiracy to KILL CASTRO, but was through a

OMG!   We have been so overwhelmed by  news lately - President-elect Donald Trump's working on his transition team (and, earlier today,  lashing out America's corp. WHORE MEDIA bosses in person, including  CNN's  JEFF ZUCKER  by name), and the "ESTABLISHMENTS'"  fervent MANUFACTURING of a "new" "news" NARRATIVE to REPLACED their UNIVERSALLY DESPISED  "TPP" globalist dictatorship agenda - that we had completely forgotten our position in space time,  at  least in regard to today being the anniversary of the ASSASSINATION of  President John F. Kennedy, in Dallas Texas,  President Kennedy shot and killed by at least 3 gunmen put in place by  a CIA - Organized Crime conspiracy that was funded at the very highest levels stretching to not only "establishment" TEXAS OIL BILLIONAIRES... stretching not only to the STATE OF ISRAEL whose entire government & Jewish billionaires founders detested John F. Kennedy for trying to reign in Israel's rogue nuclear bomb program.....   to not only the TOP RANKS of  ORGANIZED CRIME in America,  "Mafia" leaders who felt they had been betrayed by Robert F. Kennedy's Justice Department attacks (energetic prosecutions) of organized crime...
   but stretching right in to the CIA,  to the SECRET SERVICE, to the FBI,  and to the office of the VICE PRESIDENT HIMSELF,  PRESIDENT LYNDON B. JOHNSON would assume the presidency upon the SUCCESSFUL ASSASSINATION of  the man he had helped elect in Texas 3 years earlier: