Monday, November 28, 2016

JEWS are SUICIDE BOMBERS, FIRING the KINDLING of the "immigration crisis" INFERNO DESTRUCTION of their OWN HOST NATIONS.... all part of the INSANE, insidious JEWISH, judeo SUPREMACIST infernal WAR AGAINST ALL other HUMANS....

BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE:  even "liberal" and "progressive" Jews like Barbara Spectre - who probably does NOT subscribe to the "even JEWISH women are not even truly human" ideology/theology of rabid fundamentalist Talmudic judaism - still subscribes to the insidious notion of  JUDEO SUPREMACY, such that she and millions of  seemingly "moderate" and "progressive" Jews DO NOT STAND IN OPPOSITION to the "DESTRUCTION OF NATIONS"  and WAR and HATRED of ALL HUMANITY agenda of  ZIO-NAZI genocidal Judeo IMPERIALISM 
BARBARA SPECTRE: just another JEWISH SUICIDE BOMBER,  working feverishly to
hiding under the GUISE of "multi-culturalism" and "human rights" to 
perpetrate the genocidal MASS-EXTERMINATION CONQUEST against  ALL of humanity...

well, here it is, folks:  the most insightful single youTube video we have ever watched....
the one that puts everything else together, the one that explains how seemingly "liberal," "moderate", and "progressive" and even atheistic jews SIGN ON TO GENOCIDAL JUDEO SUPREMACY... destroying even the host nation(s) and culture (i.e. U.S.A. & Europe today) that have made them wealthy, prosperous, secure, and accepted as equals -  JEWS  CAN'T HELP IT, they are BORN, RAISED, & INDOCTRINATED in JUDEO SUPREMACY that regards ALL other humans on earth as "THE ENEMY" to be EXTERMINATED with not only extreme prejudice.. but with as much FEAR, TORTURE, and TERROR as the murderous jews-on-warpath can muster !!

For over a decade now we have realized that "the GREAT DEPRESSION" was an INTENTIONALLY INSTIGATED economic crisis that used the (2+) centuries old, well honed ROTSCHILD jewish financial tactic of  INCITING  FINANCIAL "PANICS" so those in the know" - those on the right side of the incited financial attacks can PROFIT FROM THEM, can buy up valuable resources & assets for pennies on the dollar... just exactly as the conquering Hebrew and other armies in history PROFIT FROM destroying, pillaging, looting, and conquering their enemies - of course,  usually effective & successful conquerors send waves of  DISINFORMATION and  PANIC-sowing TERROR in advance of their armies' actual attacks.

  JUST EXACTLY AS successful  military conquerors by violent armed conflict uses PANIC, TERROR, and DECEPTION - misinformation -  to conquer their enemies.
so to do FINANCIAL PREDATORS use DECEPTION,  misinformation,  FEAR and PANIC to accomplish their goals...

   and there is, we now understand, a  HYBRID  force - half way between overt military conquest, but more violent and homicidal than mere predatory finance:  that force is INSIDIOUS  JUDEO NATIONALISM IMPERIALISM,   conquest from WITHIN a target or host nation, tribe, or empire BY TREACHERY and  INSIDIOUS TREASON,   Jews PRETENDING to be LOYAL SUBJECT, loyal citizens, law abiding neighbors who hew to a pledge of allegiance.... but who, in attending temples, jewish religious schools,  jewish community groups,  jewish business organizations, and jewish activist groups,  are (often) subtly, sometimes overtly, but relentlessly INDOCTRINATED in the doctrine of  JUDEO SUPREMACY - that jews, "CHOSEN by g-o-d" are not merely superior, but VASTLY SUPERIOR to all other people on earth.  Indeed, the fundamentalist, Orthodox,  Talmudic, and hyper-Jewish "religious" groups  PREACH that NON-JEWS ARE NOT EVEN HUMAN, that is,  practicing Orthodox, Talmudic Jews live in a world surrounded by HUMAN ANIMAL FILTH,  that other humans are mere beasts-of-burden to be harnessed, sheared, shorn, milked... and BUTCHERED.... if not VERMIN to BE EXTERMINATED by the  "favored by g-od"  'Chosenite' Jews.... this ideology, "THEOLOGY" is  SO EXECRABLE,   VILE and DEMENTED, that ultra-Orthodox & TALMUDIC Jews - like the Chabad Jews - DO NOT EVEN SEE THEIR OWN WIVES, daughters, and MOTHERS as truly human !!! 

   But, alas, it is not only the hyper-fundamentalist and Orthodox crazies Jews who succumb to this INHERENTLY TREASONOUS and SINISTER ideology of  HATING  and WANTING TO DESTROY EVERYONE AROUND THEM.... for  EVEN "liberal" and "PROGRESSIVE" Jews like BARBARA SPECTRE   and even the vast majority of  NON-Talmudic Jews here in AMERICA  SUCCUMB to the INSIDIOUS, slo-burn  DESTRUCTION OF NATIONS AGENDA being foisted on them - and against all Americans - by the RABID,  ZIO-NAZI orthodox & talmudic jews and the powerful  "elite" jews who run the banking and financial houses - the FINANCIAL EXTORTION funds on Wall Street, the powerful Jews who OWN & CONTROL America's corp. media