Monday, November 7, 2016

Donald J Trump looking Very Presidential - full speech Sat. Nov. 5 2016

Donald J Trump looking Very Presidential - full speech Sat. Nov. 5  2016
note: VOLUME does NOT START  until 13:25... when Mr. Trump starts talking

 "We don't need Jay-Zee to fill up arenas... we do it the old fashioned way, 
we fill 'em up because you love what we're saying, 
and we want to make America great again." 

"Can you imagine if I used the language Jay-Zee used last night? He used every word in the book...  we filled up an arena in Hershey Pennsylvania with 27,000 people last night, 
 far more than Jay-Zee & Beyonce, even with their free tickets, and I like them both."

  "But he used  language last night that was so bad,  and Hillary Clinton said 'I don't like Donald Trump's LEWD LANGUAGE.'  
 I'll tell you what: I've never said what he said in my life!
  But that shows you the PHONINESS of POLITICIANS and the PHONINESS of the SYSTEM for you." 

It's just been announced that the residents of Florida - I'm sorry to tell you this -  are going to experience a MASSIVE DOUBLE DIGIT  premium hike.  It doesn't matter, because if we win, we're going to THROW IT OUT.  In the great state of Arizona, 

 PREMIUMS ARE GOING UP by more than 116%, 
and it's going to go higher than that. 
OVER 90% of the counties in Florida are LOSING their Obama Care insurers. OVER 90%!"

 "You see the tremendous lines of people, and they have Trump hats on, 'MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN'  and they have Trump hats on, and buttons and shirts;  
 and you see NBC and you see these people [press/media] - THEY'RE ALL PHONIES, 
[they are]  the MOST DISHONEST PEOPLE....  and they'll say "it looks [even]"
 [even though] one line had what looked like 100% Trump supporters.  
Now maybe they're IN DISGUISE... maybe they're wearing buttons and shirts and Trump hats, but THEY'RE ACTUALLY going to VOTE FOR CROOKED HILLARY, 
do you think that's possible ??!!!"  [loud chorus of boos!]