Thursday, November 24, 2016


EVIL JEW DEBT-SLAVERS  SHUT DOWN 37 PHILADELPHIA SCHOOLS - jews WARS  to ENSLAVE (and kill off, = exterminate)  HUMANITY includes not only PALESTINIANS and SYRIANS... but  300 million STUPID Americans as well
  The Philadelphia SCHOOL SHUT-DOWNS are merely a REPLAY of the EVIL JEW FINANCIERS  DESTROYING Black & minority townhouse owners - foreclosing on then closing entire neighborhoods of row-houses - in downtown Baltimore and in other cities across America during the 2008 "BAILOUTS" crisis - pure, evil jew extortion and economic SABOTAGE

JIM DEAN and  GORDON DUFF at Veterans Today SUPPORT HILLARY CLINTON and the "Democrat" Party's EVERY ATROCITY - including giving $80 billion per year in unearned, extorted "permanent BAILOUTS" ("QE-IV" is the Rotschilds, jewish owned & controlled so-called "Federal Reserve" "U.S." central bank PRINTING EIGHTY BILLION DOLLARS PER MONTH - which goes ONLY to the top bankers in "the Fed's" global money extortion racket: this new, freshly printed "money" DEBASES, devalues everyone else's paychecks, savings, and and investments through inflation -  Savings accounts now "earn" next to nothing, and far below the real inflation rate - so
"BANKERS" -  JEW EXTORTIONISTS and their non-jew COLLABORATORS IN HIGH CRIMES, TREASON, and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY - get OVER A TRILLION PER YEAR ($80 billion per month x 12 months = nearly 1,000 billion... or $1 trillion) in FREE MONEY... which they use to PREY ON EVERYONE ELSE, buying up REAL ASSETS - and especially anything that actually PRODUCES something - while giving AMERICAN VETERANS, minority school children, and everyone else CRUMBS from the billionaire's vile table

On behalf of JEWS - notice the (Haim) SABAN Institute and BROOKINGS (another RADICAL RIGHT-WING  JEW WAR-LOBBY like "PNAC"  posing as "liberal/progressive American")
HILLARY CLINTON THREATENS to UNLEASH the entire U.S. nuclear armed WAR MACHINE on IRAN for "violations" - of what?  OF WHATEVER THE EVIL JEWS FEEL LIKE ACCUSING Iran - even though EVERY ACCUSATION JEWS LEVEL against Iran (or any other nation) the JEWISH STATE (israel) perpetrates in extremis!  MASSIVE NUCLEAR, BIOLOGICAL, and CHEMICAL WEAPONS ("WMD's") STOCKPILES?  THEY JEW-STATE has them all in abundance!  SUPPORTING TERRORISM to  KILL PEOPLE by the tens of thousands?  THE TERROR WARS that have DESTROYED the Mideast were WRITTEN UP & PLANNED by JEWS sitting right there in cold black & white, the "Oded Yinon plan" and Netanyahu's  AMERICAN JEW TRAITORS written "SECURING THE REALM" plan which was translated in to AMERICAN "foreign policy" and WAR PLANS by the JEWISH WAR LOBBY traitors at "PNAC"  MASQUERADING as an "AMERICAN" think tank - 'PNAC' of course stands for "Project for a New AMERICAN Century" but is actually a JEWISH WAR LOBBY  BENT on the SUBJUGATION if  not ENSLAVEMENT & EXTERMINATION of  AMERICA!

Hillary Clinton THREATENS IRAN WITH WAR for "violations" - 
meanwhile, EVERYWHERE the U.S. MILITARY BOMBS & INVADES for the 
innocent victims - INCLUDING CHILDREN - by the tens of thousands.
IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN the Judeo "plan" or outlook for all of humanity...
from Muslim CORSAIRS  ENSLAVING British and American sailors in the 1800s
the "Belgian 'Free State' Congo' GENOCIDE of 10 million Africans in late 1800s
to the Rotschilds and other Jew, European, British, AND AMERICAN "capitalists" 
(and subsequent "Taiping Rebellion" when the anglo/euro/americans & Japan just ARMED CHINA's DEFEATED MANCHU ruling regime to KILL MILLIONS of native Han Chinese who were DISGUSTED with their rulers BOWING to foreign, OPIUM TRADING Euro invaders) - 
WHAT did the ENGLISH, British  people get for  GOING ALONG with their "ELITES'"  VILE, INFAMOUS "OPIUM WAR"  RAPE & EXPLOITATION and MASS-MURDER of CHINA in the mid-1800s? 
  Well, for 50+ years the English people got Chinese (and India) grown tea, chinaware, and other Asian products at below-cost value (by dint of the above military extortion using India's slave-grown opium as an exchange currency) 
but when GERMANY became JEALOUS & ENVIOUS of  Britain's ruthless MASS-MURDER EXTORTION & SLAVERY British empire and tried to exert itself as a similar colonial, world power the BRITS HAD TO SACRIFICE AN ENTIRE GENERATION of their young men, killed, blasted, burnt, poisoned, and butchered in the frozen trenches and muddy killing fields of  World War I
 = EVIL JEWS handiwork


by Peter Koenig,  
Neoliberal-fascist atrocities become rapidly ever bolder and are carried out with impunity. They should wake up the 99.99% from our brainwashed dreams and make us SCREAM! – Scream for change, not at the margin, but fundamental. This apparatus has to stop, not just be ‘reformed’ as the caviar ‘left intellectuals’ suggest. Absurdities have to be eviscerated. Our socio-economic system needs rebuilding from scratch. Washington has shown us again on 8 November that they offer only the choice between risking nuclear annihilation of humanity and total corporate privatization of our lives and our live services that we, the people, have created. The latter means impoverishment and enslavement to corporations for the majority of the population. It is a choice between the Satan and Lucifer.
Here are just a few examples of what the establishment gets away with and nobody protests.
On 28 October 2016, the UN has kicked out Russia from the UN Human Rights Commission, but keeps Saudi Arabia and of course the US in the HRC – both of whom are the largest, most audacious human rights abusers of our planet. This is the first time in HRC’s history that a member of the Security Council was voted out. The reasons given by the western vassals was Russia’s involvement in Syria, “bombing hospitals and civilians, and supporting the atrocities of the Assad regime”, when exactly the contrary is true. There is ample evidence that the US/NATO supported ISIS forces and the US / NATO / France / UK themselves are responsible for these deadly bombing raids on Aleppo, executed so that they can blame Russia. It is a ridiculous farce.
By now the world knows that the US, NATO and Washington’s Gulf puppets are responsible for devastating the entire Middle East – but nobody objects. The empire – alias the Deep State behind the empire – calls the shots based on flagrant lies. The Deep State, some call it the Illuminati, others the ‘elusive super elite’, is a semi-secretive clan of a few obscenely rich and powerful Zionist-dominated families that since several hundred years have gradually taken over the world which today is at the verge of falling – or has already fallen – under the aegis of the New World Order (NWO).
Baron Nathan Rothschild said already around the year 1700, “I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.” These words are today as true as they were 320 years ago.
The President of the United States literally boasts about international capital crimes he commits and which nobody condemns – the extra-judiciary drone killings which he personally approves have killed at least 4,700 innocent people, according to official Washington statistics. The real number is at least triple or quadruple that amount. He is wiping out children, women, men, entire families, and nobody beeps.
All those bought western US puppet-UN members, who were compelled to vote against Russia, of course know the truth; they know in their innermost selves – which they are denying – that Russia is actually the only country seriously attempting to bring stability to the Middle East, that the real culprits for the three decades of bloodshed in the Middle East (including the first Gulf War, the Iran-Iraq war, the destabilization of Somalia, the destruction of South Sudan and the West Sudan Region of Darfur – and counting) are the United States and her corrupted vassals, the Saudis, Turkey, Qatar and other Gulf States that are at the mercy of the empire. By now they also know that the CIA created the Islamic State (IS or ISIS) from Saddam Hussein’s elite forces, that they were trained, funded and armed by the US, Israeli, NATO, French and British secret services. They all obey the orders of the Empire for FEAR, are afraid of sanctions, of bombs and invasions and regime change; they fear of being deprived of Washington’s favors. Fear is the weapon of cowards and against cowards.
The world just looks on, as Russia, one of the few defenders of peace, justice and stability in the Middle East, is expelled from the Human Rights Commission, while the United States is allowed to remain; the country currently involved in seven wars and counting – which has the record in extra-judiciary drone killings (this is a MUST read: “I don’t know how many people I have killed”, says a US drone pilot – and which is responsible for 10 to 12 million people killed in wars and conflicts directly initiated by Washington, or by proxies, in the last 15 years.
Wake up – People wake up! Time is running out!

People – wake up and get informed!
Do not just accept what the mainstream media tells you! – Get the news from alternative media, on Internet, if the national communication authorities prevent you from acceding alternative broadcasting stations, such as RT (Russia Today – English, French, Spanish, German), TeleSur (broadcast in Spanish and English), Chinese CCTV (broadcast in many, including European languages), PressTV, Iran (English, French, Spanish); and websites and journals, like Global Research (English and French), Information Clearing House (ICH), VoltairNet (many languages), CounterPunch, NEO (New Eastern Outlook), KenFM (German); and many more. Be informed, before it is too late. Tomorrow maybe you are trying to flee from war zones, just to find out that there is nowhere to go. The planet is demolished into smoldering ashes from wars and conflicts everywhere – which We, the People, allowed to happen.
In the neoliberal world, where unbridled capitalism reigns, syndicates throughout the west, report that the private sector in general and especially the construction industry (a key economic indicator) is massively firing long-term workers and employees, just to rehire them the next day as part-time workers, with none or drastically reduced social benefits. Corporations increase their profit margins and transfer more public and social capital from the people, the workers, to an ever-smaller elite. The pressure of massive unemployment, the result of western imposed austerity (FED, IMF, World Bank, European Central Bank – ECB), deprives the workers of their dignity and power to resist. They have to fight for their and their families’ sheer survival and are thus, vulnerable for exploitation and abuse. It is western colonization of their own people. No scruples, no moral, no conscience – and foremost, no solidarity. Ever increasing unemployment is what Marx called the capitalists’ cushion on which wages can be suppressed to a minimum for mere survival.
‘If you are not happy with working for less, no problem, we’ll outsource your jobs to cheap labor countries. There are plenty’. So, the blackmail goes. And so, oppression is swallowed. And so, the caviar left is whining (and dining) over what can be done to soften the blow, but in no case will they cause any significant risk to the established order, lest they might be next in line for falling between the cracks.
And don’t be fooled, the decaying US infrastructure President-elect Trump wants to rebuild, will be rebuilt by the typical public-private partnership farce – the capital comes from the state – your taxes – and the private sector will take over its exploitation, i.e. you pay twice – first the capital, then the private operator’s profit in the form of fees he will levy on the reconstructed bridges, roads and railways. Another transfer from the poor to the rich.
People, wake up! There is no longer a ‘left’, since it has been decimated by the CIA led operation GLADIO (an elaborate series of false flags) of the 1960s and 1970s throughout Europe. Left and right are long-gone concepts our conditioned minds still try to hang on to. They are old fixtures from our ‘democratic’ past, and now they have become part of our delusionary existence. They have long ago yielded to globalized neoliberalism that makes no distinction between left and right, but uses these defunct terms to confuse the public into believing that their vote still means what they believed it once did.
Just look at Greece – where the ‘leftist’ elite allows that their ‘socialist’ Syriza government ruins the lives of 90% of their citizens and compatriots. What they are doing is facilitating crime after crime after crime, as in successive ‘rescue packages’, i.e. debt, and steadily increasing and suffocating austerity. With a declining GDP – (yes, austerity does this to the economy) and an ever-increasing debt, now reaching close to 300% of GDP, it is obvious that Greece can never pay back its debt. Never. Most economists see eye to eye on this. Even the IMF does, if asked off the record, but they too are a mere tool of the Rothschild-led banking establishment, of the world’s Deep State – that has decided that Greece must go the path of no return, as a warning to others who may be intent to no longer bend to the master’s demands. And this is helped because the Greek elite is in connivance with them. They don’t want to leave the Eurozone, as their accumulated (and stolen) wealth is lodged in European banks. They know as well as internationally renowned economists do, that the only rescue for Greece and their compatriots in dire misery is to do a GREXIT, leaving the euro and leaving the EU.
On 16 September 2016, the Greek Parliament rush-approved a Brussels made legislation, written in English (not translated into Greek!), of 7,500 pages. The Parliament was unable to read it, for time and language; and even if they would have read it, they were obliged to sign off on it fast and without squabble. The legislation essentially transferred all public assets to the “European Stability Mechanism” (ESM), and this for 99 years, including infrastructure, sea and airports, public beaches, natural resources – you name it. The ESM, a supranational undemocratic entity will sell off these assets to private people or corporations, as they see fit. Greece has no saying. The ESM does not report to any elected parliament. With this 7,500-page legislation, the Greek Parliament also abrogated its own authority to pass any sovereign Greek fiscal legislation, transferring it quietly to Brussels and signing away Greek sovereignty. The last time a similar event happened was in 1933, when the German Reichstag (Parliament) transferred its legislative authority to Hitler.
How many Greek are aware of this? And nobody is screaming. This is equal to murder of a nation.
People wake up! – What’s happening to Greece can happen tomorrow to anyone of the European countries, starting with the southern Mediterranean nations. It has already happened in a ‘softer form’, as a parliamentary coup to Spain ( And nobody seems to have noticed.

Parliamentary coups coupled with election fraud appear to become the weapon of choice for ‘regime change’, or ‘regime continuation’ (Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Spain – to name just a few), as best suits the empire. Remarkably, shortly after Obama’s farewell visit to Berlin, where he had intense talks with Madame Merkel and named her the new leader of Europe, Angela Merkel declared on 21 November that she will run for a fourth term during the elections in the Fall of 2017. It will be interesting to see, what Obama promised her on how to ‘convince’ and trick a majority of Germans who are opposed to Mme. Merkel into voting for her anyway. Sputnik reports that two thirds of Germans, according to a YouGov poll, do no longer support her.