Saturday, October 22, 2016

WHO in U.S CHAIN OF COMMAND _REFUSED_ to allow AIR POWER to ASSIST the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi UNDER TERRORIST ATTACK? ans. - GENERAL PATREAUS... whose attempted "OCTOBER SURPRISE 2004" TREASON has been COVERED UP by the OBAMA-HILLARY-BIDEN DEMORATS... because ALL these TRAITORS WORK for the same ZioNazi JEW WAR MOB....

the ability of the CORPORATE TRAITOR WHORES in the "U.S."  "mainstream media" to
INVERT the TRUTH and to OBSCURE the simplest of facts... or  bury & whitewash the most grotesque of atrocities and TREASONOUS actions like the U.S. supplying, training, commanding, and controlling ENTIRE TERRORIST ARMIES in Libya & Syria  - is simply breathtaking...

...but is only made possible by the abject, servile subservience of a huge portion of the American population & its  "leaders."    The HILLARY-obama-BIDEN Demorats were WILLING to WHITEWASH and COVER-UP  General PATRAEUS and his  KAGAN jew-nazi OVERLORDS  attempted REPUBLICAN  "OCTOBER SURPRISE" TREASON in Oct. 2004 - shortly before the presidential election of 2004, to make incumbent Democrat president Barack Obama look "weak on terror" and thus give the MITT ROMNEY  MORMON/ZioNazi Republican campaign a chance to win the election - because they - they Democrats and Rethuglicans -
- ALL WORK FOR the SAME  Kagan, Goldman, Rotschilds Jew-Nazi  Traitor Pigs overlords.