Wednesday, October 12, 2016

NEO-CON, 'neo-lib', TROTSKYITE, 'REGIME CHANGE' policies HATED & DESPISED worldwide... for ROBBING TENS OF MILLIONS of us humans of our democracy, our rights, our savings and REAL income... and for the RELENTLESS, "TROTSKYITE" RED TERROR CRIMINAL judges, police, prosecutors, & govt WAR on OUR BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS

TONY BLAIR is HATED in England - for being a "neo-liberal" = "NEO-CON" =  TROTSKYITE =  RED TERROR =  "REGIME CHANGE"  SELL-OUT WHORE
 of a JP Morgan LEGALIZED BRIBES taking 
(JP Morgan the century long 'wasp' Amerikan front-banker for the London based Rotschields)  
WAR ON HUMANITY   demon-spawn TRAITOR:  

(and make no mistake: when we say "Neo-Con," "TROTSKYITE" and "RED TERROR" we are talking about the JEW-NAZI  central 'bankers' GLOBAL DEATH-CULT zio-nazi extortion, war-profiteering, and genocidal blood-lust demon racket)  

 Tony Blair is not wanted back in Britain 
Tony Blair is the most unpopular politician in Britain, having invented the DOCTRINE of  'INTERVENTIONISM' and led Britain into MULTIPLE FAILED, UNNECESSARY  [and MASS-MURDEROUS]  WARS, 
and having TRANSFORMED Britain DOMESTICALLY in to a CORRUPT, INTOLERANT   [lawless, thuggish, predatory, & ruthless]     society by rejecting its cherished traditions.  
This man is in many ways the spiritual founder, the articulator in chief of the NEOCON/ neoliberal/ REGIME CHANGE neo-TROTSKIST POLICIES
  [TROTSKY the FOUNDING JEW COMMISSAR THUG of the  FOUR DECADES "RED TERROR"  reign of  COMMISSAR GENOCIDE, recurring massacres,  INSTIGATED FAMINES, mass-executions, DEATH-CAMP GULAGS, blood-drenched prisons, and other ATROCITIES of the "Communist" era = SIXTY MILLIONS KILLED by the hideously sadistic "jew bolshevik commissars"]  
which have RAVAGED MUCH of the WORLD, brought humanity to the brink of war between the nuclear powers and DISENFRANCHISED MILLIONS of voters in putative democracies. 
Far from being just George W. Bush’s poodle in 1999 Tony Blair told the world of his plans to use military force NOT for DEFENSE against aggression 
but to INTERVENE in SOVEREIGN STATES in order to force  alien ideologies
 on nations without their consent.  
The speech was made in Chicago following the illegal NATO bombings of Serbia, bombings which TARGETED CIVILIAN SITES such as HOSPITALS.There are still refugees from this crisis. It is crucial to remind oneself that when Blair made this speech ‘Dubya’ had never held any Federal office in America.Here are some important excerpts from the speech (cont'd)