Thursday, October 6, 2016

In the past 8 years since the "Lehman crisis" Precipitated the GoddamnSachs/AIG "BAILOUTS" atrocity... the INSANE Rotschields, GoddamnSachs, "Fed" JEW FINANCIERS have EXTORTED & SWINDLED $29 TRILLION from us Americans... with a further $9 TRILLION STOLEN in GRAFT from War Dept. budget in last 3 years alone !! If GULLIBLE Americans ALLOW these ZIO-NAZI traitors to KEEP this vast demonic horde of nations-gutting STOLEN LOOT... they will BRING ON their "RED TERROR" gulags & "NEW AGE OF DARKNESS" genocidal global DEATH MACHINE against us Americans....

     The VAMPIRE SQUID financiers behind the 9-11 false-flag TREASON/terror attacks are up to their mass-murder, genocide, & economic sabotage old tricks again:
the LOOTING of nearly an entire years' worth ($9 trillion) of  the entire U.S. GDP  ($13 trillion)

 on top of the  $29 TRILLION they previously swindled, looted, plundered, blackmailed, & extorted  out of their U.S. economic goose carcass over the past 8 years of "BAILOUTS!" and "PERMANENT BAILOUTS" 
 QE-infinity crisis  extortion scam... 
 TRILLIONS $$ of stolen dollars that will power & fund a "shadow government" even more demonically massive & mass-homicidal than the Kennedy assassinations, stolen elections > 9/11 + anthrax attacks BLOODY COUP + the 2008 staged financial market meltdown schemes put together

($80 billion per month that we know of):  

"Documents leaked by US government personnel reveal in detail how the owners of Federal Reserve Board created the 2008 Lehman crisis as a way to steal vast sums from the people of the planet. The documents show how an Indonesian by the name of Yohannes Riyadi used 700 tons of gold that originally belonged for former Indonesian President Soekarno to back a US$500 billion bond issue. This money was used to bribe senior Indonesian government officials, according to CIA officials based in Asia. 
 The 700 tons gold was then magically transformed by Khazarian mafia employed forger and fraudster Wilfredo Saurin into 750,000 tons of gold backed certificates, the sources say. J.P. Morgan Chase Bank then took the “750,000 metric tons” and sent the rights to the gold to the Royal Bank of Scotland, with payments going to HSBC holdings before the “gold” ended up at the Federal Reserve Board who then transformed the gold into dollars in a sort of reverse alchemy.   
 [this is simply the 10:1 or even 100:1  "gold re-hypothication" scam;  or  "fractional reserve"  FANTASY 'creation' of NON-EXISTENT gold  to back PAPER FRAUD "gold certificates" that every precious metals "gold bug" investor site  & commentators discuss constantly - see,,, etc.
The 23 trillion dollars thus magically created
 [by ENDLESS "RE-HYPOTHICATION" the precious metals brokers version of  FRACTIONAL RESERVE 'banking']
 were used by the owners of the Federal Reserve Board to buy on the cheap assets around the world whose value had crashed because of the engineered Lehman shock crash, the sources say. 
“This has amounted to the largest criminal theft of global assets in history** using digital money created on computers, backed by nonexistent Gold,” was how one CIA officer described the scam. 
This huge fraud vastly increased the concentration of the Khazarian mafia’s ownership of the world’s corporations and assets....."  (cont'd) 

** note:  "largest criminal theft in history" is actually a relative term: 
   it is simply a measure of the JEW FINANCIERS ancient & well honed INSIDIOUS strategy of   CONQUEST  by treachery & deceit from WITHIN a victim host nation or culture:
 and is comparable to the more overt forms of CONQUEST & PLUNDER
 by more traditional conquering hordes over the centuries; 
 e.g. the   (literal) TONS and TONS &  TONS   of gold, silver, precious jewels, and foodstuffs (sugar, chocolate, corn, potatoes)  the CONQUISTADORS extorted & seized by mass-murder out of their "New World" colonies;  
    or of the similar wealth the ROMAN LEGIONS extorted & seized out of their conquered imperial slaves & subjects;
    or to the wealth that the MONGOLS seized or destroyed from their many tens of millions of  Persian, Arab, Chinese (& etc.) victims;
     or that the WWII imperial Japanese atrocities perpetrators seized out of their millions of often massacred victims, 
    or that the "Jewish Bolshevik Commissars" looted, plundered, extorted,  stole or just destroyed from  the former Romanov Czarist Russian empire (etc. etc. etc. etc.)   
   But as we just mentioned at the end of our previous post,  this  VAST HORDE of  STOLEN WEALTH is, indeed, POWERING the ROTSCHIELDS, GoddamnSachs, Fed,  LIKUD  jew-nazi GLOBAL DEATH MACHINE to... TURN ON their clueless, gullible, duped, self-righteously myopic American hosts...and... exterminate them 
(in the old-fashioned Conquistador & Mongol manner) 


    ON TOP OF the  Lehman/GoddamnSachs/FED/aig 
    "bailouts" $29 TRILLION extortion scam! 
   Ms. Fitts SPECIFICALLY MENTIONS that this 'money' is... 
 PLOWED IN TO SPACE WEAPONS & underground bunker complexes (entire deep-subterranean cities) - that are ENTIRELY BEYOND the oversight & purview of  the rump "U.S." government...  
that is, they are more under control of the 'RKM'   "ROTSCHIELD KHAZARIAN MAFIA"  and their  ZIO-NAZI jew state (israel) MOSSAD & idf generals  more than they - those WEAPONS SYSTEMS and underground cities - are under American generals & politicians' control -


Courageous Kennedy Assassination  
CIA + mob + cancer BIO-WAR 
CONSPIRACY whistle-blower  Judyth Vary Baker
 - child science prodigy and Lee Harvey Oswald extramarital lover -  

spends the first 20 minutes of her recent discussion of the 1963 Kennedy assassination...

by talking about how today's  AMERICAN vaccines/cancer/bio-war   

 intentionally SABOTAGES effective, 
non-invasive CANCER CURES... 
because radical surgery, radiation,  chemotherapy, and other prolonged and 
invasive treatments are far more profitable than engineering viruses to prey on cancer cells

    Dr. Francis Boyle - PhD graduate 
of the Harvard & U. Chicago "inner circle" 
of  U.S. "foreign policy" ruling  
or "Neo-Con"  WARMONGERS  
(et al, ad naseum)  global genocide school of  mass-homicidal insanity   
(aka "Dr. Strangelove")   

 discusses how the BILLIONS (trillions) of dollars the 
(Zio-Nazi hijacked) "U.S." government spends 
on NUCLEAR & BIO-WEAPONS research.....

 ...has long been PROGRAMMED, targeted,
directly at the AMERICAN PEOPLE

 to bring on a "NEW AGE OF DARKNESS" 
here in America & the world
 that will be even  worse than the "BLACK DEATH" bubonic plague pandemic sweeping Europe 
(death tolls over 50% in some cities, well over 90% in some communities) in the mid- 1300s: 

Entering into The Age of Darkness
 with Dr. Francis Boyle


double bonus:
 the (humanity exterminating) grand finale to Dr. Strangelove: "We will meet again" !

Ironically ,  despite all the TRILLIONS of dollars 'they' have STOLEN, LOOTED, 
PLUNDERED, SWINDLED,  & EXTORTED from us Americans in the past decade, alone...
and despite the TRILLIONS of dollars spent on "national secrurity",  high-tech weapons, 
computerized weapons, & computerized security, & financial systems...  
we are still   right back where we were in 1962 - "The EVE OF DESTRUCTION"  
 on the eve of the Cuban missile crisis!

triple bonus!

 Barry McGuire's anthemic Vietnam era anti-war  & Civil Rights  protest song, 
Mr. McGuire was a one-hit wonder... because the music industry is 
owned by the same financiers (Zio-Nazis!) who control the weapons
& genocidal financial extortion industry

awesome, double, triple bonus!