Monday, October 24, 2016

FALSE FLAGS, OCTOBER SURPRISES, & ASSASSINATIONS: Senator Wellstone's Death a perfect example of the Neo-Cons' israel/Mossad/aipac + fbi, cia, & Rethuglican WARMONGERING TRAITORS' "FALSE FLAG" terror attacks, ASSASSINATIONS, & "October Surprises"
  We are remiss for not noticing earlier that TODAY
 is the anniversary of the ASSASSINATION  of  sitting SENATOR PAUL WELLSTONE,  
his wife,  their daughter,  2 pilots, and  3 campaign staffers as their Beechcraft King Air  
was set to land at a Minnesota airport.... as then Senator Wellstone 
 was CRUISING  to an EASY RE-ELECTION WIN despite being 
the ONE SENATOR in Congress who 
 VOCALLY OPPOSED the run-up to the IRAQ WAR,
  and despite EVERYTHING that CHENEY, idiot Bush, Ari Fleischer, 
KARL ROVE, and all the other Neo-Cons and corporate media could throw at him.
Senator Wellstone was the TOP TARGET of the ENTIRE  REPUBLICAN  mid-term  national elections campaign crew, which is to say the  entire ISRAEL,  aipac,   ZIO-NAZI 'neo-cons'  "REGIME CHANGE"  WAR MACHINE - 
 and the courageous Senator Wellstone  was FLYING HIGH,
 CRUISING to a re-election win  DESPITE EVERYTHING
 the GOP/aipac/Zio-Nazi WAR MACHINE could throw at him:  
  his voters LOVED HIM, and the AMERICAN PEOPLE
to OPPOSE the Bush/Cheney 9-11 DERELICTION of DUTY crew 
(we're being generous here - it was actually TREASON)  and their SERIAL LIES to war... 

  Our condolences go out to the Wellstone family... and to all the tens of MILLIONS of us Americans ROBBED of a prominent, positive, articulate, & passionate VOICE 
when Senator Wellstone was CRUELLY MURDERED
 along with the others on his campaign flight.  

The cold, grim FACTS behind this story - 

 - that Senator Wellstone WAS KILLED by the JEWISH WAR MOB, 
whose billionaire & millionaire financiers stood to make TRILLIONS of dollars in
 "defense spending" and war contracts as the U.S. invaded & occupied Iraq in early 2003 - illustrates that the Zio-Nazi judeo supremacist Jews will DEVOUR THEIR OWN (Jews) if  any opponents get in the way of their genocidal racism war lust, economic sabotage "short selling"  & titanic war profiteering
Paul Wellstone: Tenth Anniversary of His Assassination
note: Stephen Lendman, author of above article,  is cut of the same cloth as Senator Wellstone: 
a genuinely "liberal" & courageous  Jewish AMERICAN who exposes the constant, recurring, and TREASONOUS LIES of the 'Neo-Con' war mob.  His above article lists Senator Wellstone's platform, policies, and accomplishments: a GENUINELY "liberal" agenda that has been SHREDDED, TRASHED, and DISPOSED OF by the NEO-CON 'Democrats'  like DIANNE FEINSTEIN, HILLARY CLINTON,  JOE BIDEN,  JOHN KERRY, and all the other
'Demorat' SELL-OUT war-pigs who are trying to help the ROTSCHIELDS, SOROS, WARBURG, LAZARD (et al) "globalist" financiers, FINANCIAL TERRORISTS, & ECONOMIC SABOTEURS DESTROY AMERICA as a sovereign & independent nation and turn the late U.S.A. in to a resource-extraction slave colony 

and conscripted, cannon-fodder slave war machine