Thursday, August 11, 2016

TRIPLE taxation for SAME roads: PAUL JOSEPH WATSON BLAMES ROTSHILDS... in 2010. WHY does he BLAME BLACKS, MEXICANS, & other Minoriteis today ?!

 "and the ROTHCHILDS are the ones pushing it..."  
[the jew-nazi financiers', slave-trading & loan-sharking mob's latest extortion racket - in this particular case,  TRIPLE TAXATION - two taxes AND NOW TOLLS - for the same British highways! ]

  "...with the whole road toll thing that there's going to be massive PUBLIC RESISTANCE that MIGHT STOP THEM FROM GETTING IT through,
bbut as [he] points out in the article,  British people ALREADY PAY ROAD TAX,
they ALSO PAY COUNCIL TAX which goes towards road maintenance,
so they're ALREADY TAXED TWICE for the roads, and now they're going to MAKE US PAY TOLLS AS WELL."

  -  BECAUSE SLAVES HAVE NO RIGHTS,  Mr. Watson,  and you British have ALLOWED the Rothschilds, and their front-man, hired 'consigliere" GEORGE SOROS to DEFRAUD the English & British people OUT OF THEIR SAVINGS & WEALTH on at least THREE DIFFERENT OCCAISIONS: 
   "Brown's Bottom" the LOOTING OF over half of  BRITAIN's ENTIRE GOLD RESERVES, by then Finance Minister ("Minister of the Exchequer") and later PRIME MINISTER GORDON BROWN...
#2.   the more infamous SOROS  "take-down" of the BRITISH POUND sterling... and "inside job"  that DEFRAUDED MILLIONS of  Brits (and anyone else invested in British denominated "savings" or 'securities"  by using vast quantities of "NAKED SHORT SALES" - when "naked shorts" of these quantities are involved,  it is  virtual, de facto  COUNTERFEITING, using  stocks or currency units that DO NOT EXIST to temporarily PUSH the price of that stock or currency DOWN to the manipulator's benefit...