Wednesday, July 27, 2016

HILLARY CLINTON is a TRAITOR and a SPY for a FOREIGN POWER: She Proudly wears her ARROGANCE and "ABOVE the LAW" CORRUPTION on her sleeve - a visible and tangible Result of her CRIMINAL SUBSERVIENCE to the JUDEO SUPREMACIST ENTITLEMENT to "DESTROY NATIONS" and ENSLAVE & MURDER MILLIONS of people, because THEY feel THEY ARE a "CHOSEN RACE" - OVER and ABOVE all other humans...

 "It is only because of the unusual stranglehold Tel Aviv & Israel’s FIFTH COLUMN in the U.S. have OVER the US government and judiciary that her actions have not been prosecuted as HIGH TREASON."

  a  SPY for a FOREIGN POWER: she works for the  the insane "god in their back pocket" JUDEO SUPREMACIST, racist, apartheid, segregationist, and GENOCIDALLY EXPANSIONIST  JEWISH STATE, Israel:  
which puts Hillary Clinton in the position of  TAKING ORDERS from  FIVE MILLION lousy JEWS IN ISRAEL... over and above the desires &  genuine  concerns & needs of  350 MILLION American voters here in America...
...much less that Hillary really answers to the JEWISH BILLIONAIRES who rule Israel and the global financial system, making her a craven DICTATORIAL PUPPET of the  insane "RED TERROR"   death-cult Zio-Nazi judaism that seeks to enslave or exterminate all of humanity:

HILLAR CLINTON is a  SPY for a FOREIGN POWER  who has perpetrated HIGH TREASON against the People & Constitution of the United States: 
[She SERVES the 5 million JEWS in the STATE OF ISRAEL... OVER and  far, far, far ABOVE the Needs and  of 350 million American citizens.]
  Many of Hillary Clinton’s leading critics, among them two dozen former CIA agents, have presented a myth that Hillary’s main offence is her ‘carelessness’ in handling official documents and her deliberate deceptions and lies to the government.
These critics have trivializedpersonalized and moralized what is really deliberate, highly politicized state behavior.
  Mme. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was not ‘careless in managing an insecure mail server’.  
If Clinton was engaged in political liaison with foreign officials she deliberately used a private email server to avoid political detection by security elements within the US government.  She lied to the US government on the use and destruction of official state documents 
because the documents were political exchanges between a traitor and its host.
During her 4 years as Secretary of State of the United States (2009-2014), Hillary Clinton controlled US foreign policy.  She had access to the most confidential information and state documents, numbering in the tens of thousands, from all of the major government departments and agencies, Intelligence, FBI, the Pentagon, Treasury and the office of the President. 
She had unfettered access to vital and secret information affecting US policy in all the key regions of the empire.
Mme. Clinton’s.... violations of State Department procedures and guidelines regarding handling of official correspondences,  and her outright LIES on the use of her own private e-mail server for official state business, including the handling of highly classified material in violation of Federal Records laws, as well as her hiding official documents from the Freedom of Information Act 
[essentially created]  her own system exempt from the official oversight which all other government officials accept.  

Mme. Clinton [thus]  placed herself ABOVE and BEYOND the norms of State Department discipline.  This evidence of her ARROGANCE, DISHONESTY, and BLATANT DISREGARD for rules should disqualify her from becoming the President of the United States.   

While revelations of Clinton’s misuse of official documents, her private system of communication and correspondence and the shredding of tens of thousands of her official interchanges, including top secret documents, are important issues to investigate, 

these do not address the paramount political question:  
On whose behalf was Secretary Clinton carrying out the business of US foreign policy, out of the review of government oversight?

...There are several lines of inquiry against Mme. Clinton:
(1)  Did she work with, as yet unnamed, foreign governments and intelligence services to strengthen their positions and against the interest of the United States?
(2)  Did she provide information on the operations and policy positions of various key US policymakers to competitors, adversaries or allies undermining the activities of military, intelligence and State Department officials?
(3)  Did she seek to enhance her personal power within the US administration to push her aggressive policy of serial pre-emptive wars over and against veteran State Department and Pentagon officials who favored traditional diplomacy and less violent confrontation?
[note:  "PRE-EMPTIVE WARS" in the name of "STATE SECURITY" was what got NAZIS COMMANDERS HUNG after the NUREMBERG TRIALS] 
(4)  Did she prepare a ‘covert team’, using foreign or dual national operative[s], to lay the groundwork for her bid for the presidency and her ultimate goal of supreme military and political power?
Contextualizing Clinton’s Clandestine Operations
There is no doubt that Mme. Clinton exchanged minor as well as major official documents and letters via her private e-mail system.
Personal, family and even intimate communications may have been carried on the same server.
But the key issue is that a large volume of highly confidential government information flowed to Clinton via an unsecured private ‘back channel’ allowing her to conduct state business secretly with her correspondents.
Just who were Secretary Clinton’s 
most enduring, 
persistent & influential correspondents?   

What types of exchanges were going on, 
which required avoiding normal oversight 
and a wanton disregard for security?
Clinton’s covert war policies, 
which included the violent overthrow of the elected Ukraine government, 
were carried out by her ‘Lieutenant’ Under-Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, 
a virulent neo-conservative [JEWISH SUPREMACIST, "ISRAEL UBER amerika"]  
holdover from the previous Bush Administration,
and someone committed to provoking Russia
  and to enhancing Israel’s power 
in the Middle East.  

Clinton’s highly dangerous and economically destabilizing ‘brainchild’ of militarily encircling China, 

the so-called ‘pivot to Asia’, would have required clandestine exchanges with elements in the Pentagon – out of the State Department and possibly Executive oversight.

In other words, within the Washington political circuit, 

Secretary Clinton’s escalation of nuclear war policies toward Russia & China

 required secretive correspondences which would not necessarily abide with the policies and intelligence estimates of other US government agencies and with private business interests.

Clinton was [also]  deeply engaged in private exchanges with several unsavory overseas political regimes, 

including Saudi Arabia, Israel, Honduras and Turkey involving covert violent and illegal activities. 

[the MYTH that Hillary Clinton is a "Friend of Women" and a "liberal" or "progressive" who supports "democracy" IS A HORRIFIC, IN YOUR FACE LIE !!] 

 She worked with the grotesquely corrupt opposition parties in Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil
Clinton’s correspondence with the Honduran armed forces and brutal oligarchs led to the military coup against the elected President Zelaya, 
its violent aftermath and the PHONY ELECTION 
of a pliable puppet.  
[Note: PHONY ELECTIONS - including Hillary's GROTESQUELY STOLEN "Democrat" primary election 'wins' over voters who CLEARLY VOTED in the MAJORITY for BERNIE SANDERS, is how the vile JUDEO SUPREMACIST TRAITORS keep RAMMING their  RED TERROR  Zio-Nazi insanity down America's throats.]  

Given the government-death squad campaign against Honduran civil society activists, 

Hillary Clinton would certainly want to cover up her direct role in organizing the coup.  

Likewise, Mme. Clinton would have destroyed her communications with Turkish President Erdogan’s intelligence operations 
in support of Islamist terrorist-mercenaries in Syria and Iraq.
[HILLARY CLINTON is a MURDEROUS "RED TERROR" apparatchik of the insane, evil, Jewish "MONEY POWER"  who - with a clear record of  INSTIGATING & SUPPORTING  DEATH SQUAD RULE and a DEATH TOLL over HALF a MILLION victims in nations all over the world  INCLUDING BY THE VERY "TERRORISTS"  WHO OUR GOVERMENT FUNDS with one hand - while telling us, the American people, that WE MUST HAND OVER OUR TREASURY & TREASURE to "fight" with the other !! -  - she  WOULD  NOT HESITATE to  DIRECT, fund, command, and control
Secretary Clinton’s e-mail would have shown her commitment to the Saudis when they brutally invaded Bahrain and Yemen to suppress independent civil society organizations and regional political rivals.
But it is Clinton’s long-term, large-scale commitment to Israel that goes far beyond her public speeches of loyalty and fealty to the Jewish state.  Hillary Clinton’s entire political career has been intimately dependent on Zionist money, Zionist mass media propaganda and Zionist Democratic Party operations.
In exchange for Clinton’s dependence on political support from the Zionist power configuration in the US, 
she would have become the major conduit of confidential information from the US to Israel and the transmission belt promoting Israel-centric policies within the US government.

[HILLARY CLINTON is a PAID SPY, a WAR PROFITEERING mass-murderous, genocidal warmonger, 
a DEATH-SQUADS supporting genocidal TERRORIST, and a foul AGENT of the SABOTAGE of   genuine American "national security"...
 all on behalf of  ISRAEL, 
the insane Judeo Supremacist state
demonically dedicated to global conquest & enslavement or extermination of non-Jews.] 

The entire complex of Clinton-Israel linkages and correspondences has compromised the US intelligence services, the State Department and Pentagon.
Secretary Clinton went to extraordinary lengths to serve Israel, 
even undermining the interests of the United States.  
 It is bizarre that she would resort to such a crude measure, setting up a private e-mail server to conduct state business. 

[note: the foreign "Money Power" Europe based Jewish billionaires have completely INFILTRATED the entire U.S. financial system, and subsequently the entire U.S. legal system, for over 100 years; including JEWISH TREASURY SECRETARY HENRY MORGENTHAU Jr. RUNNING the "U.S." economy for most of the GREAT DEPRESSION years - and they not only controlled the U.S. World War II industrial war economy... but JEWISH SCIENTISTS like J. Robert Oppenheimer, Leo Szilard, Eugene Wigner, ad Edward Teller were at the very core of the entire U.S. A-bomb research establishment, "The Manhatten Project"... of of which was a mere prelude to ISRAELI AGENTS HIJACKING COMMAND & CONTROL of  AMERICA's ENTIRE  military NUCLEAR ARSENAL over the past 3 decades, indeed, ever since Lyndon Johnson, the CIA, the criminal mob, and the state of Israel all worked together to ASSASSINATE PRESIDENT KENNEDY, and the blackmailed President Johnson was then forced to turn a blind eye to ISRAELI, JEWISH THEFT of  critical U.S. nuclear components and nuclear technology over the following decades.] 

 She blithely ignored official State Department policy and oversight and forwarded over 1,300 confidential documents and 22 highly sensitive top-secret documents related to the ‘Special Access Program’.  She detailed US military and intelligence documents on US strategic policies on Syria, Iraq, Palestine and other vital regimes.  The Inspector General’s report indicates that ‘she was warned’ about her practice. 
 It is only because of the unusual stranglehold Tel Aviv and Israel’s US Fifth Column have over the US government and judiciary that her actions have not been prosecuted as high treason. 
 It is the height of hypocrisy that government whistleblowers have been persecuted and jailed by the Obama Administration for raising concerns within the Inspector General system of oversight, 
while Secretary Clinton is on her way to the Presidency of the United States!
under a monstrously huge  government "national security" establishment that CLAIMS it is here to "PROTECT us"...  but is actually her to REPRESS US,   and/or "protect us" RIGHT IN TO  MASS GRAVES! 
  - just exactly as Jews in Israel have a de facto FREE HAND to MURDER PALESTINIANS at  any time they feel like dropping millions of dollars worth of American, U.S. supplied bombs on the hapless Palestinian residents of the  Death Camp the evil Jews have made of Gaza & the West Bank ...]  


  It's a huge task, a job - compiling crimes, atrocities, corruption, and economic and national security SABOTAGE against We the people of these United States - that could fill entire volumes of scholarly work,  but someone has to do it, and we have to start soon - before Hillary gets her wish, and is in position to UNLEASH NUCLEAR WAR upon the people of  SYRIA, IRAN, RUSSIA, CHINA and all those "downwind" of the nuclear radiation and toxic hell she will have created over large swaths of planet earth.

Far worse than "Democrat" presidential candidates WOODROW WILSON, FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, Harry Truman, LYNDON JOHNSON,  Barack Obama, and even her own husband, Bill Clinton, before her,

 HILLARY CLINTON is a WHOLLY OWNED PUPPET of a FOREIGN POWER: the JEWISH WAR LOBBY, which is synonymous with the JEWISH "MONEY POWER" - and while both presidents WILSON & ROOSEVELT had  PLEDGED TO KEEP AMERICA OUT OF WAR while running for office - only to immediately do everything in their power to bring America in to war once they were elected/re-elected -
  Hillary Clinton today is  omitting the "dedicated to peace and avoidance of war" rhetoric in her presidential campaign....  and is going STRAIGHT to "START WARS AGAINST RUSSIA, CHINA, IRAN, and WIPE OUT SYRIA... NOW!"    warmongering hysteria and drum-beating that exceeds anything out of the Israel owned and financed "NEO-CON" THINK TANKS coming out of  Washington, New York, Chicago, Hollywood, are anywhere east of Tel Aviv!