Tuesday, July 26, 2016

HILLARY CLINTON is NOT a "Liberal Democrat" - She is a NEO-CON JUDEO SUPREMACIST WAR-CRIMINAL who has ALREADY MURDERED TENS of THOUSANDS of innocent victims in SYRIA, LIBYA & IRAQ, and she has ALREADY ADVOCATED ATTACKS against RUSSIA, IRAN, and CHINA based on the INSANE POLICIES Shoved down her throat by 'AIPAC' & the CFR - the WHOLLY CONTROLLED by JEW BILLIONAIRES ISRAEL LOBBY & "Council On Foreign Relations"

 Fantastic video documenting how HILLARY CLINTON is an immediate and "existential" THREAT TO AMERICANS and to  humanity.... because she is a "NEO-CON" WAR CRIMINAL WHO WANTS TO DESTROY SYRIA,  IRAN, RUSSIA, and other countries on behalf of her collectively insane  


 Fantastic video documenting how HILLARY CLINTON is an  IMMEDIATE & "existential" THREAT to ALL AMERICANS and  to ALL of  humanity.... 

because she is a career "NEO-CON" WAR CRIMINAL


 Unfortunately, although video narrator JAMES CORBETT   does   explain 

that Hillary is "a Neo-Con"... he, Mr. Corbett, who is JEWISH,  does NOT CLARIFY 

that "NEO-CONS" are  ISRAEL LOBBY WAR-PIGS who are COLLECTIVELY INSANE,    simultaneously imbued with the notions that "God is on their side"... 
while WAILING about past persecutions & atrocities suffered by the Jewish people!

IF  "god" truly WERE on the Jews' side -  they would have NO such history of persecutions and atrocities  to wail about!   It is simply CLINICALLY INSANE  for  Jews to claim that  "GOD GRANTED US VICTORY to MASSACRE & WIPE OUT the peoples of  Jericho, the Kingdom of AI, the 12 kingdoms; to massacre and wipe out the people of  Amalek, the Moabites, the Midianites, and the Amorites - all as the bible claims - the for Jews to WAIL! about the wrongs suffered by Jews at the hands of the Inquisition, or by other medieval despots, or by the Pogroms, or the Nazi concentration camps -   FOR, ACCORDING TO JEW LOGIC, they SHOULD BLAME THEIR "all powerful" G-O-D  "yahweh" for those horrors & atrocities, and mere mortal players like the Spanish kings & queens, the Russian Tsars, and the Nazis  WERE MERELY DOING "his" bidding! 
   And this  CLINICALLY INSANE NARRATIVE - that "god" deserves ALL CREDIT FOR JEW VICTORIES,  yet  NO BLAME for atrocities & horrors suffered by Jews WHICH 'He' COULD HAVE PREVENTED had "He" wanted to  - is taught as "gospel truth" in every Jewish temple, community group, religious group, and Jewish religious school in America - much less in the ultra fundamentalist YESHIVA schools and other Orthodox or racist, fundamentalist Jewish sects!  

 Yet, today -
  - ARMED WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS, and, by the "Federal Reserve" MONEY POWER - every DOLLAR BILL in U.S. circulation is a DEBT INSTRUMENT OWED TO THE 'Federal Reserve" PRIVATELY OWNED, JEWISH majority owned & controlled banking cartel -

  -    they have DELUDED THEMSELVES that   THEY - that we, the United States military - 

  CAN WIN THREE SIMULTANEOUS WARS  of  NUCLEAR AGGRESSION, against RUSSIA, CHINA and IRAN - just because the INSANE JEWS believe they are "chosen by god" "to rule humanity"!