Thursday, July 14, 2016

America.... STAND BY to be ENRAGED... & HORRIFIED....

In previous blog posts, we have said that the towers were demolished by "tons and tons and tons of  state-of-art military grade high-explosives, packed on every third or 4th UNUSED, UNOCCUPIED FLOORS of the 'white elephant' World Trade Center towers"
("white elephant" because, with the well known ASBESTOS HAZARD in the 40 year old buildings, large companies were extremely reluctant to lease them as office spaces... knowing that if at any time in the future any of  their employees came down with Mesotheleioma or related cancers... they would SUE in New York's sue-happy courts.)  

  Today, we report that we realize WE WERE WRONG:  on closely watching the below video of the catastrophic, explosive demolition of the North Tower of the World Trade Center complex on 9-11 2001.... you can, horrifically, see a  RAPID FIRE SEQUENCE of  "SQUIBS"  tell-tale explosions erupting from the building in a precise line down the right, left and centers of the building (as seen by the camera) -  a fire-crackers like SEQUENCE of EXPLOSIONS blasting OUT of the building, that PRECEDE the ENTIRELY SEPARATE building COLLAPSE wave  BY A DOZEN FLOORS at a time....

   YOU CAN SEE these HORRIFYING, PRE-PLANTED EXPLOSIVES blasting out ON EVERY FLOOR of the doomed tower:  the  DEMON GNOMES who PLANTED those explosives in the Twin Towers days or weeks in advance of  9-11,  had to work their tails off  drilling, emplacing, and WIRING ALL THOSE explosives - dozens and dozens and dozes of them - JUST INSERTING the detonators, alone,  in HUNDREDS of explosive charges, was a massive chore!

Let's start with a simple one:  as we watch the close-up, zoomed video of the tower in the throes of its massive, spectacular, horrific demolition on 9-11 2001,
we see   THREE 'squibs' jet-like explosive blasts spurt out of tower, PRECEDING the massive, balck  DEMOLITION WAVE (of even more massive explosions) by at least a floor or two...

Let's start at the beginning: the tower still stands,  emitting thick black smoke but still STRUCTURALLY SOUND,  moments before MASSIVE WAVES of  EXPLOSIONS start TURNING CONCRETE TO DUST:

we see the ROOF-LINE of the tower OBSCURED by FRESH, NEW, ENERGETIC WHITE and BLACK SMOKE (blue circles)...
while at the lower edge of the previous damage we see fresh new, billowing BLACK SMOKE signaling, NOT the "collapse of floors" but FRESH NEW EXPLOSIONS... 
and see also the tongues of red-explosions peeking out from behind the smoke in the very next screen-shot:  

9-11 tower - for a moment the  roof-line of the doomed tower re-emerges from the fresh billowing black smoke...
AS TONGUES of FIRE lick out from bottom of  BILLOWING SMOKE 

9-11 - a bright tongue of flame licks out from behind

9-11 - THICK, BILLOWING clouds of smoke HIDE MASSIVE EXPLOSIONS behind them

9-11 - BILLOWING CLOUDS of smoke clearly from ENERGETIC EXPLOSIONS - AS FRESH 'squibs'  smaller explosive charges  (red arrows) BLAST OUT from the doomed building... IN ADVANCE of the "collapsing floors" B.S. !!

9-11 - This screen-shot really captures the MASSIVE ENERGY of the  EXPLOSIONS tearing the top of building apart... as the radio tower tilts over, and as FRESH 'squibs' spurt out a DOZEN floors below !!

Now, jump forward in the video to approx. 1:14 in to the ZOOM IN video,
which reveals WAVES of 'SQUIBS' going off in rapid succession... EVERY SINGLE FLOOR !!
It is difficult to capture each of these plumes of smoke from 'squibs' going off in rapid sequence in a screen-shot;  but just watch and rewatch these critical seconds, and you can't miss them SPURTING OUT in ADVANCE of the even more massive black-cloud demolition wave above:

9-11 - as huge debris cloud hurtles towards ground... FRESH WAVES of 'squibs' spurt out of building IN ADVANCE OF the 'pancaking floors'  of the "DEMOLITION WAVE" 
(= EVEN MORE MASSIVE explosions!) 

We've apologized before, and will do so again:  we apologize that it took us all the way from 2001 to 2015 to come to grips with, and understand, what Architects & Engineers for truth and other 9-11 "truthers" were talking about when they insisted, across the years since that terrible day, that the 3 New York massive buildings brought down that day had been brought down by DEMOLITIONS charges... that is, by PRE-PLANTED explosives.
    Even though we knew - by the abject failure of  A SINGLE  "Neo-Con"  much less "PNAC"  Israel war-lobby "expert" to  MENTION ANYTHING about the  bombing of the USS Cole in a Yemen port in October of 2000 -  that 9-11 was CERTAINLY a GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY,  we just could not wrap our belief system around the notion that ENTIRE TEAMS of  EXPLOSIVES EXPERTS were PLANTING EXPLOSIVES in the doomed buildings weeks, if not months, in advance... without anyone noticing.    So we tended to support the "SUITCASE NUKE" theory,  that man-portable nuclear devices must have been brought in by a very small crew,  unobserved, in the last days before the terror attacks went down.
  Well, finally, in the week leading up to 9-11 2015, we made ourselves comfortable on the sofa, and just started watching all the compilations of  9-11 destruction videos, and the best "conspiracy theory" videos that documented and detailed not only  the events AND PERSONS leading up to 9-11,
not only the BACKGROUND of the "SHADOW BANKERS, financiers, insurance companies, securities companies,  government agencies with a hand deep in the "black" criminal  & spy/counter-spy world"   but that carefully dissected the videos of the buildings terrifying implosions themselves.