Friday, June 10, 2016

GOBEKLI TEPI - the 12,000 years ago temple complex that LINKS, BRIDGES, CONNECTS early "primitive" human religions such as CAVE ART (100,000+/- B.C.) with all our "modern" Religions...

 We Have a treat for our readers this weekend: we proudly & humbly present 
this wonderful video we discovered, the best yet we have seen
about   GOBEKLI TEPI,  the mysterious 10,000 b.c. proto-settlements era temple complex composed of  T-shaped stone megaliths & temple like structures in Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey) that  LINKS, BRIDGES, CONNECTS us 'modern' 21st century humans with our earliest humans relatives & their proto-religious worship of natural spirits 
(most commonly understand in terms of  'shamans' & cave art 100,000 - 30,000 B.C.) with  what, at Gobekli Tepi,  may well be one of the main predecessor sites to all our ancient & "modern"  religions:  these structures and cult rituals were definitely
known of throughout "the fertile crescent"  
- if only through myth, legend, and hero worship-
for millennia  before even the rise of Egypt,  Sumer, or any of  the other earliest known civilizations.

The above excellent GOBEKLI TEPE video CONNECTS the religious observances and earliest known temple structures.... with the very ancient,  prehistoric proto-religions - cave paintings and totems of worship - and humanity's very ancient past...
the video does an excellent job of  CONNECTING
humanity's oldest known temple sites & priests/leaders, with the knowledge,
(based on intense, daily, intimate observations of the natural world,
built up and orally recorded over thousands of years)
belief systems,  and intellectual curiosity of  humanity's very
ancient cave art, shamans,  and totem worship  

Gobekli Tepi - ancient circle of T-shaped megaliths enclose 2 larger T-megaliths... 
designed to represent humans.... or  extra-terrestrial reptilians aliens??

Gobekli Tepi:  artist portrays 2 largest T-megaliths within a circle of smaller 
T-shaped megaliths (within a circle of a stone wall)
as HUMAN-REPTILIANS (aliens?)  about to hold hands...
Did the megalith/temple creators originally intend to convey themes
 of  male & female,  and  of  extraterrestrial knowledge?


Our sympathies go out to Mr. David Icke:  as one of the first "modern" researchers in the post-WWII era "free world"
(when Nazi  "anti-Semitism" racism was so thoroughly reviled)
 to investigate the breadth, depth, and ferocity of the vast Jewish CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY against Britain, America, Europe, (the entire Western world) and all of humanity,  Mr. Icke did not have much intellectual or investigative support in the "mainstream" media & academic world, and working in a vacuum over years it is easy to become  isolated and start to drift from reality,  emotionally if not intellectually!

 But for us here at TheJewishWars
REPTILIANS was never very much in doubt: 
 mammals are merely genetically modified reptiles 
(in the same way that birds are also genetically modified reptiles, 
and that reptiles are genetically modified amphibians)  
and the "highly evolved software" of our  "advanced mammalian brains"
is hard-wired on to a very pronounced reptilian core or base.

   The fundamental human motive of  "FIGHT... OR FLIGHT"
is essentially a reptilian assessment

- a THREAT ASSESSMENT of  one's immediate surroundings 
- that does not typically involve higher intellectual processing -
 as are our drives to procreated, to eat, to assert territoriality;
and to sulk and exhibit jealousy and resentment
 all of which behaviors,  so typical in humans, are quite typical in, and well developed in reptiles.

Indeed, both reptiles (and the even more primordial insects!)  mastered the fundamental hunting techniques
- prized by millennia of  human as well as other primordial mammalian predators - 
of both ambush & the stalking hunt - which (examples of hunting prowess) are the core of much human hero-worship over the centuries. (American native Indians hunters would, of course,  invoke the spirits of the wolf, the bear, the panther, and other predators in both good & lean times.) 

  So getting back to this video, the producer/narrator does a fantastic job of outlining the possible connections between the  religious motives and rituals of   early humans in their earliest
'advanced' organized,  specialized, and cooperative proto-religious cultural settings;
and those earliest human  shamans, or priests, leading rituals, observances, sacrificial rites;
 and the less dramatic but far more routine studies & intimate observations of their natural surroundings 
(e.g. the night sky, correlating closely with seasonal changes of weather & vegetation) and of  animal life & complex animal behaviors.

 In particular the video demonstrates how early EGYPTIANS, on their way to creating great accomplishments of  their early civilization including temples, vast irrigation canals & agricultural networks, and of course their construction of the pyramids, 
 WORSHIPED & VENERATED the powers of many animals,
 - in this case particularly  of  snakes - 
and the ancient Egyptians  styled if not modeled their rulers, the Pharaohs, as being divinely endowed with the magical if not god-like properties of snakes and on  the gods who were represented by snakes;    gods with snake-like attributes.
   This brief video discussion,  into the early Egyptian symbolism and attributes of snakes in relation to higher (developed) religion and more sophisticated culture of dynastic Egypt,
 is actually also  fascinating introduction, or opening-of-the-door, into our human mind's deep,  primordial roots in reptilian behavior.... and reptilian brains!

  The Turkish  author (producer, narrator, illustrator) of the Gobekli Tepi documentary does an outstanding job, in this animated illustration,  of  capturing the REPTILIAN features - the REPTILIAN IMAGE willfully and intentionally PROJECTED by the Egyptian ruler, sitting on his throne on what could be primordial desert night tens hundreds of thousands of years ago...
the hooded cobra - ready to strike - 
sitting atop the Pharaoh's crown, 
the UREAS   (see below)   projecting from his forehead, 
  is magnified by the Pharaoh's entire upper body 
taking on the form & appearance of a hooded cobra, 

ready to strike.... by intent!
Pharaoh looks quite reptillian - sinister, MENACING,
& COBRA like - surrounded by his aides
on a primordial desert night.  

(The illustrator betrays his Turkish cultural biases... 
by depicting the Pharaoh's closest aides... as sultry, white women!) 
 These (above)  exceptional illustrations capture how 
Civilization has ALWAYS been in CONFLICT,
in tension between...
and the sinisister power to destroy 
"the good"... 

According to the Hebrew, jewish bible, 
MOSES (with halo) confronts Pharaoh, and prepares 

to humiliate Pharaoh's magicians 

 Moses' staff turned serpent
 DEVOURS the staff-turned serpents of  Pharoh's priests...
"proving" for millions upon hundreds of millions of bible readers, that "god triumphed over Pharaoh"
(the entire story is myth,  pure fiction narrative) 
Note how, when it bolsters the script, 
that Jews WILLINGLY BELIEVE in WITCHCRAFT & BLACK MAGIC - here Moses bringing a staff to life as a serpent -
but elsewhere, throughout their ruthless history,  they will CONDEMN and EXECUTE people as "idolaters" for  believing or practicing the same sort of  "black magic"!  

not only "higher" mammals, and birds
(here the falcon headed god Horus, left)  
but REPTILES too, in particular deadly snakes...
Ureas, the cobra-head symbol of Upper Egypt, 
 projects from Pharaoh's forehead, 
signaling divine powers  & divine protection.
(The hawk-headed god to left is HORUS - divine god of sky & earthly protection,
 protector of Pharoahs, and the son of the treacherously murdered Osiris 
& his faithful, life-restoring consort Isis.) 
(note the SUN-DISC above a CRESCENT over the hawk-god's head:
 the ancient symbol of  an ECLIPSE, which was amazing - 
and terrifying - to the ancient mind, as the video discusses.) 

EGYPT Pharoah's COBRA on forehead = UREAS, 
 which COMMANDED awe, reverence, and submission from thousands of loyal Egyptians in one of humanity's oldest, and certainly longest lived civilizations...

Egypt - Egyptians PROUDLY incorporated REPTILES & SNAKE themes in to their cosmos, deities...
& hard-earned afterlife...
snakes - whose ability to shed skin (and hibernate?) 
suggested IMMORTALITY,  were 
proudly worked in to the cosmology....
and in to their highly desired AFTERLIFE...
by hard-working, creative, organized, patient, 

intelligent, sophisticated ancient Egyptians.    

The essence of  judaism 
is to DENIGRATE ALL non-Jews

(as an excuse to ERADICATE them, take over their lands and to replace them,
 i.e. typical BRONZE-AGE CONQUEST & EXTERMINATION of any neighboring tribes 
- but the JUDEO SPECIALTY is  usually by INSIDIOUS TREACHERY from WITHIN that targeted people, tribe, or nation)  - 

INCLUDING WIPING ALL the HISTORICAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS and creative genius of  ancient peoples

- INCLUDING the vast accomplishments of ancient Egyptians - 

 OUT of the jews' evil  FAUX history,   
FALSE historical narrative...  

Ironically, this ancient, ruthless, relentless, & remorseless
 judeo ethnic/tribal/religious strategy 
(ferocious nomadic raiders who have developed a specialized and successful strategy... of invading, overwhelming, conquering, and EXTERMINATING tribes & nations by TREACHERY FROM WITHIN,  by posing, over several generations, as allies and loyal subjects) 
            is MORE REPTILIAN -  
 "DEVOUR EVERYONE around you" - 
than the Egyptians who overtly 
       venerated deities with reptilian qualities! 

Egypt - the real-life Pharaoh AKHENATON
 (c. 1450)  displays COBRA 'uraes' - 

the  divine (god-like) snake symbol...
and his misshapen, freakish physical characteristics
quite naturally exhibited
 snake-like eyes & features!! 
Astonishingly, this misshapen, rogue, and widely despised Pharaoh 
(his successors tried to eradicate his name & his reign from history!) 
may well have been the archetype... 
not only of Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, MOSES, Joshua, & David, 

 but of  Jesus as well!  

In overthrowing the entire Egyptian order of  thousands of years  
of polytheist worship - the worship of many gods - 
and setting up a city in the middle of the harsh Egyptian desert  
           DEDICATED to the SOLE WORSHIP of the sun-god Aten...   

the misshapen Pharaoh Akhenaton not only preceded & anticipated 

 'modern' MONOTHEISM,  the worship of  ONE "true" god... 

but he also ANTICIPATED "The EXODUS,"  the "wandering in the desert," 
and the subsequent conquest and establishment of  a judeo  "homeland" 
in Jerusalem & other cities dedicated to worship of one, mono- god...

the stories that are the foundation stories of  both Judaism & Christianity!  


Now we all know that all ancient and prehistoric cultures closely and intensely observed the   animals, plants (flora & fauna") and natural phenomena around them.
The Huns identified with wolves; the Romans were fascinated by lions and eagles; and as late as 1,200 ad the Mongols were animists; and of course native American Indian tribes were intimately intertwined with their animal prey (and adversary predators like large bears!) as late as the 19th century... as were  some remote tribes in the Amazon, New Guinea, (etc.) in to the late as the 20th century.

    What "modern" Americans and people worldwide may tend to underestimate is the intelligence, insight, and intensely intellectual curiosity of our human, mankind's forefathers -
  -  a theme or meme (to denigrate the intelligence of early humans)
ACTIVELY CULTIVATED by JEWISH  and   CHRIST-ian "leaders"  who instead pound their "fall from grace"
(= "sin") and  
(= "sin") and  faux, false  "origins"  narratives down our throats, which intend to minimize and diminish all non-Judeo contributions to early human history...

  This video is an excellent antidote to this lying, reality-distorting, humanity demonizing Judeo/Christ-ian narrative, 
 a  magnificent inquiry that delves in to one of humanity's very earliest settlements,
Gobekli Tepe in modern Turkey,  which, at 12,000 years ago,  is ancient even by Graham Hancock's estimates of  other "civilized" settlements that may have been flooded & erased from history by the rising sea-levels at  the end of  the last ice-age,  17,000 - 10,000 years ago.  

 OSIRIS, the Egyptian god
betrayed & KILLED BY his  BROTHER,
RESURRECTED (by his loyal wife Isis) 

 where he rules over the afterlife
 displays his COBRA (uraes)

(the green coloration of his face denotes the fertility of Egypt's 
agriculture regenerating itself every planting season)
 A dominant, perhaps THE DOMINANT THEME of the  hebrew, jewish bible 

for as much as  mentally masturbatory jewish ultra-orthodox rabbis try to justify
judeo-supremacism by putting down all the rest of mankind as "SUB-HUMANS" -

    the simple story of the  bible relates nearly countless instances of BROTHER vs BROTHER:
   in particular, not only Cain vs Abel, Isaac vs Ishmael, Jacob vs Esau, Joseph sold into slavery (and almost certain death) by his brothers.... king David's sons whacking, hacking, and hating each other
(including Solomon having his half-brother dragged from sanctuary and murdered) 

but most infamously, the story of  NOAH and his three sons...

designated as SLAVES 
to the descendants of his other 2 sons! 

    In fact,  JUDEO ELITES  DESPISED WORK as beneath them... which means they REQUIRED SLAVES to do the work,  and the entire Hebrew, Judeo bible is NOTHING BUT an attempt to rationalize & JUSTIFY  GENOCIDAL judeo  RACISM and their relentless requirement to HAVE SLAVES do their dirty work for them....

 It should be needless to say,

 that like Osiris' murderous brother SETH,
(indeed, the Jew-god yahweh exhibits many, many characteristics of the EGYPTIAN MURDEROUS, TREACHEROUS GOD of CHAOS Seth - including the Jew god's penchant for SENDING FAMINES, PLAGUES, and DISASTERS !!!) 

 JEWS are EXEMPLARS of  TREACHERY and DECEIT:  for they come in to a host nation WAILING about wrong and persecutions they have endured and suffered in the past...

....EVEN AS they  PLOT and SCHEME to  OVERTHROW their hosts peoples 
(who they regard as innately inferior,  as no more than mere beasts of burden
when no longer able to work - IF NOT AS VERMIN!

 including by plotting  OVERT MASSACRES  and genocide 
the evil, whining, wailing Jews PLOT & PERPETRATE

it's right there in the cold, cruel, evil pages of the Hebrew "TEXTBOOK & PRIMER of RACISM & GENOCIDE"
'holy' (sic) bible, JUDGES 18:1-27