Friday, June 24, 2016

EXIT the EU !! Paul Joseph Watson DECONSTRUCTS the genocidal CRIMINALITY of the EU... without mentioning the *YOU KNOW WHO!* financial overlords....

Paul Joseph Watson video expertly deconstructs 
just why  the EU is  an un-elected tyranny of  genocidal, 
 mass-murderous,   wars pimping, economies killing,  
nations trashing, human rights crushing,  WARS & 
TERRORISM perpetrating  cabal of  Commissars &  apparatchiks who work for... 
[the genocidal ZIO-NAZI,  global fiat-money extortionists & treason suborning  Jew-Nazi mob]

In videos and articles  about American issues and about politics & policies based here in the U.S.,  
 Paul Joseph Watson, working for the Alex Jones & PrisonPlanet websites, 
    spouts the "MIGHTY WURLITZER"  Zio-Nazi, 

 CIA, "Neo-Con,"  CORPORATE-FASCIST "war on terrorism"  PROPAGANDA talking points  
 that "MUSLIMS ARE evil because THEY ARE VIOLENT" -   
without ever mentioning that it isTHE JEWS who ARE RUNNING ISIS terrorism.

      Well, we are long overdue in explaining
 a note about our sources, the notion  that:

"a rose grows best in a manure pile":  

An ancient principle of  Military Intelligence gathering is that you MUST PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR ENEMY if you want GOOD INTEL about his capabilities and  intentions and what he is up to....

...but of course if you are LISTENING TO YOUR ENEMY,  then HE is going to do EVERYTHING HE CAN to GIVE YOU BAD  information!  
  In Military Intel,  often (if not 90% of the time) 
your BEST SOURCE of intel is the very people who spend 99.99% of their time trying to give you BAD intel!  

  So it is with so many of  the best sources for information and insight we use to write up posts here at  theJewishWars:

     while we completely disagreed with Christopher Hitchens'  support for the Anglo/ ZIO-NAZI  U.S.  invasion of Iraq in 2003,

    we completely agree with his deconstruction of the circular logic behind Christianity's concept of sin - that even children are "BORN GUILTY"  for something they have never done, 

and  that the notion of "BORN GUILTY" 
is simply abhorrent &  anti-human.

 So too today,  we can agree completely with Paul Joseph Watson's  reasons detailing why the EU is an un-elected 

TYRANNY of  genocidal,  mass-murderous,  wars pimping, ECONOMIC SABOTAGE, human rights crushing, 
 AND TERRORISM  PROMOTING apparatchiks... 

even if Mr. Watson utterly  FAILS to acknowledge just WHO is running the show!
(see... the hundreds of posts we've written here at theJEWISHwars !!)