Saturday, May 14, 2016

RESTORING SANITY to America.... will involve DEMOLISHING both the brutal & sadistic Judeo AND "Christ-ian" narratives. Fortunately, it is not a difficult task academically; although the need to TEAR DOWN people's false belief systems comes with heavy emotional costs...

 For too long we've delayed writing posts that get to the core of the matter of  the ongoing,  brutal degeneration of America;   not only America's political and financial addiction to Judeo money and judeo corp. 'news' and cultural media approval,
 but the even deeper Anglo/American psychological addiction to a bible 'g-o-d'  whose constant and recurring theme is hate, jealousy, and the systematic killings of tens of thousands, upon hundreds of thousands of  people as related in bible stories 
(and tens of millions of people killed in human perpetrated "democides" over the centuries,  if the  judeo/christ-ian diety "yahweh" truly was the creator of the universe and would therefore be able to prevent the flow of blood and horrors from so many human killings over the centuries.)
Below, we relaunch our discussion on the origins of  Judaism,  with this incredibly informative video that not only captures a slice in time 2,500 years ago... but captures intimate moments in the family life of a king...  and simultaneously captures the REIGN OF  TERROR and RELIGIOUS PURGES he imposed on his terrorized subjects! 

While in  earlier posts we've previewed this coming discussion into the real, historical, brutal and sociopathic roots of Judaism  by presenting videos of the ancient warfare that established the first empires in the  region:  Michael Wood's Legacy (pt. 1) The Origins of Civilization and a similar video on the rise of kings & empires "Kings From Babylon to Baghdad"  here we present another absolute gem of  historical documentary that reveals some of the EGYPTIAN THEMES that were  clearly PREDECESSORS of the Hebrews'  "one true god" theme. 

    Like the Hebrews religious story of their leaders relentless destiny to smash idols and throw down false gods,  so did Egyptian Pharaoh AHKENATON  launch wholesale PURGES against the entire pantheon of then dominant Egyptian gods - in particular Amun - when he ascended the throne on his father's death.  

    But while MOSES, ABRAHAM, Joseph, Joshua, and other early bible patriarchs are ALL MYTHICAL figures, with NO archeological evidence to support their existence
(and NO corroborating evidence from any neighboring cultures) there is clear and compelling archeological evidence that Akhenaten lived - ironically, despite his successors trying to purge & eliminate his record, and even his very existence, from the Egyptian historical narrative, that was carved in stone etchings, 
and left in the still tangible form of  the remains of an ancient city that was abandoned as soon as the Pharaoh died. 
   This is a great example of  BBC productions doing what they should - examining our past, and uncovering or documenting details which have huge significance historically and even in our lives today - for, as the video concludes, while Akhenaten was reviled in his own time for his singular obsession with a single god... this ember of  religious thought would smolder on for centuries,  it would percolate through the perceptions of  Egyptians and their neighbors alike, and it would eventually burst into flame several centuries later, when the Hebrews adopted a similar INTOLERANT! brand of  monotheism as their state religion.. 

AKHENATEN PRAYER to Ahten, SUN DISK... the nearly verbatim 
 PRECEDECESOR to  BIBLE 104 Psalm !!
bible  Psalm 105 STOLEN VERBATIM - written up by Hebrew scribes, priests, & elites in Babylon during the "Babylonia Captivity" after 587 BC -  from AKHENATEN's PRAYER to sun-god Ahten nearly 9 centuries earlier !!!