Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Yet again,  the writers & editors of Veterans Today  
 (in this case contributing writer Richard Edmondson) "hit a Grand-Slam home run,"
hit the editorial & analysis  ball out of the park. 

  We here at TheJewishWars have been completely overwhelmed as all this Zio-Nazi insanity
- arrogance, hubris, sadistic contempt & loathing for   all   humanity (i.e. against "non-jews") -
  comes screaming to the fore here in America,  as the fatal  season of election  2016 rushes upon us...
 ...and our evil  Judeo "COMMISSARIAT"  'leadership' (sic)

to prevent Americans being afforded the luxury of coming to their senses...

    and coming to the the horrifying reality  
that  9-11 was NOT  perpetrated by "Osama bin Ladin & al Qaeda holed up in Afghanistan,"  
nor  by "Saudi & Yemeni hijackers"....  nor by Iraq... OR by Iran...

       the moment you realize that both NY World Trade Center towers,
and the Salomon Brothers 47 story tower ("building 7") 

were all three  PRE-WIRED 
with TONS & TONS & TONS of  
state-of-art military grade 
high-explosives  demolitions charges...  
  ...the moment  you realize & accept this ugly fact,  you must also realize that 
 "the plans" -  to carry out the 9-11 TREASON - terror ATTACKS on America,  so to bring about the "NEW PEARL HARBOR" to GET AMERICA's MILITARY to  WAGE ISRAEL'S WARS of hate. loathing, theft, & genocide throughout the Mideast (and Africa... and against Russia, Ukraine, & Europe!) -  
   - the moment you realize those plans   were entirely too complex, too intricate, too critical, far too risky;  and the payoff  - TRILLIONS of dollars going to JEWISH OWNED "defense contractors" 
- FAR TOO GREAT  to depend on a dozen+  cocaine snorting, stripper tipping, "A-rab suicide hijackers" showing up to work.... 
    (on a one-way suicide trip to hell, at that) 

   you realize that  "ARAB HIJACKERS" had NOTHING to do with 9-11.... except as unwitting patsies

 (as, indeed, they  all WERE  - all of the ones actually present that day  were  CIA "assets,"  hired agents who - for performing CIA chores in their home countries - were given a preferential CIA/State Dept. visa to work & visit in the US... until the CIA /  MOSSAD needed  to use them...  "DISPOSE" of them   as PATSIES for Mossad's  mass-murder 9-11 terrorism treachery)   

"NEW PEARL HARBOR" =  SABOTAGE, treachery, & TREASON by the 'PNAC'  NEO-CONS... the "israel OVER amerika"  JEW WAR PIGS & their HIRED 'shabos goyim' non-Jew TRAITORS, masquerading as  "AMERICAN national security experts"...
HIGH PRIESTS of WAR  =  9-11 perpetrating 'israel UBER amerka'  'Neo-Cons'  TRAITORS,  JEW SABOTEURS & MASS-MURDER warmongering global genocide  TERRORISTS  (Michael Collins Piper, the American author of this book, was quite probably MURDERED for his serial exposes of the criminal jewish war lobby treachery, treason, terrorism, & sabotage here in America.)

  JUDEO  HYPOCRISY is  THE DOMINANT CULTURAL, political, and "informational"  (academia, "education,"  & corp. media propaganda 'infotainment') 
force in all of America today:  

   this INSANELY RACIST, genocidal, SADISTIC, 
HATE & LOATHING for  all   humanity agenda 
 is  driving America to perpetrate World War III at breakneck speed, before the  criminal perpetrators of  9-11 here in America,  & genocidal sponsors of  "ISIS" terrorism across the Mid East
 are held to account for their murders, serial treason;  &  crimes against humanity:

Parade of  [jewish, ZIO-NAZI] Hypocrisy: "Trump’s a Racist!"

Where does the well of hypocrisy come from?
[ans. - right there in the incredibly evil, sordid,  insanely violent,  murderous, incredibly hypocritical... &  ADVOCATES back-stabbing TREACHERY pages of the  Hebrew, jewish bible] 

The US has a well deserved reputation as one of the most hypocritical nations on earth. We claim to be champions of democracy -  while overthrowing democratically elected governments.
We insist we are fighting a war on terrorism... while funding, training  [recruiting, supplying, arming,  directing, & commanding]  terrorists. 

In Washington, it almost seems as if hypocrisy, rather than viewed in a dishonorable light, is looked upon as an admirable character trait
 [this IS JUDEO SUPREMACISM:  IN YOUR FACE  ZIO-NAZI  arrogance & supremacism]
  and the more of a hypocrite you are, the better your chances for success. An unspoken credo, to be sure, but one that does appear very much in place. 

So where, one may ask, does this well of unabashed hypocrisy come from?
How did it originate? And why in America?
“Trump’s racism is just awful–oh, but Netanyahu’s is okay!” 

That essentially seems to be the view of a number of people who were interviewed outside the AIPAC conference last month in Washington. The interviews were conducted by journalist Rania Khalek, who quoted to those she spoke with statements made by Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but told them that the statements had come from Donald Trump–and she then asked them for their reply. 

In each case they [AIPAC JEWS]  were quick to condemn the comments when they thought they were [made by] Trump...
but when told the comments had actually been made by an Israeli official, what do you suppose happened? The interviewees began to dither, vacillate, or offer outright justifications. One man, apparently overcome with bathos, proclaimed Israel to have the most “moral army” in the world while touchingly expressing his faith in the notion that Jews are a light unto the nations.”  
“It was the perfect opportunity to engage with Israel’s most politically active supporters, so I pulled out my camera phone and began asking what they thought of Trump,” says Khalek in an article at the Electronic Intifada. She added:
One young woman said of Trump, “He’s terrible. He incites racist attitudes.” When asked, “What do you think about Trump’s comments comparing migrants to cancer?” she responded with disgust, “He’s awful. I hate Trump.”
But it was Israeli culture minister Miri Regev, not Trump, who compared African refugees to “a cancer,” a statement that 52 percent of Israeli Jews agreed with in one survey.
Regev later apologized, not to Africans but to cancer survivors for likening them to Black people.
So pause a moment and consider. Here we have…
  1. Jewish supporters of Israel…
  2. gathering in the capital city of what is arguably one of the two most hypocritical nations on earth (the other being Israel)…
  3. to attend a conference of the most powerful lobby in the land…
  4. a lobby dedicated to extracting the  [that TARGET] nation's  wealth & siphoning it off to a Jewish apartheid state, and…
  5. condemning Donald Trump, a Gentile, for racism.
Thats H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y for you.
Perhaps Khalek, as a followup question, should have asked her interview subjects if they believe racism is okay when it’s Jews being racists, and that only Gentiles should be called out for demeaning other groups of people.
Sadly she didn’t, though possibly she was afraid of being mobbed and lynched should her questions grow too provocative.**

[note: HOW do  'AMERICAN' jews GET AROUND  "anti discrimination"  laws prohibiting RACISM in real-estate sales & rentals?   

    ans. - SIMPLE!  by making it a "JEWISH COMMUNITY" !!    Jews can PRETEND they are "not racist" simply by saying that the exclusionary tendencies of their  closed neighborhoods & communities are based on "faith," not race... 
Acording to jewish 'law' to be Jewish,  your MOTHER MUST be JEWISH.]
“Look, I don’t like the direction of this conversation,” snapped the man who thinks Jews are a light unto the world.   [cont'd]

** [note:   "LYNCH-MOB JUDAISM RULES AMERICAwe've been stuck trying to write up one of our  next posts - because there are so many awful, evil  examples that need to be included in our post!   

The Jews CAN LYNCH A SITTING U.S. PRESIDENT in full view of the American public & world!   

When (then)  genuinely populist ("I feel your pain")  President Bill Clinton TURNED AROUND  the 1992 Bush Sr. ECONOMIC RECESSION in 1995... the JEW FINANCIERS, war-pigs, & MEDIA WHORES in New York, DC, London, Paris, in Tel Aviv, and AT AIPAC   COULDN'T STAND IT!    So they DRUMMED UP  first "Whitewater," then Paula Jones & the treasonous "elves";   then Ken Starr & the MONICA "did she or didn't she" IMPEACHMENT - right before our eyes, the JEW PRESS MEDIA backed up by the treasonous "israel UBER amerika" jew billionaires were able to get their puppet politicians in the Rethuglican Party to IMPEACH a president on trumped-up charges that had nothing to do with abuse of presidential power!

that set the stage for 
the STOLEN ELECTION of  2000... 

which put the "PNAC"  "NEW PEARL HARBOR"   TREASON TERROR ATTACKS on  AMERICA plans in to high gear for very early in the following (Bush-Cheney)  presidency.] 


 Today in America  the INSANE JEWS  have VINDICATED EVERYTHING that Hitler, the Nazis, & 29 centuries of "anti-Semites" have ever said about Jews & Judaism:   

 their NEIGHBORS CHILDREN every year 

(the sordid  blood  SACRIFICE  RITUAL  (  human   blood sacrifice ritual !!) "passover" celebration  where Jews CELEBRATE the KILLINGS of   EGYPTIAN children...  

and EGYPT is simply a metaphor, a stand-in for  whatever kingdom or empire 
and people the JEWS RESIDE IN and among  while they are performing their little blood-sacrifice ritual
- whether in 19th century Germany, or 15th century Spain, in 16th century Ottoman empire (Turkey)... or 21st century Europe, Canada.... and the U.S.A. !!!) -  

 - a tribe that, per the bibles blood-drenched chapters & verses, not only  plots & plans the DESTRUCTION of  ALL neighboring tribes,  kingdoms, cities, nations, & empires  in open warfare (when it is possible for them)....

when overt conquest is not possible....

   ...SABOTAGE of a host nation & people's society and empire,  to where, upon patiently ascending the ladder of a host nation's elite & power structure over decades & generations until Jews become the most powerful leaders in a target nation  
(as the bible relates during those years between Joseph & Moses that the Jews claimed to have lived in Egypt) 
they then  promptly & immediately attempt to WIPE OUT THEIR HOSTS...

The KITOS WAR (wiki) (and here)
 occurred during the period of the Jewish–Roman wars, 66–136. While the majority of the Roman armies were fighting Trajan's Parthian War  [against Persia/Parthia] on the eastern border of the Roman Empire,  MAJOR UPRISINGS by ethnic Judeans  [Jews!]  in Cyrene, Libya, Cyprus and Egypt spiraled out of control, resulting in a WIDESPREAD SLAUGHTER of left behind Roman garrisons and Roman [AND GREEK]  citizens by Jewish rebels [Jews]. Some of the areas with the heaviest massacres were left so utterly annihilated that others were made to settle these areas to prevent the absence of any remaining presence. The rebellions were finally crushed by Roman legionary forces, chiefly by the Roman general Lusius Quietus, whose nomen later gave the conflict its title, as "Kitos" is a later corruption of Quietus...

 ..just exactly as the Jews WAVED THE BALFOUR DECLARATION around when it was to their benefit...
 ...but now that the Jews have their toehold in the region,  "the Balfour Declaration" is a forgotten, discarded piece of paper trash... as  the jews crank up their demonic, genocidal,  21st century version of the ASSYRIAN EMPIRE that steam-rolled, slaughtered,  & annihilated all before it...