Friday, May 27, 2016

Donald Trump SMASHES and DEMOLISHES the "Neo-Con" JEW WAR LOBBY Agenda : "BILL KRISTOL is a LOSER"

Donald Trump rips, bashes, smashes,  demolishes, eviscerates
Neo-Con  “Loser” Bill Kristol...
 & the entire evil 
             "they want to kill people"  
'Neo-Con' jew-Nazi agenda... 
Donald Trump BLASTS Bill Kristol - an influential 'PNAC'
 israel UBER amerika, 
'Neo-Con' jewish  TRAITOR 
  & FOX 'news' warmongering WHORE

"one of the reasons they hate me so muchis because THEY have been WRONG so often.One of these guys who hates me,  nobody has even heard of this guy, I shouldn't [mention him] because no one has even heard of him,  but he's a real light-weight, his name is Bill Kristol... this poor guy...  This is what I DON'T UNDERSTAND:  WHY do you [corp. media, in this case Fox 'news']  KEEP PUTTING THIS GUY ON television WHO'S  BEEN PROVEN TO BE WRONG for so many years?

[because Fox 'news' - and ALL the corporate media - are owned by ZIO-NAZI JEW TRAITORS 
Levin, Eisner, Rothstein, Bronfman, Diller - America hating TRAITORS all...
On the eve of 9-11... AND on the eve of the illegal, mass-murderous jews-driven 
"U.S." 2003 INVASION of IRAQ... ALL the "major media" corporations in Amerika 
were OWNED & RUN by JUDEO SUPREMACIST (jew nazi) JEWS...
this was NO coincidence, but  part of the 200 years+
(when we are told that "Fox founder RUPERT MURDOCH is not Jewish"..   
they always omit mention that his 

...who INTEND to CONFUSE, seduce, emasculate, terrorize, mesmerize, and LOBOTOMIZE their clueless American viewers, to support not only the eternal Zio-Nazi genocidal wars of ENSLAVEMENT & EXTERMINATION abroad; butthe LOAN-SHARKING financial terrorism and serial ECONOMIC SABOTAGE & SERIAL financial RAPES & DEBT ENSLAVEMENT of Americans, and of the American economy,  here at home]  

even though he knows it's not working; although he doesn't know, because he's not smart enough. But... I was AGAINST the war in Iraq, let me tell you!"

What Mr. Trump - and 350+ million Americans - don't quite understand... 
is that the NEO-CON WARS

  - "bailouts"= ECONOMIC RAPES - - -  DO WORK! 

    They have been VERY, VERY GOOD to israel based JEW BILLIONAIRES & multimillionaires... they have TRANSFERRED $21+ _TRILLION_ dollars FROM 
the stupified, clueless, lied to & misled AMERICAN PEOPLE... 

   TO  hyper-wealthy jews, like Sheldon Adleson, Haim Saban, Vivi Nevo, Ron Perlman, Edgar Bronfman, gregori swartz (george soros),  David & Evelyn Rotschild,  and all the other secretive "keep their names out of the news" jew billionaire TRAITORS  behind the "Fed," 
behind the Euro, behind the "bank of England," the bank of Canada, the Bank of Australia, and all the other PRIVATELY OWNED, fiat-money (monopoly money creation) DEBT EXTORTION MACHINES.... 

 Here's the jewish owned Bloomberg 'news' practically BRAGGING,  GLOATING
that their guy -  the "brilliant" Assistant SECRETARY of WAR  PAUL WOLFOWITZ,
who DID NOTHING to protect Americans from any threat in the long summer before 9-11,
(and who SCAPEGOATED American PRIVATES and low-level non-coms for HIS TORTURE "protocols" at Abu Ghraib prison, the vile, stinking, evil coward) 

and who BOTCHED the Iraq occupation - is being PROMOTED to World Bank President after
- Bloomberg's words! - being "the architect of the Iraq War" - 
the very war that hundreds of millions of sane Americans would regard as a bloody,  unmitigated disaster, catastrophe, and fiasco!


We've been greatly concerned that Mr.  Trump seems to be climbing in bed with Jewish mob boss and Casino (gulag) billionaire Sheldon Adelson over the last week or two;  reportedly Mr. Trump will accept $100 million from Zio-Nazi 'sugar daddy' & casino mob boss Sheldon Adelson...

Casino gulag mob-boss SHELDON ADELSON
 - the ZIO-NAZI slave lord & loan-sharking crime boss of
 the 'CRIMINAL STATE'  jew-nazi HIJACKING of America - 
 donates to Donald Trump's presidential campaign...  
Fundamentalist jews - and  wealthy jews are  all   "fundamentalists" in their JUDEO SUPREMACISM - believe they are ENTITLED to own slaves; and to ENSLAVE ALL the rest of the humanity... because their evil bible tells them so,  in Leviticus 25:44 and elsewhere...    When the Jews celebrate their "PASSOVER" celebration every April, it is a METAPHOR...a RITUAL RE-ENACTMENT of  KILLING their NEIGHBORS' CHILDREN.  It's not just EGYPTIANS and PERSIANS and GREEKS and ROMANS and SPANISH & Russians and GERMANS and Brits who are on the menu... SO TOO ARE AMERICANS.
below:  AIPAC - the "ISRAEL OVER amerika"  lobby - OWNS the REPUBLICAN  and   DEMOCRAT parties.... 
which is precisely why Con-gress and politicians are DESPISED by Americans today.

 Can Donald Trump break this evil spell..??? 

if Mr. Trump takes his marching orders from
AIPAC as the above powerful senate- & 

congress-whores "Democrat" women do... 
can he be anything other  than 
"more of the same"?

  Mr. Trump will, according to reports,  accept $100 million from Zio-Nazi judeo supremacist, "israel UBER amerika"  kingpin  SHELDON ADELSON, 
 the sugar-daddy and undisputed "KING MAKER" of the 'American' Republican Party.  

From this casino gulag mob-boss's point-of-view; Donald Trump is MAKING A SALE:  

  SELLING HIMSELF to the loan-sharking genocidal judeo supremacist.... 

 the loan-sharking judeo supremacists of  "the CRIMINAL STATE"
 backed up by all the other billionaire loan-sharking judeo supremacists;

 backed up by not only their own, private rogue nuclear armed military 
(israel's rouge, civilians bombing nuclear military & 'mossad' secret police) -
 but with ABJECT, 100% CONTROL of the nuclear armed militaries of BRITAIN, FRANCE, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, all NATO nations...  AND the U.S. military itself !! 

- all of which we believe could be fatal to Mr. Trump's pledges of independence and doing what is best for America;
 and could potentially be fatal to Mr. Trump's life as well:

if,  after having "sold his campaign out" to Adelson, he doesn't toe the Zio-Nazi line as they will believe they are entitled to demand after such an expenditure.
  But yesterday we watched the above excellent Trump speech in a short video clip posted at, and we take heart that at least Trump understands the problem...

even if his taking money from Adelson is akin to hand-feeding a rabbit... to a starving 500 lb. python!

 But for now, we can celebrate Mr. Trump's success 
in DEMOLISHING "the establishment" AND "NEO-CON" wings
 of  BOTH the Republican AND Democrat Party:

even Democrat Party insiders are privately quaking in their boots at the prospect that Trump will DISMANTLE  Hillary Clinton in any presidential debates, SAVAGING her over her roles in HANDING LIBYA & SYRIA OVER TO TERRORISTS and other Obama admin. catastrophes; 
  and Mr. Trump certainly obliterated the career political candidates of the Rethuglican Party,
going through them like a buzz-saw through a birthday cake.

 And Mr. Trump has certainly showed  JOHN KERRY to be the LIAR, a  TRAITOR, a COWARD and an abjectly incompetent political hack, a sell-out traitor WHORE of a  "leader" of the Democrat Party,

because  TRUMP DEMOLISHED the JEB BUSH candidacy,

 by simply ATTACKING the horrific record of  pResident George W. Bush on 9-11,  and the days & weeks leading up to 9-11 2001** 

something the clueless, COWARDLY, craven, cringing,

_over_ and _above_ Americans & American democracy then presidential candidate,  

Senator John  "traitor, coward, &  mass-murdering Zio-Nazi sell-out whore"  Kerry would not do... 

 ** (and the equally horrific Bush W. presidential record of  the months leading up to the Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz administration's March 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, 
based on serial lies including  "WMD's" and an attempt to SCAPEGOAT Saddam's regime for the alleged "9-11 al Qaeda Arab hijackers" -

 -  when even the most novice of Middle East observers knows that Saddam's Baathist regime hated both Sunni & Shiite fundamentalists of the sort the U.S. government under Bush-Cheney-Wolfo co. claimed the alleged hijackers were) - ALL of which  JOHN KERRY  could not, or refused to do in his pathetic 2004 campaign against the clueless, 9-11 presiding dupe pResident George W. Bush !! 


 "DEMOCRACY is NOT a Jewish 'value'..."
    - NOR are HUMAN RIGHTS !!