Thursday, May 12, 2016

Did Hillary HELP PROVIDE SARIN GAS from LIBYA to SYRIA 'rebels' [TERRORISTS!]... to KILL SYRIAN CIVILIANS?! the facts say, "YES, SHE DID!"

"RATLINES" - how the CIA  & "U.S." STATE DEPARTMENT   SUPPLIED TERRORISTS with POISON GAS to KILL THOUSANDS of civilians in Syria in 2013...
Who needs Hitler or the Nazis  when the agenda of the day - the agenda of  'our' U.S. government & horrific corporate media -  is mass-murder, genocide, destruction of nations, and the killing of civilians on a brutal,  horrific and epic  scale... 

We hate to use the Amerikan corp. media tactic of  using a question as a (titillating)  headline,
but we will make an exception today to qualify that there might,  somehow, magically,
 against the vast preponderance of evidence to the contrary,  be a possibility that Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State, was innocent of  SHIPPING 'sarin'  POISON GAS from recently conquered Libya, to the CIA & State Department's HIRED PROXY TERRORISTS in SYRIA.... to KILL SYRIAN CIVILIANS and to DESTROY Syria as a nation.  


Seymour Hersh Says He Doesn’t Know Whether 
Hillary Clinton Knew About Sarin
[being supplied by U.S. gov't. 'rat-lines' TO TERRORISTS in SYRIA] 
Eric Zuesse
I spoke by phone with Seymour Hersh on May 9th to ask him whether he would say publicly, 
that Hillary Clinton knew that her testimony which was given under oath...  was false
 [when given] to Republican Congressman Mike Pompeo on 22 October 2015

Pompeo: Were you aware or are you aware of  any U.S. efforts by the U.S. government in Libya to provide any weapons, directly or indirectly, or through a cutout, to any Syrian rebels or militias or opposition to Syrian forces?
Clinton: No.
Pompeo: Were you aware or are you aware of any efforts by the U.S. government in Libya to facilitate or support the provision of weapons to any opposition of Gadhafi’s forces, Libyan rebels or militias through a third party or country?
Clinton: No.
Hersh said he wouldn’t, because he doesn’t know whether she knew.
He particularly objected to the headline of my story on April 28th, 
Approved Sending Libya’s Sarin
 to Syrian Rebels”
because he said that I was going too far to read this into his statement there, in regard to Hillary Clinton’s knowledge of 
 what Hersh had called the “rat line” 
that State Department employee Christopher Stephens was operating in Benghazi Libya, of Gaddafi’s weapons-stockpiles to Al Qaeda in Syria
(called “Al Nusra” there),  that, “there’s no way somebody in that sensitive of a position is not talking to the boss, by some channel.”

I asked him whether his having headlined his 13 December 2013 article “Whose Sarin?” didn’t reasonably indicate that he was alleging that this “Rat Line and the Red Line” of weapons into Syria had to do with the operation supplying Gaddafi’s sarin via Turkey to Al Qaeda in Syria, and he said that this isn’t what he was intending to refer to, and that my article was wrong because I was assuming there that Hersh’s reporting can be correctly understood in light of the other reporters’ articles that I was using as a basis for interpreting or understanding his own..... [cont'd]