Saturday, April 23, 2016

PASSOVER is a... PAGAN SACRIFICE ritual! ...of not merely sheep or lambs... but of CHILDREN! The Jew's brutal tribal god, "Yahweh," is just another BLOODTHIRSTY semitic DESPOT god!

The grim secret to humanity's careening head-long in to nuclear annihilation & bio-war extirpation- (the "Entering a New Age of Darkness" of our previous video)  is hiding in plain sight... staring everyone in the face: the Jews' tribal g-o-d "Yahweh" is just another harsh, severe,  Semitic (Arabian) desert god... one who not only demands and perpetrates the HUMAN SACRIFICE of  the
 KILLINGS OF Egyptian CHILDREN to satiate his vain, egocentric, temperamental, & insecure ego...
 ...but a "divine" "supreme deity" that is DRIVING ALL OF HUMANITY to GLOBAL ANNIHILATION that will make WWII, the Mongol conquests, and the worst decades of China's depopulating internecine (civil) wars look like a warm-up act in comparison.
    To paraphrase then Senator Harry Truman, the Mongols, WWII armies, and China's marauding, depopulating war lords had to work long and hard to kill their 5 & ten millions:  today's wars could kill thirty, forty, fifty million humans before the fireballs even dissipated.

So let's for a moment this Passover 2016, then,  examine the ANIMAL and HUMAN SACRIFICE elements of the bible, and of the Passover "celebration"!

  Fortunately, we read a copy of  "THE PASSOVER LAMB" by Susan Michael in the "Good News" Christian news letter for April, so we don't have to go searching all over the damned bible ourselves.
    After an introduction and review of how "god selected Moses and sent him to tell Pharaoh "let my people go"  the Lord then sent the plagues that practically destroy the nation (Egypt).
 So let's compare some of our previously captured bible verses:  EGYPTIANS are NOT allowed to ENSLAVE JEWS... but JEWS,  per LEVITICUS 25:44 or enjoined & INSTRUCTED to ENSLAVE "people of the nations around them" and the children of people who live among them" -

  As we can see from the INHERENT, DEHUMANIZING RACISM in these bible passages - Jews are not to be enslaved by Egyptians, but Jews are free to ENSLAVE Egyptians - BOTH JUDAISM AND Christianity ARE MENTAL MASTURBATION:  having a point you want to prove, and then searching in the thousands of bible verses for some damn story or myth that will substantiate your point of view.

   Well, let's jump straight to the heart of the matter towards the end of Ms. Michael's masterpiece, the paragraphs entitled "A SUBMISSIVE LAMB:
  "The prophet Isaiah had prophesied that the Messiah woudl be like a lamb: SUBMISSIVE, even while being LED TO SLAUGHTER."   "Jesus did SUFFER SILENTLY before the religious and civil authorities and GAVE NO DEFENSE for Himself as they interrogated him (Matt. 27 12-14).

 GOD GOD!  THAT IS THE MESSAGE that the JEW BILLIONAIRES RUNNING AMERICA  WANT  STUPIFIED Americans to absorb from their preachers and Sunday School teachers:  BE SUBMISSIVE to  GREAT AUTHORITY... because that authority (the jew billionaires! and genocidal,  CHRISTIANS HATING "greater Israel") is  "SELECTED,"  "chosen" by g-o-d !!

  In modern translation: HAND OVER YOUR GUNS, HAND OVER the DEED to your homes; LET BOB RUBIN'S FRIENDS RAPE your pensions & 'investments'  (they've ALREADY RAPED YOUR SAVINGS: you get ZERO INTEREST as JANET YELLEN & STANLEY FISHER 'print' so many billions - a trillion per year - as to make the U.S. dollar worthless!)...
oh, and when they "outsource" your  job,  SUBMIT to LIVING ON THE STREETS.. until the cops PICK YOU UP, and then you are MURDERED by guards in the prison !!