Thursday, April 21, 2016

PASSOVER 2016 Let's Help MILLIONS of Jews across America & World... CELEBRATE KILLING CHILDREN !!!

AIPAC, ISRAEL... Madeline Albright, 
Con-gress, the State Dept.,  and every 
in celebrating'Passover'... 
HOORAY! for humanity!
HOORAY for U.S. A. !!!

the "Democrat" Party is a wholly owned corporate, criminal subsidiary of the 25+ centuries old slave-trading, loan-sharking, nations infiltrating,  wars fomenting genocidal cabal of "over & above nations" Judeo financiers.
Today, with their own private nation/state in israhell,  "the money power" is synonymous with the Judeo War Lobby.  Artist David Dees graphic illustration of "Democrat"  "leaders" politicians  Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama,
 & V.P.  Joe Biden joining  mass-murderous israel prime minister 'KING BIBI" netanyahu 
 with every multi-billion dollar weapons shipment, "loan guarantee," or sales of American public  property to private jew "money power" financiers at rigged, insider trading bids,  there are lawyers, lobbyists, agents, publicists, politicians, and financiers all across Washington, D.C. and America who will spend the night celebrating their latest "work" -
handing America's treasure - and America, the sovereign nation itself -
over to genocidal judeo supremacists in a foreign land.
Every dollar of American taxpayer money that is sent to israhell
  fuels their INSANE GENOCIDAL LUST to kill their neighbors
and to assert an ever larger, more blood-drenched, more demonic  'greater israel'
racist, apartheid, segregationist, slavery (prison gulags, TORTURE,  and murdered prisoners),
HATE & mass-murder based empire....

VT commentary contributor Jonas Alexis reminds us that the JEWISH BORN (below) 
MADELINE ALBRIGHT claimed it was "WORTH IT" for the U.S. embargo to kill 500,000 Iraqi children...
after the first U.S. Gulf War against Iraq in 1991 destroyed much of Iraq's life sustaining infrastructure in the first place...
all WHILE then former DEFENSE SECRETARY DICK CHENEY was HELPING Saddam's Iraq skirt those deadly U.S. sanctions & embargo by using Halliburton's European subsidiaries to work around the billion dollar per year US embargo!    The people that "the Money Power"  =  the Jew War Lobby selects to be America's top officials - such as Madeline Albright, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, Ashton Carter, Paul Wolfowitz, Jacob Lew, Alan Greenspan, Bob Rubin, Ben Bernanke  -  are all ruthless, decadent, degenerate mass-murdering lying traitors....


Today is the day (starting at sundown this evening) that millions of jews across America and across the world celebrate the central event & central belief of their  faith brutal bronze-age religion:

  that g-o-d killed the eldest ("first born") son of  every Egyptian household as a demonstration of his awesome divinity; as a demonstration of  "his"universal powers; and as a demonstration of his favoritism towards jews,  "his" "chosen people." 
To realize that this so-called "religious celebration"
is nothing more than institutionalized
for not just Egyptians... but for (all!) non-jews...
simply ponder for a moment the reaction we would hear... 
if any people, nation, or religion anywhere else in the world CELEBRATED the KILLINGS of JEWISH CHILDREN every year  The wailing, whining, and  torrent of indignant, wrathful jew invective and hot-air we would immediately be subject to would create a "HAARP" style halo of superheated air in the stratosphere
 The "Passover," Moses in Egypt & 

a late bronze age fabrication,  a synthesis of centuries of oral traditions of all the other myths, gods, super-human divine powers, and religious cult practices** that came long before Hebrew was even a spoken language, long before there was even a tribe of Judah....

** (temple building; priestly hierarchies, religious holidays marking the seasons.... sacrifices!)

 and when that myth is pushed on to other people(s) around the world today,  as justification for atrocious behavior and the latest round of criminal, treasonous, mass-murderous conduct
it becomes a murderous, racist LIE....

  But in the spirit of  Jews' "celebrating" their unifying theme this weekend,
let's suspend our disbelief for the moment, 
 and join them in CELEBRATING...  
whether by "divine" (act-of-god) means
 or merely by "divinely inspired" human actions,
  the KILLINGS of  children & babies today!  

 below:  the Jew god - still today! 

 as a demonstration of "his greatness" and as a blood-drenched message to warn & inform all the other disposable humans people on earth that  "he" favors the jews over all others...  
stupified, propagandized Americans have no clue: once the Jews capture a Palestinian youth as a prisoner, that child is doomed... damned as a de facto SLAVE in the evil ISRAELI prisons GULAG system for life... where in addition to torture and other sadistic horrors,   all prisoners are blood-typed and many are eventually MURDERED for their organs....
for the JEWISH CONTROLLED medical industry world organ donor trade...  
ANYTHING they ever accused the Nazis  of!! 

Passover 2016... let's help our Jewish friends and "allies" 
(with "friends" like these, who needs enemies!) CELEBRATE 
the CENTRAL, CORE event of their religion:   
the  KILLINGS,  by "g-o-d",  of  EGYPTIAN CHILDREN...

to the benefit of Jews, and to demonstrate to the world what an almighty being the  Jew's god, Yahweh, was/is!

     You might think that "the creator of the universe" could EASILY STOP THE WORLD SPINNING one fine afternoon, and in an celestial megaphone "he" could talk to,  advise, and instruct all humans on planet earth about exactly what he wants us to do; what he expects of each and every one of us, and whom it is exactly he wants to lead us.

      But NO...!   Instead, 'he" wants us all to TALK ABOUT IMAGINARY EVENTS that (allegedly) happened 3,200 years or so ago... 
  when "he" ARRANGED the KILLINGS of  ALL of Egypt's eldest ("first born") male children, 
to demonstrate "his" greatness!! 

 Actually, a careful reading of the bible passages concerning the  "Passover" story reveals
the unsettling possibility 
jews plotting to MARK THEIR NEIGHBORS HOMES for  DEATH SQUAD hit teams! 
 Exodus 12 1-7
The Lord said to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, “This [a]month shall be the beginning of months to you; it is to be the first month of the year to you. Tell all the congregation of Israel, ‘On the tenth [day] of this month they are to take a lamb or young goat for themselves, according to [the size of] the household of which he is the father, a lamb or young goat for each household.... Your lamb or young goat shall be [perfect] without blemish or bodily defect, a male a year old; you may take it from the sheep or from the goats. You shall keep it until the fourteenth day of the same month, then the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel    is to slaughter it [b]at twilight. Moreover, they shall take some of the blood and put it on the two doorposts and on the lintel [above the door] of the houses in which they eat it.  

Ouch!  That sounds like a... a criminal conspiracy assembling,
 a criminal mob getting together to murder the neighbors!  

  And the very details of "g-o-d's instructions" to the Jews in the above bible passage shows that the entire "SLAVERY in EGYPT story" is PROBLEMATIC:

   for how many slaves in history have had unlimited access to sheep and goats, such that they can "select" only perfect ones, for each and every family, for  slaughter on a single feast night?!
Sounds like a pretty cozy "enslavement"! 

Sure enough, the infamous Exodus verse 12:23 leaves open the possibility that "the hand of god"  that slays the Egyptians wasn't quite so "divine"  after all:
Exodus 12:23
23 For the  Lord will pass through to strike the Egyptians; and when He sees the blood on the lintel [above the entry way] and on the two doorposts, the Lord will pass over the door and will not allow [f]the destroyer(s)  to come into your houses to slay you.

"the DESTROYERS" could just as easily be
as an angel of death  from heaven or hell!! 

Since Hebrew scribes writing up a story where  Jews form secret death squads and  just UP and MURDERS THEIR NEIGHBORS in the dead of night would make even most cynical and racist of  young jewish students retch at the sheer, brute treachery of it all,   the Hebrew scribes, priests, & nobles writing up the bible had to instead write up their "Passover" story by inserting some  divine elements "the hand of god"  killing "only" the "first born males" 
to soften the tribal racism and/or blood-lust treachery inherent in the story.

   But let's use some literary license ourselves for a moment,  
and change just a couple of otherwise small details in the story:  
  1. instead of a splash of blood designating Jewish homes to be "passed over"  let's make it  "Jews splashing blood on their neighbors' homes"... marking them as homes to be terrorized and destroyed!   
  2. and instead of  "the hand of god" killing the Egyptian children.... it is simply that ancient institution, HUMAN DEATH SQUADS, entering into the homes to slaughter those inside!  
    By simply changing these few small words, by changing these 2 small details, 
 we make the story a MUCH MORE PLAUSIBLE, real-world scenario...  

  and since the whole object of the "Passover" story is to TERRORIZE the Egyptians.....


 would do an even better job of terrorizing a nation than just  killing individual children!  

  Indeed, the bible confirms our suspicion!

   Since the RAMPANT THEME under-girding the entire "Passover" story is  
(the mightiest, wealthiest, most powerful, and most secure empire of the day... look out, Americans!) 

 it should come as no surprise that we can easily find a verse where the qualification
"only the first born males are killed" is dispensed with - and we end up with the possibility 
of ALL EGYPTIANS being killed, by the jew god & "his" people
33 The Egyptians [anxiously] urged the people [jews]  [to leave], to send them out of the land quickly, for they said, We will ALL be dead.
 And yet again, we have:
13 The blood shall be a sign... no affliction shall happen to you 
to destroy you [jews] when I  strike  the land of Egypt.
 Now you may say that we're reading too much in to these verses....
but the words "DESTROY YOU" 
imply much more than merely losing one son from every family,
and  we have the words "strike the land of Egypt" implying a (possibly) fatal blow!

 And, let's try one last literary modification:  if  we just remove a couple of words from the verse,
we have "DESTROY... the land of EGYPT" !!   


    The Hebrew scribes, priests, and noble elites who wrote up the bible 
(while in captivity in Babylon after the destruction of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezer in 587 BC) 
 were simply INSANELY JEALOUS of the wealth, prestige, power, and stability of Eygpt....

so they wrote up a mythic "tribe of Israel" past ("the chosen ones") 
 that humbles, humiliates, and very nearly DESTROYS Egypt! 

    And there are more literary allusions to the JEWS & THEIR "g-o-d" 
DESTROYING  Egypt that we don't have time to search for... but merely putting yourself
mentally in place of a deity who imposes one plague after another
- any of which could be fatal to all humans in the region -

 you can see the real undercurrent of the bible is not the Hebrew's "freedom from slavery" 
but is the Judeo SUPREMACIST LUST  to DESTROY  any & everyone around them... 
especially those who have built and accomplished anything worth stealing! 
So, "PRESTO!" With the simple addition of a couple of  literary divine elements,  what is basically a massive "MOB HIT" story -  JEWS PLOTTING to MURDER THEIR NEIGHBORS by DEATH-SQUADS going from house to house at night -  
 is transformed in to a "MIRACLE!" story that  "DEMONSTRATES G-O-D's GREATNESS!"  

Which brings us up to today!  In the name of  "G-O-D" demonstrating his "greatness" 
by KILLING CHILDREN to the benefit of JEWS....
let's reprise some of the more modern forms of  KILLING CHILDREN that warm the hearts (sic!) of  jews and their demonic "brags about killing children" god as well!

As "Yukon Jack" explains in our previous post (and in his many other commentaries), the notion that Jews are peaceful, passive, and simply want to "COEXIST" in the greater world is  sheer lies,  deceit & treacherous deception: the essence of  biblical judaism is KILLING the "IDOLATERS" around them... and the moment the Jews today have the POWER to IMPOSE themselves on those around them...  
they revert to their bronze-age, genocidal tribal programming.

Christians say that GOD TAKES DEAD BABIES to HEAVEN... allrighty then! 
(there is NO need for human responsibility... because g-o-d LOVES his dead babies & children!) 

CHILD SACRIFICE - Israel's (jews!) SLAUGHTER of  CHILDREN is on-going... 
 (Just DECLARE THEM to be "terrarists" - then "bombs away!" 
Since NO BODY wants to be RULED by DEMONIC
then EVERYONE is a "terrarist"...
including stupid  Amerikan Christo/Zio-Nazi chumps!) 
Isn't that cute?  JEW (israel) SNIPERS printed up t-shirts... 
bragging that shooting a pregnant woman is the equivalent of
 KILLING TWO lives with one shot! 

CHILDREN suffer in jews' WAR ON GAZA (video)
  Russians, Serbs, Armenians, Ukrainians, Syrians, Iraqis, Sudanese, Libyans...
  Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Spain, England, France, America PLUNDERED by Goddamn-Sachs/CenBank financiers... 
 the list of  peoples butchered, NATIONS DESTROYED, ECONOMIES WRECKED
our 'national security' in the name of their demon jew state is ever increasing... 
Palestinian child's ARM CHOPPED OFF.. by JEW SETTLERS. 
Americans are STUPID if they think they rate any better treatment from
 the "RED TERROR" jews here in America than Palestinians receive in Occupied Palestine

G-o-d - the tribal god of the jews, Yahweh - allegedly orders Moses to....
 WIPE OUT the Amalekites  the MIDIANITES... the JEWS' OWN ALLIES!!

 The Midianites were the JEWS ALLIES, from before the Exodus to 40 years after!
Indeed, while on the run from Egypt (after killing an Egyptian overseer),
 MOSES MARRIES a Midianite woman, ZIPORAH, the daughter of Jethro.

 The Hebrew, Jewish bible is SO BLOOD-DRENCHED & TREACHEROUS, that it attempts to paint Moses as a hero for  WIPING OUT the tribe (extended family) of HIS IN-LAWS!!

  And what brought on this Jewish blood-lust and 'divine' vengeance against the hapless MIDIANITES?

Why... the MOABITE women were SEDUCING & corrupting JEWISH MEN...

Oops!  but wait! not  _all_ the Midianite children are speared, butchered, hacked,  whacked, clubbed, bashed, or burned to death....  the VIRGIN GIRLS should be saved, alive...
 as  female concubines,  i.e. as  RAPE VICTIMS / sex slaves!   YAAY, Judaism!!
    If there is ANY OTHER RELIGION that  BRAGS ABOUT ENSLAVING terrorized, orphaned young girls  as SEX SLAVES... we don't know about it!!
  And the JEWS' FEROCITY at WIPING OUT the Midianites...
well,   not even THE NAZIS were as  efficient at PERPETRATING GENOCIDE....
 as the bible tries to  CLAIM the JEWS ARE !!!


"Of all the 'good' gods.... 
the jews' god, yahweh, is the worst"
 We take exception to the notion that yahweh is a 'good god" -
"he" is certainly DRIVING HUMANITY to EXTINCTION at the moment... 

According to Jews AND CHRISTIANS, the jew g-o-d "yahweh"
 (or "Jehova" in an incorrect 15th century German translation/ spelling)
  ...and "he" created a system whereby not only would CHILDREN STARVE TO DEATH by the MILLIONS over the centuries.... but that CANNIBALISM would be an ever-present nightmare lurking in the background of every FAMINE.

  Well,  let's do a whimsical little photo-essay 
in to CANNIBALISM....  and ask,
('gods' in human form) 

below image:  while not truly "cannibalism" -
 this chameleon is not eating its own species....
  you might well imagine that if  Mr. Chameleon did come across a smaller member of his own species (or even one of his/her own offspring) 
 he/she would experience no hesitation in  DEVOURING it! 

 the psychological ROOTS of the 
human anthropomorphised "god":

  if  you are a young  croc in the pond... let's say a six or seven foot,  6 or 7  year old -
  well, you damn well better know about and beware of the  100 year old, 21 foot croc in the pond...
because if you cross his path, you will become DINNER !!

"yummy" !! 
artist unknown - CONDI RICE DEVOURS HUMANS, as her
puppet-master & 9-11 traitor DICK CHENEY looks on from his command post 
overseeing Zio-Nazi, Iraq war hell 
(behind and to her left) 
Yummy!  in the REPTILIAN WORLD,  
devouring your own kind makes for a good meal!

Abraham about to make a BLOOD SACRIFICE to his "g-o-d" yahweh....
'g-o-d' who, like a mob capo, WIPES OUT all  'his' rivals !!

  Speaking of "the g-o-d who wipes out his rivals"...
speaking of "DEMONIC JuDAISM",  this screen-capture of a prophet...
or GOD LIKE figure LOOMING OVER the landscape hints at the...
DEMONIC NATURE of the "prophet"... or of  G-O-D !!
"he" DISPOSES of  many thousands of humans.. so a small 'elite' of
'CHOSEN' (or  "saved")  humans may live and prosper...
 just like a ferocious apex predator in the animal world

"ISRAEL has ALWAYS been bad" -  

    the INSANITY of  JUDAISM is that  JEWS WAIL 
about wrongs & atrocities 
they claim THEY have suffered in the past...

WHILE they simultaneously BRAG, GLOAT, CHEER, & CELEBRATE the MASSACRES of  the thousands of hapless people in JERICHO and the "12 kingdoms" of the Canaan Valley, 
which grim, horrible  MASSACRES of  innocents 
story  is the 'belief system'  foundation of the  insane jews'
 claims to Palestine in the first place !!!

how the hell can you feel sorry for, and supportive of people... who CELEBRATE MASSACRES ?!!!  

As Yukon Jack said in our previous post....
 "THE JEWS RUNNING AMERICA TODAY are not only fantasizing... but they are actually  PLANNING on KILLING SO MANY AMERICANS as to make the RED TERROR in "Communist" controlled former Czarist Russian empire,
1920-1950s look like a tea party in comparison!!

BY ALL MEANS... LET'S GIVE THEM BILLIONS of U.S. taxpayer dollars $$ 
to buy WEAPONS so they can KILL all THEIR NEIGHBORS in the Mideast...

 as a warm-up to KILLING 100+ million of us Americans here in America !!!! 

Trotsky & Kagonvich phases of the "Judeo Bolshevik" COMMUNIST RULE in the former Czarist Russian empire???  WE DON'T KNOW... because powerful jews in American & European corporate media, finance, academia, government, and other institutions of social power-structure DON'T WANT US THINKING about how MANY MILLIONS of CHILDREN their coreligionists "MARXIST COMMUNISTS" "judeo bolsheviks" killed !! 

 Hell, most  STUPIFIED, propagandize  AMERIKANS have NO IDEA 
 HOW MANY AMEIRCANS PERISHED right here in the U.S.A...
during the ECONOMIC SABOTAGE  decade
 of  the (so-called) "Great Depression" !!! 

  JUDAISM is just PAGANISM by another name...
"slay the idolaters with extreme prejudice"  JUDAISM   by another name !! 

"let's CHOP OFF SOME HEADS...  g-o-d wants us to!"

  back to CANNIBALISM:  we humans STILL RETAIN our  CANINE TEETH...
although, since we ages ago mastered the art of using weapons as extensions of our fighting capability,  we no longer need canines to impress - or tear apart - our rivals, as chimpanzees do.

  So why did the jew god Yahweh  then  "create us" humans with MASSIVE CANINES???
    Aren't there usually some JAW BONES of an ass lying around...
in case we need to SLAY dozens of our neighbors??

     Adult chimpanzees SHARE MEAT after a long, arduous and exhausting hunt...
 A chimpanzee hunt for smaller monkeys is a highly complex & COORDINATED action...
 "Complex & coordinated social activities" of course are the predecessor to religious rituals.

 In some cases,  a  chimpanzee troupe will wage premeditated war on another... chimpanzee troupe...
The predecessor to organized human warfare!   "Premeditated" meaning the chimps on patrol become very quite and alert before crossing in to "enemy" territory.

 In  some of these raids the victors  devour losing chimpanzees
(especially monkey sized younger chimps) as they would a monkey.

Voluntarily relinquishing a portion of your meat to another is the predecessor to ritual sacrifice;
just as killing victims in conflict is the predecessor to killing animals (or humans!) in ritual sacrifice...

  ...not only is Judaism fully rooted in PAGAN religions... 

but those Pagan roots are, in turn,  
clearly based in ANIMAL BEHAVIORS: ruling hierarchies, "rules" regarding competition, coordinated activities, appropriate roles for various community members 
(eg in meerkat colonies, at least one member is always on guard)  etc etc. etc....
adult male chimps share meat from an arduous & complex - premeditated! - monkey hunt. The scene would be identical if they were sharing the meat from a juvenile chimpanzee carcass, the victim killed in what can only be called chimpanzee warfare.   When the "g-o-d" of the bible TAKES CREDIT for  sending so much misery (a murderous siege) to HUMAN VICTIMS that they resort to DEVOURING THEIR OWN babies... "he" is only aping primordial animal behavior.

TALMUDIC JUDAISM is PURE, GENOCIDAL HATE... and a ferocious ENVY and LOATHING  for any accomplishments created by non-Jews that is hard to wrap your head around! 
(The hebrew
"holy" (sic) bible relates that BOTH ABRAHAM AND JACOB visited Egypt... but the mighty pyramids are NEVER ONCE MENTIONED.  DENIGRATION and HATE.... _not_ "coexistence" is what Judaism is all about.)  

Veterans Today has published an article today  (April 22, "Passover" eve) that describes Hillary Clinton's campaign as being very nearly totally dependent on  Jewish "one issue" billionaire donor, Haim Saban... and Haim's Saban's unspoken issue is  IMPERIAL, ZIO-NAZI JUDAISM -
"greater israel" genocidal judeo imperialism,   
MASQUERADING for public consumption in America & Europe as "defending israel"

  This is simply the bronze-age death-cult mentality, where ANY INFRINGEMENT on the power & ability of your tribe or city/state  to impose on the neighbors is viewed as a life-or-death crisis...  ergo, anyone who opposes being ruled by your death-cult tribe or (city/state/kingdom)  must be destroyed. 

Ever since the ASSASSINATION of  President John F. Kennedy.. if not decades before   the entire AMERICAN PRESIDENCY has been a WHOLLY OWNED satrap of the global, genocidal, loan-sharking & slave trading jew war mob.  The individuals - Haim Saban, Sheldon Adelson,  Vivi Nemo, Ron Perleman, Bernard Baruch, Eugene Meyer, Paul Warburg, Jacob Schiff - may come & go...
but the ZIO-NAZI mob WAR ON AMERICANS and on American sovereignty  
(and against all nations)  continues unabated...

 Hillary attempts to justify her SUBSERVIENCE to (racist, genocidal, segregationist)
billionaires IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY  by invoking the "PASSOVER" story as an expression
 of the human longing & struggle for FREEDOM:
 Hillary Clinton’s Policies Tied to Passover
by  Bob Johnson, vt, April 21, 2016

...US Democratic politician Hillary Clinton distributed an essay she and her top advisers had written for Jews who would be voting in Tuesday’s New York primaries. In the essay she wrote, “I didn’t grow up celebrating Pesach (Passover). But over the years, I’ve attended seders where I was inspired by the remarkable story told in the haggadah – a tale of a people who, sustained by fortitude and faith, escaped slavery and reached their freedom. As Jewish people around the world prepare for this festival, I wanted to offer a few of my own thoughts on ancient lessons that still hold wisdom for today’s world.” Passover starts tomorrow.... (cont'd)

  But is Hillary ILLITERATE... or simply PROPAGANDIZED and naive (and/or lying)

For the bible SPECIFICALLY points out that 
the story of the Jews fleeing Egypt and seeking their own damn kingdom/empire
on the Eastern Mediterranean, at the crucial crossroads of Africa, Europe, & Asia

   "freedom" is ONLY for Jews!

 Indeed, you do not have to go elsewhere in the bible to find this grim, brutal, RACIST  CORE to the real ideology under-girding & behind the evil damn Hebrew bible -
for example, the verse where Solomon CONDUCTS a CENSUS and ENSLAVES ALL THE FOREIGNERS living in Israel to build his TEMPLE TO YAHWEH and to build his palace;

 2 Chronicles 2:1
   Solomon gave orders to build a temple to honor Yahweh, and for a palace for himself.
Solomon took a census of all the foreigners living in Israel, like the census his father David had taken.
 There were found to be 153,600 foreigners. Solomon made 80,000 of them stone cutters in the hills.
  He made 70,000 of them burden bearers.
 And made 3,600 of them overseers to compel the people to work.

 or the infamous bible verse instructing Jews that THEY MAY BEAT THEIR SLAVES, just so long as they don't quite kill them...  (this pathetic bible prohibition is  SIMPLY BYPASSED... by telling your overseer to do the dirty work; work the slave to death,   starve him/her, or to whip him/her to death - or sell them to someone who will). 

or the infamous Leviticus 25:44 verse instructing Jews that they make MAKE SLAVES of the people of the nations around them, and KIDNAP & ENSLAVE the children of  the people who live among them -

 - or the horrific biblical instruction that  JEWISH MEN may SELL THEIR DAUGHTERS IN TO (sex) SLAVERY:
Exodus 21:7-11 
“If a man SELLS HIS DAUGHTER AS A SLAVE, she is not to [eventually, after 7 years] go free like the men-slaves

 ...for the JUDEO elites'  COMMITMENT to OWNING SLAVES is captured and presented right there in the Exodus story! 

As we've tried to explain above (and in hundreds of previous posts),
the SUNDAY SCHOOL VERSION of  bible stories simply use FANCY FRILLS to try to hide 
the BRUTAL CORE of  the bible's ruthless ideology:  
 jews are COMMANDED BY G-O-D to KILL the idolaters;  and jews are ENTITLED to ENSLAVE  all idolators (non-jews) until they are ready to dispose of them!

Exodus 12: The Passover Lamb

43 The Lord said to Moses and Aaron, “This is the ordinance of the Passover: no [h]foreigner is to eat it; 44 but every man’s slave who is bought with money, after you have circumcised him, then he may eat it. 45 No stranger (temporary resident, foreigner) or hired servant shall eat it. 46 It is to be eaten inside one house; you shall not take any of the meat outside the house, nor shall you break any of its bones. 47 The entire congregation of Israel shall keep and celebrate it. 48 If a stranger living temporarily among you wishes to celebrate the Passover to the Lord, all his males must be circumcised, and then he may participate and celebrate it like one that is born in the land. But no uncircumcised person may eat it. 49 The same law shall apply to the native-born and to the stranger who lives temporarily among you.”

  ...then she accepts that JEWS MAY ENSLAVE AMERICANS, 
and TORTURE their SLAVES with genital mutilation - 
 -  as well as COMMITTING _all_ AMERICAN WOMEN and GIRLS  
(who are not jewish)** to life as nothing more than expendable, disposable  SLAVES.. as SEX SLAVES !!!

** (heck: "modern" Talmudic judaism QUANTIFIES _jewish_ women as NOT ENTIRELY HUMAN... and as negotiable CHATTEL (slaves!) as well!) 


 Well, let's not close this,  our brief "Passover 2016" introduction to the psychology of CHILD SACRIFICE that is saturated and runs through the entire Hebrew, Jewish bible,
 without mentioning the infamous Psalm 137,  "By the Waters of Babylon"
  which starts benignly enough:

Psalm 137

 By the rivers of [Babylon]  we sat down and wept
as we remembered Zion.
We had hung up our lyres
on the willows that were there,
when those who had taken us captive
asked us to sing them a song...
but in typical  Judeo passive/AGGRESSIVE manner,
 the melodic remembrance of good times past... morphs in to RAW HATRED:  
our tormentors demanded joy from us —
“Sing us one of the songs from Zion!”
How can we sing a song about the Lord
here on foreign soil?
If I forget you, Jerusalem,
may my right hand wither away!
May my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth
if I fail to remember you,
if I fail to count Jerusalem
the greatest of all my joys.
And of course the damn Psalm ends with the ACTUAL  HIGH-HOLY HOLY of  Judaism:
KILLING OTHER PEOPLE, and in particular,  having DEMONIC glee & satisfaction KILLING OTHER PEOPLE's CHILDREN - 

the entire Jew bible is ONE BIG TEXTBOOK of HUMAN SACRIFICE to an INSATIABLE demon deity, their brutal, racist, misogynistic tribal jew god, "Yahweh"!! 
Remember, the Lord against the people of Edom
the day of Jerusalem's fall,
how they cried, “Tear it down! Tear it down!
Raze it to the ground!”
8 Daughter of Babylon, you will be destroyed!
A blessing on anyone who pays you back
for the way you treated us!

9 A blessing on anyone who seizes your babies
and smashes them against a rock!
for hard-core, Judeo Supremacist & Talmudic jews, 
the prospect of  SMASHING OTHER PEOPLE'S BABIES is a narcotic high!